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Bathed and Spanked – Page 3
Josh Catches It


After Josh brought Paul back to his Aunt Carolynn's day care center he returned home in a daze not knowing what to do.  He knew he had done a lot of things wrong, some even more than wrong.  He just stayed in his room trying to figure a way out.  What if Paul told?

Paul was having his problems also still being upset from Josh mistreatment. As he went into the day care center, Aunt Carolynn spoke in her usual brisk and commanding manner: "Paul, you're late but that's Josh's fault.  Dawn, I doubt if Paul had his breakfast or his morning bath so will you please feed and bathe him.  Paul, this is Dawn.  She's Susan best friend and she helping us out today.  Do as she says, Paul, or she'll spank you."

"Paul, good morning and nice to meet you.  Are your aunt's guest; right?"

"Good morning, Dawn and yes." answered Paul.  "You have a pretty name."

Dawn led her charge into the kitchen.  One look at the pot of cold and now lumpy oatmeal and she dumped it into the garbage.  "That's not fit for pigs!  Let's see what else there is to eat." and opened the refrigerator.  After a bit of looking, she said: "Paul, what would you like?  There are frozen waffles and things.  Oh, I know, let's have some toasted English muffins with orange marmalade.  And juice and milk, of course.  Then, looking at the sugar coated cereals, perhaps some sugar with a little cereal."  She gave a laugh at her own joke.© YLeeCoyote

"The muffins will be fine, thank you." said Paul surprised at being treated like a real person for the first time in more than two weeks.

"Should I make that chocolate milk, Paul?

"Oh, yes, please, Dawn."

Paul had his breakfast and Dawn even had half a muffin with him.  After clearing the table (to Aunt Carolynn's high standards – of loading the dish washer) Dawn said it is time for your bath Paul.  (She knew that Paul was bathed as Sue had complained that he was not there for the morning wash run.)

"Let's go upstairs.  The tub is smaller and we won't need as much water.  Besides your clean clothes are up there."  As they went upstairs, Dawn told him that she had bathed many boys and even men.  They were always anxious for another one too she added proudly.  A few years ago she was playing house with her big cousin and gave him a bath.  Now, as part of his birthday present each year he insists that she give him another one and he's had pubes for three years now."

In the privacy of Paul's room, Dawn undressed him and then they went to the bathroom.  Then Paul relieved his bladder and noticed that Dawn did not even look, not to mention stare, at him.  The first girl that had the opportunity to do so who hadn't.  Then he realized that he had a second task to do also, so he sat down to take care of that business.  After he finished, he told Dawn that he had to find Beth so that she could check that he did the paper work right.

"I can do that.  Beth is busy with the little ones."  Paul handed her a baby wipe and turned around so she could check.  "Nice and clean, Paul.  I'll tell Beth latter but now it's bath time."  Paul got into the tub and Dawn began to wash him.

Dawn did everything that Susan and Beth had when they bathed him, but it was very different.  Paul did not know why but he liked it.  Even when he got hard it was different.  Dawn did not laugh at him but with him.  She boasted that all the guys did that when she bathed them.  In fact, she felt that it was a compliment and a sign that they liked her.  "You like me, Paul, don't 'ya?"

"Yes; I like you a lot, Dawn."

Dawn then "washed" his stiffie again making him feel real good.  So Dawn knew 'secret man stuff' that Josh had indicated that females did not know.  With a little encouragement, Paul got her to continue until she made him feel like he had made Josh feel in the shower.  They finished up the bath and Paul let Dawn dry him rather than do it himself.  He even liked how she powdered him.  She helped him dress and they went downstairs to join the others.  Paul had taken a book from his collection and was granted permission to read on the porch.

But he did not really read.  He was thinking about how different people were.  Aunt Carolynn was a horrid tyrant.  Susan and Beth were just being little moms imitating their mother who thought he was a baby in their care.  Josh who wanted his body in ways he did not yet fully understand.  Dawn who was so sweet and nice and remind him of his own mother.  One thing he did conclude was that being scared and frightened was worse than being humiliated and shamed although he could not have verbalized these feelings.

The day passed quietly for Paul.  He was glad to hear that Dawn was going to stay for dinner.

Dinner was for six that evening with Susan's best friend Dawn, and Beth's friend, Rona there to hear about the girls' excursion with Aunt Carolynn.  So that the girls could face each other, they were on the sides of the table while Paul was at the opposite end of the table from his aunt giving him a strange feeling of 'being the daddy' in a playing house game.  It was Paul's turn to say the benediction and that just enhanced the feeling.  Since the girls had so much to talk about, Paul was ignored and just helped his aunt with the serving.

Dinner was interrupted by a call from Josh's father.  All the kids heard was Carolynn's side of the conversation, but her comments like: "That's terrible!" and "Punishment is definitely necessary." gave clear indication that someone had been very naughty.  What they did not hear was that Josh's parents had discovered a girl's earring, empty beer, rum and gin containers, spilt beer and the rest of the messes.  When Caroylnn finished the call, she announced that Josh's father was coming over to talk with Paul about yesterday and that she wanted the dishes cleared up quickly.  Paul only had to carry them to the sink where the girls scraped them and stacked the dishwasher.

Waiting for Josh and his dad, the kids sat on the couch.  Susan, then her sister, Beth, Rona, Paul and Dawn.  Paul was glad that he was next to the visitors rather than his cousins.  Dawn told Paul that she was certain that something had happened and advised him that he best follow three rules:

or you'll wind up in even more trouble – if that was possible.

They were all surprised when Josh arrived with his father.  He did not exhibit his usual kewl 'king of the world' attitude but was actually hanging his head in shame.  Susan, of all the girls especially, had expected that Paul had done something but it was immediately evident that it was Josh who was in big trouble.  As Paul was being questioned, Dawn and Rona each held one of Paul's hands to give him support.  (Evidently Rona still thought Paul was cute and nice even after seeing him nude.)

Josh's father asked the questions.  Paul was stuck with giving the answers.  He was scared because he did not want to be a rat (that could be dangerous) and yet he certainly did not want to get into trouble himself.  Dawn was right about how to answer.  In just a few minutes, Paul told that Brandon had been there a short time.  Gail, the girl who Paul spoke with on the bus, was there a few minutes while he was playing video games and yes, Paul had a beer.  Paul had also seen the mess.

Josh's dad thanked Paul for his help and asked Josh if Paul's statements were accurate.  Josh answered with just a wimpy: "Yes, Sir."  His father then let everyone know that Josh had appreciably more to drink than one beer, made a mess and had broken the rule about visitors when left alone.  Not only was getting drunk unlawful but it also endangered Paul who was his responsibility.  Aunt Carolynn then interrupted.  "That's probably why he slept late.  The drunkard was sleeping it off.  That upset everybody's schedule here for he made Paul late for breakfast and thus delayed everything else for the four of us."  (Aunt Carolynn was prone to exaggerating every little thing that affected her although she cared not about how she affected others.)

Josh's dad declared that his punishment was to begin with a SPANKING here and now.  He stepped up to his son, and pulled his T-shirt up over his head.  It was then, that Josh spoke very softly to his dad.  "Please, dad, not here."

"Yes, here, young man.  You betrayed and inconvenienced Mrs. O'Connell and she is here.  You endangered and inconvenienced Paul and he is here.  You made extra work for Susan and Beth and they are here.  You disappointed me and I'm here.  You did many wrongs and you are here." said his father as he sat down reaching for Josh's belt.  That was quickly opened as were Josh's shorts.  They fell to the floor on their own.  Josh knew to step out of them without being told.

"Please, dad, please don't remove my boxers.  I'm fifteen and even have hair down there."

"The latter can be taken care.  You're acting more like five than fifteen.  But as you wish, boy, I won't remove your boxers."  Josh gave a sigh of relief.  "Susan, will you please do that for us."

"Dad." was the very pained whine from Josh.

"Stop acting like a baby, young man.  You're always claiming to be a man.  A man does NOT whine like a baby."  Paul thought to himself that Josh should learn to act like a man before he started to teach others.

Susan was shocked but she had wanted to see what Josh (or any other mature male for that matter) had in his pants for sometime.  As she approached, Josh started to do it himself but his dad just held his hands.  Susan, with the others smiling broadly, as the garment was pulled down exposing his very flaccid genitals and pubic hair to the enthralled audience.  There was no question that he was much more interesting to the girls than even the next oldest boy, Paul, that they had previously seen naked.

As Susan removed the boxers, she noticed the skid marks.  Almost reflexively she reacted: "Josh, this is disgusting!  At your age you still don't know how to wipe yourself?"

Beth had a great idea.  At least, everyone except Josh thought it was great.  She grabbed a few baby wipes (conveniently located all over the place) and offered to clean the baby.  Josh, who was already blushing from being stripped and Susan's remark, turned even redder.

"Bend over, Josh, and spread them so she can do what a man would have done for himself." commanded his father sharply.  Josh had no choice but to do as ordered and submit to this greatest indignantly.  Beth, carefully cleaned the careless boy's bottom just like she did with the preschoolers.  Just like she did to Paul.  It took six wipes to do the job.  Not only did she get a close up view of his poop chute hole but also of his ball sack hanging below it.  Paul regretted having been so through washing that very same hole yesterday for if it had been dirtier Beth would have taken longer.  Beth then dashed to the bathroom to dispose of the dirty wipes and wash her hands.  She dashed back for the rest of the show.

By the time she returned, Josh was upended over his father's lap like naughty little boys have been since forever.  Then began the spanking.  Josh's father was real mad because of all the things that he already knew that his son had done, not to mention those that he did not know about yet but was sure had happened.  He now expressed that anger and disappointment in the force of his spanks.


The hand prints merged in a reddening bottom.


The hot red glow was noticeable now.


Josh was responding just like he had when he was a little boy.  He was yelling and there were even signs that he was sobbing.  His father continued and the sobbing with promises changed to crying with more fervent promises to be good.  The girls had seen and had done spanking of the preschoolers but they had never seen a real spanking like this.  It was even more than Sue and Beth has seen with Paul.  It was man's spanking; both hard and long.  It was turning a macho braggart fifteen-year-old young man into a very unkewl blubbering baby.  They found the transformation amazing.

Interestingly there were many reasons, in addition to the reasons Josh's father had, why each one of the audience thought that Josh getting his due publically was right.

The heavy spanking continued and the promises stopped coming.


The crying stopped.  Josh was bawling like a baby and totally out of control, limply lying across his father's lap.


When his father decided that he had enough, he stood up his bawling fifteen-year-old baby.  Josh immediately started doing the spanked boys' dance (with his large pee-pee flopping) which caused the girls, and even Paul, to laugh.  Dad pointed to a corner with a snap of his fingers and said sharply: "CORNER!"  Josh immediately went to the corner as directed, like a naughty puppy, without a word, giving the four young ladies a clear view of his equipment.  Once in the corner, he placed his hands on his head leaving the glow from his bottom to fill the room.

"It is times like this, Mrs. O'Connell, that I wonder about enrolling him in your preschool."  The girls giggled.  Paul smirked.  Josh shuddered.  She joked back that he certainly would be the oldest, but might make a good playmate for Paul.  After a few minutes, Josh's father went over to him and whispered into his ear.  Josh gulped but knew had better not object and do as he was directed.

After a few minutes to think about what to say, he went first to Mrs. O'Connell and standing at attention spoke.  "Please forgive me for my terrible conduct which disturbed your day.  I'm very sorry that it happened."  Dawn had to be next and she, like Susan, was a peer.  All he could say was: "I'm sorry that you had to watch the result of my terrible behavior."

Then he went to Susan and apologized again as she (and the others) had a close up view of his male parts.  Then to Paul.  His thinking all day made him want to say more than he could in company.  This apology was a little longer than the others: "Dude, I'm really sorry about all that happened. I was not fair to you.  Please forgive me, Paul."  Rona was a problem like Dawn; he hadn't offended her except that she had to watch his spanking and crying (which she was more than happy to do).  All he could think of was: "Rona, I'm sorry that you had to see all this rather than have fun with your friends."  Everyone knew that he was most sincere with that one.  Beth, the youngest got the same bit as her sister, Susan.

Because his orders were to go in age order he had to subject the girls to his parading back and forth in front of them with his penis flopping.  That would haunt their dreams for the first time that very night.

With that done, his father told him to get his clothes as they must leave.  Josh immediately started to put his boxers on but was stopped by his father.  "I said get them, Josh, not put them on.  You won't need them until your grounding is over which will be at least one week."

"Thank you Mrs. O'Connell for your assistance.  Paul, young ladies, thank you also for your help."  They left.

Paul went off to read although he was not concentrating on the book but the vision of Josh's red hot bottom being soundly spanked by his father.

The four girls found much to talk about.  The excursion was no longer the topic of conversation but shifted to Josh's body (very nice), crying (such a baby) and spanking (that was fun!).  They also wondered what it would be like to have him as a preschooler under their control as his father had hinted at.  Beth was certain that if Paul got a stiffie in the bath then so would Josh and that would be so much fun to "wash".  And exactly what did his father mean by "this could be taken care of"?  Could that mean shaved so that he was hairless like Paul but still with a big thingy?  Rona noted that her older brother and his friends were very concerned about getting hair there and it must be very important to boys to have it just like a driving licence.  And just who was this Gail?  Was she a slut that he picked on the bus with Paul there or someone he knew before?

A hour later Aunt Carolynn took Dawn and Rona home while Paul was put to bed by his cousins.  Beth told him that she was impressed at how well he had done.  For the first time rather than feeling that he was being humiliated, he felt that he was safe even though he was being babied.  While they were putting him to bed, Sue and Beth tried to find out more about Gail, but Paul knew very little and only could give a vague description

That night he slept well, dreaming that Josh was being severely punished and re-punished for his other misdeeds.

Josh and his father were quiet on the way home.  He learned far more that Josh realized from Paul's comments about Gail.  There were several possibilities – Gail was a slut who went to a boy's home alone when his parents were away or Josh did not tell her, and she certainly was offended by how the boy acted.  After all she did loss her whatsits on the same couch where the booze had been spilt.  That meant Josh had not been a gentleman and she left in a rush.

And then there was this Brandon character.  Obviously an unsavory friend but unknown to his parents.  Because Josh never mentioned him and he was most likely the source of the booze, he certainly was not a good influence.

Changes would have to be made – and soon.  Back home, the still naked Josh was questioned by his parents in the family room.  Again Josh was unhappy about being naked in front of another female – this time his mother.  Josh could not keep his mouth shut and whined about his pubes being exposed to his mother.  His father had enough.

As the questioning proceeded, Josh told more although he never talked about the sexual things he had done with Paul.  Then his parents passed sentence:

Of course, he complained about everything and whined – again – about his pubes and equipment being exposed.  His father had now more then enough.

He took his son to the bathroom and stood him in the tub.  He got his mustache clipper and removed the disturbing pubes.  For good measure he also clipped Josh's axilla hairs.  Then he wet his son down and covered these three areas with shaving cream.  By the time his father gently shaved the stubble off with a fresh razor Josh was crying.  Josh learned the meaning of being careful what you wish for, for you might get it.

His mother walked in and felt his pubis noting that he was as smooth as he was when he was diapering him as a little baby.  She watched as he bathed, as she had when he was little boy to be sure that he did it correctly.  After that he had to 'tinkle' and brush his teeth (still under observation).

He was a very restless eight-year-old boy that night as he cried himself to sleep.  But it was not a peaceful sleep.  Not only had he been humiliated before Paul and the girls but he had lost his parents' trust and thus many privileges.  Also, there was the possibility that Paul might talk about the sexual things.

In the morning he found out how serious his parents were about the eight-year-old bit.  Before he went to work, his dad had locked both his closet and his parents' own room.  There were not any clothes to be had.  Then right after breakfast, Mrs. Watkins, his mother's friend and neighborhood gossip dropped in.  She was told the entire story especially that he was shy about his pubes showing so that his father shaved them off and that he lost his clothes also.  Mrs. Watkins thought he looked very cute.  When she promised not to tell (as if she could keep her mouth shut even about her husband's erectile dysfunction) Josh's mother said that it was not a secret.

Josh was sure that this meant that there would be lots of neighborhood women dropping in, maybe with their daughters in tow, to gawk at him.  This was exactly what his mother wanted him to think when she arranged the visit.  She wanted her son to worry.

After lunch, Josh's mother made him go out into the yard to play.  But first, he had to have some sun block put on where he was so pale to prevent sunburn.  She made him bend over so that she could cover his bottom thoroughly and then responding to the pleading look in his tear filled eyes watched as he did his anterior side.  "Thanks, mom" he sobbed as he went out into the yard; the back yard.

Although he was grounded, he was allowed to have friends visit and even drop in as they normally did.  He was lucky that the first of these was his best buddy, George.  At first Josh hid what had happened and claimed, with a big smirk, that he talked his mom into letting him sunbathe nude.  Actually, he was trying to hide what he had lost by lying prone.  But when his mother brought out milk and animal cookies for him with the junk food snack and soda for George he started to wonder.

"Josh, you're going to have to talk to someone about your punishment.  Since George and you are best friends, you ought to do it now.  You won't be able the hide the fact that you're grounded for up to two weeks and the rest.  I think you own him a first hand report.  George, please be kind for this will be a very difficult time for Josh."

Josh would not talk and George decided to leave after giving his bud a slap on his butt.  Automatically, Josh reacted and they were soon wrestling.  Then George saw what was not there.

"Hey, BALDY what happened." he demanded as he broke off the fight.  Josh, with tear filled, eyes started to tell the story.  By the time he was finished he broke down and was crying.

George took a while to absorb the long story.  With some prodding Josh owned up that he brought this on himself and he did not even think Paul had told anything other than his father asked him.  George did find one bright spot.  By the time school started he would have his pubes back and not get ridiculed by the nasty, fat Mr. Fernandez who laughed at the dudes without pubes in gym.

George then dropped by late in the afternoon on Wednesday to again visit his jailed friend.  Of course, he was invited to stay for dinner as he often was.  Josh's mother went out after that noting that there was some "male business" that she did not need to be around for.  Josh was happy that his mother would not be around for his spanking but unhappy that George was there.  His father was quite pleased however.  He pointed out to Josh that George was his good buddy who was nice to come over and play when he was grounded.  Josh had to conceded that was true.  "But, son," he finished with, "it is time for your spanking."

With that he shifted his chair and patted his lap.  Josh knew that George, friend that he was, had contrived that he would get to see this and he had learnt that complaining was not a good idea.  He got over his father's lap praying that he would not cry like a baby before his friend.

His prayers were not answered.  As his father's strong heavy hand WHACKED his bottom hard and rapidly he felt it.


He tried to hold back the tears but he could not especially when dad got the tender crease at the bottom of his bottom.


He lost track of how long he was spanked but by the end he was a bawling red hot bottomed crybaby boy – humiliatingly in front of his best buddy.


When his father stood him up, he went to the corner without directions.  George could not prevent either his smile nor his erection.  Father and best friend chatted a bit and George proved his loyalty by politely declining to answer questions about the appropriateness of the punishment.

When Josh stopped bawling, the boys went to his room.  George had a present for his friend – a large tube of Sportscreme™.  Some of which he immediately rubbed into the crimson bottom to sooth it.

In the morning, Josh got a surprise.  After breakfast, his mother dressed him.  He did not like the little boys' stuff that she was putting him into.  A T-shirt with babytoons was first.  Then underroos complete with action figures (better than flowers) in the largest boys' size.  She made sure to tuck the T-shirt in them.  His shorts were both tight and really short so that his maleness and his butt crack were quite prominent.  The underroos showed above his shorts.  She completed his outfit with cartoon character socks and sneakers.

"Come along, Josh, I have a lot to do today and I couldn't find a babysitter for you."

"But I'll be a laughing stock in town and the mall." he protested as he got in the car.  He slunk down trying to hide so much as he could.  He was horrified when his mother turned towards Carolynn's Day Care Center for Preschoolers rather than continuing to the mall and business district.  His dad had mentioned enrolling him here but that was surely just a jest.  Or was it?

"Mom, please not there.  I'll die of shame.  Please I'll be good; really good.  I promise – cross my heart and hope to die promise."

"Josh stop whining like a baby.  You didn't want to go with me and I couldn't find a babysitter for you."  Then she drove right by the place.

"Thank you, mother," he said with a great sigh, "I'll really be good."

"You better or you know where you'll go.  She said very ominously.  Josh shivered but was quiet all day as his mother went to her doctor and a couple of small shops.  He would be haunted by the probability of being in preschool day care for sometime.

On Thursday evening Susan called Josh even though she thought that he was most likely grounded.  She spoke with his mother who confirmed her assumption but invited her to visit or even come for dinner.  Although Josh was being punished by being grounded, he was allowed visitors.  "It will cheer him up I think." she said.  Susan obtained permission from her mother to go after she was assured that Josh's father promised to drive her home.

Sue arrived about an hour before dinner so that she could have much time with her boyfriend as possible.  She wanted to hear about his punishment and was very curious about Gail.  Josh was not expecting company so when his mother called up that a friend was there, he just called back: "Come on up."  It never occurred to him that his mom would sent a girl to his room when he was naked.

"Just leave the door open, dear." said his mother in response to the question on Sue face.  Sue went up and walked in.  Josh nearly died.  All he could do was stammer about not having clothes as he faced away from her.

"It's not red any more Josh.  You can turn around, I saw it all on Monday.  You were standing just a foot in front of me.  Your mom said that it was OK as long as we keep the door open."

Josh remained silent starting at the wall.

"Unless you want to skip dinner, you might as well be polite and turn around because I accepted your mom's dinner invitation and it would be rude to leave now.  I saw it all already and I promise not to stare, Josh.  Aren't you glad to see me?"

"I'm more than delighted to see you but I'm not really dressed for the occasion, Sue, as I'm sure you have noticed."

"I know that you're being punished.  Remember I pulled down your boxers and saw you spanked on Monday.  Stop being a baby like your father said and face me.  Would you rather be in solitary?"

Josh still did not turn around.  "I have a good mind to spank you for being rude, Josh."  Her timing was perfect for just then Josh's father past in the hall.

"We usually wait until after dinner for that, Sue.  But if you think it will help a little eight-year-old boy have some proper manners when he has a visitor, then go ahead."

"Good evening, Sir." said Susan, not knowing what to think.

"Father, please!" exclaimed Josh without turning around.

They made some small talk and a few minutes later Josh's father returned and saw that his son was still being rude.  He handed Sue a small paddle.  She looked at him questioningly.  He nodded.  "Josh, COME HERE!"  There was no way to avoid it.  Josh turned around.  Sue's expression showed that she saw he no longer had pubes.  "Hi, Sue.  It really was very nice of you to come.  It was just a shock."

"I think that Sue had the right idea about how to cure your rudeness, boy.  Now go over to her and ask her to do it.  And to do it properly."

Both Sue and Josh were shocked.  But Josh did not dare to defy his father's direct orders.  He turned and blushed all over and went to Sue who was sitting on his bed.  "Sue, I'm sorry for being rude.  Please give me a proper spanking to teach me a lesson."

Sue pulled him over his left leg so that his weight was mostly supported by the bed like Beth had done with Paul.  "How much, Sir?"

"Less than on he got Monday but he must learn not to be so rude, Sue."  Sue picked up the paddle which Josh had not seen, raised it and brought it crashing down on Josh's defenseless rump with a vengeance.  She was thinking: "Who was Gail?  Was Josh a two-timer?"  Josh howled at the first blow.  He hadn't expected anything but a hand.  A girl's hand.  A soft girl's hand.  He continued to howl.


The paddle came crashing down.  Josh sobbed.  Josh promised.  Josh cried.  Josh's behind had turned a bright red.

His father indicated to stop and Sue gave him the paddle.  She could not resist and gave him a few extra hand spanks.  She was pleased with his response.  He cried a little and then she held him to comfort him.  Eventually, he was able to talk.  "I'm sorry but I lost so much since Monday – my clothes, my privileges, I'm being treated like an eight-year-old and, as you just saw, even my pubes.  Please, Sue, don't tell anyone.  Only George knows.  I was so stupid on Sunday.  I brought this all on myself."

"Who's Gail, Josh?

"Just a girl that was on the bus.  I don't think she's a nice like girl like you.  She came over alone right after we met on the bus.  She ran away as soon she learnt that Paul was here.  I don't even have her phone or last name."  Josh reached into the night stand and took out the Sportscreme™ and handed it to Sue.  "Please put this soothing cream on me, Sue."  He laid down on the bed and Sue rubbed the anesthetic cream into his hot butt thinking it to be some sort of cold cream made for guys.  "Thanks." he said and rolled over totally exposing his shaved crotch to his girl friend.

"It looks bigger without hair, Josh." she said with a smile.  She put some more cream on her hand and started to play with his cock.  At first Josh loved it and responded with a large expansion.  After a few minutes, he realized that he could not feel her hand.  He sat up with a start.  "I'm numb."

"What the matter Josh.  Am I doing it wrong?  Isn't your cream soothing and a good lubricant?"

Josh dashed off to the bathroom to wash but it was to late.  Sue read the label on the tube of cream.  She was in hysterics when he returned.  "I'm sorry, Josh, I really did not know."  Before they could continue they were called for dinner.

Dinner was uneventful.  Josh got some good news and some bad from his dad.  Since he had just been spanked a little while ago by Sue, he wouldn't get spanked after dinner.  Just as Josh thanked his dad, he continued with, "We'll do it tomorrow instead."

A while after dinner his mother put him to bed while his father took Sue home.  He asked her not to talk about Josh's punishment as they did not want him ridiculed by everyone.

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