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After reading Grounded Instead – A Punishment Essay by Dottie Henson by [no longer valid] recently posted in SSS, I got an idea.  Ms. Tothecr wrote: "I'm happy that it inspired a follow up." and I hope that you are also.  She also suggested a couple of the ending paragraphs.  It is about three years later and the boys are older, more mature and interesting things happen.

Junior's Spankings 1/2


Junior is now almost a teenager and he has fully figured out what it means when I'm dressed in a starched white blouse, short pleated skirt, knee socks and Mary Jane's around the house.  Even his younger brother, Kenny, understands a lot more than I like and he is only ten.  A few years ago I thought it was terrible when they first started to notice my panties under the embarrassingly short skirt but now it is worse – they know the sight all too well and, as the cliché goes, familiarity breeds contempt – so they don't even look any more.

Junior is constantly trying to convince his dad and myself that he is not a baby or even a little boy any more but almost a teenager who does not need a babysitter or to be told what to do all the time.  It's really amazing how he does his homework and chores like he should.  He is not a goody-goody by any means and is the leader of his pack.  We (his parents) have no idea how he did it, but he has even got Kenny to mind him.  John (my husband) and I are so proud that when Kenny's bedtime comes Junior gently says: "Kenny, bedtime." and his brother gets up, says good night and goes to bed without any fuss.  A half hour later, he gets up and does the same.

It was a couple of months ago that I really got a shock.  Since I was grounded – again – I was in my schoolgirl outfit and just before my bedtime, I left the kitchen with a drink for John and walked into the family room where the 'men' were watching the TV.  I was just about to say my pitiful excuse for going to bed early when Junior spoke: "Mother; Kenny – bedtime."  I was absolutely flabbergasted and couldn't do any more than to mumble 'good night' and go off to bed like a little girl should when told it is her beddy-bye time.

I was really surprised when John told me about the man-to-man talk he had with Junior after the children (naughty and nice) had gone off to bed.  First, Junior noted how mommy was a naughty girl and needed to be punished like she was still little girl.  Second, he was concerned about my being allowed to take Kenny and himself to the mall on Saturday to shop for some sports stuff and for a movie as planned.  "Maybe mommy can wait in the car during the show" he had suggested.  Third, he said he been looking at parenting books and had a couple of requests about his own punishments.  He admitted up front he did not like to be punished but understood that was part of growing up, however, there was no need to yell and lecture him in front of others (especially his friends and cousins) so that he was humiliated but to please do it privately.  "I feel the resentment the books talk about when that happens."  Then there was the matter of the kind of punishment – the books talked of withholding allowance, grounding and CP.  He felt that the first two were grossly unfair and random.  Sometimes it mattered a great deal and sometime hardly any and that just was not fair.  That, of course, left CP and he admitted that he did not know if spanking, slippering, caning or paddling was right but to please think about it.

Things came to a resolution a couple of weeks later.  I had taken Kenny to the doctor and when I returned John and Junior were talking in the driveway about the broken window which resulted from ball playing in a restricted area.  After dinner they went off to the den to work things out in private.  John explained that Junior got his first spanking and in the morning they would fix the window with Junior paying for the glass and stuff.© YLeeCoyote

It was a couple of days later that John showed me the letter Junior had written to him.  One part of the agreement was that he had to write a report after each punishment.

Dear Father,

I'm sorry that I was naughty playing ball where I should not have and now know for a fact that spankings do really HURT and are real punishment.  By the time you finished lecturing me about what I knew for a long time and was feeling very small it got even worse.  It's been many, many years since you undressed me and I hated standing there as you undid my belt and pants and then yanked them down.  It was very different than when we changed in the bath house last summer.

Then you pulled me over your lap (just like in the stories) and I felt like I was a little tiny boy even before you started to spank me.  I did not want to cry, particularly so soon, but I could not help myself when I felt your big hand SPANK my ass over and over.  At the time I certainly was thinking that I was crazy to have asked for this although I no longer feel that way.

Please allow me to use the 'easy payment plan' (as the ads say) for three weeks to pay for the window.

Your most obedient grown up son,


P.S.  I think I'll remember not to play ball about the house now.

I really became convinced that Junior was really growing up when John was away on a business trip.  This time John's usual casual comment to Junior that he was the 'man of the house' had some interesting consequences.  A couple of days later Kenny was demanding permission to do something which I had to refuse and he got very insistent and even started to yell at me.  Junior suddenly told him to be quiet and led him off to their dad's den.

It was less than fifteen minutes later when Kenny came back to me and apologized for his rudeness and then added very matter of factly: "I decided to be spanked by Junior now rather than to wait for father's return." then the two of them went upstairs like it was a regular thing to do.  I was in shock.  They were so calm about it.  Perhaps I should have stopped them but they had evidently decided this was the right way to do things.

I could not help but to listen and they made it easy by not closing the door.  Junior told Kenny to stand still as he undressed him and then to get across his lap.  I could easily visualize him doing just that and Junior's arm holding him in place like my father's had held my brother and me.  Then I heard the first SPANK and a small yelp from Kenny.  Then there was a long sequence of spanks as Junior spanked his brother just as agreed.  Kenny was crying and promising to be good before Junior stopped.  I guess that they were holding each other for I heard Junior comforting Kenny and telling him he was a brave little man.  Except that Kenny was a bit fidgety in his chair at dinner, there was no indication that this had happened.

It was the next day and I was driving with the boys when I got stopped by a traffic cop.  I was able to convince the cop not to give me a citation and the boys were perfect angels and sat quietly in their seats.  It was after Kenny had gone to play in his room that Junior spoke to me.  He spoke very differently than usual for his voice had the air of authority.

"Mother, you remember how father said 'I was man of the house' when he went away?" I nodded.  "Well, you were very naughty this afternoon."  I looked at him puzzled and he continued.  "You really did go through that red signal like the officer said."  I was about to disagree but he kept going.  "You know perfectly well that is a short yellow light.  And you also lied to the officer.  That was very naughty.  YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR A WEEK!  Go change into your schoolgirl outfit."  I was totally flabbergasted as you would expect.  I did not move.  "NOW!, young lady." he barked with authority that reminded me of my father.

There was something in the way he said that and acting as John's deputy that compelled me to obey.  I just got up and went to my room and changed into my punishment outfit of starched white blouse, short pleated skirt, knee socks and Mary Jane's so that I looked like a little schoolgirl of days long past.  I even had on the brand spanking new "spanky pants" bloomers that John had just added to my little girl's outfit.  I was sitting at my vanity looking at myself and wondering what was happening when Junior just walked in.  He did not knock as he always had in the past.  "Take that paint off your face too, young lady." he said firmly with command far beyond his years.  I did as he ordered and soon my face was clean.

He sat on my bed and gave another order.  "Come over here, young lady, and bring your hairbrush."  Like a zombie without any will of my own I did as he ordered.  When I was standing in front of him, he yanked my arm so that I fell onto the bed and over his lap.  He took the brush from my hand and with his other hand raised up my short skirt just like my parents had done many years ago and his father does before clamping me into position when we play.

The full horror then struck.  My son – not yet a teenager and only one third my age – was about to spank me as if he was my father or husband.  I was petrified and could not even object as he slipped his hand under the waistband of the spanky pants and pulled them down below my knees.  "YOU HAVE BEEN A VERY NAUGHTY GIRL!" he said and then came the first WHACK as the heavy wooden hairbrush connected with my bottom.  I yelled.  And I yelled for every one of the WHACKS until I was bawling uncontrollably like a baby.

Eventually, he stopped.  He stood me up and wiped my tears.  He parked me in the corner with an order to contemplate my terrible behavior.  I guess I'm really a little girl in need of a strict parent for it did not seem wrong that this happened.  I was thankful that my skirt had fallen down and was hiding my hot red bottom.  This relief was short lived as Junior had gotten a pin from my vanity and was pinning up my skirt.  It was only after I stood there a while that I realized that I had kicked so much that my spanky pants were not about my ankles.

Long and often I had wished for a punishment spanking from John but he just can't bring himself to do it.  Who would have thought that my own son would fulfill my secret desire?  The great thing was that as I did my corner time, I felt truly punished and not sexually aroused.  When Junior came into the room and took me over his lap I was thrilled but concerned about how I'd react to a real spanking.  The concern passed quickly as he went to work on my bottom with the nasty hairbrush like my mother had.  The pain did not lead to pleasure at this time.  Later, in my enhanced recall I though about John, rather than Junior, spanking me and the sexual pleasure was there.

When John came home a couple a days later I had the difficult task of explaining to him why I was in my punishment outfit.  To say that he was very proud of his son is an understatement.  I did not mentioned the spanking however.  That turned out to backfire because Junior wrote a very detailed letter to his father explaining how he had the unpleasant duty as his deputy to have had to spank both his brother and his mother.

Although Junior was always respectful, I never felt quite the same.  We never wasted money on a babysitter again either.

Like me, John was concerned about the sexual aspects of me having my ass bared by Junior. The good news is that he was relieved that I found it nonsexual.  The bad news is that, he told Junior that it was OK to do it again when necessary.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was really peculiar after my twelve year old son, only a third my age, took control when his dad was away and punished me exactly as I fantasized in my dreams.  Certainly it was weird being ordered by my pre-teen son to change into my schoolgirl outfit.  The real clincher was when he just pulled me across his lap and thoroughly spanked me with my very own hairbrush until I was a bawling little girl.  It was really amazing how professionally he was about it all even when he bared my bottom.  By professional I mean that he only touched me in ways that were appropriate for a father to touch his daughter for a well deserved spanking.  Of course, I can not say what he looked at as I kicked in response to the hairbrush roasting my bottom.

Hearing my husband and my son talk about the proper punishment for me at the dinner table always made me feeling like I was in never-never land.  It certainly encouraged me to feel more like a little girl for it was like my parents had discussed my punishment when I was only Junior's age.  Now, like then, I was not allowed to say anything unless I was asked a direct question.  One time Junior pressed John about why he could not spank me himself.

"I just can not hurt her like that, son, even though she deserves it and needs it.  I love her too much."

Usually, Junior laughed about "But you can hurt Kenny and me even though you love us." but one day he just said what John had been avoiding.  "It's sexual for you guys, father;"  And all John could do was smile and nod agreement as Junior continued: "like the books talk about."  Junior likes to read a lot.

After this Junior was a stricter disciplinarian and ordered me into my schoolgirl outfit more readily and more frequently decided on the severity of the spanking by himself.  It was really mind boggling how he switched from an obedient, respectful child into the stern, unyielding parent-figure.  There was one exception to this – he would not permit me to spank him for "I am growing up, Mother, and it would be improper for you to see me exposed."

He was equally cool in discussing his punishment with his father as to the severity and kind.  They discussed the differences between the implements and Junior insisted that he should experience each one.  But only when he had earned a spanking for the obvious reason that he did not like getting spanked.  Incidentally they settled on a strap as the implement one to use.  It avoided marks like a cane which would be a problem in school.  The paddle (much bigger than the hairbrush) could easily bruise deeply.  The hairbrush was a mothers' thing.  The traditional OTK hand spanking was for younger children.  I had to wince at that because that was the method used on me not to mention that Junior always did it on my bare bottom.

Junior was about thirteen and half when John surprised him with a present.  Junior's eyes grew when he was handed to package and saw that it was from Lochgelly, Scotland.  I had never seen him rip open a box so fast.  Then he picked up and lovingly caressed the genuine Lochgelly Tawse that was there and carefully tried it on his hand.

"Thank you father.  This should provide proper correction for me for some time."  A little latter he was treating it with neat's-foot oil like he does with his baseball glove.

It was soon after this that there was another change.  I was a naughty girl again but John did something a bit different.  Instead of just sending me to change into my school girl punishment outfit, he took me to our bedroom and told me to strip.  Then I had to lie on the bed with my legs up sort of like I was being examined by my gynecologist.  John then took his mustache trimmer to my lush thick bush and buzzed it completely off.  He went over the entire thing from the top all the way down to the perineum at least three times.  The first reason he gave me was that little schoolgirls don't have bushes like women do.  Then after I cleaned up the mess, I dressed in my schoolgirl outfit.

It was only then that he explained that Junior had requested this and that I would stay this way.  Junior had decided (and John agreed) that it was inappropriate that he should see my pubes for they indicated sexuality to him and that was not appropriate.  It was just the reverse side of the coin that I was not allowed to see his.  The spanking that day really made me feel like well punished little girl.

I found that having a hairless mound like a little girl made me realize that I was a little girl more of the time.  There was no way I could avoid seeing myself after a shower and dressing and was reminded of how I looked back before puberty.  It turned out that John liked me that way and called me his "Little Lolita" when we got very intimate.

There was another side to Junior when he was in his control mode and that was very kind and considerate.  He found me a very special item for my birthday – a cute Dr. Denton style flannel sleeper complete with feet and a drop seat in my size – which Kenny help pay for.  It was totally unexpected.  It was very comforting especially when John was away.  The boys thought that I looked very cute in it.

It was a few weeks later and the boys were home on a school holiday but were stuck inside since it was raining heavily all day while John was at work.  I don't know why I did not realize it but apparently I was yelling at them quite a bit when Junior suddenly changed into his disciplinary mode.  "That's it, young lady.  You've been barking at us all morning.  Go and change into your school girl clothes and wait in your room for me."  When he talks in that mode I'm totally incapable of doing anything except what he orders.  Five minutes later I was sitting and waiting dreading the upcoming spanking on my bed with the hairbrush in my lap.

Junior walked in as always and sat beside me and I noticed that he is almost as big as I am.  "Your attitude today is very, very bad.  I think that a spanking will change it." he said gently (he's a master of the iron fist in the velvet glove) and pulled me into position.  Then he lifted my skirt and pulled down my spanky pants.  He gave me a light spank with his hand.  "You seem a bit warm." and then reached up and felt my forehead.  "Do you feel alright?"  Before I could answer, he spoke again.  "Well, we better make sure.  Ken, please get the thermometer and the Vaseline®."

"Sure." Kenny answered as he scampered off to the boys' bathroom.  I had not even realized that Kenny was watching.

He was so fast; back even before I even remembered that there was an oral thermometer in my medicine cabinet.

"Here, bro, I just shook it down." said Kenny.

"Just put a blob of the jelly on the end, please."  Junior instructed Kenny as he spread my checks.  Then I felt the cold Vaseline® as he brought the instrument to my hole and gently pushed it in.  "Now just be still while the thermometer measures you."  It was only then that I realized that the boys had really learnt exactly how to do this from all the times that John and I had done it to them.  I had a long five minutes to think about how grown up they were at twelve and fourteen to be taking care of me like this.

Eventually the time was up and they removed and announced the result.  "Oh, mother has a fever," said Kenny, "it's a hundred point seven."

Junior gave me a few love spanks and said: "We better put her to bed and call father."  "Get her sleepers, please."  With that, he sat me up and calmly started to remove my schoolgirl blouse.  Then he stood me up and undid my skirt letting it fall to the floor to where my spanky pants were.  They moved so fast that I did not have a chance to object as they sat me back down on the bed and Kenny knelt and removed my Mary Jane's and knee socks leaving almost me naked before pulling the sleeper up my legs.  They stood me up and slipped my arms into the sleeves and pulled up the zipper.  Just seconds later they pulled back the bedding and then I was nicely tucked in.  They were amazingly efficient.

Junior was on the phone already telling his father that they had put me to bed and why and asking what else they should do.  John then spoke to me and then ordered a couple of aspirins and to rest.  After they had given me them, Junior told me to rest, stay in bed and if I need anything to call.  It was only after they had left that I realized everything that they had done.  I now knew how Mrs. Robinson [in The Graduate] must have felt in the abortionist's office when her son became the assistant.

What I did not know then was although John had ordered the boys to give me aspirin he also told them to call him back in ten minutes for further instructions.  Of course, they did and a few minutes later they walked back in carrying the bulging big red bag with the white nozzle at the end of the black hose.  I looked at IT and them in horror.  There was only possible use and one possible usee.  "No.  Please, no; I don't need that."

Junior answered quietly but firmly.  "Father said that you need this and the sooner the better; the sooner you'll feel better."  They both looked gently but firmly at me.  There was not any doubt that they would follow John's directions.  "Please lie on your stomach so that we can get started."

I knew that this was going to happen and that I needed it but I did not want it.  I especially did not want it from my sons.  But, I was not able to resist.  It had just been a little while ago that Junior had ordered me to my room to change into my schoolgirl punishment outfit and then when he came to spank me took my temperature instead and put me to bed in my footed sleepers.  I was a good little girl and just rolled over.  Junior gently pulled down the blanket and unsnapped the drop flap seat.  "Vaseline®, please, Kenny.  And lower the bag a little; father said just two feet above the bed."

Then I felt his hand spreading my cheeks and the glob of grease applied to my bottom hole.  Then the press of the nozzle.  I was a good little girl and relaxed so it could slip in.  Then the water started; the warm soapy water to flush me out.  I knew a little I would feel better but for now....

"Turn on your left side, please." was the order.

A little latter, "Hold tight as I remove the nozzle."  I wanted to run to the potty immediately but they made me lie there forever.  Then I dashed to bathroom and let it all out.  I felt so relieved.  I did the paperwork and buttoned up.

I walked backed to the bed.  The boys were waiting for me.  "Feeling better now?" they asked most politely.

"Yes, thank you.  I'll think I'll rest a bit now."

"Father said that we have to rinse the soap out.  Please lie down on your stomach again."  It was then I saw that Kenny was holding the red bag – bulging  anew.   Once again they filled me and I drained.  When I returned this time the bag was gone and they tucked me in.  "Father, said that you should rest and try to nap, mother."  They closed the blinds, put out the light and left me alone.

As time went on I became more of a little girl around the house even when I was not being punished.  One is changed a lot when one's boys act like responsible parents and administer punishments and recognize when one is ill.  I hope that this all portends well for when I'm in a nursing home.  Kenny does not seem to have that same command presence that Junior does but something told me then that I'll be over his lap someday.

And that day came some six months later.  Junior was out and John had sent me off to change into my schoolgirl outfit.  I though that I wouldn't get spanked that day but I was wrong.  Kenny just walked in and sat down on the bed.  "It's time for your spanking, young lady.  Get your hairbrush and get over my lap."  I could hardly believe my ears.  My "baby" was going to spank me.  As always those words were hypnotic and I just picked up the hairbrush and walked over to the bed.  I handed Kenny the brush and let him guild me across his lap.  He lifted my skirt and pulled down my spanky pants just like his brother had several times with him watching.  He was not as strong as his brother but he spanked me good and proper.  That brush must have been exhausted as he turned my bottom into a fiery pain center.  I was truly bawling before he stopped and put me into the corner with my skirt pinned up.  He showed the same careful precision that he used crafting a model for my bottom was uniformly red and painful.

Later John told me that he had told Ken to spank me thoroughly for my over spending at the mall.  Kenny was a very obedient boy and did just as he was told.

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