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The following story is fiction about a teen youth spanked by his very dominant mother and then his girl friend.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and femdom.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The title was inspired by the old song: I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad)

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Just Like the Girl that Dad Chose


I thought that this would be a great opportunity.  Dad had taken my thirteen-year-old brother Kody to the game.  Mom had gone shopping.  I had a date with Elyse this fateful afternoon.  She was seventeen like I was, a classmate and smoking hot.  Elyse was also my girl friend although hopefully that will be girlfriend (one word) soon.

That's right.  There was going to be three hours when the house would be empty.  Well, maybe not so empty for I was hoping to get Elyse inside.  Of course, it would be very rude not to keep her company.  I'm sure you know what I was hoping for.  Well, maybe not a home run but a lot more than just another single.

Anyway, I swung by her house and talked with her obnoxious little sister, Tammi, while she got ready.  Then we went for a walk.  It was a nice day and we both were upbeat.  I was sure she was as happy about being with me as I was happy being with her and when I steered her to my house she asked where we were headed.  "Home – for a bit of privacy."  She giggled a bit and squeezed my hand a bit tighter.  I was delighted for obviously she liked the idea.

Once home we settled down on the couch with some drinks.  NO!  Don't get me wrong; they were just sodas – not alcoholic.  Not that it matters because we got cuddly right away and they just sat there getting flat.  That was quite unlike how my pants were with their built-in, self-erecting tent pole.  We were petting quite heavily and I was hot in more way than one.  I unbuttoned my shirt part way and Elyse, bless her heart, undid all the rest of the buttons.  After a couple more wonderful kisses, she yanked my shirt out of my pants and after a few wiggles it fell off of me.

Hell, I was still dressed more than at the pool but she admired my bod.  I'm not one of those jocks who is totally covered with hard bulging muscles but I'm trim, tight and defined.  Last summer at the beach, my cousin said "Gary, you're great eye candy."  I agreed and more important Elyse seemed to like what she saw and even felt.  I just loved her caresses.  Don't get the idea this was all one way because my hands were exploring her, alas, still clothed bod.  I wanted to remove her clothes but she fended me off and I did not want to push very hard for then she would bolt and it would be a total strikeout.© YLeeCoyote

I heard the backdoor open and my dad and brother came in.  I cussed (silently in my head) my misfortune and noted that they were home early.  They were heading our way and I figured my luck had run out and the game was over early just like the one they went to but I was wrong.  Dad was just wonderful.  "Kody, let's leave your brother and his girl alone." and headed back to the kitchen.  I was surprised how understanding he was and more than pleased.  In retrospect I wished he hadn't for that would have prevented the disaster.

I was making progress with Elyse.  What I was not doing was watching the time.  We were laying on the couch next to each other.  Actually, I was a bit on top of her.  My hands were exploring under her blouse while she had a good grip on my butt.  Her kisses tasted wonderful.  Everything was going great.

Then the universe totally imploded!

Mother walked in on us and exploded like a nova.  A supernova!  She gave a shriek that could have been heard on the moon which got Dad and Kody to dash in.  She yelled at me about my outrageous behavior.  I'll spare you the details.  Dad then made a mistake.  He spoke up for me.  "They were just having some time together.  Not doing anything wrong."

Even my kid brother, bless his little heart (I now owe him one) agreed.  "It was all just cuddling." he declared.

Mother most certainly did not agree!  Suddenly she was the vengeful Amazon – charged to protect all womankind from us horrid males.  She pulled me up and yanked open my belt and slacks and pulled them down.  "Mom, please not with Elyse here."  I pleaded but I would have gotten a better response from the Sphinx.  My boxers flew past my knees in record time rushing for the floor.  Elyse was wide eyed seeing my junk.  Of course, I wanted her to but not this way.  No, not while I was being treated like a little boy.

Mom sat on the chair she always used when she spanked us and hauled me over her lap.  From painful experience I knew that resistance was not only futile but counterproductive.  Until I settled down proving willingness to accept her spanking any spanks would not count and, worse, extras would be added.  Then it started.  Hard spank after hard spank rained down on my fully exposed tail.  She was lecturing but I was not listening being totally humiliated in front of Elyse.  I did hear one word: "Paddle!" however.  I knew that was an order to fetch the fearsome paddle.

A few spanks later Dad handed it to her.  Mom liked to use a thick leather paddle on her boys' bottoms to increases her effectiveness while protecting her hand.  She started using the awful paddle and the pain of each spank increased way past my breaking point.  I was yelling.  I was bawling.  Eventually she stopped and lead me into the corner with my pants still down and with Elyse watching.

If one had thought that this was the end of it then one would have been wrong, very wrong.  Dad was next.  It's a bit vague but she berated him for not stopping me earlier.  That she did this was in keeping with her role as the matriarch ruling with an iron fist (forget the velvet glove).  I didn't actually see it but I learnt later that she stripped Dad in the same way as she had done me.  Then she took him over her lap and paddled him to tears.  He got parked in another corner.  So that he never forgets that she the boss and he is merely a boy to her.  She also keeps him shaved down below and surely Elyse would have noticed that.  At least I have pubes.  Actually I keep them trimmed but there is plenty of hair still there that I am proud of.

Kody even felt her wrath.  His crime was supporting me and Dad who were the arch criminals of the day.  My poor brother got stripped as we always are for spankings and over her lap just like I had been.  He was embarrassed because Elyse saw him naked.  The one good point was that he already has some respectable equipment (as big as Dad's already and catching up to mine) and manfur so he did not appear like a baby.  Since both Dad and I were already well-paddled Elyse's watching him get it was not so bad as if he had been alone.  Kody reported that Mom was easier on him than on me or Dad.  He got parked in another corner to cry just like I was doing.

I was sufficiently past the bawling and crying and getting to know what was going by now so I heard Mom tell my girl: "That is what happens to naughty little boys [implying no matter what their age] in this house, Elyse."  What a terrible thing to say especially outside the family but being parked in the corner required that I must keep silent so I just bit my tongue.

"Yes, Mrs. Thompson.  I understand.  I guess that is why Gary is such a well-behaved boy most of the time."  Then Elyse came over to me.  "Goodbye Gary.  Be a GOOD boy." and she gave me a pat on the butt.  OK, it was more than a pat – it was a good hard slap of a SPANK which definitely made me jump and then she left.

This was quite unfair but there is one more thing that made this even more unfair.  When Mom walked in on us, I was trying to separate us with my hand on her tit…, er, breasts pushing her away but she was pulling me closer with her hands on my butt.  But, Mom knows that it always the male who is in the wrong.

All I could do was worry about the future.  Would she tell everyone that she saw me get spanked like a little boy naked over my mommy's lap?  Or would she keep mum?  Only time would tell.

* * * * * * * * * *

I could hardly walk home from Gary's house after seeing his mother go ballistic.  She stripped him, his dad and even his kid brother and spanked each of them with a paddle otk like they were little boys!  Not only was it terribly exciting both in my head and my pussy but that she did not send me home first was an idea that was very hard to wrap my head around.  It could be that she wanted to send me a message about dealing with males.  Because of the way the furniture was arranged, not only could I watch the three spankings and see the boys' junk (as I know boys think of it) but his mom really could not see me so I was able to get some pictures with my phone unnoticed of the three naughty bottoms turning bright red, full frontal shots and even some in the corner with their flaming red butts hanging out.  The pictures proved to me that I had not dreamed all of this.

As a babysitter, I've had my turn at spanking little boys' bare heinies and although I wouldn't do it unless the boy had been truly naughty I admit that liked doing it.  But I thought that by ten and certainly by twelve-years-old spanking was in the past.  Now I learnt different.  And then his mother actually told me that spanking was a regular procedure in her house.  I sortta wanted to tell everyone but my instincts said that was wrong.  Gary certainly would be devastated at school if everyone knew that he was still spanked like a little kid – bare over his mommy's knee.  I wanted to swear my BFF to silence and talk to her but once a secret is shared I know it is shared again and again.  I'm happy to say I had an internet friend to chat with.  She lives on the other side of The Pond so is many thousands of miles away and if she tells her friends it does not matter.

We chatted a long time.  I showed her the pix after I cropped them so that they were unidentifiable in case they escaped and got posted.  She was quite impressed and confessed that she got just as wet as I had.  She was even more impressed by the mother's total control of the boys – even her husband – in that household.  Then she said something that blew me out of the water again – I could and therefore should control Gary.  "You must control him!"  She explained that she meant like his mom controlled his dad.  The idea was most appealing and kept itself in my consciousness.

The next day I spoke with Gary in school.  He was terribly worried and embarrassed.  I told him that I would keep his secret if he was a good boy.  He was so relieved that he did not bristle at being called a boy.  Also as part of his punishment he had been forbidden from seeing me for three weeks except at school so I had some time to plan things.

His mom said we should meet at her house rather than Gary picking me up for our afternoon date to go to the movies.  She certainly did not subscribe to the traditional custom of the boy picking up the girl at her home for after the spanking episode this was the obvious interpretation of that.  The official reason is that she wanted Gary to apologize to me for his improper conduct.  He did that, obviously having practiced the his little speech and I accepted.  As we were about to leave she gave me a 'gift' for she said: "Be good and have fun."

"Yes, Mother." replied my date like an obedient little boy should.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Thompson, I know what to do if he is a naughty boy."  I said.  She smiled and we were off.

I was happy that we got close in the dark of the cinema and I had the opportunity to tell him "Don't be naughty, Gary!" when his hands wandered where they shouldn't "unless you want a spanking."  I made sure to giggle when I whispered that.  Naturally, I had been letting my hands wander over him wherever I wanted and one of my hands was resting on his bulge when I said that.  He jerked his hand away from my crotch immediately but I could feel how his shaft got a bit more rigid just when I was being bossy.

After the flick we went to the food court to eat.  This is where we had a chance to talk privately and allowed me to feel him out some more.  He was terribly concerned that I would tell the world how he was spanked like a little boy.  I pointed out that his father was also spanked the same way so maybe he thinking of it the wrong way.  "Maybe, Elyse, but I don't think anyone else would see it that way.  Please keep it secret."  He practically begged me letting me know how this worried him.

"Well," I said to tease him, "you have to be a good boy for me."  I gave a little pause and continued: "And we both know what happens to naughty little boys."  After he just nodded, I pressed him: "What happens, boy?"

"They get spanked." he whispered blushing.


He hesitated so I repeated the simple question and this time with head bowed he replied very softly: "Bare and OTK."

"That's right." I responded knowing that I had set the stage to go further.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was very glad I had a date with Elyse and was able to talk with her privately which is not at all possible in school.  It was definitely comforting that she promised not to tell that I still get spanked like a little boy.  Unfortunately, Mom insists that she will spank me for as long as I live at home when I am naughty.  Perhaps it is better than grounding for my buds all bitch about that a lot.  At least spanking is quick and lets me get on with life.

It was a few days after our movie date that Elyse asked me to walk her home after school.  I did not care why for I love her company.  It was when we got home that I learnt why.

"You have been a naughty boy, Gary." she said and then explained that she saw that I was unprepared in both history and French classes.  "That's because you did not do your homework." she added.  That was correct but I tried to evade the truth.  She pressed on and I finally 'fessed up.

"And what did you tell me a few days ago happens to naughty boys, Gary?" she asked.

I did not know where she was heading but it did not feel good but there was nothing to say but "They get spanked."

Soon I was faced with a terrible choice.  Either I would have to submit to a spanking from her or she would tell Mom who would surely spank me.  Actually, I was sure that Mom would have considered it as two misdemeanors and give me two spankings.  After she promised she would not rat me out, I agreed to her spanking me.  After all, one spanking is better than two spankings according to my butt which, after all, is on the receiving end.

She told me to lose my sneakers and that she was going to strip me like she had when she spanked boys as their babysitter.  Since she had seen all of me already, it would have been silly to object on that grounds beside she would probably get to watch Mom spank me again.  I stood still as she removed my shirt and T-shirt.  It was harder when she opened my belt and jeans and lowered them.  I had to lift one foot at a time so she could pull them off.  She took my socks off at the same time leaving me in just my boxers.  "Remember I watched your mom strip your boxers off you so I know what's there."  That was very true although it still was hard to accept.

I closed my eyes as she pulled down my remaining item of clothing.  Not that would make any difference to what she saw.  At least I have a nice endowment (even bigger than Dad's) so there is not any reason to be ashamed.  Elyse left me standing there in my birthday suit while she fetched her hairbrush.  "This was my grandmother's and she used it on my dad." she said as she showed me the wide backed brush made of heavy hardwood.  She sat on the couch and got me over her lap with my top half resting on the couch making it easier to hold me in place.

Then she gave me the first spank with her hand.  It did not hurt as much as the one she gave me a month ago after Mom had tenderized my tail.  She spanked for a couple of minutes less hard than Mom would have but I knew that brush would surely hurt.  WHACK!  Yes, it really hurt just like Mom's paddle did.

And every hard WHACK hurt as she did a very thorough job.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but she made me cry.  I knew that I had been truly punished by the time she stopped.  Worse, I felt just like a little naughty boy who had just been spanked.  I could not fight off that feeling because she was comforting me in that manner, even calling me a 'her little boy' as I cried.

As I cried in her arms, I heard a buzzing and felt some vibration on my crotch.  It wasn't until a few minutes later that I saw she had used an electric shaver to remove my pubes.  I was now as bald as a baby and Dad.  "What?" I yelled.

"Little boys especially naughty little boys don't have manfur." she replied very calmly.  "Now let's get to the bathroom and finish this up properly."

I made some incoherent sounds but she sounded exactly like Mom when she is in her most bossy mood and I was feeling so little that I obeyed just like Dad does Mom. «I certainly did not want any more spanking» was the thought in my head then and when she covered my pubis with shaving cream and used a razor.  After I had dried off, and she took a pix of the new me, I was allowed to get dressed.

"I think that being bald like your Dad will remind you that you must be a good little boy, obeying your mom, your teachers and me, Gary."

"Yes, Ma'am." I said for that seem like the right thing.  She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Although my butt was sore I sortta just floated home.  I'm not sure of what the future will bring.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 1, 2016

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