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The following story is fiction about an abusive vice-principal getting his just deserts.  Recently a young man of twelve protested against his school's uniform rules that prohibited boys from wearing short trousers while allowing girls to wear skirts in hot weather by wearing a skirt.  A few links to the news story:  MailOnline, Metro and The Telegraph.  Although the Head of Chris's school did not discipline him, it is easy to imagine that Headmasters and Vice Principals of other school would and even distort the facts to exasperate the "offense".  This is a story of the aftermath in such a situation. The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Justice Prevails


Lukas walked home very slowly with his red hot ass under his sister's school uniform skirt with his briefs in his school bag.  He was not a happy puppy in the least.  He had just suffered an unfair and very humiliating strapping on his bare ass from VP Gazarek witnessed by his most amused younger sister.  It had not been fair at all!  He was quite within the school uniform rules that specified that the proper uniform included black trousers or a skirt of knee length and he had been wearing the latter.  Gazarek made a silly and totally irrelevant comment that he had not gotten permission from his little sister, Myra, to wear "her" clothes.  He even summoned her from class to ask her that as if they were in a court of law.  AFTER THE SENTENCING, he had even added a trumped up charge of insolence and also had Myra stay to watch the bare ass strapping.

Just as Lukas reached home, he met Dr. Schrenk, attorney-at-law, who was his next door neighbor and told him the entire story.  This was not the first report that Dr. Schrenk had about the VP.  There had been several other complaints about Gazarek's abuse of his authority and power to both shame, ridicule and thrash students.  The concerned lawyer already had discussions with the school board about these issues.

The next morn, there was a meeting at the school.  Dr. Schrenk; Lukas and Myra's father; Mr. Gill, the head of the school board; Principal Peppers and VP Gazarek were in attendance.  One thing that was explained was that the children did not own their clothes but that the parents did.  The parents acquire the garments and decide when they should be deacquisitioned by selling, giving to someone else or discarded.  Thus Lukas did not need his sister's permission to wear the skirt since it was family property.  The lass had been known to frequently use the lad's clothes without asking him for permission.  It was quickly determined that Dr. Schrenk had the facts right and soon the VP Gazarek had a difficult choice to make.  After reviewing the case for a lawsuit that would cost the school district a great deal of money and surely terminate the VP's career, Dr. Schrenk proposed an alternative to an expensive suit.

VP Gazarek did not like the alternative any better but Mr. Gill and the principal were in favor of it.  "If you don't accept this offer, you will be suspended without pay immediately and your contract will not be renewed." declared Mr. Gill.  A few hours later, at the school assembly the students were most delighted with the program.

After a brief explanation by Principal Peppers, Mr. Gazarek gave an apology to the student body for his misconduct in the way he had handled several situations in the past.  Then the principal announced that he would get six hard strokes from a heavy strap.  This strap was double the size and weight of the one he used on the students.  The most wronged students, lead by Lukas, were invited to have seats on the stage for a better view.© YLeeCoyote

Mr. Gazarek removed his jacket and after dropping his trousers assumed the position over a heavy chair.  Lukas then was given the task of taking his underwear down to bare his buttocks.  The massed school body was totally silent as they watched open mouthed and wide eyed.  The young, muscular and strong assistant coach had been drafted to wield the strap.

The assistant did the task with great enthusiasm.  He raised the strap high and brought it down hard on the target.  Each cut landed with a responding whack, left a wide red stripe and caused a howl of pain from the most embarrassed Gazarek.  This event would be the talk of the school for some time afterwards.

Both Lukas and his sister remained after regular classes for special makeup classes at the school's expense.  Within a few days, the uniform code was clarified to allow short trousers as well as longs.

* * * * * * * * * *

That evening another issue had to be dealt with – that of Myra not supporting her brother, ignoring that she did not ask to wear his clothes and gossiping about him after watching him being strapped.  Their father discussed this with them and then was about to spank the girl.  This is when Lukas asked to be allowed to finish the task as he had been the wronged party.  He quickly assured his father that he would be most reasonable and knew the price should he mistreat his sister.

With some trepidation, Myra went with Lukas to her room as he insisted that spanking should be private.  He told her that, like their parents, he was disappointed in her conduct and directed that she remove her shoes and panties and get over his lap.  Slowly, she complied.  Once in position, Lukas lifted her skirt and most gently patted her cute little behind.  "Are you ready, Myra, for your spanking?" he asked.

"Yes." she replied doing her best to hide her fear.  Lukas then proceeded to give her twenty spanks.  Each spank was no more than a light pat, more gentle than even a birthday spank.  When he was finished, he stood her up and hugged the puzzled girl.

In answer to her questions he explained: "You're my kid sister and it is my duty to protect – not hurt – you".

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 19, 2011

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