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The following story is fiction about a twelve-year-girl who takes control of her older brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Kara Is in Charge


The two girls, Amber and Kara, were best friends.  They had been as far back as they could remember for they lived next door to each other for all of their twelve years.  They each had a brother two years different in age.  Andy was only ten and since Amber started puberty two years ago, she was increasingly in charge of her little brother when their parents were away.  Ever since she was out of diapers, she had tried to mother her little brother and their parents not only permitted it but encouraged it.  Amber had actually put Andy's very last diaper on him when she was only five and was gradually taking over the task of bathing him every night by herself.

Amber was even allowed to spank her brother.  Their parents actually did not make that decision but she did and, again they abdicated their responsibility as parents for they went along with it.  One rainy afternoon, when Andy was nine and they were alone, he was playing ball in the house.  She told him to stop but he continued so she took more direct action.  She grabbed him, sat down, pulled him over her lap and started to spank him just as their mother did.  Andy had learnt that resisting being spanked resulted in a longer and harder spanking so he did not fight back.  After a few spanks, she stood him up and lowered his jeans and briefs and resumed spanking him until his little bottom was bright red and he was crying.  He was standing in the corner when their mother returned.  Questioned, he explained simply: "I was a naughty boy playing ball in the house, Mommy, and Amber spanked me hard just like you do.  I won't do it again.  Promise!"

Andy did not show any resentment of any sort but just acknowledged a reasonable punishment for his misbehavior.  His hope that he would not get spanked by his mother again for the same offence was realized.

Kara was disappointed that she had not been there to see the spanking.  "Don't worry, Kara, Mom said it was OK to spank Andy when he's naughty and you know that will happen soon and often."  As you can imagine the girls shared everything and Andy soon was also under Kara's control.  "You'll even get a chance to spank him just like you bathe him." Amber promised.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

Kara had been envious of Amber for some time because she had authority and power over her brother that she herself did not possess with her own brother, John.  That John, still called Johnny by everyone, was older was irrelevant in her mind.  She knew that she was both smarter and more mature and therefore entitled to be in charge.  Just like Amber, she was a young lady with breasts and pubic hair while her brother, much like the younger boy, Andy, was still hairless – obviously still a little boy with an undeveloped penis – far from being a youth.

Although they were not nudists, Kara and Johnny shared a bedroom so that they got to see each other naked while changing.  Kara had made sure that her brother knew that she had a bush and tits more than a year before.  She taunted him with nice sounding platitudes about how he soon would start to turn into a man and his little pee-pee would grow into real man-sized penis with hair like Chuck's.  Chuck was one of her classmates who was an early bloomer and it showed, especially in his Speedos® at the local swimming pool.  Both Amber and Kara had also gotten a look at his manhood for he was more than willing to show any of the girls the manhood he was so proud of having already grown.

Kara enlisted Chuck's help for she knew that he did not like her brother and was attracted to her for she was the most attractive girl in the class.  The idea appealed to Chuck – how could one make a fourteen-year-old boy submit to his two-year younger sister as if he was the younger one.  "That's a fascinating problem, Kara, and I'll help because it will be fun." he said.  He went on with: "You're my type of girl and will you date me?  I'll help even if you won't for these are separate things and you don't sell your body."  She was delighted and agreed.  "If we're dating then I can visit you and learn more about your little brother with only a little boy's hairless pee-pee."

Chuck was a wiz with computers and when he visited brought a drive with an operating system enabling him to bypass the normal one with its passwords.  He copied history files, mail files, chat logs and other stuff to learn what Johnny did.  He also set up a hidden camera so as to watch and listen to what Johnny did when his little sister was not about.

Chuck quickly learnt a great deal about Johnny from the computer data and the hidden camera.  He did not share any of the raw data with Kara, but just the generalities.  "It is safer this way, Kara, for if you don't know the details you can not accidentally let Johnny know that you know and make him wary.  You already know the most important thing – Johnny is very unhappy about not yet starting puberty and still merely being a little boy.  Also, he likes to chat with a girl who bosses him around and even mocks his lack of development.  He has edited saved stories so that the leading male character is "Johnny" who is bossed about and even spanked for being naughty usually by a girl.  I got some telephoto shots of him smoking in the park.  This should be easy if you are careful."  Kara was delighted.  So delighted that she hugged and kissed Chuck (to his delight).

There was one thing Chuck did not report and that was what Johnny did with his friend Dean.  Twice, the hidden camera caught Johnny going down on his friend after insisting that "Your jizz will help me to start puberty."  Dean said he doubted that but was not unhappy to help his friend like he wanted.  Chuck saw that as an opportunity for some fun of his own.

* * * * * * * * * *

With just a little bit of coaching from Chuck, Kara proposed a deal to her brother.  "We need to work together" she explained, "so that when the folks go on their full weekend trip for that wedding they were invited to we can stay at home ALONE rather than have a babysitter or be sent to friends for sleepovers.  They'll put you in charge and make me agree to listen to you while you'll have to promise to be reasonable."  The setup was irresistible to the fourteen-year-old and he agreed immediately for little did he know what was she was planning.  Kara had also convinced Johnny that they must be more than just good but perfect for this to happen again and for longer.

Their parents agreed although setting several additional conditions which were not particularly onerous and left them alone early that Saturday morning more for almost two full days.  Shortly after, Kara said: "I got a video to show you, Johnny."

They went into the family room and she slipped the disk into the player and the large screen showed Johnny life-size leaning up against a tree with two friends moving in and out of the frame.  He was horrified.  Chuck had done a fancy job even making titles describing things. «Johnny takes the cigarette pack out of his pocket.» «Johnny corrupting offers.» «Johnny giving cancer sticks to others.» «Wind does NOT affect this torch.» «Johnny lighting up!» «Johnny inhaling poison..»

"How did you get that?"  he demanded.

"That does not matter.  What matters is what Dad would do if he sees it."  She paused to let Johnny think of a couple of things.  "I reckon a major spanking and months of grounding, Bro."

"You wouldn't?" he whined.

"It's my duty … but if you want I can punish you.  The folks are away and we are in charge of ourselves.  I'll spank you – good and hard, of course, but you will be grounded only for the weekend."

Johnny's head was spinning.  He couldn't let his parents see the video yet even just the idea of being spanked by his little sister was unspeakable yet exciting.  It was like in the stories he loved.

"It's really up to you, Johnny.  Get punished by the 'rents long term or by me for the rest of the weekend.  I'll wait in our room until you decide."

It took him a half hour to realize that he really did not have a choice.  If the 'rents found out it would be a major disaster.  Beside, he reckoned, a spanking from Dad would hurt a lot more than one from his kid sister.  "OK, Kara, you can spank me rather than telling the 'rents."  He had to trust his sister on this point.

"Here's the deal.  I'm in charge for the weekend – not you since you're just a naughty little boy.  I will spank you hard, you'll get corner time and lines.  And you're grounded."  He agreed, albeit reluctantly.  He didn't have any trouble being naked as that was common in their room although this time Kara undressed him.  A stranger looking at the naked boy and dressed girl would have noted that he looked younger especially since his genitalia was undeveloped and hairless while she was a young lady with breasts already.  If not for his being somewhat taller the assumption would be that as she looked older and thus was in charge.

Kara had promised Johnny a good hard spanking and that what he was about to get.  She sat on his bed and got him across her lap.  She was thrilled to have her older brother over her lap like a little boy – just like Amber had had Andy over her lap.  She gave him a few hand spanks and enjoyed seeing her hand prints on his butt but was glad that she had prepared the hairbrush as her hand was hurting.  Once she switched to the hairbrush things were very different.  Red ovals formed immediately and as they spread over the target with each hard spank, they were making an impression on the spankee.  He was yelling that it hurt and was told that it was supposed to hurt.  She kept at it for some time until she had reduced her brother to a limp, bawling, very well-spanked, little boy.  Johnny knew one thing for sure – that his sister could really spank.  This was not like the stories he read for his ass was on fire.  As he stood in the corner, all he could think of was how much his butt hurt.

While Johnny suffered in the corner, Kara texted a message to Amber: "I SPANKED him!"  Amber with Andy in tow was ringing the bell within a few minutes.

Kara invited them in and they quickly went to the bedroom.  Once in the bedroom, Andy immediately ran to inspect Johnny's tail.  "Johnny's been a very naughty boy, Andy, so I spanked him just like your sister spanks you when you are naughty."  Kara explained to the ten-year-old.  Of course, Amber also couldn't resist touching the roasted boy-rump causing Johnny to wince as she admired her friend's handiwork.  "We're going to the park and stopped to invite you to join us but I see that you are busy."  Of course, Johnny was terribly embarrassed but there was nothing that he could do except stand with his nose in the corner while his sister's best friend studied his spanked bottom.

After a hour in the corner, Johnny spent another couple of hours carefully writing "I will not smoke." some five hundred times.  Kara did not allow her brother to get dressed until it was time to go the coffee shop for dinner.

"You spank very hard, Kara." he said, "But now you got to destroy that CD and the original."

"Spankings have to be hard to make little boys, like you, understand that they did the wrong thing and are being punished.  Maybe next time, I'll use a belt."  She then gave him the CD which he immediately broke.

It goes without saying that Johnny slept prone that night.  He also was fretful during the night because he realized that parts of several of his favorite stories actually happened and he was not entirely sure that he liked the result.  One thing was certain and that was that his little sister had thoroughly spanked him.  She had spanked him for real whereas the girl he chatted with only did a cyber spanking.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday morning Kara told Johnny not to dress as he was grounded and was not going out except with her for dinner.  Johnny was not overjoyed, but nudity was not really a problem.  They were having breakfast when Amber called.  Andy had convinced their parents that she should take him to the zoo and would they like to go.  Kara was delighted and realized that it would be good to take her brother along so she could watch him (like Amber watched Andy).  Johnny chose to go rather than spend the day alone without electronics in the apartment.

It turned out that Kara and Johnny were not ready when Amber and Andy came for Johnny had managed to make a mess spilling his full bowl of cereal with milk.  It took a while to clean it up.  Kara had just finished spanking him when the bell rang.  That Johnny's tail was bright red again was, of course, noticed when Kara ordered him to wash his face, brush his teeth, comb his hair and pee.

Amber told Andy that he better go pee so that he would not have to go while on the subway.  Andy was used to being told that so he went and shared the toilet with the other little boy.  "Your bottom's all red.  Did you get spanked again, Johnny?" asked Andy but Johnny just grunted.  "Amber hasn't had to spank me in more than a week."  Johnny did not reply and Andy made him redden by noting that his thingy was barely larger than his own and just as hairless.

"Yes, Andy, I spanked Johnny again this morning for making a mess at breakfast.  He's been a naughty little boy." explained Kara causing Johnny to blush and Andy to grin.  Kara took care of her business while Johnny dressed.

It was normal for Andy to be well behaved at the zoo but Johnny also behaved well having figured out that his sister would not yell at him nor spank him if he was good.

The day went well and Kara was particularly pleased at how well her brother obeyed her.  At bedtime, she sat on his bed and told him to get over her lap.  He objected that he had not done anything to deserve another spanking and she said she wasn't planning one.  He got over her lap and she rubbed his still sore bottom.  "You behaved pretty well today, Johnny, so I'm going to rub some soothing lotion on your bottom."  He thanked her for her consideration.

They were both asleep when their parents returned, pleased that the apartment was in good condition and their children were properly in their beds.

What they did not know about was what they were dreaming.  Kara was having very happy thoughts about being in full charge of her little brother all the time.  Johnny was conflicted.  He was not sure that he really wanted his fantasies to be this real.  There were realities that he could not get away from.  He was only about four inches taller than Andy but he did not have any more hair about his dick which was only marginally larger.  His sister and her friend were both much more grown up as they had big bushes and boobs.  Except for the spanking, all in all the weekend was good and Kara had been reasonable.  It was nice not to have to decide anything.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kara and Johnny gave their parents a good report at breakfast that they got along as they had said that they could.  The parents admitted that they were pleased.  Neither mentioned how Kara had taken charge and had spanked her older brother.

Chuck and Kara had lunch together on Monday.  Kara happily told Chuck how well everything had gone thanks to that video.  "Johnny caved soon after seeing the video and it was a great pleasure to spank him.  I made him cry like the little baby.  He was a perfectly well-behaved little boy at the zoo."  She also told him how much she appreciated his help and that the lotion treatment was a great idea.

"Just keep at him." Chuck advised, "Persistently but gently be bossy so that he gets used to it.  Don't tell him to do anything he won't do."

He also had some additional advice. "Try to talk about how you were fair in the way that you punished him so that the idea of you being in charge is normal to him.  In fact, you even want him to tell your 'rents that you could be in charge."

"How?" she ask, puzzled.

"That will be tricky.  He has to admit that you had the right answers faster than he did and you did things by consensus so that it does not matter.  Also, that you are more mature.  But perhaps not for the next time."

* * * * * * * * * *

Spanking are suppose to change behavior and the one that Kara gave her brother certainly was not an exception.  However, the change was subtle rather than obvious for it only changed Johnny's relationship with his hard spanking sister.  There was not anyway to avoid her and there was not anyway he could forget that she had taken him over her lap and turned him into a blubbering little boy.  With his interest in dominant females it was just a matter of time before he saw Kara as a woman (with breasts and pubes) while he was still just a bald little boy.  Johnny constantly thought about how Kara had spanked him and then, much more pleasantly, took him to the zoo as a treat although he did not realize she was doing so.

It was the next Saturday morning and he had slept late after going to a party.  After he woke up, his mind was working on resolving these thoughts when Kara sat on his bed.  "Good morning, Johnny." she said.  They talked a bit then she mentioned something that gave him shivers.  "You got in after your curfew, Johnny."

That was true although he had been only a few minutes late.  He was certain that his parents were asleep and did not know.  "Did the 'rents say anything?" he asked surprised for he figured that his Dad would have awoken him with a spanking had he known.

"They talked about it but were not sure and mentioned asking me when they get back.  What should I tell them?" she paused for effect.  "That you were late … or … that there is not any reason to spank you?"  He chose the latter.  "Well, that would be a lie … unless … you have already been spanked."

As you would expect, Johnny was hesitant but Kara persisted and told him he was better off getting it over with.  She then pulled back the covers and saw that he had a boner before she ordered him to roll over.  When he hesitated, she promised extras for any more delay and he complied.  She pulled down his pj's and then with his bare butt up, she placed one hand on the small of his back and said: "You'll be getting fifteen…"  He thought that was kind until she added: "… on each check."  She then proceeded to use his slipper on his checks alternating between the two.  Kara relished how the slipper turned his butt red as she spanked him hard.  Before she was half way thorough, he was whining, begging her to stop and sobbing.  He remained still when she stopped and told him that the spanking was over.  During the spanking Kara lectured her brother about how he must not break his curfew again.

What Kara knew and Johnny did not know was that their parents knew he was a few minutes late but had already decided not to press the issue for a few minutes.  This enabled Kara to safely discipline her brother.  What Johnny did know was that Kara once again had spanked and lectured him as if he was a little boy and she was the grownup just like in the stories he loved.

* * * * * * * * * *

Pleased that their kids were growing up, their parents took advantage to have a weekend to themselves.  Just like the first time they left Johnny in charge and made sure that the rules were clear and they had sufficient money.

"So Johnny is sort of my babysitter?" joked Kara.  Everyone laughed at her joke but there was a hidden point.  In the past, their babysitters had the option to spank them rather than report their misbehavior.

During the following months, Kara found good enough reasons to spank her older brother.  With each spanking, Johnny's objections declined for at least two reasons.  First, Johnny could not honestly claim that Kara was unjust or wrong.  Second, it became more and more "normal" for him to get over her lap just like he submitted to his parents' spanking.

It was several months after that first weekend that their parents found out.  It was an accident but nevertheless they found out. Things had progressed so that their parents now routinely left them alone for a few hours when then went out for a show or to visit friends with just a simple admonition to be good.  This faithful evening they had returned after only a short time because the theater had a problem and the show had been canceled.  When they opened the apartment door they heard the unexpected sound of spanking and quietly made their way in to see what was happening.  They were astonished to see their naked son over the lap of his younger dressed sister getting a spanking.  A spanking hard enough that he was yelling and promising like when he was over his father's lap.  Even the promises were interesting for he was promising to never forget to take out the garbage and that he would get start on the book report early like he promised before.  It was such an amazing sight that the two adults just stood there and watched.  It was not until Kara ordered Johnny to the corner that she noticed their parents standing there and watching.

"Would you like to explain this." said their mother in a tone that clearly indicated that it was really an order to explain.

Johnny was completely flummoxed and Kara was only slightly better with a somewhat incoherent statement about a babysitter spanking a charge.  After some grilling, the parents learnt that the two had been watching each other to assure that they were considered sufficiently mature and trustworthy not to require a babysitter.  Then it came out that it was Kara who really was the "babysitter".  The babysitter who had spanked her brother frequently while they were alone.

The parents discussed the situation for sometime.  Certainly their children had not broken any rules.  They also concluded that in the last few months they had been getting along better than in the past and Johnny, especially, had been behaving better and doing better in school.  They both must have liked the arrangement because neither had complained even when it became known.  The parents made a decision.

They called the kids in and explained.  "John and Kara we are proud of you both.  You have crafted a good relationship that both keeps the peace and keeps you well behaved."  The kids smiled at each other no longer fearful that they might be in trouble.  "We have decided that it works so well that it should be full time rather than just when we are away therefore Kara you are in charge of your brother all the time.  Johnny we expect you to continue to accept Kara's guidance and accept her discipline."  Needless to say Kara was delighted beyond words while Johnny was stunned.  "Do you understand, Johnny?"

Johnny complained that he was the older one and that it wasn't right that his little sister would be in charge.  This did not get him anywhere as he was reminded that he had voluntarily agreed to such an arrangement months earlier so that it was not new and he had not objected previously.  Also, you are less mature than your sister both physically and emotionally.  (His parents were discrete enough not to mention that they had noticed that he not yet started puberty so was still a little boy.)  After a few minutes he accepted the inevitable and now formalized situation.

"Yes, father." said the very subdued almost fifteen-year-old boy, "I understand that Kara is in charge."

Kara was jubilant for like her friend, Amber, she was now officially in charge of her brother.  This was even though she was still just a tweenager while he was a teenager two years older than she.

Johnny thought about those stories he had collected from the web.  He seemed to be living more like them all the time.  He hoped that Kara was going to be like the nice girls now that she in charge of him.  In some of the stories, the sisters were very mean.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a week later that Kara went shopping with her mother.  They also stopped in the boys' department to get some stuff for Johnny.  These were simple basics that did not require trying on such as shirts, socks, and underwear.  It was for the latter, that they had the discussion.  Her mom asked about which style of underpants they should get for him – briefs, boxers or those newfangled boxer-briefs.

"Briefs.  Definitely briefs, Mother, for he's just a little boy.  Look, they even make them with superheros in his size.  Andy looks ever so cute with Batman going "POW!" on his bottom."  When Mom showed some reservations Kara added: "Doesn't Dad still wear them?"

Later, when Kara showed Johnny his new stuff, she emphasized how the new briefs were bright white and not saggy like the old ones.  She also mentioned that both Mom and she thought that he was too old for superhero ones like Andy wears.  When you have a bush we can reconsider things.  Kara had already decided that as long as she was in charge, he was not going to have a bush because she would not allow it.

Chuck had not disappeared during this time but was being the young, horny youth as you would expect.  He had taken Kara out to a couple of movies and would have liked to get intimate with her, but she felt that she was too young.  Chuck knew that there was another way to relieve the pressure in his groin – and that was with Johnny.  While Kara got ready for her date, Chuck and he were in the family room.  "I know that you want some help, John, to get puberty started." was all he had to say and Johnny was at his crotch getting his manhood out.  Within two minute of starting the conversation, Chuck was enjoying Johnny's hot mouth working to extract the wonderful man juice from the young stud.

It was only after the second time that Chuck let Kara know about her brother's enthusiastic special greeting and his beliefs about the special powers of cum, especially from young sources.  He explained that she could utilize his services as a special treat to encourage his obedience and submissive side.  Kara immediately saw the advantages to doing so and that it also would help keep Chuck interested in her even without sex.

Occasionally, the five of them went places together such as the Great North Park which was very big and had isolated areas.  In one such an area, they were able to urinate in the open.  The two little boys were used to their sisters watching them so that was common.  Chuck, who did not have any problem being watched and admired, often joined them.  Andy was most interested in how grown up Chuck was with a large cock and lots of hair just like his sister.  This made him think that Johnny was really just a little boy like himself.  On one trip, Johnny was very anxious to get his special treat which was promised for when they got home and were alone.  He pushed too hard and soon was in trouble.

Chuck was the first to say it. "That very naughty little boy needs a good hard SPANKING."  Both Amber and Kara agreed and Chuck immediately got to it.  With lighting speed, he opened Johnny's jeans and yanked them down along with his tightie-whites.  Then he sat on the grass and got Johnny over his lap.  With a tight grip on Johnny's wrist, the immature fourteen-year-old could feel the superior strength of the mature twelve-year-old and knew that he had best not resist and that he was in for it.  His assumption was immediately proven right when Chuck's hand crashed onto his bare bottom.  He yelled but that did not stop the spanking for Chuck quickly turned Johnny into a blubbering baby.

Andy was quite amazed and got to feel Chuck's muscles noting that he did not want to get spanked by him.  Johnny chose to remain prone for their picnic lunch leaving his hot butt uncovered to cool.  If Andy was not there, Chuck would have taken the crybaby right there in front of the two girls but he had to bide his time and had to convince Kara to allow her brother his special treat when they returned home.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kara continued to maintain control over her brother as they grew up.  Johnny was nearing his sixteenth birthday when he first sprouted a few hairs.  He was thrilled and showed them to Kara.  It was then that he learnt that there was more about wearing briefs and being a little boy than he had known.  He first had to wear briefs because that what little boys wore and that was what he was as proven by his bald crotch.  Now he learnt it worked the other way as well.  Since he wore boys' tightie-whites, he was not allowed to have hair.

Kara was quite prepared and immediately covered the area above his pee-pee with a depilatory cream that not only removed the few hairs that showed but also eliminated the ones about to sprout.  Kara carefully explained to him that since he was still just a little boy inside he was not ready for hair.  He was a little confused but over the last twenty-two months had learnt that Kara knew best so he accepted it.

Andy was also growing and Amber had to face the fact that her little brother was turning into a man and was exerting his budding manhood.  After he showed that he was taking after Chuck, Amber, wisely, backed off.  Kara kept control over her brother for another year.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 19, 2011

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