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The following story is fiction about a young man helping his older but immature roomie in their college dorm.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Spanked in College
Keeping My Roommate On Track


The dorm hall was quiet as I headed for my room after my morning run.  That was probably because it was very early on Sunday of a long weekend.  A lot of the guys had taken advantage of it and had gone away since it was still the beginning of the year and the work had not yet piled up.  I was about to put the key into the lock when I heard the shouting from inside.  I immediately wondered who my roommate's visitor was and should I enter?  Pausing, I was able to hear the conversation.  It was very one sided.

"Yes, Daddy, I promise." I heard my nineteen-year-old roomie Nicky Hocking say.

Then the familiar sound of a hand hitting a boy's bottom.  Yipe – here he was a college freshman some two years older than I and still getting spanked by his Daddy like a little kid in grade school.  I hadn't been spanked for at least four years since I started high school.  Between each spank were lecturing words about exactly what you would expect – studying, responsibility, not drinking and the like including the use of his full name.  In my mind's eye I could see the scene although the spankee kept switching between Nicky and my older brother getting it from my father.  I just stood there savoring the image and sounds.  I wanted to go in and watch but it certainly would have been rude and inconsiderate and might even have put a stop to it so I wouldn't see anything anyway.  I decided just to listen.  I slipped my hand into my jock strap and made an adjustment for comfort as I listened.  When I heard Mr. Hocking wrapping things up, I beat a retreat to the stairs and watched.  I heard the departing words: "Keep up your grades or else, boy." he spoke in the hall.

As soon as his dad was around the corner waiting for an elevator, I entered my room.  Of course, to Nicky it was like I had just barged in for his pants and undies were still on the floor by the window where they had landed when he had kicked them off and he was rubbing his hot red butt.  He had been crying as there were tears on his face and he was now bald down below.  He looked very much like a high school boy who had just been well spanked by his dad.

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" he yelled at me.© YLeeCoyote

"No.  This is my room also, boy.  I'm not your kid brother gawking and relishing your spanking and invading your space." I told him.  Well, it certainly was true about not being his brother but I sure did relish that spanking and his current discomfort.  He did not have a choice.  It was obvious from his red tail he had been spanked although he did not know that I had been there for the last ten minutes and knew a lot more than I was saying. «Knowledge is power.» I thought.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was less than two weeks later that I had my opportunity.  Nicky was sitting on his bed when I got back to our room.  In his hand was a graded test paper.  I could see the BIG RED F emblazoned on it from across the room.  I knew he hadn't studied for he had been out late the night before the test with his buddies.

"You keep fucking up like that up, boy, and your Daddy is going to take his strap to your butt.  That will hurt ten times worse than the spanking he gave you less than two weeks ago."  I surely hit home with that for I was immediately was told to shut up well punctuated with several expletives.

I ignored his outburst.  "Yelling at me is not going to help you or your sorry ass." I said.  Then I waited five minutes and continued.  "What you need is a good hard spanking to get you to focus on your studies."  He grunted at me but otherwise was quiet.  A few minutes later I went for it.  "You need someone to watch over you and spank you when you goof off and mess up.  When you accept that, get into your birthday suit and ask me to do it with a flip-flop in your hand."

I got to work on my studies and let Nicky sit there and decide what he was going to do.

It took him a while to decide to do it.  He stripped completely and then made some vague noises at me.  I made him wait while I finished up some things and then made him start over.  It took him five tries to get it right asking me to be in charge of him and with complete disciplinary power.  I can't describe the high it gave me and my cock was like a rock.  I accepted the flip-flop and sat on his bed.  Then he got over my lap and I had a blast.  I roasted his tail good and proper.  Just as good as his Daddy did a few weeks before.  I made him cry and promise to do his work.  I parked him in the corner just to be sure he knew his place.

When I called him from the corner, it was to complete the punishment.  I had him stand by the sink with his hands on his head.  As I wet down the little growth he managed since his Daddy had taken his pubes, he begged me not to.  I told him to be quiet and that he was much too immature for pubes.  I put on the shaving cream and using his own razor got him baby smooth.  Although he protested his cock was hard like mine was.

I told him to kneel and then opened my pants and let my rock hard shaft spring forth.  "Suck!" I commanded and he did.  Because I had to slow him down a couple of times, so I wouldn't cum too soon, I knew that he must have had a lot of experience doing this.  He swallowed my man-cream without any trouble at all.

I told him to get started on his work and I returned to mine.  The next day I organized things to be sure I would monitor him correctly.  I also instituted a schedule of maintenance spankings every Sunday evening to be sure he kept his focus.  To further that aim, he was required to jerk off three times a week and give me relief just as often although soon I would be frigging him also.

It shouldn't be too much of a shock that improvement was not overnight but took a few weeks.  The next time I used a more age appropriate implement – a heavy leather belt.  As before, it was with him having to strip completely and then bend over the end of his bed.  I swung the belt hard some ten times making sure that each and every cut sent a message to the far end that this pain and unpleasantness was avoidable.  Of course, I told him that verbally but we all know what gets an idea stuck into a boy's brain best.  It was also the first time that I took him anally.  As you might expect, I get super hard every time I spank him and this time I rolled a condom on my arrow.  I made sure to have plenty of lube on both the target and my missile.  I plunged right in surprising him long enough that he didn't tighten up until I was partly in after which steady pressure won the field and I had a grand fuck.  He made a mess but it was on his own bed.

His grades improved because of the spanking and control while mine did also because of the regular sex that removed distractions.  His father was very pleased when he picked him up for the end of the term break and Nicky told him that I had helped him.

Mr. Hocking was very interested when he heard that.  The next thing he did was to thank me for helping his little boy.  He made sure that Nicky also thanked me and asked him for details.  "He made sure that I did all my assignments like you do, Daddy."  That got the look which Nicky knew meant to tell the WHOLE truth.  "He keep me to a schedule and strict curfew and spanked me."  That last bit was said very softly.

The cat was out of the bag now.  I was concerned that Mr. Hocking would not like that but I was very wrong.  He laughed.  He turned to me and asked:  "So you treated him like your kid brother?"

"Yes, Sir.  It worked very well when I treated him like he was twelve.  Careful supervision and spankings as needed.  It was also good for me since I could study when he was studying without any distractions."

"Yes, I'm afraid that my son is still very much the little boy in need of a lot of supervision and spanking when he is naughty."  It was easy to agree with that and they left.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Nicky returned for the new term he had a surprise for me.  Actually, it was a gift from his father – a top of the line laptop.  It came with a note of appreciation and permission to continue even more fully as in loco parentis for the next term.  Nicky also asked me to continue as we had done.

I was more than happy to continue.  Right after dinner, I gave Nicky his maintenance spanking for the week and a good long fuck.  We both were happy getting back into the grove.

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