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This story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex between a teen and pre-teen.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is a sequel to my story Kevin's First Spanking which must be read first as it sets up the characters and situation.

There are two version of this story:  One is by the 16 year old and the other by the 12 year old.  Although they maybe read in either order, the older Kevin's is probably best first.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

Kevin's First Fuck


The story as told by the sixteen year old.

Since I told you about the time Kevy and I became blood brothers a lot has happened.  First you will be pleased to hear that I've changed.  Kevy and I have really become the best of buddies even though he is a bit more than four years younger than me.  You probably can see the difference in the way I write now compared to how I wrote a year ago.  Even our mothers have been pleased for we have both improved – in and out of school.

Kevy really has grown a lot this past year.  He is an early developer and he's already gotten pubes and his cock has tripled in size and is still growing.  He's not a little boy any more.  We have been terrific for each other.  I've dumped those druggies and other losers that I used to call friends and am doing much better in school now.

But it has not been easy.  It turns out that my little bro has spanked me at least three times as often as I've spanked him.  At the beginning it was sometimes as often as three times a week that he beat my ass.  As he is still smaller than me he always uses some implement like the paddle or a belt.  Those cute little bears on the paddle are pretty worn off now.  He likes to read and his favorite books are about coming of age trials and rituals, like becoming blood brothers.  He shows me lots of stories about English schools for he's fascinated by how hard those boys got beaten.  He wonders how we could get a real schoolboy type cane or a tawse.  Once he even dug up an article from the New York Times* about a hockey player getting a total body shave when he joined the Rangers which even specified that even the rookie's pubes were also taken.  He has gotten a lot of ideas from reading.

He really is on my case with true and loving dedication.  He never skips more than a day to check up on me to be sure that I'm doing well.  He is right about doing that for it keeps me from falling far behind.  I sometimes want to object but he does the same with himself.  Sometimes he gets a little behind or a low grade and he practically jumps across my lap for a reminder.  He really can help me because he is very smart and already in the eight grade since he skipped a year and having started school early.  I'm only in the ninth grade because I got left back once.  We're planing to graduate together because he has decided that he is going to complete high school in just three years.© YLeeCoyote

I must admit that I love to spank him.  I always use my hand and, just like that first time in the woods, get a real charge from his butt turning pink and then red.  If I try to go easy on him, he objects and threatens to beat my butt for failing to live up to our oath that a blood brother has to take the place of the missing dad.  We both get real hard from the spankings.  He doesn't allow me to fuck him and I won't rape him in any way.  He insists that he is still too small for my cock to fit.  He does not even like to be finger fucked.  He has given me a few blow jobs but he doesn't really like to do that either.

What he does love to do is to jerk me off, particularly after I spank him which always makes me super horny.  He gotten to be a real expert at it; he can keep me hard and dripping for over an hour until I'm begging for relief.  Then I often finish myself off because I can't wait any more.  Kevy says I need to develop my will power and self control.  To prevent my taking my thing in hand like that, he has started to tie me up.  It is absolutely exquisite torture that I will do every time he wants or is willing.  At first he did it in a very simple manner by just tying my wrists together.  He was not happy with this method because I would thrash around with my legs too much.  He now ties me spread-eagled to the bed with an extra rope over my waist in the house and to a tree in the woods.  He loves my total surrender to him in this way showing that I totally trust him.  Truth be told, I also love it.  He has figured out how to play with me so that I will come almost on his command.

Kevy also loves to get blow jobs from me.  It was a half a year ago that he first shot when I was doing it (until then, they had been dry comes).   We were both thrilled.  It took a while longer for him really to have loads but he does now and I love to suck them out of him.  He has made it a rule that every time he spanks me, I must suck him off.  That's a really nice rule.  Fortunately, it is not the only time I get to suck him.  It is very strange; I'm almost sixteen and I love sucking and being jerked off by this eleven, almost twelve, year old.  This has had an interesting side effect: I stopped lusting after girls all the time for I'm not horny like I had been because I get all that sex with Kevy.  It also gives me more time with my school work and I waste a lot less time being frustrated.  Just in case you're wondering about the blow job rule, it is because Kevy always has a major hard-on after he spanks me.  Often when he has me tied down he demands a blow job with a threat to stop jerking me; I've never tested that threat.  But it is fun to be "forced".

When I turned sixteenth Kevy gave me a special birthday spanking.  He put me over his knees with my pants down.  He gave me a mock lecture about not letting anything like this (turning sixteen) ever happen again or I would be in deep shit.  All the time though, he was playing with my butt.  He gave me lots of light slaps and every once in a while a really hard one which counted.  By the time he was done, he must have given me more than two hundred smacks plus the seventeen hard ones.  He even played with my butt hole a lot managing to get three fingers into me.  For the climax (pun intended) he blew me while playing with his fingers shoved deep into my butt hole.  It was one of the biggest loads that I'd ever shot.  I had to "force" him to let me follow the blow job after a spanking rule.  Just because it was my birthday, doesn't mean he can not have some fun too.

A week later I got my learner permit.  While Mom was sleeping I borrowed her keys and went out to the car in the driveway.  I really did not plan to drive but just to sit there.  But when I turned on the radio, I accidentally (and that's the honest truth) also started the engine.  Well I thought, since it is already running, just a few feet forward and back wouldn't hurt.  Soon I was going back and forth for fifty feet and even getting on the road.  Then Kevy came over and saw me.  He was horrified.  We had talked about this and I promised him as a blood brother that I would not.  His sad and disappointed face said volumes.  He just turned and headed home with his head sagging.

I put the car back in place and returned the key to mom's purse.  Then I ran over to Kevy's place.  He was very disappointed in me.  I was very disappointed in me also.  He was so angry that he did not even want to talk with me.  I pleaded and begged him for at least a half hour telling how stupid and sorry I was.  I even got on my knees by his window.  When he came out he looked very grim and told me not to get up.  He stood there arms akimbo and feet apart like the lord of the manor standing over an errant serf or slave.  The sort of image that he must have gotten from Huck Finn.

"Don't get up Kevin, you have been very bad.  You broke the law.  You broke your promise."  He obviously had gotten into one of his ritualistic moods.

I felt terrible.  He was right.  I wished that I was a worm so that I could burrow into the ground to hide.  "Please" I begged, "punish me as you see fit, for I have betrayed us both, please.  I'll do what ever you say but don't reject me."

"The punishment must be great for your crimes are great." he declared angrily.

"Yes, I have been very naughty and need to be punished greatly.  Please punish me so that I can redeem myself in your eyes.  Please stay my blood brother and friend."

"Confess your crimes."

"I broke my solemn word to my blood brother and broke the law by driving."

"Does a man break his word?  Does an honest man break the law?"

"No.  No."

"Strip and kneel over the bed."  I dashed into the cabin to quickly follow his orders and soon my ass was well positioned for whatever he wished to use on it.  It turned out to be something new for us – an old razor strap – thick, heavy and supple.  A very traditional item for use on a naughty boy's bottom.  He swung it with the anger he justifiably had and it landed on my ass with a loud WHACK!  It hurt worse than anything that he had ever used on me before.  Then came a rain of blows so fast that I could not count them with because of the searing pain they caused.  After a few more I could not control myself any longer and I started to cry.

He was relentless and continued to use the strap.  My ass was surely a swollen mess already but he continued from the other side.  After what seemed an eternity he stopped but I remained in place crying like a little kid.  I hoped that he was finished, but I feared that he was not.  My fear was justified.

He returned and ordered me to lie on the bed with my legs spread and my lower legs dangling over the side.  He asked a couple of questions: "Have you kept your word like a man does?  Does a man bawl like a baby?"

"No.  No." I managed to croak out through the sobs.

"You are a LYING CRYBABY.  You are NOT a man.  Then you should not look like a man.  Therefore you will lose your man fur."

With that little speech said, he turned on the barber clipper and started to go for my pubes.  Mixed in with my sobs, I tried to plead with him but he just snapped at me the simple command: "Quiet boy."  What had taken years to grow to a dense bush fell easily like grass under a mower.  In under five minutes he had rough cut my pubes lengthwise and crosswise and then those on my ball sack to get every hair clipped close.  He gathered it up and put it into a plastic bag.  He then repeated the operation on both my armpits and added those harvests to those already in the bag.

He then covered my pubes with cream then shaved them with a safety razor.  Carefully and methodically he made pass after pass over my privates like he was the grim reaper during the Black Plague.  Soon I was baby smooth.  I will admit that it felt good when he did all this but I'd rather that he hadn't.  But I had begged for his punishment for the wrongs I had done and did not have any right to complain.  He repeated the shaving treatment in both of my pits.

As awful as this all was it was also very erotic.  As I surrendered to his will I could not help but to get a major hard on.  Just like that day over a year ago when we first spanked each other, something was changing.  What the metamorphoses were to be I did not yet know.

He had me raise my legs and spread them in order to open up my butt crack to him.  Then he covered it with some shaving cream.  At least that was what I thought for I could not see while holding my legs out of his way.  Then I felt his fingers invade the unprotected and exposed hole.  It felt good for it reminded me of the past times he had done that.  The punishment must be over for he is doing something that gives me pleasure.  "Thank you; I will do my best to earn your forgiveness." I said.

He withdrew his fingers and then drove his young, hard and not fully grown shaft fully into my relaxed and virgin hole.  As he drove it in over and over, he hit my prostate and the pleasure was sufficient to make me forget the great pain even when he bumped up against my sensitive beaten ass.  I shot my load without my dick being touched, splattering my load on my own chest and some even on my face.  He exploded into me with a loud cry of ecstasy.  It was the first fuck for both of us.

After he withdrew he sat in a large armchair and called me over.  I stood before him with my head bowed silently while he inspected my freshly shaven crotch.  I was pleased that he was smiling rather than frowning.  I hoped that it meant he had or at least started to forgive me.  I could see that he was hard again (or was it still) and I remembered the rule.  I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth.  It tasted of lube and my own bottom hole rather than the sweetness it usually had.  I tried to ignore that all for I very much wished to please him and to show my repentance.  As I sucked the shaft that had just taken my cherry he rested his hands on my head.  Soon he climaxed again and I eagerly swallowed it all.

After he lifted my head off his now tender rod, I spoke: "I'm sorry and I deeply regret having betrayed you.  Thank you for punishing me for I'm truly sorry and beg for your forgiveness."

Silently, he stared into my eyes for a long time.  "Yes, Kevy, I think that you mean it." and after a brief pause added: "It's late, let's go to bed."

That was the first time he called me 'Kevy' rather than 'Kev' or 'Kevin'.  I wonder what, if anything, it signified.  When we were in bed he rubbed some lotion in my sore butt.  Then we snuggled up close on our sides with him behind me and holding me tight.  As he played with my package and pleasantly sensitive but now smooth pubes I felt that all he had put me through had been worth it.  Since he was holding me tightly the pain in my butt was not significant nor is the razzing I would surely get in gym tomorrow.

"I'm sorry that I was so rough on you, Kevy, but I was very angry and you would not let me cool down any.  As you freely admitted you really were a very bad boy."

"I deserved all that you gave me, Kevin," (I could not all him 'Kevy' at this time) "and I would have endured ten times that to atone in your eyes.  All the blame is mine; you have done nothing requiring forgiveness from me.  I'm delighted that you took my cherry tonight without asking because you wanted it.  I've been hoping for that for some time but I wanted to be absolutely sure that you did it because you really wanted to and not just because I asked."  As I told him how I felt, I could feel his ever hard cock poking into my back.

He gave me a little nip on my neck and rolled me on to my stomach.  Then he got between my legs, spread my hot sore buns and easily drove his shaft into me once again.  As he plunged in and out, my love nut sent shivers up my spine and put me into a state of ecstasy.  I shot before he did with my cock squeezed between my stomach and the sheets.

"Fear not, Kevy, I will fuck you often, very often."  He declared masterfully.  I felt content.  I slept happily knowing Kevin still wanted me; wanted me more than ever.

In the morning Kevin took my ill used learner permit and sealed it away as the punishment for breaking the law.  "On my birthday, you will get it back." he decreed.  His birthday was six weeks hence.  I started to complain.  "We can make it eight weeks, if you think that is not correct."  I immediately shut-up and accepted his sentence as I had promised last night.

The day in school was going to be a problem.  I had to be very careful what I said to my classmates when they saw my bald pubes and beaten ass in the gym shower.  I also knew that I would have to tell Kevin what I said and what happened.  Certainly, I couldn't state the whole truth but most of it could be done.  Also, any story about a bet of any kind could not explain both my front side and backside.  But, I hoped,  the truth would even get me some sympathy.  My story was simple: "Mom got her boyfriend to punish me – strapped for being naughty and shaved for being insolent.  I'd rather not talk about it."  Amazingly it worked.  There was some razzing for the missing hair but that died as the story spread.  All the guys were naturally sympathetic about such parental discipline.  After all they all had such problems too.  I hoped that Kevin would be the same.  Kev liked what I had said for the technical details were correct although everyone surely thought it meant something else.  We agreed than my mom had indeed asked a friend to take care of me.

The next day we went for a walk in the words, Kevin declared that we needed a little ritual to wrap up the strapping and shaving punishment.  We sat crossed-legged on opposite sides of a small fire.  Kevin reviewed with me my transgression and I slowly burnt up my clipped pubes as I renounced having any until I was a proper man.  Kevin was very pleased with my sacrificial repentance.  I felt that I was going to have a second chance.

I think that I shocked Kevin by telling him that I wanted to renew our blood brother vows.  After I found a sharp rock, I started to strip down and Kevin followed without a word.  We cut each other's wrists again; this time right through the scars from the first time.  Not only did we mingle our blood we let it drip onto the dying fire.  I took Kevin's other hand and placed it around my bald package and he gripped me tightly.  He let his thumb stroke my smooth pubes.  I gently took hold of his lush bush.  Then I added three things that I had not said before.  First, that I hoped that my big blood brother would continue to guide me.  Second, that it is entirely up to my big blood brother when I would be permitted pubes again.  Third, that I really need a spanking right now.  Kevin was very pleased with my submission.  He hugged me very tightly.

He found a log and sat down and guided me across his lap.  He then gave me a long hand spanking and I was able to cry.  Crying makes me feel better.  He hugged me for a long time and then I gave him a long suck.

"The fire must be extinguished!" he declared emphatically as if he was following some old ritual.  We went over to the fire and he took hold of my dick and I of his.  "Release the Fire Spirit!" he stated and started to pee.  I did also and we easily released the fire spirit as we drowned even the ashes and embers.

As the final wisps of smoke rose up to the heavens, I felt renewed.  We had completely re-bonded and I had yielded to him.  He held my hand as we walked home through the woods.

Kevin made sure to check up on me every day from then on.  When I was behind I got the usual warning in the form of a spanking after which I gave him a blow job.  When I was good, then Kevin and I had real fun.  Sometimes a mock spanking but always he fucked me and jerked me off.  If we had time, he even tied me down and played the exquisite torture game.  It was clear that he liked me without pubes for he made comments about liking me hairless and smooth like a little boy.

The second weekend after he had shaved me, he had me tied down for the exquisite torture.  This time he added something new.  His manipulations were keeping me on the edge so I did not realize that they had changed.  As he played with me he also lathered me up and shaved me smooth once again.  It was his duty and right to do so.  After untying my legs, he fucked me while telling me how sexy I was when I was all smooth like a little boy.  I don't know why but it was a really great fuck.

After a few weeks of this, I started to feel like a was a boy of eleven expecting his pubes to start grow any day.  But I was trapped and not growing older.  On the other hand, Kevin was getting older, more mature and more confident every day.  I was learning to depend on him as if he was the older brother rather than I, just as I vowed.

One day Kev was over my house and we were eating with my mom.  She talked about how both Kev's mother and she had noticed that we were both doing well in school and were much better behaved all the time.  Kev really turned on the charm.  "Thank you, Mam.  Kevin and I have been helping each other for more than a year now since we became blood brothers.  Without our fathers it is very tough but we do our best to guide each other."

"That is so wonderful," she explained with great joy, "keep up doing whatever you been doing for it is good.  And Kevy your mother is happy about this too."

"Yes, Mam, I certainly will and I'm sure Kev will too." he said with a big smile.

"Yes, mother, me too."

I wonder if mother would still be so pleased if she knew the whole truth.  It's Kevin that is in charge for I'm just his little brother with bald pubes.  There is no doubt that Kev likes it this way for he shaves me at least once a week and fucks me at every opportunity.  I sure do.

* * * * * * * * * *

The story as told by the twelve year old.

It really is a strange world.  I'm not even thirteen and there are requests for my life story.  Gosh, I'm really to young to have done anything of interest for I'm just half through with my freshman year of high school in the dump of a town where I live.  The place is dying but mom can not get up the spunk to move since dad abandoned us over three years ago.  What makes life tolerable is my blood brother Kevy who is four years older than me.

I've got really close with him some twenty months ago when he was baby sitting me.  We have this special relationship because his dad copped out the same way that my did when he was nine too.  The day that mom had to go see Aunt Jane because of the accident turned in the best day of our lives.  Kevy had to be persuaded to take care of me.  It really was nice because he did not care about all the girl things (which don't matter one bit) that mom and the female baby sitters always fuss about.  We were having this great time at his secret place in the wood when I wandered away.  He was justifiably pissed.  I just told him how dad would have handled the situation and he spanked me like dad would have.  For all that it hurt it felt good in a strange way and then we did go to the movie.  I bet not many guys would admit it, but I really need that spanking.  It got me thinking and it would not have mattered why I got it.  Mom never spanked me like dad did.

That night I missed dad and got into bed with Kevy.  We were both naked because it was hot and that's how he wanted to sleep.  I was just a little copy cat kid and did the same; just as if he was my big brother.  After we talked – man-to-man – we realized we were alike except Kevy was older and had started to get into trouble because his daddy was not there to spank him.  Well I did right there in bed with a paddle and it was hard work.  I learnt that dad meant it when he said 'it hurts me more than you' for my arm was sore.  It was also fun and the first time that I ever spanked anyone.  The paddling I gave him really changed both of us.  We became blood brothers the next day and started to take care of each other.

That weekend we learnt that spanking was good for each other so we did it to each other.  We checked up on each other and made sure that we were keeping to the right path.  When either of strayed, the other would give him a spanking.   It must have been a strange sight when I had Kevy over my lap with his pants and briefs below his knees and applying the paddle to my older blood brother's butt.  We developed a pattern.  When I spanked him, he gave me a blow job for it always made me very hard.  At first I was hairless and only had dry orgasms but after about six months I grew up and started having a bush and spurting.  Both of us were thrilled for the first time I came in Kevy mouth.

After I got spanked, Kevy was always super hard but he loved me to play with his rock hard rod.  I learnt how to keep him on the edge for an hour when he usually finished himself off because it got too intense.  I started to tie him down on the bed or to a tree in the woods and kept at this for hours.  He called it the exquisite torture.  He loved just lying there enjoying it, with me having to do all the work.  I just love some work.

The day Kevy got his learner's permit was a turning point in our relationship.  I had gone over to see him and do our mutual check on homework and stuff when I saw him moving the car back and forth in the driveway.  I doubt that it was a big thing, but he had promised me that he wouldn't do that.  I was very hurt.  I felt betrayed.  I watched with disappointment for a few minutes and then just went home.  I did not want to face him.  It turned out that he saw me also and even leaving without a word with my tail dragging.

He came running over to my house within a few minutes.  He was very upset at what he had done.  He kept telling me he was sorry and he hadn't meant to do it.  I tried to avoid dealing with the issue because I was very upset but his pleading and begging got the better of me.  He needed to be punished so that he could forgive himself.  I probably should have just gone to him and hugged him but I went off into fantasy land.  He was pleading like a low person to the high person; I assumed the role of a Overseer.  I guess that was the result of reading a lot; strange and old ideas became examples to be followed.

I spoke to him like I was the Lord and he was a serf.  He wanted to do whatever I said and I decided to use the razor strap I had recently found.  I had read lots of stories about that so I knew he would survive but feel well punished.  He had stripped at my order and was in position when I started to strap him.  I whipped him in anger so my strength was enhanced and I really made mush of his poor butt.  Soon he was crying like a little boy; something he had never done before.  The difference between men and boys came to mind – body hair – particular in the crotch.  I'm sorry to say, but I felt very vengeful and decided to make him look like a boy again.  I probably should not have but I had a strange feeling of power and I could not stop myself.

I got the barber clipper mom used to trim my hair and went for his pubes.  He had a big and bushy bush which he was proud of.  It only took a few minutes and I had reduced it a stubble like a bushwhacker clears a field.  I collected the cuttings and then did the same to his armpits.  The roughness was not nice so I found a razor and some shaving cream and made him smooth.  He just accepted what I was doing for he truly wanted to repent and for me to forgive him.  I was going shave his butt crack next and was playing with the hole with my fingers and actually had three of them in his hole at one time.  All this had caused my cock to be harder than it ever had been before.  I lost my pants and aimed my sword for his exposed hole.  I rammed it in as far as it would go.  I had taken his cherry with my own virgin cock.  I felt like I was really a man as I fucked him hard.  He loved it and actually came before I did.  He shot his load at his own face and mine went deep into his gut.  I was exhausted.  I was exhilarated.  I was exhilarated with power.

I flopped down in the easy chair and he came before me.  He sure looked different without his big bush and his butt was mess.  I was still hard and he dropped down to suck my dick.  He loves to do this and I'm happy to oblige him.  We went to bed after that and I held him tightly.  I told him that he was forgiven and that I was sorry I was so rough on him.  He was just was happy that I still wanted him that he wiggled his butt at my cock which was poking him.  I rolled him over and fucked him again.  Even when I bumped up against his sore butt, he loved me in him.  I loved being there and promised that I would do it often.  He was happy with that.

It was only after school that I realized that he would have to explain to the guys in gym class what had happened.  I was worrying about him for I could not think up a good story.  I'm proud to say that he came up with one: his mom's boyfriend strapped him for being bad and shaved him for being insolent.  It was almost the truth.  Our moms had long ago told us to watch out for each other.

The next day we were off from school and took a long walk in the woods to the secret place.  We built a little fire and while I lectured Kevy about things, he burnt up the hair I removed as if it was a sacrifice.  He was very repentant and even renounced having pubes until he was a "proper man".  He then shocked me by wanting to renew our blood brother vows for I'm the one into rituals.  He was very happy that I was willing.  He got a rock and we cut each other's scar and mingled our blood once again.  We let it drip onto the fire where the flames turned into it vapor.  Kevy then put my hand about his hairless crotch and took hold of my pubes and then added some things to the vows we just had made.  First he wanted me – as the big brother – to guide him (as we had been mutually doing) and to decide when he might have pubes again.  Then he very softly told me that he need a spanking.  I sat down on the fallen tree and then I took down his jeans and briefs just like he did to me the first time in the woods and put him across my lap.  I gave him a nice gentle spanking but since his ass was still sore it hurt him and he cried.  I'm sure he wanted to cry just like when his dad spanked him and like he did the first time I did.

By now the fire had burned down and I want to do something special.  I took out my cock and led Kevy to the fire.  Holding each other's fire hose, we quickly extinguished the fire and soaked the ashes.  It sealed the pact we had just made.  I hope the Fire Spirit was pleased.  I held him for a long time after than.  He held my hand like a little boy as we walked home.

I watched that he kept up with his work more carefully than before after all this.  The next time I had him tied up for the exquisite torture I lathered him up and shaved his pubes without even letting him know it was going to happen and then I really fucked him hard.  It was really great for both of us.  After a few weeks, I noticed that he was behaving differently.  He was calmer and less aggressive.  Perhaps he was maturing I though so I skipped shaving him one Saturday.  Although I usually got the shaving stuff, on Sunday I found that he had put it out all nice and handy.  I took it to mean that I should use it.  This happened several times and Kevy has been smooth for more than eight months now.  He must like it that way.

Some unusually good luck came our way for I won a four day three night visit to Washington, DC for two.  It took lots of talk to convince both our moms to let us go on the train and stay by ourselves.  It helped that we had both done great in the first semester and that the state even allows Kevy to drive.  (Yes, he got his licence but he can't get a car.)  Amtrak even allows twelve year olds to travel alone.

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* The New York Times Magazine, Get the Rook, Jan. 9, 1977 See page 222.

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