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This story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex between a teen and pre-teen.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is a sequel to my stories Kevins' First Spanking and Kevins' First Fuck which must be read first as they set up the characters and situation.

Here the story is continued by the younger Kevin who is now twelve and a half.  You can follow their adventures now with the maps readily available on the web.  The place to start is «Madison Dr NW & 4th St NW, Washington, DC 20004» using your favorite map provider.  I have also taken some liberties by not worrying about the exact hours of the places they visit, when sporting events happen or when the first Metro train is on Sunday morning.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Kevins' Washington Weekend



Some unusually good luck came our way when I won a four day/three night visit to Washington, DC for two.  It took lots and lots of talk to convince both our moms to let us go on the train and stay by ourselves.  It helped that we had both done great in the first semester and that the State even allows Kevy to drive.  (Yes, he did get his licence but he can't get a car to drive.)   Amtrak even allows twelve year olds like me to ride alone.  It was not the greatest prize for it was for just a regular hotel, not a fancy one; the train tickets and three hundred bucks.  But we don't need fancy nor want dress up dinners and sure don't care if someone turns down the bed or leaves a chocolate mint on the pillow.

With the combination of holidays, we were able to schedule a long weekend.  At 3 AM Friday morning we were waiting for the train.  Soon after we were riding into the sunrise; the sun was late but we were going to met it there.  It was great being on our own even though most things were already planned for us.  We were thrilled to be getting out of our dump of a town even for just four days.  Kevy was a bit nervous, so when the conductor came by, I was the one to hand her the tickets.  She even called us by our last names using Mister each time and Gentlemen when she told about the train services.  It was really nice not being called kid.

Union station was great!  It is bigger than the so called mall back home with so many places to eat and shop that I lost count.  We had breakfast and we were just two more people rushing through the station rather than those brats from the wrong side of town back home.  Then we ventured out into the street.  There we got our first stunning view of the Capitol.  We carefully followed our map and found our hotel just where it was supposed to be in less than seven minutes.

Kevy got rambunctious almost immediately after we got to the room.  He said that I had planned too much and that we should just have fun.  We argued and I declared that he needed a spanking.  He pretended to argue with me and then acquiesced.  I pulled out the desk chair and sat down on it.  When Kevy came over, I dropped his jeans and pulled down his briefs.  His hard cock sprang up and I noted that he was ready for his weekly shave.  With a gentle tug he went over my lap and I spanked him gently.  Once his cheeks were nice and rosy we both stripped and got into one of the big beds where I fucked him hard like we both love.  Then I jerked him off but, alas, we did not have time for the exquisite torture game.  It was our first fuck in a hotel and it felt a bit evil even though this is not like that whore motel back home where they charge by the hour.  After showering together we went out to explore the wonders of the Capital.© YLeeCoyote

I had made up a great schedule after reading the guide books and studying the maps.  But in just a few minutes we found that we were overwhelmed by all that was around us.  We walked west down the center of The Mall where we passed like returning heros between the long line of museums on both sides all the way to the Washington Monument.  This was definitely NOT like home where the one so called museum takes up only half a small room.

"Kevy, this is far more than I expected.  My schedule is useless.  You were right, we need to have less schedule and more fun."

We both were laughing hard and Kevy dragged me over to a bench and he sat down.  We were in some sort of sculpture garden and it was below grade level and pretty empty.  "You spanked me for saying that this morning." he said half jokingly and pulled me over his lap.  Then he paddled my butt hard about twenty times so that I would feel it through my jeans.

A guy about Kevy's age with a younger kid in tow stopped to watch.  I heard him say: "See, Johnny, I'm not to only one to spank my kid brother."

And the kid answered: "But he didn't get his pants taken down."

"But he will now!" Kevy declared.  "Johnny, please open his belt and jeans."

"You mean it?"

"Absolutely!"  Well, that was all it took.  The kid reached under me, pulled my jacket up, and opened my belt and jeans.  Kevy then yanked the back of my jeans and then pulled them down along with my briefs to expose my butt to the February chill and our small but appreciative audience.  With the two of them in front, I was pretty much surrounded so that no one else would notice.  Anyway, I hoped that was the case.

"Johnny, show us what happens to a smart-ass know-it-all, please."  Later Kevy told me the kid looked at his big brother who nodded before he gave me several hard spanks on each cheek.  I bet that my ass was the first that kid ever spanked and he had a fine time.  Kevy finished me up and I quickly pulled up my jeans.  I'm sure we made the kid's day.  Johnny thought it was funny when I thanked Kevy for spanking me for I needed it for being such a smart-ass.

The world really looks different from the top of the Washington Monument we discovered.  We really hadn't done anything yet, and we were already overloaded with stuff.  We felt like we were out of this world for it was so different from home.  Back on the ground, we made our decision of what to do next – The National Air and Space Museum – where we could really touch the moon (OK, just a piece of it) if not go there.  The place was fabulous!  We could have stayed a week or more.  We learnt so much about science and space in a few hours and were hungry for more.  If school was only half this much fun!

When we took a lunch break we met Johnny and his brother, Steve, in the cafeteria.  Johnny was a little shy about being with us because he had spanked me but I told him that I really had deserved it.  Then we explained that we were blood brothers without dads and had not only the right, but the obligation to keep each other in line with spanking.  Steve had a real hard time believing that Kevy would take a spanking from me because obviously he could just overpower me and bust my butt.  I think it was the scars on our wrists that convinced him along with the story of our first spankings of each other.

Steve admitted that he sometimes earned a spanking that he did not get because Johnny did not tell.  Also, that he occasionally blackmailed Johnny to get him over his knee with the threat that their dad would do it harder and then ground him afterwards.  Johnny did admit that he was a pest at times and he deserved some – but not all – of those spankings.  We did more of the museum together and Steve knew about a lot of things to do and said he would help us plan the rest of our weekend after the museum closed.

Since they needed the Red Line Metro to get home they were going to eat in the food court at Union Station which is where they get that train.  On the way we stopped at our hotel so we could talk about things to do in the comfortable lobby.  The bellboy tried to chase us out but we just showed him our key-card and he left us alone.  Steve and Johnny knew the funest things to do and helped us pick what to do.  They even promised to try to spend Sunday with us if their parents would let them come again.

Before we went to eat, Steve said he had some very important things to say to his brother but he wanted us to hear them too because we had told so much of our relationship.  "John, there have been times that I have really been rotten to you.  I'm sorry.  I promise not to do it again.  Please forgive me, bro.  You can even spank me if you want and I promise that I won't resist or ever get back at you for that.  I hope that you will forgive me."

Johnny was quite shocked.  We sat there in silence for a few minutes until he asked: "You really mean all that?"

"Absolutely.  That why I said it now, even with two witnesses, bro.  They have helped me to see how wrong I was and how fortunate we are to have a caring and loving dad as well as each other other."

"I want to spank you right now with Kevin and Kevy watching like dad does it to us."

Kevy suggested that we go to our room to do it.

Up in our room Steve kept to his word.  As soon as his little bro said to get ready, he quickly striped down to his boxers and stopped.  "That will cost you five extra for delay, young man." said Johnny with a smile and obviously imitating his father.  He continued with: "And hand me the belt."  Steve did as he was told and then got across his little brother's lap for the very first time.

"You know why you're getting this?"

"Yes, John, because I've been an asshole."

At that Johnny began using the belt on his big brother.  Steve tried not to yell but he did and even sobbed a little.  When he got up his full size dick was thrusting rampantly from a nice heavy bush.  It reminded me of the one Kevy used to have.  They hugged each other and had a brief whispered conversation.  Then Johnny spoke: "Guys, I have been the same sort of asshole that my bro has been and I have asked him to spank me for that."

Johnny then started to strip.  When he was naked, Steve patted his lap and Johnny happily got into position.  Kevy and I watched as Steve's hand prints merged into a nice rosy pink from a series of moderate spanks.  He was not hitting hard at all.  At least for now, he was keeping to his no retaliation promise.  When Steve stopped they hugged again and then Johnny really surprised us all for he said: "Steve, you have been wanting me to do this for sometime but now is the first time I feel that I would like to do it."  He then knelt between his brother's legs and started to give his first blow job.  He just licked for a while and eventually took his brother's hard rod into his mouth.  Steve gently guided his bro's head and encouraged him.   It did not take long for him to shoot.  Johnny did not have much choice but to swallow which he did with a big grin on his face.

As they got dressed, Johnny noted that three of us had got it on the bare ass with the others watching and did not seem fair that Kevy hadn't.  Steve said that exposing me on The Mall was criminal and therefore a spankable offense.  In the face of a three to one vote, Kevy stripped.  He was surprised to see me still standing when I said: "Steve will you do the honors, please?"  Both Steve and Johnny had broad smiles as Kevy did as I directed.  It seem to be the fair thing since Kevy had had Johnny spank me in the morning.

Before Steve could start Johnny inquired: "Isn't exposing your ass on The Mall a crime?"  His brother agreed it was and said that I was due a spanking for that offense.  Since Kevy and he were  … er … busy he nominated Johnny to do it.  I tried to argue that it was not my fault but no one would listen and Kevy (still over Steve's lap) told me to do it.  After I got into position they spanked us gently until everyone was rosy butted.  Johnny then got me to give Kevy a blow job like he had done for his brother which Kevy and I really enjoyed.

After we were dressed we went to eat.  We felt very close to each other knowing that we all had rosy red butts from spanking each other.  At Union Station they showed us the food court and we had a mixture of eight different type of foods.  It was so big I could not believe that we had totally missed seeing it in the morning.

We walked Steve and Johnny to the Metro entrance.  Steve explained how to buy and use a Metro fare card which we would need to go to the zoo.  Also, which train to take and where to get off.  We went back to the hotel and to bed.  We were totally exhausted.  We were asleep by 9:30.  At 10:30 Steve woke us up with a phone call and said that they had gotten permission and would meet us Sunday morning at the zoo at 8:30 and we could also go to the Natural History Museum on The Mall afterwards.


Saturday morning we were up early with a world waiting to be conquered.  Of course, I started with my usual fucking of Kevy.  I would have shaved him but neither of us had remembered to pack a razor so we just went for breakfast.  We had a huge meal for it was included in the hotel package.

Our first stop was the National Archives.  It was dull as it sounds but we wanted to see the real actual Declaration of Independence and the original Constitution.  They looked just like their pictures in our history books even though they are sealed in special thick glass cases.  But there was a special feeling about them and it was just not from the fancy vault that they are kept in.  It makes the whole place special.  The closest thing that it is like is an empty big church.

Then we went on to the American History Museum.  It does for everything else what the Space Museum does for space.  There were zillions of things about everything.  Some we had heard of in school and some I had read about but most of which I had never had heard of.  They even have a collection of steam locomotives inside the building.  No!  Not toys; not models; but full size real steam engines that once pulled real trains!  Both Kevy and I wanted to climb on them but that was not allowed.  I could go on and on about all the things that were there.  It was so fabulous that we did not even realize that we were hungry until mid-afternoon.  Then we discovered that there was an exhibit we could touch – the cafeteria.  It was setup as an old fashioned ice cream parlor.  It was fun eating there.  I'm sure that our mom's would not have approved of what we had but we won't tell them.

When we were thrown out at closing time we went west on The Mall like Steve had suggested.  From the base of the Washington Monument one can see how beautiful is the Lincoln Memorial the way that it is lit up at night.  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is positively eerie (at least at night) with its little fairy lights.  We looked at the White House through the iron fence and it is just like other houses except it has a huge yard with a perfect lawn and lots of guards.  We decided that we did not need to see the inside.  We found a place to eat and Kevy insisted that we stop in a drug store for a razor.  He said that I had been neglecting him and he wanted to play the exquisite torture game.  He said if I would not, he would have to strap my little butt – very hard.

When we got back to the hotel we found that our room was not the mess we had left but all cleaned up with fresh towels and sheets.  We showered and Kevy produced some rope that he had brought.  In just a few minutes I had him nicely tied to the bed and started to play with him.  It was not very long before he started to beg for release.  But I knew (and he knew that I knew) that was just part of the game; we both wanted it to last for a long time.  I lathered him up and got him very smooth in the armpits as well as his pubes.  We finished up with the usual fuck and cuddling.

I just love how Kevy feels when he so smooth and he is the most affectionate with me then.  Kevy told me more about how he felt then ever before.  He explained that he knows that he is mine when I shave him and that he is constantly reminded of it.  Also, that it makes him happy and he knows that I'm happy with him smooth like a little boy.  He also said that it is OK to tell Steve and Johnny that although back home it must be a secret.  Of course, they must have noticed that his pubes were very short when he got spanked and therefore something had happened.


Sunday at 6:30 the phone rang.  It was Steve checking that we were going to show up.  We got our asses in gear and were at the zoo gate at the appointed time.  Their father drove them over and took the time to meet us, reminding them that he would pick them up at 4:30 and to have fun but to be careful.  Both Kevy and I felt the pain of not having fathers again.  This is something that we don't notice back home.  We greeted each other and Steve and Johnny were shocked that we had never been to a zoo before.  Just like we were overwhelmed by the vastness and variety of their city, they were surprised at how little our hometown offered.  Of course, we wanted to see everything.  And we tried.  There were lots of animals that we had seen only in pictures but live ones are somehow different.  One really can't believe the joke about five blind men who feel an elephant and then describe it as a rope, tree, wall, leaf and snake until you see a real elephant and really know its size.  After Steve heard me say that he declared: "Johnny, we got to show them the dinosaurs this afternoon." and Johnny agreed enthusiastically.

We probably seemed like the stupid and ignorant country cousins that you see in the cartoons to our experienced city guides.  But they were polite and did not tell us that.  Kevy was not sure what the best part was but seem to favor the butterfly exhibit.  He found it great fun to hold a butterfly and said he was going to try to do it in the meadows back home.  My favorite was the Invertebrate House.  It seems that when we talk about animals it is almost always about big things with backbones.  They may be familiar but it is really the others that are the common ones.  It was real fun watching the different bodies and we could even handle some.  As you see, we were learning things here as well as having fun.

While we were at the seal exhibit, Steve said he had to pee and Kevy went with him.  Johnny was laughing and explained that his brother likes to wack off in the almost deserted john particularly when he comes with his cousin Bob who his age.  Just check out his jeans – they won't be so tight when he comes back.  When they returned, Johnny asked: "Have a good wack?"

"Shut up, squirt." Steve snapped at him and hit him gently in mock anger.

Soon after that we left the zoo.  We picked up some pizza which we ate on the way to the Metro to go to The Mall and dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum.  Well, fossilized dinosaurs anyway.

It is when you look at a dinosaur with your eyes level with his shin that you realize that they are really HUGE.  On the TV they fit in that little box and at the movies on a silver screen.  Here they are really BIG.  Well at least the one specimen that was on exhibit.  We wandered around the museum and there were many other creatures on display both with and without their skins.  For all our differences, everything is very much the same.  In the Insect Zoo (yes, live here in the museum) we all pretended that we were only seven years old and got to pet a cockroach which was part of the hands-on demonstration for the little kids.  Not your ordinary one, but a hissing cockroach from Madagascar about three inches (7.5 cm) long.  That was fun.

We had leave a few minutes before closing because Steve and Johnny had to be on the front steps before their dad got there.  He demands punctuality.  If they are late, they get a spanking instead of what ever fun activity was planned.  Their dad pulled up exactly on time and got out of the car.  Steve immediately asked where Uncle George and (cousin) Ralph were.  "Both sick with colds and in bed." stated their father who then asked: "Did you have fun today, boys?"

We all said "Yes." and then Steve asked if Kevy and I could join them for dinner and the game as there are now extra tickets?"  The prompt affirmative from their dad was quickly followed by an invitation.  We accepted quickly and (I'm proud to say) politely.

We went to a nice but not expensive family type restaurant and had a pleasant dinner and their dad and Kevy and I got to know each other.  He was very impressed how we well were doing since we were missing our fathers.  We then went to the game where we watched the New York Rangers beat the shit out of the Washington Capitals on the ice.  It was great.  Kevy and I tried to pay for our meals but their dad would not hear of it and insisted that we were his sons' guests.  Besides the hockey tickets would have been wasted if not for us.

Then he insisted that he would drop us off at our hotel even though we said it was just a five minute walk from the station.  He said he had to do it otherwise his wife would yell at him and he did not want that to happen.  Steve and Johnny laughed at that.  I was really very glad that he did because we were tired from our long day of play.

As we cuddled up for the night, Kevy told me how Steve and he had jerked off together in the john at the zoo.  There was an extra bit of excitement about being caught in the act that he liked.  He reported that Steve thought he was straight but was not positive about it.  Johnny, he said, was too young to know yet.  "And what did you tell him about your nice smooth pubes?"

"That I love that you keep me smooth because you want me that way."  I poked him to indicate that I wanted to hear what Steve replied.  "Oh; kewl."


Because we got up late and had to get to the train station early, we had less time to play this day.  Rather than go back to the Space museum, we decide to look at some of the others just to see what they were like.  We were glad that we did.  For the most part we did not care for the art stuff but it was interesting to see all the varieties of painting and sculpture that there are.  The little we got exposed to back home was just one small part and a stuffy one at that.  As you might expect from kids, we found the naked bodies interesting and educational.  Unlike the school book pictures, people don't have little leaves stuck on the crotches.  In one of the museum shops we found some things that we could give our mothers.

We picked up our bags at the hotel and went to the Union Station early.  We did not want to miss our train although it would have been wonderful to stay in the great city.  We got a couple of thank you cards for Steve and Johnny's dad which we wrote on the way home.  We also wrote to Steve and Johnny using Amtrak stationary which was neat.

Our mothers could not believe how exhausted we were when got home.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 12, 1999

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