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The following story is fiction about a foul mouth teen who visit his older brother at college.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is part two of the story.  It won't make sense unless you have read Part one.

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Spanked in College
Kid Brother Visits


I was looking forward to the coming Saturday.  The start of my high school spring recess was Friday.  On Saturday Dad would be taking me to see Nicky at school and we'll all go to the big game in the afternoon.  My big brother had promised that he would show me all around the campus.  Dad would tag along but that could not be helped.  I was sure it would be great even if the home team lost.

Then fucken disaster struck!  Dad's boss did more than throw a monkey wrench into our plans for he totally fucken nuked them.  Thursday morning Dad was on a plane to far away.  I was not happy in the least.  At fifteen these things hit hard.  I went into a major mope.

Then I had a brain storm.  I would take myself.  It was not very far – maybe two, three hours by public transportation.  I had gone to the city a few times with friends and not all of the trips being known to the 'rents.  The trip on a different line to Nicky's college wouldn't be very different.  I studied the timetables and maps.  It was only a short hour walk to the college from the station.  There was not any service back after the game but I could crash with my brother in his room.  It was only last year that we had to share a bed when a flock of relatives came visiting.

I would call Mom from Nicky's place and she would have to live with it.  I told her that I was going to hang with my buds all day so she wouldn't miss me.  I put some extra clothes and my toothbrush in my backpack and set off.

* * * * * * * * * *© YLeeCoyote

The trip was a breeze.  I got to Nicky's dorm earlier than I expected for I slipped onto the college bus which dropped off a batch of guys going home for the weekend or a night on the town.  The dormitory guard was busy making goo-goo eyes at some babe so I just breezed in and got to his door.  I knocked but no answer so I just used the number code he had mentioned when he was home for a visit a month ago.  I just crashed on his bed and waited until he returned from class.  It would be a great laugh jumping up and scaring him.

It turned out that I got shocked first.  When the door opened, Nicky and, I guessed, his roommate Nolan came in.  They did not notice me sprawled out on the messy bed.  I was about to jump up when the other guy said: "Nicky, what did I promise you if you got another low-C grade?"

"A spanking, Sir.  A good hard spanking." replied my brother.  I kept still.  Although I had seen Dad whip my brother several hundred times this would be different.  It certainly was unexpected as I knew Nolan was a couple of years younger than my brother.

"Strip and lean up against the door, boy." Nolan commanded as they both dropped their shit on the floor.  Nolan did something on his 'puter while Nicky stripped and got into position.  I guess that I just looked like some of yesterday's clothes since neither of them noticed me.  Nicky's shirt even landed on me as he tossed it aside as he rushed to obey.  As he got into position, Nolan pulled the belt from his pants and got into position.

He raised up his arm and then brought the belt down hard on Nicky's tail.  It sounded hard and a red stripe quickly formed.  Nicky – to his credit – did not yell.  I guess he had grown up a bit since I last saw Dad spanking him.  It must have been ten or twelve cuts that left the frigen target glowing brightly.  In my surprised state I was not sure of the count.

"OK, get to work now.  We got time before dinner." Nolan said.  When Nicky turned I got another surprise.  He did not have pubes any more.  For years he had proudly showed them off or should I say taunted me with them.  Then I jumped up and yelled: "Surprise!"

And they were very fucken surprised.  I ran over to my brother and gave him a fucken punch on the shoulder.  Nolan was questing who I was.  "This is my kid brother, Ty." said Nicky, "Where is Dad and how did you get in?"

I high-fived Nolan as we exchanged greetings.  "Dad's in Timbuktu and you told me the door code.  I wanted to see you and the college and, of course, tomorrow's game.  So I took the train and here I am."  It was an awkward moment and probably not the best time to ask "How come this squirt fucken spanked you and where the fuck are your pubes?"

Nicky seemed tongue tied obviously intimidated by Nolan.  I grabbed the fucker and immediately had the weakling under my control.  It wasn't hard at all to open his chinos and push them down.  The pussy was wearing tighties-whities which I also pushed down.  He was making noise so I snapped "SHUT UP!" and applied some pressure.  He got the message.  I sat on his bed and flipped the fucker over my lap and let him have it.  I fucken spanked him hard.  His ass was glowing like a pair of stop lights.  He was whining like a pussy before I stopped.

I pushed him off my lap and he stayed on the fucken floor.  I opened my jeans and pushed them down with my boxers.  My fuck rod was more than ready for action.  I pulled the pussy boy to his knees and ordered him to fucken suck a man's cock.  He was happy that I helped him by holding his ears so he could get his nose into my bush.  It did not take me long before I exploded into his mouth and made him swallow my baby makers.  FUCK.  This trip was already great and I just got here.

Nicky explained a bit.  Dad approved of Nolan keeping tabs on him and spanking him.  I did not!  Not when I was fucken about.  And Nolan better not forget it.  I told them that I was crashing for the weekend since there weren't any trains until Monday.  I called Mom so that she wouldn't have a cow that I didn't come home.  After Nicky promised to keep an eye one me I think she had some kittens though.  Fuck!  With his red assed roomie watching him that was a laugh.  I could take care of myself.

The campus cafeteria was better than the one at my school but that does say much for it at all.  I got a bit of a tour and we went back to the dorm.  They both had studying to do, so I just surfed the web.  When it was time to sack out, I asked Nolan if he had any lube.  The boy didn't so I was glad I brought some.  I tossed him the friggen tube and told him that I would get in easier if he used it but it was up to him.  I didn't care.  He started to object but once I told him I would spank him again for insolence he became more cooperative.  It was a good thing he used the lube for his pussy was damn tight.  He said he didn't like it but he squirted as I pounded his butt.  He was a good fuck.

* * * * * * * * * *

The morning was quiet, with my two boys doing homework and then it was off to the game.  It was a fucken good game which we won.  There was a party in the dorm but nobody managed to sneak even one can of beer.  Dullville.  The chicks that did show were dogs.  The good ones went for the older jocks off campus.  Well, I knew I had a fucken hot hole for latter so I didn't worry.  I got to met a couple of jocks on the JV team.  They were cool and told me I could hang with them a bit on Sunday.

On Sunday morning, I spent sometime with my brother one-on-one.  He told me everything that was going on and showed me about.  Not to get mushy about it but sometimes we do get really fucken close like buddies.  The only thing he was unhappy about was that I saw Nolan spank him and he asked that I not watch the scheduled maintenance spanking due this afternoon.  When I asked, he explained that it really did help him to get better grades.  I promised him I would not watch.

Mid-day I hung with the jocks hitting the ball about.  That stuff my bro just is not into but I made sure to get back to the room before the scheduled spanking.  Nicky was surprised as I promised I would not watch.  "That's right.  I'm not going to watch.  I'm going to spank you and Nolan will watch.  When Dad or I'm here then we spank you not him."  Nolan was about to open his trap when I gave him a fucken hard stare and he shut up instantly.  "You OK with that, Nolan?"  He was.

"OK, Nicky, strip down for your spanking and then get over my lap." I said sitting on his desk chair.  Neither of them objected and a minute later he was in position.  I did not waste any time but got a good grip on his waist and started spanking with my hand like I did with Nolan.  I did not hit as hard for this was just a maintenance spanking and he's my brother.  But it was fucken real for otherwise it would be a waste of time.

A little later it was off to dinner.  I got a pleasant surprise from a couple of my new jock buddies – an invite for place in the team's work out in the morning.  Fucken wow!

A few hours later Nolan remembered to get the lube before getting into bed.  He knew what would happen and he wanted it again.  I was happy to oblige him.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Monday morning a couple of my new jock friends led me to the place as they had promised.  Then I discovered that it was a fucken trick.  I got a lecture from them about respecting my elders.  Anyone of them could have moped the frigging floor with me – hell they were nineteen and twenty – so I knew better than to resist.  I stripped on command and then got over Dallas' lap for a spanking.  I hoped that they would not make me cry.  They did.  He spanked me hard and fast.  Every fucken SPANK hurt like the blazes.  Soon I was crying.  Eventually he stopped.  I hoped it was over.  It was not.

I was ordered to stand with my feet apart and hands behind my head with my red hot ass radiating like the sun.  Vito grabbed my junk.  He held me tight so I did not dare to move or say anything.  Then I knew why.  The clipper quickly reduced my big bush to stubble.  It had taken fucken years to grow and now the grim reaper had leveled it.  Some shaving cream and a razor let him finish the job leaving me bald as a fucken baby.  I knew it was going to be hell in the showers back at school in a week.

"Now we get fucken serious, boy." said Ray standing in front of me with a paddle.  "Let's see what you are made of.  Are you a man or a boy?" he snarled, his face just an inch from mine.  "Bend over and grab your ankles.  Thanks us for each one and ask for another."

I was scared.  I wanted to be elsewhere but I was determined to show them that I was fucken man and not a pussy boy.  I turned.  I bent over.  I fucken grabbed my ankles tightly.


I yelled and jumped.  That spanking was child play.  That paddle hurt so fucken much that I saw stars.  Slowly I got into position.  I wasn't going to admit defeat that fast.  I got back into position.  "Thank you, Sir.  May I have another?" I said fearing it would happen.

And it did happen.  The results were the same for five more when I fucken had enough.  I was bawling.  "Please no more." I cried defeated and collapsed on the floor.

Mercifully they stopped.  They put some ice on my ass and let me lie there for a while before having me get dressed and taking me back to the dorm room.  I lay on the bed for hours.  After consultation with Nicky and Nolan it was decided that I would stay another day.

Later, I apologized to Nolan for spanking him and he accepted.  I was not up to fucking him again but he gave me a fucken great blow job.  I slept with Nicky.

In the morning I headed home.  I'm glad the train seats were padded.

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