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The following story is fiction about a dominant kid brother's visit.  The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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My Kid Brother Rules
Kid Brother's Visit Changes Things


I was halfway into my first term at college.  I was living in the dorm and happy to be away from my loving but hovering family.  Actually I was not that far from home and the 'rents insisted that I return home every weekend.  It was a trade off.

It would have been nice doing that, having Mom's home cooked meal and seeing my girlfriend.  The catch was that I had lost the sibling war to my brother.  Even though Bart was only fourteen, a full four years younger than I, he was the brother-in-charge.  It was all the time and not just when the folks were elsewhere for they had approved of this terrible power reversal after catching him disciplining (OK, ok, spanking) me.

It is not important how this came to be just that it was the situation.  He set the rules and I obeyed.  When I did not my ass paid the price.  He could enforce his decrees because he was more powerful than I.  Physically he was as big as I and he had an extremely dominant personality.  He had seized power during my senior year in high school and that was my doom.  After that horrid first encounter, I learnt that he was in charge.  He wasn't just enforcing his will but also our parents' rules including grade standards.

So when I missed the mark at school or failed to do my chores at home, I would find that I was getting a lecture and then losing my pants in preparation for going over his lap for a good old-fashioned spanking on my bare bottom.  I can assure you that he always did a very through job leaving me crying and my butt crimson from the hairbrush.  I certainly felt like a little boy getting spanked OTK like little boys are rather then bending over for a strap or a paddle.  When I suggested that he told me "When you act like a little boy, you get spanked like a little boy."

Once I was in college, I thought I would be free but soon leant that returning home each weekend gave Bart the opportunity to continue to spank me.  Since grades were available on the web, there was no hiding them.  I was quickly motivated to be more diligent at school.  To be fair, this arrangement was actually good for me although my self-esteem did not like that he was in charge.  He was also fair which was most important.  And, it was very private for it happened at home and not at school.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

It was teacher conference day that did me in.  Bart had the day off and decided to visit 'big brother at college' just like a couple of his friends.  So one Wednesday, after I finished my last class and returned to the dorm, I was surprised to find my dear little brother awaiting me.  My only option was to welcome him and take him to my room.

It was just a few minutes later that disaster struck.  As you know, he kept tabs on me through the parental access to grades but this faithful day he utilized an older method.  He saw the returned test paper in my notebook.  He did not think that it that the big red "D-" was for "DELIGHTFUL" and immediately said: "You are getting spanked for this miserable result."

I asked, then pleaded and even begged that he wait until I was home on the weekend.  I could not persuade him.  "Best to get it over with, Tony." he said, "Kick off your sneakers and come over here.  If you don't delay we'll be finished before your roommate returns."  That sent a shiver down my spine.  I certainly did not need my roommate Mickey knowing about this facet of my relationship with my kid brother.

I stood still before my brother feeling very small as he undressed me moving only to lift an arm or leg as directed until I was stark naked.  I watched as he got his vicious hairbrush out of his bag and sat on the chair.  When he patted his lap, I immediately got into position over it.  I have learnt that any delay earns extras which I can well do without.  I made the required request: "Please give me a thorough spanking because I did not study adequately and failed the test, brother."

He cheerfully agreed (which I really hate) and started in with just his hand.  He gave me a few moderately hard spanks and then got down to business and spanked hard.  Although he is but fourteen, he is strong and he was making an impression on my butt.  It took great will power not to start yelling in pain but I try to show that I'm not a baby.  "Nice and rosy, naughty brother, nice and rosy." he chimed and I knew he was switching to the horrid and very evil hairbrush.  I'm not sure if he swung harder or not but these whacks really made an impression on me.  A most painful impression.  As always I lost control and become verbal with cries and howls.  This time was not any different.  Over and over that brush whacked my butt hard and I did not have the slightest doubt that I was being well punished by my kid brother.  Of course, I was crying although he stopped before I was bawling.

Then he stopped and ordered me into the corner.  I knew better than to rub or speak so I just went and put my hands on my head while meditating on how to improve.  It was then that I heard voices.

"Who are you who just spanked my roommate?"  Damn!  Mickey had gotten home an hour early.

"I'm Bart, Tony's brother.  You must be Mickey."  Yipe!  My secret is out.  I'll never hear the end of this.  Mickey will tease and taunt me until hell freezes over and then some.

"But you're so young … just in high school … you're his KID brother."

"That is correct but I am in charge of him and he failed a test so he earned a spanking."

I had terrible premonitions about this.  My feelings were confirmed as Mickey was suddenly beside me.  "The wittle boy got spanked by his kid brother." and slapped me on my ass.  That caused me to howl.

"How come you're in charge of your older brother, Bart?" asked Mickey sweetly obviously looking for more dirt to use on me.

"Because I'm more mature and we decided that it was right."  Well actually, Bart decided and convinced me that he was right.

Mickey went on to boast that he was mature and certainly did not need a little kid like your brother does to babysit him.  They argued a bit and then Bart issued a challenge to see Mickey's grades.  Actually my brother knew more than he said because I had told him about how Mickey partied a lot and was not doing well.  Bart is very aggressive especially when he is challenged.  I'm sure that Mickey never expected a kid to be that way especially to a big guy like himself and could not stand up to him (any more than I could).

Mickey yielded to Bart's forceful domination and entered his password into his computer.  That was to doom him for Bart knew his way about the site.  He quickly exposed how badly Mickey was doing.  The best grade was a high C and there was F and a couple of D's.  "You're doing terribly.  You keep this up and you'll flunk out by the end of the year!  Missed assignments and low test scores in everything.  You're just an immature momma's boy who does NOT know how to keep himself on track." was Bart scathing assessment.

That took the wind out of Mickey's sails for he was silent.  "Your Mommy is not watching you so you've slacked off."  My brother went in for the kill and all Mickey could do was to make whinny noises for he was totally out classed.  Then I heard the words, which I usually hate hearing that were going to save me, directed at Mickey.  "You are getting a spanking.  Kick off your sneakers and stand right here, Mickey."

"Yes, Sir." responded Mickey obviously quite overwhelmed.  I heard the orders to rise arms and feet so I knew he was getting stripped.  The get into position instructions quickly followed.  The final instructions were Bart explained how the spanking would proceed and that he should not try to stop it nor to get up.  Then the music (at least to my ears) started. Spank, spank, spank. was the first movement.  The second movement with the hard spanks followed immediately without an intermission.  Mickey started to object but, of course, that didn't do him any good at all but did rate a sarcastic zinger.  The third and final movement started when Bart switched to the hairbrush and its painful whacks causing Mickey to really howl.  He was crying when Bart stopped and ordered him into a corner.

Bart called me from the corner.  I was glad to see that he had taken some pictures of Mickey's hot red ass.  They would be enough to – if I got hold of them – to insure that Mickey did not talk about my kid brother spanking me for he also got spanked.  His was even a worse situation since his spanker was not a relative but just a younger guy.  I hoped that he would give me a copy but it was too soon to ask so instead I just went to get the clippers.  I have found that getting them before he tells me to so often lets me keep more of my pubes.  (Actually, to be totally honest with you, I was hoping he would use them on Mickey.)

Mickey was quite docile now as we both stood in front of my brother for the after spanking lecture and, of course, promising to do better and work harder.  After I said that stuff, Mickey got the idea and also said it.  Bart then took the clipper and went to work on my pubes.  Actually, he just trimmed them a little.  He explained to Mickey that this operation was to help me to remember my promises.  Not so surprisingly Mickey did not like this at all.  "Would you like this (showing him a picture of his hot red ass) on your Facebook wall instead?"  I think he turned green at the very idea.  I was delighted knowing that Bart had thought of it.

"Stand still, boy, unless you want to be nicked by the clipper." said Bart as he grabbed Mickey's junk and started to mow his pubes off.  Fortunately Mickey did not watch this horror for Bart had reset the clippers to the closest possible.  I was delighted that he would only have a five o'clock shadow.

As Mickey looked at his crotch he gave a yell and Bart snapped a photo and quickly dispatched it.  "Yes, you don't deserve pubes at all for you are very far behind in your work, Mickey." Bart explained.  "Now get dressed and we can go eat after which you both can hit the books."  And that is exactly what we did.

* * * * * * * * * *

Bart and I managed to get some quality time together between my classes the next day as I showed him around.  He sent me the pictures of Mickey that would insure that my roommate kept quiet about how my kid brother was in charge of me.

You might be wondering how I feel about my little brother being in charge.  I actually like it.  It's far better than the 'rents doing the same thing.  Can you imagine how terribly embarrassing it would be to submit to my mother stripping me and putting me over her knee now?  It would be a thousand times worse than my brother doing it.  Bart is consistently strict and he does a great job of keeping me on course.  I've learnt not even to try to sweet talk him out of that objective because it is useless (unlike with Mother).

I hope some day to tell Bart how much I really appreciate his efforts.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. November 22, 2016

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