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Master Cutie
The Kid on the Train


It had been a hard day at the office with and I was heading home three hours late.  I was in a bad mood.  One compensation for it being late was that the subway train was practically empty and I did not have worry about playing sardine like during the rush hour.

I was halfway home when he got on.  He was just a kid but terribly cute with a trim figure in tight jeans and a shirt.  Delightful candy for my tired eyes.  I even got a look at his tight butt as he walked by me and sat on the opposite side of the car just couple of yards away.  Based on his shirt he was due to graduate in a couple of years.

I looked at him for a couple of minutes and turned away.  But very quickly my gaze returned to him.  After a few tries, I gave up and keep looking.  I was hooked like a kid with a sweet lollipop – I could not stop looking any more than that kid could stop licking.

I realized that he had noticed I was looking at him but that fact did not move up into the active part of my brain.  Also, he did not change his seat much less move to the next car.  I did not miss my stop getting up as the train pulled into the station.  It was with great will power that I did not look back.

I headed home through the park.  I was paying little attention to what was happening around me.  In my mind's eye, I was still watching Master (as in too young to be a "Mister") Cutie.  I had finished lecturing him on some pretext and had taken down his jeans.  Now he was over my lap and his butt was turning red as I spanked him with my hand.  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Then suddenly my reverie was broken.© YLeeCoyote

"It's rude to stare, Mister." was the angry voice which snapped me out of it.  It was the Cutie from the train now blocking my path.

"Huh?" I grunted stupidly.

"It's rude to stare, Mister.  That's what you were doing on the train."

"Oh.  So what." I said rather than something apologetic.

"You need a good hard spanking to adjust your attitude, Mister."  I just laughed.  "Or maybe you rather explain to the judge why you enticed me from the train into the park for nefarious crimes?"

"But I didn't." I protested.

"And I say you did.  Whom are they going to believe?" he said with a smirk.  "All I have to do is call 911 and they'll lock you up."  He paused.

«He's fucken right!» I thought, «He's got me over a barrel.»

"Follow me." he ordered and started down a side path.  After about ​ a hundred feet​ (​thirty meters​) he stopped at a bench.  "Give me your belt, drop your pants and bend over the bench."

I hesitated for not only was he young but we were out in public although it was only dimly lit in the park.

"NOW BOY.  Don't keep me waiting or you get extras!"

I yielded to him.  I saw him fold the belt as I bent over with my ass bare.  I grabbed hold of the bench tightly.

"Staring is very rude, boy." he lectured and swung the belt.  It hurt and suddenly I imaged that I was that naughty school boy I had fantasized about.  He gave me ten real stingers and then stopped.  "See you around, boy."  He tossed my belt onto the bench and disappeared.

I rubbed my flaming hot tail a bit and then realized that I was exposed in the park.  I quickly pulled up my pants.  I was in a daze and did not know what to do.  Eventually, my mind cleared but my butt hurt terribly.  All I could think about was the terrible pain that was inflicted by that cute, aggressive Alpha youth.  Of course, that also reminded me that I'm a mere omega male.

I hurried home, stripped off my trousers and collapsed on my bed.  I cried a bit and fell asleep.  I don't know if my dream was of an angel or a devil.  In both cases, it had a wicked grin and was swinging a thick wide belt folded double.

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