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The following story is fiction about MM spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  You should read part 1 The Kid on the Train first.

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Master Cutie
The Kid at Home


The spanking I got from Master Cutie and his friend was impossible to forget for a week.  That damn, evil, wicked, diabolical rod made a very deep and lasting impression on me for I could not get those ten minutes we spent in the maintenance yard out of my mind for even an instant for a week.  The second week was better but I was constantly reminded of them and the continuing pain it inflected on my butt.

During the first week the news was full of reports a man getting sent to jail for improper behavior with a minor.  I had horrid nightmares such as standing in front of the bench and hearing the tough judge intone: "Take him away and throw away the key." and the gavel making a fearsome bang.  I began to think that Master Cutie could be right.  Of course, I was only looking but there was thought crime.  Nevertheless, perhaps that was not such a good idea.

I found that I was looking less at young gentlemen because of the pain in my butt and thoughts of worse pains.  I decided that was a good thing but as the pain diminished my looking (perving as Master Cutie would say) increased.  I did not think that was good.  I was having a relapse.

I made a fateful decision to seek help from Master Cutie.  I sat near the ball fields where he had grabbed me in the park and waited hopefully for him to come by.  After three days it happened.  He joined me on the bench and, as you would expect, asked how my perving was doing.  I explained what I said above and that perhaps he could help me.  He was most enthusiastic to do so.  "What happens to perverts like you?" he asked.

That was obvious: "They go to jail or get spanked." I replied.© YLeeCoyote

I would have been pondering long hours maybe even days about what to do but not this young alpha male.  In just seconds he stood up and ordered me to follow him.  I knew he was going to administer some well-deserved punishment to me.  It seemed very natural and normal he would be doing that even though he was much younger than I.

The maintenance yard was deserted like first time.  Right off he got my pants and baby briefs down to my ankles and me over his lap.  I tried to prepare for that first spank but it took me by surprise because it was so hard.  He spanked a long time and then switched to his belt so that I was crying.  That hurt even more and soon my crying turned to bawling.  As he spanked he lectured me repeatedly emphasizing that I must not perv.

When he decided that he had spanked me enough, he ordered me off his lap and onto my knees between his legs.  When I stopped bawling and was merely sobbing, he lectured me that I must stop perving and must obey his orders as he trains me to stop.

"Yes, Master." I said between sobs.

"Fetch one of the rods from over there." he said pointing.  I brought back one of the vicious rods and presented it to Master Cutie.  He got up and had me bend over the bench.  I gripped it tightly knowing how this was going to hurt.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from yelling as he gave me six terrible cuts.

He sat down again and I resumed my position between his legs.  He petted my head and said: "Good boy."  He made me give him my contact information telling me that he will contact me with further instructions later.  "However," he continued, "I want you to go home now and remove all your crotch hair.  Cut it short with a scissor or clipper and then shave it nice and smooth as a baby's ass.  Send me before and after pictures."  I guess he saw the strange look on my face even though I did not say a word.  "Without pubes you will be less inclined to perv and anyone you get close to will laugh at your baldness, boy.  I will be checking up on you so you better."

"Yes, Master." I said totally awed by him.

I headed home with my ass in pain to dutifully obey the Master's orders. Once home I stripped and went into the bathroom and took two selfies – fore and aft.  I carefully cut off my hair and shaved smooth.  I stared a long time at myself as I took the after pixs mussing how I truly looked like a little boy without any pubic hair.  I sent Master the pictures as he had ordered, showered and sacked out.

I did not get to sleep for a long time.  I could not help but to caress my hot, ridged butt with one hand while the other was stroking my hairless pubis and junk.  I came several times but never thinking of the boys but of my own hot ass and baby dick and, of course, Master.

Master checked up on me and when he called I found that I had to be totally honest and report my lapses.  Of course, that earned me another spanking so I reported to the usual place for my punishment.  After Master took my pants down, he inspected my crotch to make sure that it was properly hairless.  He said that I looked much better that way.  I had not been sure but Master was so it must be good.  It also helps me not to perv because I don't want anyone to see what a little boy I am.

Of course, none of this prevented my being spanked.  Master came prepared with a small paddle which was very effective.  He used it after a good hard hand spanking and, as before, I got to bawling.  Again, he had me kneel at his feet as I recovered from my well-deserved punishment.  This also, like the times before, made me want to be his good boy even more.

Master also used my phone to order something for me on the web.  I had to fill out the credit card stuff at checkout.  I was forbidden to open the package but to keep it for him.  "It's a surprise for my boy." was all he would tell me.

The next time we met was very different.  He ordered me to be sure to be properly bald and naked when he came to visit me.  When he came in he immediately made himself comfortable on the couch like it was his place and, after inspecting me, had me kneeling again.  Strangely that was very comforting.  I had been nervous about his coming to my apartment but he had insisted and I cannot resist his orders.  Master told me that he had a birthday the previous week and now he had reached the age of consent so that I was not legally perving now.  But birthdays mean spankings and, of course, I was going to get it.

Of course, he got me over his lap and proceeded.  It was not just a set of playful birthday spanks but a set of spankings getting increasing harder and longer.  I was very worn out by the time he stopped and sent me to fetch his still sealed secret present.  In my usual position I watched him open it.  I could not tell what it was.

He had me stand and put a blindfold over my eyes.  Then he was fussing about my crotch.  That got me hard but suddenly he struck my erection and I went soft.  He fussed a bit more.  "All set, boy." he said as he removed the blindfold.  I looked down and saw that he had put some gadget around my junk.  It was fastened with a lock.  I inquired what the hard clear plastic tube enclosing my penis was.

"It is to protect you from your worst urges, boy.  With your thingy secured you cannot molest boys.  You are totally safe now; completely safe from your impure urges."

"But how do I get hard?  And jerk off?  And cum?" I asked immediately learning that I could not get erect in the device.

"I'll show you." he lead me to my own bedroom.  I had to undress him and place his carefully folded clothes neatly on the dresser.  Master had a beautiful well-toned body.  His cock was standing out hard and proud.  I was thrilled when he sat on the bed and allowed me to go down on it.  Master held my head so I would learn how he liked this done.  His man-cream was absolutely delicious and I greedily sucked it all down.  Master was pleased with me.

I got even more excited when he had me on my back, legs up and he greased up my bottom hole.  He was wonderfully gentle as he mounted me.  His hard shaft filled me and as he fucked, kept hitting my love nut and I actually came.  Master generously left his seed in my bottom just like he had at the other end.

Master took a shower and had me dry him and dress him allowing me to admire his body.  It was a great honor.  It was disappointing when he left because I wanted the visit to go on forever.  He promised to return and cautioned me not to perv even though I was protected.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 29, 2017

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