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The following story is fiction about a boy and Krampus.  The story contains scenes of spanking and birching.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I just recently learnt of Krampus and after reading a bit about it, I came up with this story.  Please forgive me if it does live up to the more traditional folk tales.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

The Krampus Effect


Ten-year-old Hans was certain that he knew the truth.  The whole truth and nothing but the truth as he heard on the TV from the court scenes in the detective shows his parents watched.  And the truth was that Santa Claus was a fake.  Sure, he was there in the mall with lots of elves in silly costumes and ringing bells to collect money.  Well, at least those Santas (in cheap outfits) were called helpers.  Knowing the truth about the world was most important because then one could make the right decisions and get the desired results.

Hans' father had taught him that as a method of succeeding in the world.  It really did not matter what one was doing but having all the facts right made for good decisions in all endeavors.  For example, if one could jump a meter and there was a gap in the path one had to know if it was larger or smaller than a meter to decide if one could safely jump across it.

Now that he knew the truth about Santa, he did not worry about spying elves or double-checked lists.  Nor was it necessary to even write to Santa.  It was all about what his parents knew and that he paid for his 'crimes'.  It was so simple.  If he didn't clean up his room at least once a week, Mommy would tell Dad.  Dad would have a discussion with him and to 'clear the slate' he would have to drop his jeans and even his Green Hornet briefs and lay over his dad's lap for a spanking.  It wasn't like when he was a little kid and didn't quite understand it all and Dad would 'help' him by taking down his pants and pulling him over his lap.  Now, that he was a big kid he would cooperate and take it like a man.  It wasn't fun and it hurt but at least he wasn't a baby about it although he usually did cry.  It helped that Dad said he was proud of him doing that way.

This year he got a special surprise.  His father had to make a business trip back to the old country and Hans and Mom were going along to visit relatives.  Cousin Georg and his parents lived in a little town in the mountains and they were going to stay there.  He was very anxious to go and not just because he would miss a week of school.

It turned out that he didn't miss a whole week school because he and Mom stayed with the relatives and as young Georg had his own school to attend Hans got dragged along a couple of days.  All the kids knew some English but they used words differently so that when Hans said 'vacation' they insisted it was 'holiday'.  It was only when the teacher explained that Hans spoke American English while they used British English did they understand and have some fun comparing words.© YLeeCoyote

It was from Georg that Hans learnt about Krampus.  Hans just thought that he was like Santa — a great big myth.  Actually, he was worse because he kidnapped some kids and beat other with sticks while Santa either brought nice presents or just left useless coal.  The night that Krampus was most active, the boys had been bundled off to bed just a little latter than usual since it was not a school night.  They were considered too young to see the Krampus dress up celebrations.  They were in bed together and talking when they heard some noise outside.  They slipped out of bed and knelt by the window to see what they could see by peeping under the lowered shade but over the window sill.

It was pretty dark although with the full moon glowing and the clean reflective snow they could see stuff from their dark room with their young sharp eyes.  It was positively super scary.  Mostly there was the yard between their house and the neighbors' house where young Timo lived with his family.  They couldn't make out what the monster actually looked like but Georg was certain that it was Krampus.  It definitely had a tail and big basket strapped to its back.  It was not alone for little Timo was there in his pajamas laying on the stump of the old tree that had been cut down and the window to his bedroom was open.  The two boys watched in horror as Krampus raised up a bundle of birch branches and brought it down on Timo's bottom over and over.  Then Krampus stopped and stowed his birch bundle.  He then picked up Little Timo who was both crying and rubbing his bottom and put him back in his bedroom and then dashed off out of sight.

Georg explained to Hans all about the Krampus to the wide eyed visitor.  He especially talked about how the Krampus beats naughty boys with his birch branches so that they repent of their naughtiness.  Georg was very happy that he never had been beaten by the Krampus but he knew some boys who had.  Each and everyone one wished that they had been spanked by their father instead because it hurt less.  Of course, they were all glad that the Krampus didn't put them in his big basket and take them off to the horrid place told of in the scary stories.

Back under the covers, Hans had lots of questions and worries.  He knew he had been naughty a few times that his parents did not know about and so he had avoided being spanked.  But he was going to be there for two more nights and the Krampus, unlike Santa, terrorized for a week.

Hans behaved strangely all day and finally after supper insisted on talking with his father privately.  It was very difficult for him to ask his father to spank him.  He stammered a lot and then his father asked zillions of questions.  Tearfully he confessed his secret wrongdoings and his fears about the Krampus.  It was difficult for his father as well but he understood his son's need to clear the slate.

Hans quickly dropped his pants and got over his father's lap much quicker than usual.  "I'm ready, Father, for my spanking" he said being as brave as a ten-year-old boy could be.  After his father's big hand had smacked his little behind for five minutes he was really hurting.  His bottom was hot and glowing red while his top was crying.  Hans didn't even realize that his father had stopped spanking him and had lifted him up so that they were hugging.  Even after Hans stopped crying they continued to hug each other.

Hans and Georg talked once again before slipping off into dreamland together.  Georg admired how red hot his cousin's bottom was.  Hans admitted that it hurt but not nearly as much as he thought Krampus' britches would have.  He was most happy that now he truly had a clean slate and there was not any need to worry about a visit from the terrible Krampus.

A few days after getting home when his Dad picked up the letters from the hall table to post, he was pleasantly surprised that there was one for Santa from Hans.  Apparently, the truths the boy knew had changed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 22, 2013

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