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The following story is fiction about newspaper boy and his collection problems.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, role reversal and gay sex between a minor and an adult.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Late Payer


It was collection day and it was going quite well.  Almost everyone had their money ready and the few that didn't were all well within the rules for allowing them another week to pay.  A couple of clients paid up their arrears and gave me great tips.  There was but one more house to go – that of Mr. Kenton Mesker.  He was a problem to say the least.  His payment history was the worst on the route and he had been suspended a few times already.  I would have dropped the troublesome guy but my boss did not want to lose even a bad customer.

It was late Saturday morning when I rang his bell.  Both he and his house were a mess.  The shanty towns I've seen in movies looked better kept but that was his problem.  I could not help remembering how I got strapped a couple of years ago even when I was already a teen for my room being half the mess this place was.  He was wearing an old pair of tighty-whities that were neither tight nor white and he had decorated them both fore and aft like a little kid.  He was trying to get water boiling for his first cup of coffee and was moaning about his head hurting.  Among the messy unwashed mountains of dishes and takeout boxes were more empty beer bottles than I could count along with a couple of empty liquor bottles.  "Hi kid." were his first two words to me.  "Damn car broke down in the driveway when I was going out last night.  Had to stay home." he finished.

I declined his offer of coffee and sat down after he pushed part of the mess to the side.  "I'm here to collect for the paper." I reminded him although he should have remembered me.  "The bill was with yesterday's paper.  You owe for three weeks."

"I don't know where my wallet is, kid?" he said pretty joyfully.

"That sort of attitude would get me spanked good and hard.  With most people and certainly with my father it would be disrespectful and at the very least rude." I retorted.  "You deserve a spanking just for this mess also." I growled.© YLeeCoyote

"I haven't been spanked since I was ten, kid."

"Then you are way past due for a good butt roasting."  He laughed.  That pushed me over the edge although common sense told me that I was just wasting my time and that I should move on and let the boss deal with this deadbeat.  I got up and after turning gave Mesker a hard shove.  He went down over the bit of table he had cleared.  I held him down with my left hand and grabbed the flyswatter that was on top of the pizza boxes.  It was a bit light but it would have to do.  I raised it up and brought it down on his rump as hard as I could.  There was not the powerful WHACK of a paddle or the CRACK of a belt but probably more than that of a hand when the thin flexible plastic 'hand' hit the target and curled around.  I think the force of the blow was enhanced as the ​two foot long​ (​sixty-one cm​) handle flexed some.

His reaction was slow and I was able to deliver several hits before he bellowed and stood up.  I was on a roll and yelled at him.  "Get those filthy briefs down and back into position, BOY."  I guessed that this was the moment of truth and wondered if I had enough command presence.

"Yes, Sir." he said as he obeyed.  I could hardly believe it.  I pulled my belt out of my jeans and had it folded in half by the time he was bent over the table again.  I raised the belt and brought it down hard on his pink butt.  My belt was heavy enough to be able to deliver a proper spank to his worthless ass.  It left a red stripe and he howled.  Over and over I swung my belt until his tail was a deep rich red and even a bit swollen.  He howled a lot which definitely made my pants feel tighter.

"Get the money, Mesker!" I demanded, "You had to have it to have gone out last night."

He hesitated and losing his briefs as he stepped about he searched for his wallet.  "No cash." he said to show me it was empty.

"Gimme that credit card." I ordered as I took out my smart phone and the charge card reader thingy.  I brought up the app, initialized it and swiped the card.  "And the tip, boy?" I demanded.  "This is for three weeks and a discipline lesson."  He hesitated and I added 25 percent and told him to use his finger to sign.

"Thank you." I said.  I realized that I was hard as a rock from giving him that strapping and wanted to get away to jerk off in the woods a block away until I realized that Mesker was semi-hard and staring at my bulging crotch.  A thought crossed my mind and I rubbed my bulge.  I saw his eyes widened until they were like saucers in just seconds while he licked his lips.  It was clear what he wanted and I was certainly happy to provide it.  "Down boy and open my pants." I barked.

"Yes, Sir." he replied, dropping to the floor in front of me and reaching for my belt.  I leaned back on the counter and let him get what he wanted.  He had my jeans open and down in a blink of an eye.  My hard lollypop popped out the fly of my boxers and not bothering to lower them he instantly engulfed it like a kid in a candy store.  He knew what he was about and it was bliss.  I've had a few BJ's before but nothing like this one.  As hot as I was from using the belt on his ass, it did not take long before I exploded and he hungrily gulped my man cream down.  I remained hard and he kept at it until I fed him a second load.  I pushed him off and dried myself with some napkins before pulling up my jeans.

"See you next week, Mesker." I said as I left.

"I hope so." he replied, "You taste so good."

I felt great as I peddled to the newspaper agent's office to turn in the money.  It was a great day.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 8, 2015

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