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The following story is fiction about parental spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

Although I use the concept of Virtuous Christian Ladies I did not invent the term but discovered it on the web.  The common feature of these ladies is modest dress and spanking discipline of naughty boys (and occasionally girls) bare bottom as a group activity.  It appears to be a virtual erotic fantasy cult-like construct.  My apologies if I caused unintentional offence to ladies that are actually virtuous and Christian unlike my characters.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Learning About Spanking


My life was turned upside down and roughly shaken when I was sixteen.  Until then I lived in the Great City with my parents and kid brother.  There was a lot to do and a couple of years earlier I had started to explore the city.  I don’t think my parents were really ready to give me the freedom to do that but because I had to use the subway to get to high school they had to.  It was great for I then had the vast subway system to use to explore the wonderful Great City!

The dreadful change came when my father got a new job.  It was a great position and certainly an advancement for him.  The appalling downside was that it was in a small town in the Bible Belt.  It was like moving to another country for everything was different.  The big event in town was the weekly high school football game.  All I could do was to work hard to get great grades so that I could go to a great university back in civilization.

Up until then the only thing I knew about spanking was that it happened in fairy tales and backward places.  Backward places like I was now in.  My parents did not suddenly change their views and adopt spanking but it was prevalent in the community.  I first experienced it in school although fortunately not on my own butt.  A couple of the guys had a disagreement about nothing and not only got loud but physical in the locker room changing for gym.  The PE teacher, surprisingly known as Coach, was not pleased and immediately gave them a tongue lashing as we all got into our gym outfits.

I had thought it was over and the two were even joking with each other as we stampeded into the gym.  I was wrong once again in my new community.  As soon as we were lined up for the day’s instructions and warmup exercises, the two got called to the front.  After a quick lecture by Coach they were told to drop their shorts and assume the position.  The class was strangely quiet and the two bent over mooning everyone with their shorts about their ankles and their butt cheeks framed by the straps of their jocks.

Coach walked to them with a huge paddle in his hand.  At least it looked huge to me as it was the first paddle I had seen.  Then it was WHACK, WHACK, WHACK first one butt and then the second butt.  It took only a couple of minutes total before they were back in place and we were at our games.  Later, back in the locker room, they showed off their red tails and joked about it.  It didn’t make any sense to me.© YLeeCoyote

I gradually made friends and learnt that almost all of them got spanked at home when they were preteens and had now advanced to paddles or straps at home often done in the garage or the relative privacy of their bedrooms away from mothers and prying siblings although brothers were usually welcome to watch as an object lesson.

I was fortunate to find Wayne who quickly became my friend.  He was also new to the town but from only a short distance away so he knew all the local customs and taught me a lot about things.  I learnt that he still got spanked one morning when I went over to play.  His mother let me in and told me to wait on the back porch as Wayne was busy for a while.  As I walked through the house I saw him in a corner of the family room with his red-hot butt cooling off.  His kid brother was getting spanked over their father’s lap with a slipper and suffice to say obviously in discomfort.

It was not long before Wayne joined me outside and he was anxious to get going.  Naturally, I wanted to know all about the spankings.  He thought that was strange but did tell me a great deal after I explained that I only knew about spanking from old stories and that back in the Great City it was not done.  We were both amazed by the cultural differences.

I had gotten the full picture of how his kid brother was spanked.  Wayne explained that he was now at the last stage of OTK spankings from dad.  “They started years earlier with hand spanks on our bare bottoms while held over the parental lap.  A few hard spanks and we were crying and very aware of parental disapproval of our behavior.  By the time we were ten Dad promoted us to the slipper with which he could deliver a more painful spanking with less pain to his own hand.  Although all my schools used paddles, Dad thought they were dangerous and preferred his wide old belt made of thick leather once I became a teen.  It stings a lot and corner time follows as you saw.”

By now we had reached the park and Wayne showed me his still hot-red tail in the john.  It was really hot but he explained that one got used to it and went on with life just like the guys I saw who had gotten it in gym had done.  Sitting or standing the hurt was the same and was boring so getting on with life was the way to go.

Wayne also explained that it was his preferred method of parental discipline.  It was private and over quickly.  Unfortunately his mother’s way had become strange, drawn out and perverted.  Up until a couple of years ago things were normal.  Then both he and his brother were taken over her lap and spanked bare bottom by hand and when they got older with that traditional mothers’ implement – the dreaded heavy wooden backed hairbrush.  That was fine and normal procedure.  Fortunately, it was almost always deserved but even when not, was over quickly.

“I really don’t know how to describe what the change mother suffered except that she joined a cult more than a year ago.” continued Wayne.  “It’s no longer just a simple spanking here at home but whole group activity.  This group has made a whole ritual of spanking boys publically while claiming to be ‘virtuous Christian ladies’ complete with a ‘uniform’ of long pleated dresses and skirts.”  I must have looked as shocked as I was because Wayne paused before telling me more so I could absorb things.  “They meet once, sometimes even twice, a week in the VFW meeting hall.”

“Not the church hall?” I interrupted.

“The minister does not approve of the group so they can’t.  It’s one of the reasons I call it a cult.” continued Wayne.  “They gather with the unfortunate boys who have transgressed in their eyes and must be spanked.  Not every woman brings her unfortunate son but they all come to watch and get a high from their mutual congratulations.  Several even bring their post pubescent daughters to be indoctrinated and trained by watching boys – even those of their own age – get spanked bare assed.  Of course, seeing some dicks is just an accident and of zero interest for those super moral females.” he ended sarcastically.

“I guess you have experienced that horror.” I asked quite certain of the answer after all those details.

“Indeed I have.  Three fricken times!  You know how sometime girls will get close and your dick gets hard even before you see them?”  I nodded.  “Well that’s because they are putting out pheromones that shout ‘I WANT SEX’.  Well, that what I smelled each time I got dragged to their meeting.  They are total hypocrites!  Of course, I also got a sore ass each time.”

“That sucks.” I said.  “I sure hope my mom doesn’t get involved.”

“It can be even get worse for girls that we know can be there.  Those virtuous Christian ladies bring them not only to watch but to have practical experience spanking boys so as to know how to spank the ones they babysit, their brothers and in the future their sons.  Of course, they are far from virtuous and are extremely interested in dick and get an extra thrill spanking us older guys rather than the little boys they molest while babysitting.”

Wayne didn’t speak of any more details as we got into a game with the other guys.  Later I couldn’t help but to wonder if his girlfriend had seen him spanked or maybe even worse given him a spanking on his bare ass.  That would surely be terribly embarrassing to say the least but he never said anything of the sort but I couldn’t help wondering about it.

I really don’t know if anything changed or I was sensitized by Wayne’s report but I became aware that some of the girls in school seemed to be displaying their wide wooden backed hairbrushes a lot.  I saw some narrow ones also but not nearly as frequently.  It made me wonder.

Worse I even had a nightmare about the virtuous Christian ladies including a bevy of sexy girls.

Something happened at school that was quite bad for I got a talking to from the VP and a formal letter of reprimand that required a signature from one of my parents.  I’m not sure of any of the details because the letter is in an envelope with a wax seal.  It does not bode well.  Dad is away so I give it to Mom after dinner for her signature.  She reads it and orders me to wait in the corner until she returns.  A few minutes later she drags me from the corner by my ear and takes me to the car without a word.

Mom turns into the VFW parking lot and again takes my ear as I get out.  I see a couple of other guys being lead the same way, some single ladies and couple of teen girls.  I shudder when I realize that this must be the meeting of the virtuous Christian ladies that Wayne told me about.

In addition to the podium there is a sturdy chair on the dais at the end of the hall and ladies and girls are sitting on chairs facing forward.  I’m parked with some other guys at the side wall facing out and commanded not to move.  Mom seems familiar with everything so she must have been here before.  My gut feeling is that this not going to be a pleasant experience.

I notice that the girls and even some of the ladies are taking furtive looks at us.  It takes me a while to realize why – I and the other guys are NAKED!  I don’t know how I lost my clothes but I did.  I also discover that I can’t move my hands from atop my head.  I feel extra naked because the females are covered up with their long dresses.

There is a lot of talking but I don’t understand any of it but then a lady sits on that ‘throne’.  The guy next to me is dragged to the ‘queen’ and then I understand some of the talk.  The guy pleads with his mom not to lower his pants but it happens anyway and he is pulled over his mom’s lap.  He is not happy about being spanked and continues to complain.  I don’t have any trouble seeing and hearing the hard spanks and even less when the lady switches to her heavy wooden wide backed hairbrush so that he really howls.  Soon he is back standing next to me at the wall but is now crying and rubbing his hot tail.

My fears are realized when I am summoned next and standing naked in front my mom who is now the queen.  She lectures me in front of all the gawking females.  Need I say that I was then pulled over her lap and spanked?  Spanked first by her hand and then with her hard heavy hairbrush.  She gets encouragement and instructions from the other ladies.  A seemingly eternity but actually only a few minutes later I’m back at the wall butt aglow, rubbing and crying.  I don’t want to ever repeat this terrible experience.

There is another embarrassment – I am hard.  I notice that the other guys are also.  This is not normal and then I remember what Wayne said about  pheromones.  I sense that the girls are checking me out.

The next unfortunate guy is taken.  His fate is worse for it is not his mother who is about to spank him but one of the teen girls.  Is she his younger sister or his girlfriend?  He makes an objection and is rewarded with a promise of extras.  He heeds the warning and shuts up.  The girl’s hand spanks are louder so are surely harder than the ones the first guy got.  She doesn’t take very long before she turns him into a blubbering little boy.  He is totally humiliated.

The other guys get similar treatments and then Mother takes me back home.  In addition to the note about my misconduct Mother also signed the papers from school allowing me to be paddled there.

I wake up in a cold sweat and sit up.  But I immediately turn on my side as it hurts to sit.  I don’t understand why since it was just a horrid nightmare and I really was not spanked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 19, 2020

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