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The following story is fiction about a man's meeting with a femdom woman and her friends.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Learning My Place


I'm a pretty much an ordinary bi guy almost thirty.  I admit I like some kinky stuff in the bedroom.  Oh, nothing extreme just a bit of domination and submission although it usually with masterful type of guy that I can surrender to.  It seems that the gals prefer the more dominant me, so I obliged.

I got to chat on the web with Ms. D. and she was quite different from the other women I've known.  She ruled her husband just like his mother did when he was boy as well as his father.  She was the boss and that was that.  He was not allowed clothes in the house and she shaved him twice a week to keep him looking and feeling like a boy.  Ms. D. had a few friends who shared her femdom life style.  All the males – both husbands and sons – were required to be obedient to the superior women and girls.  Of course, they knew that all females were superior to the males and naturally should be in charge.

Ms. D. told me that on Saturday night, she would get together with some of her friends and their males.  The adult women along with their daughters would have a shaving party to make all the males properly smooth like little boys once again.  Being handled by the women would cause the males to get hard and, if they had been well behaved, they often would be rewarded by being jerked off by one of the women or girls.  That there were rewards also meant that there were punishments for having misbehaved.  By the time the girls were ten, they were well acquainted with the male anatomy.

Usually a boy would be spanked over the lap of one of the women.  If not his mother then most often his sister even if she was younger.  It was particularly hard for a older teen boy to be spanked by his kid sister.  The lass would have her big brother over her lap and then roast his bottom with a hairbrush or flip-flop until he was in real pain and crying.  The older men were strapped with a heavy leather belt as they bent over a heavy chaise lounge kept for that purpose.

Ms. D. invited me to come and watch the proceeding.  I would be allowed to check how smooth the males were after the women shaved them.  It definitely sounded interesting and very exciting so I accepted without thinking of possible consequences.  I was a few minutes late having missed a turn in the twisted suburbs when I rang the front door bell.  Ms. D.'s eighteen-year-old daughter let me into the house and led me down to the rec room in the basement.  She greeted me nicely but I thought that there was a smirk in her smile.  I soon discovered the reason for that once I got downstairs.  I should have realized it before coming but all the guys were naked.© YLeeCoyote

Ms. D. was brisk.  "What are you doing in those clothes?  Strip immediately, boy." she snapped at me.  "Males do not wear clothes in this house nor use the front door."  Although she had said that the males were always nude when we chatted I stupidly thought that it only applied to "their males" rather than "all males".  Since being naked at the front door was not proper it followed that the back door must be used.

"Sorry, I did not realize." I muttered ashamed of my faux pas.  Ms. D. was most intimating.  I started to undress immediately and I was soon properly in my birthday suit.  Once I was naked, I realized that I was the only guy with pubes.  I knew this would be the case before I came, but I had not realized that with such a visceral reaction as now when I was naked.  Things got going right away.  There were two men and three boys naked and waiting to be shaved (although none had more than stubble) and in two cases also to be spanked.  After each shaving I was asked, no – more like told, to check how smooth and clean each one was.  I agreed saying: "Yes, very nice and clean as it should be." for the women were good barbers as each guy was perfectly smooth after being shaved.  Everyone was very relaxed about what was happening although I felt excited.

Sixteen-year-old Timmy was to be spanked.  His sister, only fourteen, sat on the couch and called him over.  He quickly obeyed.  (I guessed there were extras for delay.)  She held him tightly and turned his ass flaming red with the hairbrush.  He was crying when she was finished.  After some corner time, he went to her and apologized for being naughty and thanked her for spanking him good and hard.  Another lad, who was fourteen got rewarded by his mother jerking him off.  As would be expected with a teen, he shot across the room (well almost).

Then they all turned to me.  Ms. D. explained that I was to be spanked for my terrible behavior of not stripping as an inferior male must in her house.  Foolishly, I resisted and the two men quickly grabbed me and pulled me over the back of the chaise lounge so that my butt was sticking up.  Ms. D. took up the belt – a wide, heavy garrison belt – and folded it double.  Seconds later I howled as it landed forcefully on my tail.  If I wasn't being held I would have jumped through the ceiling.  I lost count after a dozen cuts for I was in great pain.  I was crying like a little baby boy.

My ordeal (remedial education?) was not over at all.  I was turned over and laid on the table.  It was then I realized what was next for that was where the other guys had been put to be shaved.  However it was not shaving cream that I felt next nor a hair clipper to shorten my pubes but (what I later learnt was) an epilator.  All my pubes were painfully yanked out by this device from hell surely designed by the devil.  They rubbed the humming device over my pubis and my ball sack and even my dick until they had painfully extracted every hair – complete with the roots – I had in my groin leaving me as bald as a little boy.  They then plucked my treasure trail and the little hair I had on my chest after which they did my armpits.  I had not been this naked since I was in high school.

I was then put over Ms. D.'s daughter's lap for a spanking with the hairbrush for my unacceptable behavior of resisting my initial punishment for entering the house with my clothes on and through the front door.  I was amazed at how much that brush hurt even when wielded by a young lady.

I was a very docile and well-behaved boy after my severe chastisement just like I was after my mother spanked me when I was boy.  Everyone got to feel how super smooth I was.  I was told that I would stay that way for weeks.  I was then required to service the two men who had held me in position for my well-deserved spanking.  I had to kneel, in turn,  in front of each as they stood, initially arms akimbo, and suck them off.  Soon after I started, they each took hold of my head so that they could control everything.  They both produced large volumes of semen which slid down my gullet into my stomach.

Seventeen-year-old Monty was given a special reward because he had done so well in school.  Again I was draped over the chaise lounge and held in place while one of the girls lubricated and stretched my hole for her big brother.  As a horny teen he, of course, did not need any help in getting a large hardon once he had been given a condom and told of his prize.  I was glad of the lube job for the lad went at his task with great vigor savoring his reward.  I expected that he would climax very quickly but he had been trained to delay until given permission to come.  I could not help myself and came first without my cock being touched.  Then his sister told him to come and he did with all the explosive energy you expect from a youth.

When I left, I had to carry my clothes outside and dress in the garage with the other visiting males.  I then drove home, stripped and wrote this report.  Doing that was the first two items on my instruction sheet from Ms. D.

I'm confused by why I did what she ordered.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 17, 2011

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