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This story is fiction about classroom CP.  The story contains scenes of caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is set in the middle of the previous century when CP was common.  Although the implement is the rod (cane) the language is that of an American high school.  I was inspired by Banjo's drawing on his blog at  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Learning to Respect the New Teacher


After Ms. Cranfield's first day at Union High School she was exhausted and the idea of quitting had even crossed her mind.  This was not anything like the previous year where she was a student and assistant teacher after getting her BA in teaching.  Fortunately she got a call from Mrs. Rickerson who was like a second mother to her back in her hometown.  She was most sympathetic and overflowing with practical advice learnt from teaching for more than two decades in the high school.

Following Mrs. Rickerson's advice, Ms. Cranfield stopped in the office the first thing on Tuesday morning and got a rod for she was determined that things were going to be different this day and all those to follow.  The first two periods were OK as they were the younger students – the freshmen and sophomores.  She was not sure if the rod laying on her desk when they come in made a difference or just the overall pressure from all their teachers about getting down to work.  It was, however, the third period that was critical.

The eighteen-year-old seniors were for the most part far more interested the sexy pulchritude of their twenty-four-year-old teacher in her tight blouse and short skirt.  They were far less interested in B's or C's as grades than whether her tits were B or C cups.  Many were letting their eyes roam up her shapely gams wondering what was at their juncture.  There were many snide remarks.

After a few tries to gain control, Ms. Cranfield went to the blackboard and wrote:

Today's Lesson:
Respecting Your
New Teacher© YLeeCoyote

and then she called the worst three to the front.  They did not obey so she gave then an alternative.  "You may discuss this with Mr. Halligan instead who will have my recommendation for both a butt roasting and suspension which certainly will put your graduation under a shadow."  That was a threat that struck home for they knew that Mr. Halligan was an absolute killer with the rod and did not tolerate any nonsense.

One would have thought they were headed for the guillotine or the scaffold for they moved so slowly to the front of the classroom.  Perhaps they were thinking about a large muscular man but this teacher was a small young lady.  Actually they were right to be fearful as would soon become most painfully evident.

"Drop your pants and undies and bend over my desk Elrick.  Don't get up until you are given permission or we'll start over."  The class was shocked and the girls giggled.  CP in class was not truly unusual but bare was.  Nevertheless, Elrick complied as his mates waited facing the blackboard.

Ms. Cranfield found her place and raised the rod.  It descended with a fearsome WHOOSH and then a THWACK as it bit into the waiting tail.  Elrick gripped the desk tighter as he realized that Ms. Cranfield struck with more than enough force to cause great pain.  The second cut stuck before he finished the thought.  The rod struck again and again as Elrick struggled with the pain. «Just one more.» he thought but he was wrong.  She did not stop at six but continued until nine.  Elrick would not appreciate how precise she was until later when he could see why his tail was on fire.  The class could see how his butt was now uniformly fiery red.  Not only was Elrick learning the day's lesson but so were the others.

"Swap places with Hankle, Elrick.  And keep your hands on your head."  Elrick bent down to pull up his pants but was quickly admonished to leave them down.  He hobbled to the blackboard to closely study the slate while Hankle replaced him over the desk.  His concern over his exposure was surpressed by the fire in his butt.

Ms. Cranfield and the class contemplated this new canvas.  She repeated her instructions and commenced.  Hankle reacted with a yelp as he learnt what an accomplished thrasher the pretty young teacher was in a most unpleasant way.  As the tram lines formed, Hankle braced himself for more pain.  He was not entirely successful as he yelped several times.  Again the class had to admire how uniformly she had applied the horrid rod as Hankle replaced Menteath studying the blackboard.

As Menteath dropped his pants and got into position the class was silent.  The lesson of the day was certainly getting through to each and everyone of them.  However, Menteath was going to get the same special attention that Elrick and Hankle had already received.  Having heard all eighteen cuts and the moans of Elrick as Hankle got his comeuppance, he knew that it would not be a fun experience.

When Menteath felt his first cut, he knew that his fears were justified.  All he could do was hold on tight and hope he did not disgrace himself in front of his peers.  A few yelps did escape his lips before he was ordered to return to face the blackboard alongside Elrick and Hankle.

Ms. Cranfield turned to the class which was again silent.  "Is there anyone who does not understand today's lesson completely?  Perhaps he or she wishes some additional instruction?"  The class remained silent and still.

"Good.  Then we can proceed with the next lesson.  Please open your text books to page 17."  The class proceeded well and when the bell rung waited until she said "We will continue tomorrow.  Think about the discussion items at the end of the chapter."  Then, almost as an after thought added: "Elrick, Hankle, Menteath you may dress."

That evening she was definitely in a better mood when she spoke with Mrs. Rickerson to thank her for her excellent advice and report how well it worked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 20, 2020

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