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The following story is fiction.  It contains a scene of paddlings and gay sex in a high school.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. For the first time ever I have set my story in the NIS universe which is described in detail at and may be used by any writer.  "The Program" defined in this universe is a federal program where selected students are required to be Naked in School.  The rules by which some students are naked, may be touched and get 'relief' are all explicitly discussed.

Seventeen years old is the usual age for US high school juniors and is the third of the standard four year program.  My narrator is a bit younger.  The Vice-Principal (VP), rather than the Principal, is usually in charge of discipline.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Lesson for Bullies


I was sure it was not going to be one of my best days as I got up late and tired.

I knew that it wouldn't be when I just got through the school door as the VP was about to lock it and he handed me a detention slip.

I got that feeling again when at the end of swimming class swimming class when the coach wanted to talk with me about nothing so that I was last out of the showers.  When I got to my locker my clothes were missing.  Eric Stelling and Richard Boothe (generally known as The Dick in more than one way) had them.  They would have been most happy to give back to me, they said: "But it's only fair that you give us something in return, fagboy, for our trouble." cupping their crotches and explaining "Blow jobs".  All this from the two biggest homophobic bullies in school.

I flipped them the bird, much to their shock and the amusement of the other guys, grabbed my pack and headed for my next class.  What the hell, with the NIS program going I could show off my package which is quite respectable, if I do say so myself, even if I don't have a six pack  "Have you joined the program, Mr. Beckermann?" asked Ms. Gonzalez as I sat down in her Spanish class, "I don't recall seeing you on the list."

"No, Ma'am," I replied, "It just that my clothes are being held ransom for a BJ.  Mr. Stelling and Mr. Boothe are apparently so hard up as they cannot get any of the young ladies to relieve them."  Ms. Gonzalez smiled; the class roared and I don't think it was for that terrible pun for they were known for boasting about their reported numerous conquests and anti-gay comments.  The two turned beet red.© YLeeCoyote

Then Sharon did the greatest.  She was sitting across the aisle from The Dick so she reached into his open pack and held up my jeans.  "Are these yours, Stud?"  (I told you I well equipped!)  I said 'yes' and he said 'no' but my wallet was in the pocket so there was not any doubt about who was lying.  My shirt and boxers were Stelling's pack.  They were not very bright bullies.

Ms. Gonzalez ordered the two to the front of the room and asked me if I wanted to do the honors.  What a silly question!  Even these two dummies knew very well that if they complained the VP would get them and he is well known for hitting hard and charging an extra two pops for an administrative fee.  Not caring about being nude I did not bother to get dressed so I got to the front before they did and took the paddle off the wall.  It is a standard fraternity paddle.  I tapped my palm with it and knew that this was going to be great fun. It had a nice heft to it.  One-eye apparently also thought so for he raised his head to be able to watch better.  (Now that we have The Program an erection isn't an embarrassment like it was just two years ago.)  "Drop 'em and assume the position." I commanded possibly taking more control than Ms. Gonzalez had intended.  Stelling and Boothe had little choice and soon were unhappily mooning the class while holding on to their ankles.  I stepped into the batter's box and took the first swing.


"YEOOW!"  Stelling howled like a little boy.  I grinned at the class and saw that they were grinning back.  Stelling claimed to be macho but he was just a bully, i.e., a coward.  I gave him the second pop as hard as I could.


He howled again. "YEOOW!"

Likewise the same for the third and last one.  He managed to hold his position.  I guess he had learnt something in the four years he took to become a junior.

I turned my – and the paddle's – attention to The Dick  No need to waste anyone's time so I just let him have it right on his sit spot.


"YEOOW!" he yelped just like his buddy but he also broke position like it was his first time.

"POSITION, boy!" I snapped, most pleased that I made him jump.  I hated the bastard and wished that I could pop his huevos rather than his butt but The Program only allowed CP on the bare butt.  I swung three more times with the same results each time.  The class clapped.  These guys were not well liked.  I surely hit a lot harder than Gonzalez but not as hard as the male teachers and certainly not as hard as the VP.  I was very well motivated.  A nice wide red stripe was forming across the two naughty butts.  I had put my all into it but I did not get them to actually cry as I wished I had.

Although I did not know of anyone who liked getting paddled in school, it seemed like the johns were very crowded after someone had gotten it.  I know that I always needed relief after watching a paddling.  Actually dishing it out was even more fun and by now One-eye was standing tall and it was still a long time to the bell.  Fortunately Ms. Gonzalez was very perspective and came to my rescue; bless her.  "It appears that you are in major need of relief, Mr. Beckermann."  What an understatement!  I surely could have plunged One-eye into either of the two upturned assholes in a single thrust – dry – even though they were not willing.  But that was not, alas, allowed in The Program..  "Perhaps someone will volunteer?"  A lot of the girls raised a hand apparently ready to do so but that's not what I wanted.  None of the guys seemed to want to do it in public.

I had a wicked thought.  "Since Mr. Boothe thought fellatio was a fair price to return my ill-gotten clothes just a little while ago, I'm certain that he would consider it a fair price for all my hard work correcting him just now."  I said trying very hard to be calm even as One-eye twitched his approval.

The class applauded in all ways that they could.  Ms. Gonzalez liked the irony and smiling said; "Si Señor Beckermann, that does seem fair."

I grabbed The Dick by the ear and pulled hard.  He hadn't any choice but to follow his ear and fell to his knees just as I hoped.  He was opening his filthy mouth to bitch, when I stuck One-eye in.  "NO TEETH, COCKSUCKER!" I snarled.  I could see the tears in his eyes so he had been ready to cry like a baby and had I given him more than four pops he would have.  I did not care that he did not want to do this as I thrust in and out.  I was controlling him by both ears so he could not resist since I could twist them off.  I was surprised that he actually seemed to try to suck and lick my dick.  It made me wonder about him as I blasted my load deep into his throat.  He had to swallow or choke.  He did not choke.

I was still pretty horny so I decided to repeat with the other one.  He did not resist at all and just dropped to his knees as I approached.  Perhaps his ass hurt a lot and he feared getting more.  I don't know why nor do I care.  I was only interested in another BJ and another BJ was what I got.  I discovered that Eric was actually experienced even though he was known as a fag hater.  I let him suck and lick me for a while before thrusting deep down and firing my second load.  It was great, no, awesome!  Positively awesome – especially in public.

Gonzalez handed me a paper towel and told us all to get back to our seats.  "Y ahora clase, la lección de hoy."

There were interesting repercussions.  What I was told after class was both of them shot – without touching their cocks – while I was face fucking them so everyone knew that how much they liked it which meant that they were you-know-whats.  The tough guys no longer wanted any part of them so they faded.  I was popular like never before with the gals and, even better, with the guys.

Oh, I was so very wrong about this not being a good day.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., June 3, 2005

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