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Lesson Learned


Russell was exhausted.  He was absolutely shocked for it was but 9:00 and he was usually raring to go as an healthy fourteen-year-old at this early hour.  Today was different.  It was his first baby sitting job and he had finally gotten eleven year old Arne into bed after a difficult drawn out struggle.  The last straw was a late demand for still another dish of ice cream.  He fell, totally fatigued with a sigh, into the big easy recliner in the living room and started out the window.  Across the lawn he could see into his own sitting room where his father was reading.

After a while he picked up the phone and rang home.  "Dad, I'm sorry.  I understand a lot more now."

"For what?  About what, Russ?"

"For being such a brat, dad.  I've just seen it from the other side with Arne and I'm exhausted.  He did all the stuff I did to you and mum."

Dad laughed and the two had a real man-to-man talk about life.© YLeeCoyote

"You won't believe this but I actually thought about spanking the little monster just like you did to me."  It was then that there was some slapping noise – very reminiscent of a spanking.  It was loud enough that Russ's dad even heard it through the phone.  They both quickly dismissed it as something blowing in the wind.  It happened only about a dozen times and then stopped before it could be investigated.  Russell matured a lot during that call.

It was about an hour later when the Svenson's returned.  As Mrs. Svenson was checking on her baby, Mr. Svenson was counting out the baby sitting money.  Russell really felt good about being paid for the hard work he had done; even more than for mowing lawns.  Then Mrs. Svenson yelled and in a minute they were all listening to Arne tell an elaborate tale about being paddled with the little souvenir paddle (the one showing the little bear with the drop bottom pj's) by the big, evil, mean and nasty Russell.

Russell denied it but when Arne exhibited his red bottom Mr. Svenson took action instantly.  A quick yank and Russell's sweats dropped quickly followed by his boxers.  He was no match for the angry father and was quickly across his lap.  Immediately he was feeling the little paddle with its big sting.


"This will teach you not to abuse my son."


"You're lucky I don't have you arrested."


Russell could see Arne grinning as he pulled up his pants and sweats and ran out.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next day Russell talked with his father about the terrible turn of events.  It was then that they realized what the sound they thought was something blowing in the wind was.  Russell's dad talked with Mr. Svenson.  Then they all talked with Arne who soon confessed to framing Russell.

Mr. Svenson quickly pronounced the punishment to the tearful boy.  "Arne, you are to get eleven spankings."

He paused to let it register before specifying "Eleven spankings from Russell.  You are to take the paddle and very nicely ask Russell to spank you.  And you better not forget to thank him afterwards each time.  You will get one right now.  Do you understand, Arne?"

"Yes, father." replied a very contrite Arne.  Slowly, very slowly, Arne, paddle in hand, walked over to Russell.  "Please spank me." and he held out the paddle.


"Because I was very naughty."

Russell sat on the boy's bed and slowly opened the boy's belt and unzipped his jeans.  He pulled them down along with the boy's boxers.  Even before he could pulled him over his lap, Mr. Svenson spoke: "Step out of them, Arne."

Russ put the half naked boy over his lap and held him tightly as he applied the paddle five times to each little boy cheek.  They were quickly bright red and Arne was crying.  When he was stood up he hugged Russell continuing to cry for a while before he whispered "I'm sorry and thank you."  Russell left him lying on his bed crying.  Soon he would fall asleep.

Mr. Svenson apologised to Russ for the unjust spanking, gave him the money he owed (along with a bonus) and asked it he could baby sit again.

Later, Arne got up and looked for his pants and jeans.  They were not on the floor where he stepped out of them nor on the chair.  There, instead, he saw his old Y-fronts and play shorts.  With trepidation he opened the closet.  To his horror he saw three pairs of school shorts rather than the recently acquired long trousers.  Even his jeans were gone.  Quickly he checked his bureau.  The boxers were gone having been replaced with Y-fronts.  His knee socks and their necessary garters were also there.

Arne knew what had happened.  Now, he vividly remembered what his parents had told him just a couple of months ago on his birthday: "We decided that you may have long trousers provided that you behave like a big boy."  It was the best present that he got.  It meant more than all the toys; more than the party; more than the extra half hour before bedtime.  It was the first gift of clothes that he actually appreciated.  And now they were gone.  His months of pleading; of begging evidently now was all for nought.  He almost cried again but big boys don't do that.

It was not until after supper on Sunday, that he worked up enough courage to ask his father when he might have his longs back.  "We talk about it after you're finished getting your eleven spankings from Russell, son."

"Thank you, father." he said knowing that there was not any point in trying to discuss this.  He knew that he would be in for some ribbing at school.  Now he regretted teasing his classmates about still being in baby shorts when he first got his longs.  Even worse were that a couple of them had protective big brothers and this late in the year very few other first years were still in them.  He did not look forward to school.

* * * * * * * * * *

Three days later Arne was knocking on Russell's door.  "Please, Russell, give me the second spanking."  Russell obliged, happily.  Russell had been thinking about this for a couple of days and of the rules that Mr. Svenson had given him.  Few fourteen-year-olds have the opportunity to spank a boy other than in play and Russell realized that he liked paddling Arne.  It was very different than when he himself had been spanked.

In the family room, Russell sat down on a simple straight backed chair and stripped Arne completely.  The boy had expected to lose his pants but as Russell started to unbutton his shirt he objected.  "ARNE," said Russell most firmly, "you are to cooperate with your punishment.  If you don't, I will take you home and your father will spank you and that won't count towards the eleven."  The boy froze.  "Understand?"  After a long pause, Arne nodded.  Russell finished stripping him to his birthday suit before pulling him over his lap.

Then to Arne's surprise, Russell started to hand spank him.


Russell observed how his hand print appeared on the boy's bum.  First in pink; then in red and finally disappearing as the boy's bum turned completely crimson.  He also understood the boy's pleas for mercy and his tears.


By the time Arne was bawling, Russell noticed that not only was spanking a lot more fun than being spanked but it made him horny.


As soon as he lifted the boy up Arne wrapped his arms about him in a death grip and cried.  Russell returned the hug and tried to comfort the boy.  When he stopped crying, Russ helped Arne to dress.  Arne then held out his hand and along with the shake, thanked Russell for the spanking as required and added that he really deserved it.  He also apologized for his misbehaviour before he returned home.

When Russell arrived for the next babysitting job, Arne presented him with the paddle and a request:  "Please paddle me if I'm a naughty boy."

Russell smiled.  "Of course, Arne.  We all know what naughty little boys get."  As the time past Russell was amazed at how well behaved the boy was.

At bedtime which did not require more than one comment, Arne got his paddle and asked for his next spanking.  He did not even wait for an answer but just plopped himself over Russ's lap.  Automatically, Russ clamped the boy in place and looked down at the cute but not yet red cheeks bravely and voluntarily awaiting his attention.  His cock quickly hardened as he recalled the past experiences.  He gently caressed the cute bum before raising his hand to start the spanking.


Russ watched his hand print form and then continued to spank his charge.  But he had a problem – Arne had been a very good boy all afternoon and evening and he could not really do it hard like he really should and had done in the past.

Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!  Spank!

The cute little bum turned bright red and hot like they had before but there was not the deep pain that Arne had felt before.  Arne was very grateful as he stood up.  "Thank you for spanking me, Russel." he said pleasantly and his hand dropped down to rest on Russel's thigh and the hard cock held next to it by Russ's trousers.

"You're hard like Ken, Jimmy's cousin.  Can I see it?  Do you like to shoot?" he asked, perhaps not so innocently.

"May I." corrected the teen somewhat at a loss to wait to say.  But Arne was not interested in a grammar lesson or even waiting for an answer.  He stuck his other hand under Russell's T-shirt, down into his boxers and got a better grip on what he was interested in.

"You're bigger than Ken and he's almost sixteen." he announced authoritatively.

"How do you know that?" a flustered Russ managed say.

"Because Jim and me play with it.  He can shoot real far."  By now Arne had both his hands in Russell's pants and was playing with the object of interest.  "Ken feels really good when he comes.  Do you feel good then?  Let me see it, please."

"I don't know about this, Arne." said Russ noting Arne's stiffie although it was still a little boy's hairless wee-wee.

"We have lots of fun with Ken.  Nothing to worry about – we can't make babies.  Pleeeeeeeease show me?"  the aggressive boy said as pulled Russ's pants down to free the teen's equipment.  "You're a lot hairier than Ken too."  As Arne hands pulled on his hard cock, Russ lost himself in the pleasure of it.  He raised up and his pants slipped over his butt giving Arne more room to manoeuver.

Soon Russ was past control and exploded with his jizz flying across the room in several spurts.

"WOW!!" exclaimed Arne.  "That's way more than Ken shoots.  And a lot further too."  Russ was still recovering from this new experience at the hands of the not-so-innocent eleven year old.  But the evening was not over yet.

Arne knew another trick.  He dropped down on his knees and started to lick and suck the juicy shaft that he did not have to share.  Russ immediately returned to full hardness.  Perhaps even fuller than before due to the new and wonderful stimulation that he had heard about in the locker room.  It was only a short time before he exploded again.  This time Arne gulped it all down.

Arne put on his pj's and let Russ tuck him in.  The boy smiled coyly and let his hand rest on the teen's cock.  "Thanks for not spanking me hard today.  I hope that you liked how I sucked your big juicy cock as much as I did."  Russ could not help but to grin as he said goodnight to the boy.

That week Arne and Russ managed to trade two spankings and blow jobs.  Russ did not feel right being so easy and having sex but it was so much fun that he could not resist.  He decided that Arne needed to have a real spanking.  Definitely something far more traditional than those baby spanking or with that toy paddle.  Russ also wanted to continue get the sexual bonus that had occurred.

It took Russ a bit of thinking but he soon realized how he could trap Arne into the role he wanted.  Lady luck also helped as he was wondering about downtown.  He normally ignored the charity shop but in the bin of junk, er, odds and ends he saw the treasure: a man's slipper – size extra large without a mate for just a small coin..

* * * * * * * * * *

Baby sitting again the next weekend, Russ managed to question Arne about stuff he had read at dinner.  Although this just seemed like small talk to Arne, to Russ it had a purpose.  It did not take very long before Arne was where Russ wanted him – explaining that the big boys and young men (like in the fifth form) got six of the best with a cane, the middle boys with a slipper or plimsoll and the little boys – the crybabies – held over a lap for a hand spanking.  Having set the trap, Russ moved on without even Arne knowing it.

Arne had his own agenda to pursue – that of getting Russ to help him talk to his father about getting his longs back.  Russ indicated he would help; help a big boy get back his longs.

A little latter, after his bath, Arne asked Russ for his spanking.  He did not have to drop his pants as he was still naked from the bath.  It was then that Russ sprung the trap.  "OK; get across my lap, little boy."  Arne complied, expecting a playful spanking like the previous couple but he was surprised.  Russ clamped him into position and patted his bum gently.  "I wonder how I can tell your father that you're a big boy, a young man – really ready to wear long trousers when you get spanked like a little baby?"  Russ patted the Arne's bum some more.  "A little cry baby at that."

Russ could feel Arne's entire body stiffen and then he cried "STOP; don't spank me."  Russ gave the boy more time.  "Please do it right, Russ; like for a young man."

Russ smiled happily knowing he was really going to able to punish Arne for the nasty trick he had played.  He released Arne and showed him the specially purchased implement.  The lad studied it carefully and winced when he whacked his own palm with it.  He realized that was going to hurt a lot more than Russ's hand.

Russ told him to get into position for six of the best.  Arne moved into position.  "Arne, remember not to move or you'll get extra."

Arne shivered as he heard the swooshing of the slipper as Russ took a practice swing.  Then he caressed Arne's bum with the slipper before then pulling his arm back.  He brought it forward swiftly.  WHACK!!  It crashed down on target.  The pain raced through Arne and he stumbled forward with a yelp in response.  Russ admired the red oval across the target.

"That does not count.  BACK into position." he barked.  Arne complied silently realizing that this hurt a lot more than a hand spanking.  The slipper kissed his arse again and he held his position.  Russ gave him stroke after stroke until he had gotten eleven (plus the one that did not count).  Arne's bottom was flaming hot and he desperately wanted to rub it and even plunge it into a tub of ice water but he knew the rules and held his position.  He tried to put his mind elsewhere and immediately thought of Russ's hard and juicy cock.  He saw it in his minds eye and knew that it would be at its max for it was every time Russ spanked him.  For that matter his own shaft was now hard.

Russ's cock was indeed hard.  He had already opened his jeans and pushed down his pants to free his cock before he had even reached the half way point of the slipperring.  Arne looked just like the baboons in the zoo with their swollen red butts begging to be fucked by the alpha male.  Russ pulled the tube of lube out of his pocket and coated his rod.  Then he rubbed the crack of Arne's hot red butt with his slick fingers and even slipped a couple inside for a few seconds.  He pulled them out and immediately placed the head of his cock on the target rosebud.  He grabbed Arne's hips and pressed forward.

Russ's weight forced Arne to fall onto his bed as Russ's rod made its way in slowly but surely.  The boy was over whelmed by all the sensations and Russ proceeded to fuck him with long even strokes.  He loved the feeling and so did Arne.  Arne did not know what was happening as Russ's cock hit his prostate but he knew that it felt wonderful; so wonderful that he came first.  Then Russ blasted his load deep into the bowels of his charge like he was emptying an automatic pistol.  Neither would ever forget this first fuck.

Russ withdrew and the two embraced.  "You took that like a real man, Arne.  I'm proud of you."  Arne was not sure if he meant the slipperring, the fucking or both.  "Now get into bed."  Arne obeyed as Russ wiped his cock and Arne's hole and then the floor with some tissues.  After which he sat on the bed.  "From now on you are to think of me as your prefect and yourself as my fag.  We'll practice with the last five spanking so that you can impress your father.  This will help you get your longs back.  'Kay?"

"'Kay; Thanks."

* * * * * * * * * *

Russ was more than happy to help Arne practice getting his bum slipperred hard like a big boy.  Arne had mixed feeling about the pain but believed that it was in a very worthwhile cause – getting back his longs.  Of course, Russ had no doubts about that it was fun, especially since Arne was anxious to provide sexual relief afterwards.

When it was time for the last scheduled spanking, the two asked Mr. Svenson to watch.  They carefully planned it to take place in his den.  The two knocked and surprised Arne's father by being in school uniform.

Then Arne spoke.  "Father, I would like you the witness the eleventh spanking that Russell is about to administer."  Before his dad could say anything, Arne continued: "Russell please give my eleventh spanking."

"Of course, Arne.  Please assume the position."

Arne immediately removed his school blazer and placed it on a chair.  This was quickly followed by his shorts leaving him only in his shirt, tie, socks and shoes.  He then bent over, incidentally mooning his father.  Russ removed his blazer and stepped into position with the slipper in hand.  He administered the eleven strokes neatly spaced every fifteen seconds.


Arne remained absolutely still as the slipper pounded hard on his arse.  He also remained silent during the three minute procedure until Russell said: "Done; get dressed."

Arne quickly dressed and then very formally thanked Russ for taking the trouble to slipper him and apologized for his misconduct.  He then turned to his father and made two requests.  First, that he no longer be spanked like a little boy.  Second, that he be permitted to have his longs back.

"Mr. Svenson," added Russ, "If I may, I would like to endorse Arne's request.  I think that he has grown a lot in the last few weeks."

"I'll think about this, son, and talk with your mother."

"Thank you, father."

After the adults left, the two had their usual sexual fun.  A few days later Arne was happily back in his longs.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 09, 2003

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