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The following story is fiction about youth who is captured and strapped and then has a confusing dream.  There are scenes of strappings and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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A Lesson at Midnight


It was a dark, moonless night as I made my way to the stables.  Father and our trainer, Mr. Grunewald, were both away on business as there was an opportunity to get some good stock at auction the next day.  I was in charge even though I was only sixteen.  I was worried about Jupiter for he was off his feed today.  I was particularly fond of him as he was my very own stallion for I had persuaded Father not to geld him only two years before.  I had not bothered with a lantern for I knew the way well and there was some light from both the house and the stable.

I was almost there when I was attacked.  They snuck up behind me and dropped a stinky hood over my head securing it with a rope yanked tight about my neck.  I yelled but the hood was forced back into my mouth with something I could not dislodge muffling me.  I was blinded and could not breathe easily anymore.  I was grabbed by several sets of strong arms.  My arms were bound behind me.  I was hobbled.

I was a captive!

I did not know of whom or why.

They never spoke.© YLeeCoyote

I was completely terrified!  I was so terrified that I wet my pants like a baby.  Well, at least I did not crap in my pants.

I was carried away for a few minutes.  Several hands yanked at my clothes and soon my wet pants and underpants were down about my ankles.  I was forced to my knees and my head held down in some mud leaving my naked rump thrust vulnerably up.  It was hard to breathe and I felt like I was suffocating.  Then I was struck.  I was struck hard on my rump with a heavy strap.  It was surely some piece of tack being put to a new use.  I probably would have screamed if I was able to but I could not.  The strap struck me again very hard and I was hurting.  The third strike was from a riding crop.  It stung like the blazes.  I wondered if the horses felt the same way though their thick hair and on their thick skin.

Then there were many more cuts both from the strap and the crop without any pattern that I could determine especially since wasn't able to think clearly.  I even lost track of how many blows I had to endure.  My father had never strapped me this hard or for this long.

My ankles were grabbed and pulled so than I was prone.  The several boots kicked at me so that I was rolled over supine.  I was not comfortable laying on my hot ass and with my arms under my back especially with someone sitting on top of me.  Then my balls were grabbed and squeezed.  Not only did that hurt a lot – it happened several times – but it drove my fear to new levels.  Whenever we gelded the yearlings, everyone gave their nuts a feel.  It was sheer horror – enough to chill the very marrow of my bones.  Then I felt something tightening about my sack and  great pain.  I wanted to yell not to castrate me, but I was gagged.  I wanted to run but I was a bound captive.  I was helpless just like Jupiter would have been had I not saved him and all the geldings had been.  I was sure that I was going to be a eunuch soon.  Would that Jupiter could have saved my manhood like I did his.  I was crying inside the hood.

I was carried again for a while.  The rope binding my arms was removed and then I was shoved forward and fell.  I had put my arms forward and they sank deep when I landed in the soft stuff.  Some dirt (I thought initially) fell on me.  Then even through the hood I could smell that this was the muck heap.  I found the ropes about my head and neck and was surprised that I could release them.  It was only a slip knot but it was chilling as it was a hangman's knot.  I pulled the hood off and then looked to my balls.  The clamp was there but I could unscrew it as it had not been tightened closed with a wrench  and, thankfully, I could remove it without injury.  Only then did I rub my hot butt.

I stood up.  I brushed myself off although much wet dung stuck to me.  I pulled up my pants and removed the rope that hobbled me.  In the dim starlight, I could see the stables but I did not see anybody around.  I went to the stables certain that I would find the rascals who had attacked me.  Even though I stank of muck, that would not be noticed in the stable.

In the stable, I found Roy and Gary playing checkers as they sat up with Jupiter.  As soon as they heard me, they stood up and greeted me respectfully.  "Jupiter is doing well, Sir.  He has been quiet all night."

"That is good." I said.  "Did you hear anything?" I asked.  They said everything was quiet and all they heard were the horses breathing.  They were confused that I asked.  I checked the loft.  The other boys were all in their beds and seemed to be soundly sleeping.  My attackers had apparently evaporated or were hidden right in front of my eyes.

I was in a bind.  If I asked too much or accused any of them I would have to explain that I had been caught and been strapped like a naughty stable boy.  Most certainly, I did not want to speak of almost being castrated.  The rascals could have done that without any more effort that beating me so I took it as a warning.  The problem was who wanted what from me.  It was a most scary thought.  I returned to the house and dumped my filthy clothes into the laundry chute.  I took a long shower to get rid of the stink of the muck and went to bed.

I did not sleep.  I worried how easily they could have turned that clamp tight and ruined me for life.  I rubbed my hot red butt.  What was the reason for all this?  Then I realized that my cock was hard.  It was very hard like a steel rod.  I moved one hand to it, leaving the other to rub my hot butt.  Now that the assault was past it was terribly  exciting and even erotic.  The reality was terrifying but not the memory.  I exploded in less than a minute and remained rock hard.  I came twice more in the next half hour before I slipped in sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

The pirate captain made me his cabin boy when the ship I had been on was taken.  He wanted a pussy boy and I objected.  He called the bos'n and told him "Teach him a lesson."

"As a man or as a boy, Captain?" asked the grinning bos'n.

The captain laughed.  "As a boy."

I was dragged to a cannon on the deck and tossed over it after my clothes were ripped from my body.  A mean pirate, who stank and whose breath stank even worse held my wrists.  The bos'n had a strap.  A wide, thick, heavy, vicious, leather strap.  He swung it hard against my bare ass.  I howled from the pain.  He gave me four more and I fainted.  A bucket's worth of cold sea water brought me back.  Naked, dripping and with a hot red bottom I was taken back to the captain's cabin.  I knew I had best obey him.  He sat on his bunk and opened his britches.  I dropped to my knees as ordered and stared at his hard hairy cock.  He pulled down on it and made me pleasure him.  He did not come but stopped me and got up so that he could rape me.  He was rough and it hurt but I came as he ravished me.  He laughed.  I slept fitfully under his bunk wrapped in a tattered blanket worried about what I would have to do when the captain awoke.  As those awful thoughts passed through my head, I even thought of a worse one: He could have me thrown into the forecastle and at the mercy of the rum crew for I saw how they leered at me when I was naked on deck.

* * * * * * * * * *

I awoke in a cold sweat.  I had been dreaming.  It had been a horrid nightmare but I was hard.  My ass hurt so that had not been a dream.  But it had been a wet dream for I was in a puddle of fresh come.  As I played with my cock, I thought about beating the stable boys but suddenly it was I who was being beaten.  I was bent over.  Roy was using a strap and Gary a riding crop on my rear and the rest were rubbing their bulging crotches.  The strap slammed onto my sore tail.  The crop snapped onto my hurting butt.  Over and over; the strap and the crop.  I exploded again.

I was confused.  I had never come so many times in just a few hours and I had never thought of being beaten while jerking off.  I was having trouble separating the reality of the midnight strapping and the fantasies of the dream and jerking off.  And there still was the matter of why the attack – it was clearly a warning but for what.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 7, 2009

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