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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of public parental spanking with the attendant humiliation.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  The author has given explicit permission for her story to be posted on my site.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

This file contain the three responses to Brothers' Red Butts which should be read first.

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Lia's Responses to Brothers' Red Butts



REPLY to Brothers' Red Butts – I

Thursday, March 1

Dear Mary Lou,

Your letter is very exciting!  Sounds like you had a great time.  I imagine that is great fun to watch a spanking, specially when your brother is getting it.  I am not so lucky.  When dad spanks my brother (and lately he does it often), he tells that mother and I go shopping.  Thanks to Rafael's naughtiness I have more bras than I really need.  But I would prefer to have fewer new clothes and to watch one of these sessions that Rafael, the brat, has with dad, especially when dad uses the belt on him.  It would be a compensation for all the times Rafael makes jokes about my little breasts.

As Rafael thinks he is very adult to be kind to me, I enjoy much more to stay with my cousins.  And we made a deal.  Each time that someone gets a tanning, he or she has to tell us in detail.  It's OK to me 'cause I'm an angel and have never deserved to get spanked. © by Y Lee Coyote© YLeeCoyote

Last week my cousin Paulo got it from my uncle with the slipper on the bare behind, and I think he didn't care, because he showed us his red butt as if it had just been lots of fun, and I could see his dick was becoming to be hard when he pulled down his jeans and underwear.  God knows what goes in his mind!  Perhaps the same thing that made your twin brother get hard when you spanked him.  Do you understand boys?

Although I had never watched a spanking, once I heard one.  And it was on my boyfriend!  (Mom and dad don't know that I have a boyfriend, but I can't imagine why it could be wrong.)  I will tell you what happened and I think you will find it great!

Marco is fourteen, one year older than me, and he is my neighbor.  We are always together.  We go to school together and we like to study at the afternoon and then play until our mothers call us for dinner.

About a month ago, we decided to try a cigarette.  My father, like his, hates cigarettes, but we were so curious to smoke that we didn't bother to find a safe place to do it.  We smoked in the garden of the school.  I remember how awful it was!  All that smoke, and I felt sick.  And when we were there in the garden, trying to appreciate that horrible thing, we were caught by the headmistress.  It earned two days of suspension and a report to our parents.  I was worrying about what my parents would say and do.  As I am a very well behaved girl – at least, they think so, I thought that probably they would only lecture me and threaten me with a spanking if I do it again.  They never spank us when we do something naughty for the first time, except when it is very serious and when Rafael does something very serious.  But the lectures are veeeeeery boring.  So I decided to show them the report only at night and have the afternoon free from lectures.  However, Marco seemed very upset.  He went home without me and when I called him to do the homework together he told me that he was grounded.  I spend the afternoon alone.  So I did my homework and went to the backyard to play with my kitty – she is so beautiful!

About 6:00, I heard Marco's father arriving.  He is a husky and stern man, and sometimes he scares me with his strong voice.  I felt very sorry for Marco when I heard the lecture.  Probably they were in the kitchen and it was not difficult to hear what they said.  He was really mad and told Marco that he was going to be punished.  His mother asked him to do it outside because she didn't want to hear it.  So I imagined what kind of punishment it would be.  And I started feeling the strangest sensation I have ever felt in my life, coming from my knees to my stomach, and throbbing right there.  My heart was beating so fast that I thought I would die.  Did you feel the same thing when you watch your brothers getting spanked?  And when you get spanked?

I sat down on the ground near the wall, in order to hear what would happen.  Marco was begging:  "Please, dad, not the belt!" I felt so sorry for him.  I wished that his dad wasn't spank him but at the same I was enjoying hearing it.  Actually I wished that I could watch it, but the wall is very high.

I heard a 'crack' and a yell.  And again and again and again.  After five, Marco was crying out, begging for his dad to stop, and his dad said he better not make such a fuss or he would get it worse.  So he restarted the strapping.  I counted the blows.  Marco got twenty!  And it sounded like they were very hard!

When his dad stopped, there was another lecture and I could hear Marco crying.  Then he was sent to his bedroom.  I stayed there, sitting on the ground, imagining the scene over and over.  Was he getting it on the bare bottom?  I didn't hear his dad telling him to take off his clothes, but I know Marco was wearing shorts and it would not be difficult to his dad to pull them down.  Was he bending over or on his dad's lap?  There was a table in his backyard, where we use to study.  Maybe he was bending over that table.  But I never heard an order to bend over.  I think he pulled Marco over his knees.  And I was imagining his red bottom.  Suddenly I remembered that I had to show the report to my parents.  Dad would arrive in a few minutes.  And I thought that he would spank me too, after all smoking could be something very serious.  I was afraid but I only heard a boring lecture for smoking and for not showing the report earlier, and was grounded for the two days of my suspension.

Marco have never told me about his spanking and I have never told him that I had heard it.  But when I am with him and I remember what I heard, I feel that strange sensation in my stomach again and that throbbing, and I … you know … I put my hand there and….

I think it is not fair that Marco got spanked for smoking and I was only grounded for two days, although I would not like if dad spanked me at all.

I wish Marco had put me over his lap and spank me like you did to Tim.  I wonder if he would do that.  <sigh>

Well, I have to go now.  Marco is calling me to go to the park.  Ah, and sorry for the English.  I promise you that I will write better from now on.  My new teacher is a "cat" (that's what we call a handsome and attractive man in Brazil).



© Copyright by Lia., June 16, 1997

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REPLY to Brothers' Red Butts – II

It is an 'answer' to the letter in Brothers' Red Butts – II which should be read first.

Monday, June 1

Dear Mary Lou,

When I started reading your letter, I felt very sorry for you.  It's not funny to get spanked in front of everyone.  But when I noticed it was a dream, I remembered a girl named Alice.  Have you have read Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There?

I have something to tell you too.  On Wednesday dad spanked me.  I had never been spanked before, but I did deserve it.  Rafael caught me smoking in the park with some friends and told dad.  It was a stupid thing, because I don't even like to smoke.  I just didn't want to tell to my friends that I don't like it.

Dad was really mad.  He told Rafael to go out and sent me to my bedroom.  It was a over the knee spanking on my bare bottom, and it hurt a lot.  It hurt so bad that I cried.  But when it was over, dad held me and rubbed my hair, and he said that he did it because he loves me.  So I went to bed with my tingling bottom.  I thought that it might be Marco that had spanked me and, my dear, I started feeling that thing between my legs.  Do you feel it too when you get spanked? Well, I imagine that, getting with a belt, it would be difficult to enjoy it, but, tell me, that burning sensation on the bottom after the spanking, isn't it good?  Now I understand why your brothers and my cousin were hard.

Thanks for writing me, even with your sore bottom.

I was grounded and forbidden to use the computer, so I couldn't write you sooner.

Tomorrow I will see Marco and I will tell him about my spanking and about my … hot thoughts.  Perhaps he would like to play spanking with me.  I will tell you.



© Copyright by Lia., June 19, 1997

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REPLY to Brothers' Red Butts – III

It is an 'answer' to the letter in Brothers' Red Butts – III which should be read first.

Thursday, June 17

Dear Mary Lou,

Yes, boys do strange things.  But don't we?  Haven't you enjoyed to watch your brothers' little game?  I bet you thought of coming home some minutes late too.

Let me tell you another strange thing.  Yesterday my brother and I were coming home from school with two of my classmates who are our neighbors, and we saw the dog catcher taking a dog that was walking on the streets without a collar.  The dog is always near the school and we like to play with it and feed it.  When we saw that scene, we started begging to the man not take the dog away and, as he didn't hear us, we cursed him and threw rocks on his car, and a heavy stone broke the windshield.  The man was yelling for help when … you won't believe it … mom was coming from the supermarket and caught us with the hand in the pot, as we say here.  She talked to the man and made him calm down, apologizing and telling that she will pay for the windshield.  She had to call dad and my classmates' parents to talk to the man and avoid that he called the police.

My parents were really angry, as you can imagine.  We had to hear a severe lecture on the way to home and we were sent to our rooms.  After about an hour, dad called us to the room and said that we were going to be punished for our irresponsible behavior.  So he took off  his leather belt.  Dear friend, I felt a wave coming from my knees and it was tingling and throbbing so much between my legs that I thought I was going to die.  Rafael must have been excited as there was a bulge in his jeans.

Rafael went first.  Dad told him to pull down his jeans and underpants and bend over the couch.  It was the first time he was getting it in front of mom and me, so he was very embarrassed, but he didn't dare to argue.  I got the see his cock and he is soooo hairy there.  Dad beat him hard.  I could see the red stripes appearing on his butt and soon he was crying, although he is used to the belt.  I started crying too, thinking that I would be the next.  And that was the strangest part of my story.  I was very afraid of getting it, but it was feeling so good between my legs.

Mom saw that I was crying and hugged me.  When Rafael's strapping was over, it was my turn.  I looked at mom and begged "Please, mom, not the belt!", but dad said it had to be the belt because it is a very serious thing insulting and attacking a person who is doing his work.  I begged a little bit and the more I pleaded, the more it tingled.

As it was my first time with the belt, mom sat down on the couch and put me over her lap for dad to strap me.  She pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties, and held my hands over my back.  And dad gave me with the belt.  Very hard.  So hard that during some time I forgot the tingling between my legs to pay attention to the pain in my butt.  It was burning.  But after some strokes I was wiggling so much that I almost fell down from mom's lap, and when she put me back in position, her right leg was between mine, making the tingling revive.  Each time the belt landed on my butt, I rubbed my pussy against mom's leg and you can't imagine what happened.  Wow!  Don't you think that this is very strange too?

I was so afraid that mom would notice that the leg of her jeans was wet that I pissed a little over her lap, so she would think that it was because of the fear and the pain.  When dad stopped, she hugged me and rubbed my back for a long time.

Later, when I was in the bed, dad came to see me and said he was very sorry for having to beat me so hard and I apologized, and he rubbed my hair until I slept.

Today I will see Marco and I bet he will love to see my bruised bottom.  I bet he will ask me to play with his cock and I will surprise him doing the same thing you did to Tim, and perhaps he will put me over his lap with his leg between mine.

You should be late tomorrow.

Sorry for the strange English.  I have to finish my homework to see Marco.  I promise I will tell you everything and I'm looking forward to know more about your games.



The End

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© Copyright Lia, June 19, 1997

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