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The following story is fiction about young femdom.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Life Facts


My understanding of the male/female relationship started when I was ten and my parents were breaking up making many changes in my life.  One of the things that was normal while I was young was that my brother, who is about fifteen months older than I, got spanked.  It was almost always Mother who roasted his naughty bottom and I watched many, many times.  Spanking happened frequently in many families in our neighborhood.

Starting at a young age, my girl friends and I were allowed to watch our brothers and friends get spanked.  Their pants were always taken down and frequently totally removed so that we girls learnt early about boy parts as we thought of them when we were little.  As the boys got older they made more objections to being exposed but were told it was part of the spanking procedure.  It did not help when they pointed out when a girl got spanked, a rare occasion, it was kept private.

One special night when I got up to pee I heard my parents arguing.  Mother was scolding Father exactly like she scolded Robby.  I was confused and had to listen to everything.  What really got to me was her order “Drop your pants and get over my lap for a spanking.  You’re just a naughty little boy.”  Dad whined and complained but he did as he was told and I soon heard the sound of a spanking first with a hand and then with the hard hairbrush.  Just like with Robby she soon had him bawling.  Dad moved out the next day but why was not explained to us kids.  I wished that I could have watched as well as listened.

It was only a month later that we moved to another town where Mother’s sister Aunt Sylvia and her family lived.  My life was going through many changes.  We stayed with them as mother worked and searched for a house.  My Uncle Wes was very quiet and always agreed with my aunt.  Our cousins both had bunk beds so it was easy for us to share space while Mom used the guest room.  We became a family of seven in short order.

We were there for less than two weeks when it became clear to me that our cousin Lucy was most definitely in charge of her brother Kenny.  Both of our brothers were eleven while Lucy was thirteen some three years older than I then.  This happened when the adults were all out and the boys returned more than an hour late.  Lucy called them on this and said that they would each be spanked before their now cold dinner.© YLeeCoyote

Kenny accepted his fate without objections although not happily.  He quickly fetched the hairbrush and stripped totally in the family room ignoring my presence.  He got over his sister’s lap and she spanked him.  After starting with her hand Lucy switched and wielded the hairbrush as effectively as Mom had for in a just few minutes Kenny was crying and had a flaming red butt.  Robby refused completely saying: “You’re not my mother.”  Lucy told Kenny to explain what would happen.

“Robby, she will tell Mom that you did not cooperate for a justified spanking and you will get spanked for that.  Then she will send you back to Lucy for the spanking you just refused.  Best just strip now and give the brush to Lucy rather than get two spankings.” explained Kenny.  It took Robby a few minutes but he came around.  He was a lot shyer when he stripped for the first time before our female cousin and very reluctantly got over her lap for his spanking.

As Lucy got her grip on his waist, she warned that the next refusal would earn a lot of extras and then began to spank him.  She was evidentially very experienced and I watched how Robby’s naughty bottom turned red faster than when Mom spanked him with her hand.  Again she switched to the hairbrush and turned Robby’s bottom a glowing cherry red in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and with him crying.

I was duly impressed.  I’m sure that Robby learnt a lesson also.  She fed the boys who ate naked while standing at the counter before sending them to bed telling Kenny to explain all the rules to my brother.  Robby tried uselessly to hide his boy bits although Kenny did not.

I was very impressed by her handling and spanking the boys.  Later when we were alone in her bedroom, she explained how it is normal for women to be in charge even at an early age.  She even said I could expect to be in charge of the boys in just a few months.  That was absolutely thrilling.  I wondered about that became the boys were older and she explained that girls mature earlier.  “It is clear that you have already started puberty while the boys have not as they still just have little hairless peepees just as they did when years ago rather than anything more manly.”

One of the rules that Robby learnt about was that after being spanked, the boys were not allowed to get dressed until after breakfast.  I had the fun of seeing them both naked.  The adults backed up Lucy’s actions and that confirmed everything she told me.  I guess that it did the same for my now pink tailed brother.

When the heat wave struck the next week, I learnt about another rule that applied to the boys: “Boys swim au naturel.” while we girls were allowed swim suits in the little above ground pool in the backyard.  Of course, we used the skimpiest ones we could get but just a tiny bit of fabric made us feel like grownups rather than kids.  At first Robby refused and he was told that he did not have go swimming.  After an hour in the heat watching us swim, he gave in and stripped.  In a few days, he was completely comfortable swimming that way even when other girls were about.  I also got to see more naked boys a few of whom actually had pubes.  They had grown up swimming au naturel so they did not bother with swim suits since the girls had all seen them naked for many years.  It was good for my education.

Because the boys swam naked and slept naked (another house rule) with the hot weather they did not always bother to get dressed about the house.  Lucy pointed out to me that it made them more like little boys than tweens.  The evidence was that Robby had become more like Kenny in his behavior and attitude.  Once she pointed this out, I realized that the arrogant big boy vs. little girl comments from my brother had stopped.

There were other factors as well.  Lucy made me her messenger so that I could give the boys orders.  These were always like “Come in for lunch.”, that they would want to do thus they got used to obeying me.  Even more fun was that I actually assisted her in spanking the boys.

Every time she got to spank either (actually almost always together) she had me give some hand spanks and then a couple with the hairbrush after she did.  I found it thrilling even though the boys did not really feel much.  They objected in principle but Lucy told them to be quiet as I had to learn how to spank naughty boys because I would be baby sitting soon.

Then came my big night.  The boys noisily kept at video games rather than sleep and Lucy barged into their room with me on her heels.  Lucy sat on a chair and Kenny got over her lap as soon as she patted it.  I sat on the bed and for the very first time said: “Robby get over my lap.”  He hesitated as Lucy warned me he probably would so I repeated the order with the threat of extras for disobedience.  He yielded and got into position.

My heart was racing as I began to spank my big immature brother for the first time over my lap.  What a thrill it was to see my handprint on his naughty bottom.  I could tell that I was not as effective as Lucy was but time and the hairbrush would cure that.  It only took a few hard spanks and my hand was starting to hurt and I switched to the hairbrush.  That was a great relief for my hand and a much more effective way to spank.  Robby was sobbing a little when I got him up.  We ordered the boys to get to sleep and they both answered: “Yes, Ma’am.” just as Lucy had taught them to do.

It took all my self control not to jump for joy before getting back to my room.  Lucy was full of praise for my accomplishment.  It was an important milestone that I had achieved and it would be easier to spank Robby again as it was no longer a novelty.  Because of the no dressing rule, they were naked at breakfast so that Mom learnt that I had spanked my brother.  She definitely approved and said it was a good thing and I should not hesitate should he need another spanking.  I was elated although Robby thought it was totally outrageous.  Uncle told him he could avoid that by keeping out of trouble.

I got my big chance on a wet afternoon when the little boys come home covered in mud.  I saw them from my upstairs window and Lucy let me go deal with the babies staying in reserve in case I needed assistance.  I waited on the front porch and when they approached I told them that they could not come in all muddy and to go around to the back and wash off with the hose.

Somewhat drippy they encountered me sitting on a sturdy kitchen chair on the back porch.  “OK boys, you have earned a spanking for getting all muddy.  Strip, please, and put your wet muddy stuff in the bucket.”  Not unexpectedly they whined and grumbled but I stood very firm.  I even reminded them if they did not cooperate they would have to face two angry mothers and then come back to me for a second spanking.  Truth be told, I really was not sure about all that but they accepted it.  Three minutes later two immature, almost twelve-year-old boys were naked and ready to go over my lap.  I was thrilled and delighted.

Kenny was first.  He got over my lap and I got a grip on his waist.  I raised my hand and started to spank.  It was ever so thrilling and I turned his bottom pink before switching to the hairbrush.  That, of course, turned his bottom a bright and painful red.  He was crying when I got him up.  Robby then received exactly the same treatment and with the same results.  I was so proud of myself.

It was now evident that Lucy was correct in her prediction that I would be in charge of the boys even though I was a year younger.  I could not have felt more grown up.

By the time school started along with Lucy I had authority over the boys and it seem totally natural to all of us.  That would continue as Mother along with Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Wes decided that we would all stay together.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 14, 2021

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