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The following story is totally fiction.  It is about a younger brother's revenge and deals with diapers, spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Life is Good – Now


It was a dark and stormy night...but I'm getting ahead of myself (but I wanted to use that opening line).  I was not happy that the accident happened at the time but now more than a year later I see that there has been some very good side effects.  Let me go back a couple of years to when I was still thirteen to start the story.  I won't mince words – I was a bed wetter.  There I said it, and I feel better.  But please note that this is all in the past.  Yes, I wet the bed since I was a little kid until I was thirteen and about to start high school.  It one of those things and it sure is not a crime but mom and my older brother, Austin, two years my senior couldn't or more likely wouldn't understand that.  Mom was certain that I was doing it just to get attention and Austin found great joy in my misery and did all that he could to make it worse.

Like I needed all that shit.  Like it was fun having to wear a diaper because I had to when my peers, both friends and enemies, did not.  Worrying about sleepovers and trips and the stink and the wonderful decor in my room – packages of diapers, baby powder, baby oil, baby cream – just what every boy wants.  Who needs GI Joe to play with when you can use a canister of powder?  Who want a hot wheels truck rather than a bottle of baby oil to play with.  Who does not love having a brother's friends watching you getting changed and commenting on the size (or lack of it) of your pee-pee and asking about pubes?  Sure we all do and it is great to get all the attention.  (Just in case you want this just wet your bed a few times.  Then be nice to your mommy and graciously offer to wear diapers so reduce the work load.)

OK, now I know that some of you out there like diapers to play in.  That just fine when you're not the butt of a running joke for a decade and with a mom that thinks you needs to be shamed out of such babyish behavior and practically puts up a sign that you're a bed wetter.  But I'll bet you still don't like all those great names the other kids make up for you.

Well, I'm happy to report that I grew out of it before I finished the eighth grade.  Of course, even though that was two years ago, Austin did not seem to have noticed.  He still gave me a hard time about bedwetting and diapers.  I still have fantasies about being Torquemada with him at my mercy.

But, back to the recent past.  Where was I, oh, yea.  It was a dark and stormy night and mom and Austin were on the way home.  Her driving skills suck and she skidded into the bridge abutment.  She almost killed herself and my dear brother like she did dad a decade ago, which, incidentally, is when I started to wet the bed again.  Austin was in the hospital two weeks and she for six weeks.  As awful as I honestly described them, they are the only family I got so I was glad that they would be back.  Maybe when I am on my own after college I'll feel different.  We'll see.  But then I got a very pleasant surprise – they were both in diapers in the hospital.  Part of the reason was prophylactic but there was some suspicion that Austin had some bladder nerve damage.  Time will tell.© YLeeCoyote

At first I was staying with a friend but I did not like that.  I wanted to be home.  At fifteen I was not a baby anymore.  Kids use to go to sea at twelve and younger.  I even had a way to deal with the mundane problem of housekeeping – a housekeeper.  Mom had a three-day-week woman who she had gotten for longer hours when she took a trip last year and had to leave Austin and me alone.  She was available but only when her kids were at school.  Mom was taken by surprise but with Austin being thrown out of the hospital it was either that or a convalescent home for him some distance away.  At home he could continue with his school work and interact with his friends.

When it got to be time for Austin to leave the hospital he was still in diapers.  With his leg injury he was confined to bed most of the time and absolutely prohibited from trying to walk by himself even with a walker or crutches for some time.  I had been very sympatric to him about his diaper wearing for I had dreamt up a truly devilish plan.  I actually took some of my own cash and ordered a hypnosis and subliminal CD.  I'll leave you to guess what sort.

When he got home he found that I was the sweetest little brother one could hope for.  I was really nice to him.  I can tell you that it was with the greatest pleasure that I changed his first diaper.  I even got it on video.  The hospital bed with side bars seemed like a crib but I promised that I would not talk about that.  Of course, that insured that he would think of them that way.  It helped that he was on meds that kept him sedated to control the pain.  He loved listening to CD's so it was not a problem when I told him that I got one to help him sleep – nice nature sounds that were super relaxing and would make him sleep like a baby (pun intended).  He thanked me profusely for being so thoughtful.  Little did he know.  The CD was set to repeat and he heard it for six hours.  In the morning he was soaked and embarrassed.

"It's OK bro.  The doc said you would have this problem for a bit.  Now would you like me to change you or do you want to wait for Mrs. Mckaskle to do it."  It was not really a choice.  He was a pretty shy guy and the idea of still another female wiping his dick and not getting him off was terrible."

He was actually polite to me.  "Please change me, brother.  It's so kind of you."

Well, I did.  After cleaning him up I helped him to the bathroom so he could crap before putting a fresh diaper on him back in bed.  "The doc said it – if you stay dry you won't need the diaper by day." I reminded him.  I then rushed to get off to school on time leaving him to wait for Mrs. Mckaskle to tend him for the day.  She came in as I went out.

He expected to loaf all day but he got a surprise after breakfast.  There was a stack of assignments from school and Mrs. Mckaskle had strict instructions from mom that he do his school work.  He even wet his diaper.  He had called her but she did not get there in time and she had to change him.  I wish I had been there to watch   No, he did that all by himself since the hypno-CD was for sleep wetting.  Of course, if I had left the urinal on his bed stand he could have used it but I forgot.  That was so very careless of me; I should be spanked with a feather duster for being so careless.

That afternoon his best buddy, Martin, came by.  They loved to tease and rib each other so I made sure of a couple of things.  When we were almost to Austin's bed, I mentioned that he was stuck in diapers and he was sensitive and thus this should not be talked of.  Of course, there was a convenient supply on his dresser with the necessary paraphernalia and a new bag of diapers on the floor visible to all.  Martin did it wonderfully.  Even better than then when he tortured me.  I decided to go for more.  Austin had an early lights out time and I enlisted Martin to help me.  We helped Austin to the bathroom and he had to relive himself with us watching.  Martin told him it was nothing to worry about as we all had to pee-pee.  Yes, he used that nice baby word.  Back in bed, Martin helped me to put a diaper on Austin.  He was unhappy but trapped.

I was a proper host and showed Martin to the door.  I also asked him not to talk about the diapers at school and to ask Austin's friends to call before dropping in.  I wanted to be sure that Martin had the idea of talking about the diapers and bedwetting.   I put the hypno-CD in and felt real good about what I was doing.

The next evening Sheri, his girlfriend, and her closest friend, Jeanie came over.  The girls were delighted to get into the nursing/mother/babysitter roles and I left them.  They fussed over him for a couple of hours and he was even tenting his diaper.  I could not get near him which was just fine until I had to help him to the toilet for the nightly run.  Then the girls took over again to diaper him.  He was mortified but they would not be put off.  He could not hide his boner either.  I guess he was entitled to that after never having privacy to jerk off properly.  I knew that the video tape was recording everything so I left them alone.  Sheri took good care of his special needs and put the diaper on him with lots of baby talk.  His mortification about the diaper detracted from the joy of Sheri's hand job.

One of things I had not been doing was keeping his pubes clean.  I got lots of oil and powder on them and his wetting soaked them.  By the end of the week something had to be done.  Mom had a whole batch of rules about bed wetters and their diapers.  They were designed for maximum humiliation and minimum privacy.  Austin was very strict about following them when they applied to me  and I intended to do the same now that they applied to him.  I invited Ted, my best friend, for the next night and clued him in on what I had planned for Austin.  He was delighted to help since he hated how Austin had treated me when I was stuck in diapers.

When Austin did not need to do #2 (as the rules called it) I said that we could do things the safer way and Ted got the urinal.  Austin did not want to cooperate so I had to remind him of the Rules.  He objected but Ted helped convince him that they were in effect.  Of course, to do that we had to resort to a prime rule:  "Uncooperative bedwetting diaper wearing baby boys get spanked by their caregiver."  He had lots of fun doing that and now it was my turn.  With his bum leg, Austin did not have a chance when we turned him over and untaped his diaper.  We both gave him ten with the small paddle turning his buns bright red.  Now with tears on his face he cooperated.  He filled the urinal Ted held as we watched.  Then Ted was appalled at the state of his pubes and said that they had to be taken care of before bad things happened.  It was easy to hold the begging Austin still as I used a small scissor to shear the oily, powdered, matted hair short.  Then I used Austin's own razor and shaving cream to make him nice and smooth.   It would have been so much more fun to had done it hair by hair with a tweezer.

Austin was proved right when he pointed out that there was an area of diaper rash now exposed.  We put special cream on it and diapered him tight for the night.  I could hardly wait until his friends saw him bald.  I just put in a regular CD that night after several night of the hypno-CD.  Austin still wet.  As it was a Saturday I was slow about changing him for I knew that Sheri was coming over.  There was no doubt that she would take care of him and see what was not there any more.  As she cleaned him up she mentioned the change and I explained that it was necessary.  "Yes, I was going to suggest it because they get so dirty and ranchy."  Of course I had to help him to the bathroom to crap and then back to bed for Sheri to diaper and baby.

In the next month all of my friends and all of his got to see him changed.  Of course, he was back in a regular bed and was using a walker (soon to be a cane) to move about.  However, his bedwetting persisted.  Mom returned home but, alas, she did not wet.  I was a hero her eyes with how well I had conducted myself and dealt with the baby bed wetter.  She was delighted that I had invoked her rules.

I remained a great brother to Austin.  He constantly thanked me for never teasing him and trying to stop the others.  He also apologized to me in front of my friends for having been such a asshole when I was having a problem.  Mother never let up on him and he lost several friends.  He missed going on a couple of class trips because of his wetting which delighted me no end.

I've gotten rid of the hypno-CD now that it had done its job.  Mom's rules require a month of dry nights before he does not have to use them.  What I found is that just talking to him gently about how wetting is not a crime when I diaper him triggers the conditioning from the CD.  I have also made mom's harsh unforgiving rules work for me.  Although the rules talked about babies not having hair, I let that one slide until I had good reason to shave him.  However, once that was done, I was able to continue the process.  Another one of the rules was that the bed wetter had to take care of everything he can rather than having others do extra work.  I gently complained about having to shave Austin and mother told him to do it twice a week when he showers.  He hates to do it but she checks up on him.  Once he skipped it and mom paddled him real good and grounded him for a week for 'willful disobedience'.  I'll bet he is going to be bald until he leaves home.

Austin managed to give me a wonderful surprise.  It was a Tuesday and he come in most depressed.  He had really fucked up a pop quiz and that meant that he was going to get spanked.  He could handle that even when mom was in a bad mood.  It just hurt a bit more.  The problem was that mom was going to be out until late and therefore he would not get his due until the next day.  Obviously he was quite willing to wait but for the side effects.  Any spanking for a school fuck up also meant a three day grounding and he wanted he wanted to go partying on Friday.

We talked about his problem and I let him come up with the suggestion that I spank him so that the grounding time starts.  I made it hard for him even though I was thrilled with the idea.  It would certainly feed my ego to know that he was so willing to submit to my discipline.  Correspondingly, he must feel diminished.  "I'll have to do it hard and take pictures to convince mom that you were properly spanked." I told him reluctantly.  He agreed.

I also had him write in longhand that it was his idea that I spank him so that he could get his punishment over rather than to wait for mother the next day and thus concentrate on his school work rather than worrying about the spanking.  I told him not to mention wanting the grounding over soon so he go could go to a party.  He was thrilled when I told him I was going to do it just when I diapered him for the night.  We had a few hours to do our homework.  (I had to keep up also or I would feel mom's wrath on my own butt.)  I had one more nasty to arrange and that was to get Ted to come over to do some homework with me.

The time came and Austin stripped down, did the bathroom bit and came back to ask for his spanking.  Ted was smiling as he started to take pictures.  I got Austin over my lap and started with the small strap that I liked.  It delivered a good solid blow without hurting my hand.  Soon Austin's butt was pink all over and working its way to red.  I wanted to prolong this spanking as much as possible and yet make him cry.  With Ted watching he wanted to appear macho so he resisted and that made it even better.  It took a bit longer but he did break and was bawling like the baby he is.  After the final photos were shot I diapered him.

In the morning I told mom that Austin felt so bad about the poor grade that he asked me to spank him immediately and showed her the note Austin wrote.  After seeing the pictures, mom was satisfied.  Austin got to go his party but he paid a higher price that he expected.  Mom took the note just as I hoped she would and soon after gave me the authority to punish Austin when she was busy or away.  That certainly reinforced his subordinate position with respect to me.

Austin did not like that development but he is stuck with it.  Of course, it is my duty to assist mother by helping her with her difficult child.  I've done two things (neither with approval of mother) that reinforce my dominance.  First, I reduce the spanking a bit if he comes to me, confesses his fault and asks for his earned punishment.  It seem to be a reasonable thing to do for after all the State does that with real criminals.  Second, I've been less hard nosed about strictness of the rules so that he actually prefers me as a buffer with mother.  I've even been willing to cancel his grounding provided that we start the punishment cycle all over.  That way I get to spank him twice and he is grounded for longer.

Unfortunately there might be a life long down side for Austin.  He is due to graduate high school at the end of the school year and is planing to go to a good four year university.  But, unless he stops wetting the bed he is destined to go the local second rate, two year college.  (This is worth more than half a billion dollars of earning over a lifetime.)  Mother says that baby bedwetting boys can not go away to live in a college dorm.

I've taken to sleeping nude just so he will see my lush bush especially when I diaper him at night since he been shaved.  Mom has never respected our privacy but I think it a bonus when she see both of us naked for comparison.  It helps her think of me as the more grown up son; the one that should be in charge and Austin as the (bedwetting) baby.  Austin has become dependant on me – like a prisoner with his captor – because I have such a big hand in his life and always seem so sympatric to his plight.  Most important he knows that I'm the brother in charge and treats me very respectfully. 

Life is good – now.  Life is especially good when favored with sweet revenge.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., March 3, 2004

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