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The following story is fiction about tweens getting revenge on a teen.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is Part 4 of the Sweet and Sour Series.  You should start with Part 1: Revenge Is Sweet

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Sweet and Sour
Life Really Sucks!


Steam Train <>

I had been dreading the day I would have to front up to Joey, the other boy I had baby sat.  When Percy discovered I was suffering from false puberty he had forced me to agree to a number of demands in return for him keeping quiet about my loss of pubes and cock and ball size.  The only person he was allowed to tell was Joey!

Eventually my meeting with fate could not be put off any longer and on that day Percy, Joey and I met at Percy's house shortly after school let out.  Percy and Joey knew they would have two hours to punish me before Percy's mom returned as it was Percy's regular babysit day.

Almost as soon as we were inside Joey challenged me saying, "Spike, you've been claiming to be a man for months now.  It's time that you proved that you are man and not a boy, a man with a cock and not the pee-pee of a little boy, a man with a bush and not the bald crotch of a little boy."

He knew of course that I was suffering from 'False Puberty' and that I had had lost my signs of manhood, my bush of pubes and a thickening teenage cock and balls.  Despite the fact I knew he knew; I still tried refusing his demands, insisting that I did not have to prove anything to boys like Joey.  I was even more humiliated than ever at the thought of Joey and Percy seeing my now little boy genitals.  You see my added problem was that since Percy had seen me naked the false puberty had set in further and apart from all my pubes already disappearing my balls had now shrunk back to a tight little sack and my cock had continued to shrink even more than it had when Percy saw it.

My objections did no good of course as Joey insisted, "You're getting naked, Spike no matter what.  And if we have to strip you, everyone will see the pictures, complete with today's paper in the shot."© YLeeCoyote

I was reduced to confessing, "Please don't make me.  I admit it; ok!  I don't have pubes."

Joey showed no mercy and told me I had thirty seconds or Percy and he would strip me!"

I was totally defeated and began to strip but stopped when I got down to my boxers, holding just a faint hope that Joey might show some mercy.

"Everything, boy, everything!" Joey ordered dashing my last hopes!

I could feel my face blushing, as I slowly pulled my boxers off careful to put my hands over my crotch to "hide" my baldness and lack of size from Joey and Percy's gaze.

Joey noticed my blushing and ordered, "Hands to your side, you ain't got nothing to hide."

When I withdrew my hands, Joey burst out laughing as did Percy, causing me to blush even more!

They both knew I was now totally bald with no pubes, but neither expected my cock and balls to be as small as they now were.  Before false puberty hit, my cock was ​four and three quarter inches​ (​12 cm​) erect and now it had shrunk to ​three inches​ (​7.6 cm​) erect.  Trouble was, at that moment it was not erect, it was shrunk with humiliation and embarrassment to barely a little knob jutting out from my hairless groin above my now tight little ball sack!

"Spike, you've been lying to us.  You're just a little boy with a teeny-tiny pee-pee not a cock and not a single hair" Joey lectured when he regained some composure.

"What happens to lying little boys, Spike?" he asked.

When I reluctantly went to answer my humiliation and embarrassment was driven even higher by my voice breaking resulting in me answering in a high-pitched fearful voice … "They get spanked."

Joey made me repeat that louder and then made me ask him for a long hard spanking to teach me not to lie.  He obviously enjoyed humiliating me as I could see his cock straining through his jeans.  I was so jealous of Joey and Percy at that moment, them having everything I had lost and them knowing I was now totally a little boy!

I didn't have long to think about things as Joey grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the couch.  He dragged me over his lap and quickly brought his hand down hard on my left check and then my right, causing me to yelp like the little boy I had become and soon to my shame I was begging him to stop, promising between my sobs to be a good boy.

But instead of stopping, to my added horror he pulled out a flip-flop and began to really roast my ass, causing me to shamefully howl and cry uncontrollably.

When Joey finally stopped and I tried to get off his lap I was so distressed that I could not stand, so Joey positioned me kneeling between his legs and held me like a little boy as I cried my eyes out.  Thinking back, I must have looked like a sissy boy but I tell you it felt so good Joey hugging and caressing me!

Eventually, I regained some composure and Joey offered to rub some cream into my burning butt.

I was so appreciative after that hug that I readily accepted.

I was real surprised when both Joey and Percy stripped totally naked before me showing off their boners surrounded by their newly grown bushes of pubic hair.  I stared wide eyed at their manhood.  Joey was noticeably bigger and hairier than Percy but both were men not little boys.  The two then jerked off in front of me, causing me renewed jealousy as I had also lost the ability to shoot!

As soon as they both climaxed, shooting good size loads into their outstretched hands, I realized what sort of cream Joey had been talking about!

I hurriedly said that I could do without, but Joey asked if that meant I had told another lie and knowing it would mean another spanking, I changed my mind and allowed them to rub their cream into my bum cheeks and even some was rubbed into my crack and over my bottom hole which felt surprisingly enjoyable and caused my cock to boner up!

After a while they took me to the bathroom, washed my face like I was a little boy and Percy even held my still erect little cock whilst I tried to pee.  Ever tried peeing when someone is holding your cock?  Fucking difficult if not impossible!

After I was allowed to dress and cover my shame they even made me thank them for their kindness and generosity in providing hot and fresh boy cream and for rubbing it in!  The final humiliation that day was being made to swear obedience to both boys with my hands on both their hard hairy man cocks!  After that, any fee I collected for sitting either of them I had to turn over to them plus I also had to promise them a percentage of any other earnings I made!

* * * * * * * * * *

After that for a while life really began to suck before things settled down somewhat!

Percy and Joey showed me some of the pictures they had taken of me being spanked and warned me if I gave them any trouble, everyone in our class would see them and so would my high school buddies.

My three ninth grade buddies who were all my age had all started puberty before me.  I didn't get my first pubes in false puberty till I was nearly fourteen but by then we had grown out of sleepovers and so they never saw me with pubes.  A month or so after Percy and then Joey found out my secret, I was hanging out with Liam and Mike at Ben's house as his oldies were out, when it was decided it was so stinking hot that a swim was required.  We all stripped off to our boxers and were soon cooling off, mucking about in the refreshing water.  In their wet boxers, Ben, Liam and Mike had noticeable bulges and they noticed my lack of a bulge plus my still hairless legs and pits.  After a few comments between the guys things built quickly and before I could escape I was overpowered by the three much bigger guys and depantsed.

My hairless little boy cock and balls were totally exposed as they held my hands from covering up despite my frantic efforts.  They were friends so unlike Joey and Percy they just ribbed me big time about my lack of development, until that is, Liam noticed the red marks from a recent spanking on my bum.

My friends then barraged me with questions and I was forced tell the guys all the details!

I had to confess to bullying Joey and Percy, and I even had to tell my friends how I was now being punished by Joey and Percy as well as being helped by them in my recovery from false puberty by the intake of man cream.

Ben, Liam and Mike all seemed real interested in this treatment.  I had to explain to them in detail how the treatment worked and how it had progressed from rubbing man cream into my body to the guys shooting their pure man cream, directly into my mouth, then up my butt, so it worked more efficiently, just like when you take pills.  At first my friends looked real disbelieving but they knew Percy's dad was a doctor and so after a private discussion amongst themselves they said Percy would know and they offered to supplement my supply of man cream.

That's true friends!

My three friends also felt an obligation to help me cure my bullying and began helping Percy and Joey out when I had been naughty and needed a spanking.  This really sucked but Joey and Percy said they could do with the added help and my friends were very willing to assist.  Being my age but bigger their beltings really hurt when they wacked into my upturned bum.  Like Percy and Joey they insisted I had to be totally naked and unprotected for a spanking!

It also came to pass that Percy and Joey were joined by Ben, Liam and Mike in providing man cream to help in a quicker recovery from my false puberty.  It worked too, because soon after I started taking the extra regular doses, my cock and balls stopped shrinking and though it took nearly a year my pubes finally began to grow back too.

Even after puberty seemed to be happening again, I wanted to be certain that I was not struck down again by false puberty, so I pleaded with all five of the guys that I be allowed their man cream.  They were so good to me that all of them allowed me to access their man cream whenever I wanted.

The End

© Copyright Steam Train. July 21, 2011

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