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The following story is fiction about a boy getting revenge on his bulling neighbor as told by the older boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is the sequel to Revenge Is Sweet which should be read first

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Sweet and Sour
Life Sucks!


Steam Train <>

My name is Spike and at nearly fifteen years of age I am the oldest and biggest kid in my seventh grade class.  I started school a year late and along the way I was also held back another year, so instead of being a high school freshman, I'm stuck in seventh grade and still have the eight grade to go before I even finish middle school way behind my mates!

That sucks but the one advantage of my situation was that being an older boy amongst boys two years younger than me I was never picked on or bullied and being bigger I also started to get paid "babysitting" jobs looking after some of my fellow classmates from the time I turned twelve years of age!

Our family physician was the father of ten-year-old Percy in my class and mum and the doctor got on well, so through mum I first got the job of babysitting Percy for a few hours once a week before Percy's overprotective mom got home from her weekly shopping in the city.  Seems his mother did not want him staying alone for the couple of hours after school, what a sissy.

Some time after Percy I also picked up a second babysitting job through Percy's dad, minding eleven-year-old Joey, the son of another of his patients who lived just down the block from Percy's.  Both Percy and Joey were very sissy and immature for their age and I had to put in much effort to help Percy and Joey toughen up!

I soon learnt that with my height and weight advantage I could dominate both boys when it came to disciplining their bad behaviour and at the same time toughen up the sissies by giving them a good spanking.  Both boys needed firm discipline and I was in the right spot to administer it, as neither boy was spanked by their parents© YLeeCoyote

Now you may think I was just being a bully but the fact that most of the girls in my class would not even speak with me had nothing to do with them seeing me as a bully but because they were so awed by my maturity.  I know some of the boys in my class also saw me as a bully but like with the girls I think this was a result of my maturity and I think that my actions and behaviour were misunderstood by all.

At first I began spanking both Percy and Joey by administering just a few spanks on their jeans whilst I draped them over my lap.  It took me a while to perfect my spanking skills and at first my spanks were not hard and really did not seem to hurt either boy very much but after a few months, my skills improved and to make the punishment more effective I also began to take the boys pants down before spanking them bare.  It also gave me a chance to check out both boys.  At ten years of age Percy was still very much a hairless little boy but eleven-year-old Joey to my surprise already had a cock and balls that equalled mine.  At nearly thirteen I too was still hairless and I was privately embarrassed that an eleven-year-old looked very similar to the much more mature me!

It sucks big time but at sleepovers I noticed that all three of my close friends who were also my age but high school freshmen, all started puberty before me.  I didn't get my first pubes till I was nearly fourteen.  By then twelve-year-old Joey had well and truly surpassed me in the size of his cock and balls along with the thick growth of pubic hairs that had sprouted across his groin.

When I finally started puberty and envious of Joey I started ridiculing the younger Percy's lack of development, saying things like, "You're just a little hairless boy." and even going so far as to drop my jeans to exhibit my admittedly merger growth of pubes to further shame that hairless sissy Percy.  I couldn't do that with Joey as I feared that if he found out he was more developed than me, I would loose my position of power over him!

Even with my sparse scattering of hairs it was still way more than Percy had and I used their presence to justify some harsh spankings explaining that "Little hairless boys get spanked by men with hair like me."

As if Joey being more developed than me was not bad enough Percy had the hide to state about his hairless state that "You're two years older, Spike.  I'll catch up with you soon!"  That sent a secret shiver of fear down my spine as it had already happened with Joey and if it happened with Percy too and heaven forbid my secret of slow development was discovered my whole world would collapse.

Soon after we started seventh grade Percy turned twelve and not long after that I noticed some peach fuzz developing above his cock!  Within three months this had grown to a small bush not much different in size to my humiliating slow growing patch.

Then as if the gods had turned totally against me my own meagre bush began to shrink along with my cock and balls!

I don't recall when everything actually started to shrink but one day I noticed that I was not feeling as horny as I had.  Instead of jerking off two or three times a day like I had been since I hit puberty, I realised I had gone a few days without needing to jerk off!  That's when I noticed that my already meagre growth of pubes had shrunk back to a small semi circle of pubes no more than ​a quarter of an inch​ (​six mm​) deep above my cock and my balls had lost completely the few hairs that had only recently started to grow there.  Over the next couple of weeks I felt less and less like jerking off and in fact when I eventually did try to jerk off, all I managed was a dry cum like when I was a pre pubescent little boy!  By then I looked like one too as all my pubic hair had disappeared and when I measured my cock it was ​an inch​ (​2.5 cm​) shorter erect than it had been and my balls no longer were as plump or hung down as much as they had.

I desperately wanted to go see Percy's dad about my problem but I was too humiliated and embarrassed to mention it to anyone!  Finally I had decided I would have to tell mum and get her to make an appointment when my secret was discovered and my whole world began to collapse around me!

I was babysitting Percy and I hadn't been as hard on him the last few weeks, for some reason, as nothing he did now seemed to rile me up like it used too.  While we were having some chocolate milk that Percy regularly mixed up special because he knew I liked it so much, he asked out of the blue to see my "big bush" as he called it, quoting my own words from last year.

I knew Percy had grown his own bush of pubes which already would have matched mine even if mine had not disappeared leaving me bald where it really matters!  Now to my humiliation both Percy and Joey looked much manlier with their pubes than me who was again just a hairless little boy!  I had used the existence of pubes as one of my main justifications as to why the two boys had to submit to me.

I of course refused Percy's request, saying that I had shown it to him before and that nothing had changed.  The little upstart even challenged me saying he doubted that I was more of a man than he now was! A cold stab of fear ran through me when he said this.  Did he know I was now bald?  How could he know?  I breathed a sigh of relief when to my nervous question of "What do you mean?" Percy replied, "You didn't really have a 'big bush' as you called it, just a small scattering of hair.  I have as much, if not more than you had then and I was wondering who had the most now?

Of course such a comment got me annoyed and I reprimanded him for being uppity and enjoyed giving him a good bare spanking for his disrespect!

The next week when I was in the bathroom taking a dump, Percy walked in on me and caught me with my pants down.  Before I could cover up Percy saw that my crotch was totally hairless and that my penis and balls were smaller than they had been a when he had last seen them.

Percy immediately accused me of lying that I was a man rather than still a boy.  "No wonder you have been afraid to show me your bush because it is non-existent.  You have been lying.  And a hairless little boy who lies gets spanked."

I could feel my faced had blushed profusely as he told this to me, adding to my humiliation and embarrassment.  There was no way I could deny the exposed truth that I was a hairless little boy and when Percy threatened to expose my secret to everyone at school, I had no real choice but to agree to submit to Percy's demands in return for him telling no one but Joey.

Adding to my humiliation and embarrassment, Percy watched me finish my business in the bathroom then marched me like a little boy into the family room where he took obvious delight in lecturing me for lying about how grown up I was.

Then to my horror I had to let Percy remove all my clothes.  When I started to object he reminded me that he would tell everyone I was still a bald little boy at fifteen years of age!

Percy really seemed to savour the pleasure of turning the tables on me.  He very slowly undressed me adding to my humiliation and embarrassment but eventually I was completely naked, standing in front of Percy.

To my added humiliation, Percy stood me naked in front of the hall mirror and then lowered his own jeans and underwear so that his ever thickening bush of pubes was well contrasted to my total baldness, indelibly impressing on me our now revised relationship!

Then the boy who I had always though of as a sissy, pulled me to the couch in the family room and sitting, pulled me over his lap in such a way that much of my weight was supported by the couch.  Then I felt him rub my virgin bottom.  I had never been spanked and the fear of how much it might hurt was quickly growing within me.

Percy delivered two hard spanks, one to each of my cheeks which caused me to stiffen and gasp with surprise and pain.  Then after a pause the real spanking began.  I saw out of the corner of my eye Percy reach across and pick up an old hairbrush he had placed there and then he immediately began roasting my tail with it!

I had never felt pain like it and to my shame I was soon yelling in pain as Percy ripped into my bottom.

I am sure Percy was most delighted that I was crying and broken of all resistance before he was finished.  My loss of status to Percy was now complete and I knew Percy was going to tell Joey, meaning I would have to relive this total humiliation and pain all over again!

When I had recovered from Percy's spanking, the loss of my pubes and genital size got the better of me and seeing Percy now knew all about my secret and his dad was a doctor I asked, "You know that I had pubes just a month ago.  Why have they disappeared?"

Percy to my surprise knew exactly why I had regressed!

"I think I know.  Last month one of Dad's medical journals had an article on false puberty.  I noticed it on the cover.  It's a rare condition where a kid seems to start puberty but then stops and then is like he never started.  I looked at the article and they said it rarely lasts more than a year.  You just have to be patient, Spike."

Percy's answer left me very sad and unhappy as it could mean I would be almost sixteen years of age before my pubes, balls and cock started growing all over again!

Percy on the other hand seemed quite delighted by my predicament but reaffirmed that apart from Joey he would not tell anyone else about my humiliating secret.

That was the good news but the bad news then followed when Percy restated my own words at me cementing in place our reversed relationship saying, " … but I will spank you whenever you are a naughty little boy.  Remember that I'm a man with pubes now and you're just a hairless little boy!

As if the fear of further spankings from Percy was not bad enough, my stomach was already turning over with nervous dyspepsia at the thought of having to expose all to Joey.  He was growing up fast and was now much less timid than Percy.  I was already apprehensive about his reaction to my baldness and lack of size plus I strongly suspected that he would make much more of my lack of development than Percy.  Joey was much bigger and stronger than Percy and I knew he much more likely to press his new advantage home on me once he was given the opportunity.  I was also in no doubt that a spanking from him was going to be much worse than the painful spanking I had just suffered from Percy!

Read how Joey gets his payback

© Copyright Steam Train July 9, 2011

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