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The fourteen-year-old boy who misbehaves
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A Light for the Port Side Light


It was a trip that Roscoe had made every year since he was eight-years-old.  His parents were divorced and during the school year he lived with his mother but spent summers with his father.  The procedure was that his mother took him to the ferry and transferred him to his father at one end or the other.  This year they had reluctantly agreed that he was old enough to ride the boat by himself.

Roscoe had been saying that he was old enough not to be treated as a mere parcel but as a person who could travel by himself.  "The railroad and bus companies allow twelve-year-olds to travel alone and I'm fourteen already." he said (several thousand times).  So at exactly 07:54 he said: "Goodbye Mother, I must board now." and deftly avoiding the public hug she wanted to give her baby dashed onto the ramp and presented his ticket as he boarded the 8:00 boat.  His mother watched as the boat steamed way for ten minutes until she could not see it any longer.

Roscoe was thrilled to be unaccompanied for the four-hour trip as it showed that he was growing up.  As the mainland sunk into the horizon, so did the wi-fi he had grown addicted to and used to stay in touch with the universe.  It did not take long for the calm waters of the bay they were crossing to be endlessly the same and totally boring.  Away from shipping lanes, there weren't any ships to watch.  The small ferry was equally boring as he had studied on all the previous trips although he checked everything out in his newfound capacity as a grownup.

Unfortunately, this inspection was completed by the midpoint of the voyage leaving two hours to be filled.  He increasing became a pest to everyone on board – both the crew and the other passengers.  He got yelled at for over examining all sort of equipment that is required to be in the passenger section of a boat.

It was when he went into the engine room, crossing the line, that things became untenable.  Since he did not instantly leave when told to by the engine crew, the first mate whom they had immediately notified took action.  The Mate was a large, strong, rough man who had zero tolerance for nonsense not only from crewmen but brats.© YLeeCoyote

That Roscoe was still in the engine room and not even approaching the entrance way indicated that immediate action was required.  In just seconds the mate was behind the youth and grabbed him.  He had experience with seamen (even drunk ones) and easily got him in a tight grip with one arm around him and the other putting an arm into a hammerlock.  Roscoe yelled and the Mate ordered him to be silent.  A little extra pressure immediately convinced the youth to obey.  Two minutes later they were out of the engine room and being observed by several of the crew and many of the passengers.

When challenged about why he had been in a restricted area Roscoe insisted that he was not doing anything wrong for he was not touching anything but just looking.  As you can imagine, the Mate did not like that nor his attitude.  A few gruff words communicated that and the boy was soon shacking in his sneakers.

A man in the assembled crowd asked his son what would happen if he had done such a stupid thing.  "You would take my pants down, Father, and spank me good and hard."

"Out the mouths of babes." exclaimed another passenger and added: "He endangered all of us."

"That is an excellent suggestion, young man." said the Mate who quickly opened Roscoe's belt and jeans.  As the boy yelled in protest, the Mate continued and yanked them down and his boxers quickly followed.

There were cheers and cries of "Right on!"  The Mate sat on a bench and pulled the astonished boy over his lap.  He did not have any trouble holding him in place and began to spank him with his large hard hand driven by his powerful muscles.

The SPANK had hardly reverberated when the boy's first howl filled the space.  His bottom had barely started to show a hand print when another spank landed with identical results to the first.  After a few more spanks, Roscoe was crying.

The father asked his son another question who replied:  "I'm glad that I did not go where I was not supposed to, Father.  That's a very wicked spanking."

The Mate continued long past the point where the boy was bawling before stopping.  He lifted Roscoe up and stuck him in a corner.  "STAY, boy!" he ordered gruffly.

As he recovered, Roscoe began to hear the comments from the other kids on board.  He did not like what he heard for none were complimentary.  He was graphically reminded of how much he hurt when one said: "He's glowing brighter than the port side light."

When he was released from the corner, he pulled up his jeans and rushed to the head to wash his tear-stained face.  He spent the rest of the trip at the rail looking at the water and avoiding everything else.  He was still, however, stuck with the snickering of the other kids.

When the boat docked, he was detained by a seaman until he was escorted off the boat by the Mate.  When he was delivered to his father like a troublesome package, the Mate explained about his unacceptable conduct.  Furthermore, the boy would not be acceptable as an unaccompanied minor for another year.  Roscoe was devastated and his father greatly disappointed.  "We'll speak of this at home, boy." he said and thanked the Mate.

They started for home but on the way, Roscoe's dad stopped as they were going through a forested section.  "Cut a switch, boy." and he handed the boy his pocket knife.  Roscoe knew better than to question such a directive and quickly found a suitable shoot and they continued on home.

Once there the high power lecture began and Roscoe was properly scared of the pain that was sure to come.  The end of the lecture was marked with an order: "Strip!"  Roscoe knew that meant everything and the best that he could hope for was that his dad would go easy on his already roasted ass.  Dad inspected it carefully and quickly stated that the mate had done a good job.  "Assume the position, boy." he barked.

Roscoe bent over and got a good grip on the far side of the table.  "Ready, Father, for my well-deserved switching." he declared with a fearful voice.  Dad raised the freshly cut switch and brought it down hard right in the center of the glowing red butt presented before him.

Roscoe wanted to jump up and rub his butt but he did not dare for if he did the vicious cut would be not counted by his angry father so he held on tightly and merely howled in pain.  The remaining cuts were all to his thighs which although most painful were not as bad as the first cut.  The well-punished lad spent some time in the corner.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 3, 2017

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