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Like Fathers, Like Sons


In most ways our household was a regular family with two parents and two teen boys – my brother Mike who was fifteen and myself two years younger.  What was unusual was that we were a spanking family in the twenty-first century when it was considered harmful and perhaps even abusive.  A century ago that would not have been an issue even to mention but that the two parents were both men was simply unheard of back then in 'the dark ages'.

My brother Mike and I had two fathers.  They were both almost forty and had been married since they were in college.  They both spanked us when we were naughty or failed to live up to expectations.  They were fair about it so don't think I implied double jeopardy with my phrasing.  Mike and I agreed that it did not matter which one spanked us for all the spankings always hurt.  One might expect that a spanking from Dad (Stan) who was only ​5′9″ and 154 pounds​ (​175 cm and 70 kg​) would be easier to take than from Father (Dave) who was ​6′5″ and 254 pounds​ (​195 cm and 115 kg​).  Years of experience taught us that wasn't the case.

Of course, we went through all the stages that you have read about zillions of times.  When we were little a few hand spanks on our covered bottoms, then traditional OTK spankings with our pants and undies down until we were teens.  Now it is a sharp "Drop 'em and bend over!" for the belt.  Everything is very standard as if there was a rule book, like with sports.

What was not standard is what I heard a last week ago when I got up to pee in the middle of the night.  I heard spanking.  That was very strange as Mike was away on an overnight hike and I certainly was not being spanked.  I listened carefully and confirmed what had to be – it was my dads.  Their bedroom door was open a crack so I could hear everything.  I was very naughty and listened.  Actually, I was super naughty and used my phone to record it all.  Once the idea of them spanking was in my head it was easy to visualize the smaller Stan over the lap of Dave just as Mike and I had been in years past.

My images gradually transformed to match the reality of the sounds.  It was not a hand or belt striking a bare butt but that of a paddle.  That, of course, made sense since even I had outgrown a hand spanking.  My image changed to a bent over position.© YLeeCoyote

Then there were all the words.  "Stop struggling.  You know you deserve this."  Pretty normal and I heard it myself when being spanked.

"OK, my leg will keep yours in place."  Again, something familiar to hold a spankee down.

And from the spankee there were cries of pain as I changed back to visualizing an OTK position.

I wish I had dared to peek but it was too damn risky.  I had an problem for the voices did not match my mind's image of little Stan over big Dave's lap.  It took me ages to swap the roles and place big Dave over little Stan's lap in my mind's eye as was surely happening on the other side of the door.

I must have listened for ten minutes before I rushed to the bathroom since I was bursting and then back to bed.  At breakfast, I got a confirmation for Dave was fidgeting in his seat.  I was very discrete and never mentioned anything.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of weeks later that I spilt the beans.  I was having some stupid argument with my big brother and I said "I'll bet a spanking."  That, somehow, changed the whole discussion for suddenly we were arguing about whether or not I could [physically] spank Mike or not.  He said I couldn't and I, naturally, disagreed.

I was disgusted that the discussion/argument was going nowhere so after some harsh words were exchanged I blurted out: "I'll bet that I can spank you, Mike, just like Stan can spank Dave."

Things got said and resaid but it soon became "I'll take that bet, little brother.  If Dave gets spanked by Stan, you can try to roast my tail but otherwise your ass is mine."

"You're on, brother." I snapped.  We shook on it.

"You got a couple of weeks to show me." he declared.

"We can't see because that would be spying."  He laughed.  "But we can hear it." I continued with my retort.  He agreed.  We made sure that all the conditions were clear.  I did not want him to be able to weasel out of the deal.

Mike then made a big deal of entering "Spank Kory" into his calendar.  "You won't need that, for you can get your spanking right now.  Listen carefully."  I played the recording.  Mike was dumbfounded and even seemed to shrink.

"As you heard, Stan used a paddle which we can't get and so I'll use the closest thing we have – a flip-flop." which I got and put on the bed.  "You admit that you lost the bet and I won it?"  He did the right thing and admitted it.  I was glad because I did not want to hear about my supposed cheating for years to come.

It was a great pleasure to strip my big brother like he was a little kid.  Of course, we had been naked with each other since we were babies so there weren't any surprises or shyness about it.  I sat on the bed and pulled him over my lap.  I relished the moment.  I admired his bare butt that I was about to roast and that he was in this position.

I started with my hand so I could watch his tail turn pink due to the forceful intimate contact.  I spanked slowly for a few minutes until two things happened.  The first was good (from my POV) and that was my hand prints on his butt.  The second was not and that was his hard ass was hurting my hand.  Fortunately, the flip-flop was at hand.

Two WHACKS with that made an immediate impression far greater than my hand had without the nasty side effect.  I WHACKED away at him for several minutes making sure to turn his entire butt to crimson red toast.

Mike did not cry and only struggled a little bit.  I kept a tight grip on one of his wrists and forced his hand to his neck.  After I let him up, I asked "Well, did I give you a proper spanking, big brother?"

"Yeah, you sure did."  He paused, rubbed and added: "I'll get you back."

"Of course,…" I replied, "… you always do Big Brother."  We bumped fists and both laughed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 14, 2019

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