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The following story is fiction about domestic spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and solo masturbation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The inspiration for this story were the pair of line drawings shown with this story that I found on the web unattributed and unsigned.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Like Mother, Like Daughter


The widow Barcroft ran a strict household since Mr. Barcroft passed a few years ago.  The insurance was not quite enough to run the household and provide the two children everything they needed (or thought that they did) so she had a part time job to make ends meet.  The two young teens said that they understood and even cooperated.

The strictness was pretty much what is ordinary.  She expected that the kids would do their chores (to help out), stay out of trouble and stick to the rules.  For the most part, to their credit, they both were good kids although occasionally they each independently failed to be perfect.  It should be noted that the young lady, Karla, had managed not to slip in more than two years.

The young gentleman, Rudy, was not as perfect.  Mrs. Barcroft had occasion to spank him about every four to six weeks.  She didn’t really like to do it, but felt that the alternatives were too painful or required extra supervision.  Truth be told the kids preferred things this way as the punishment was over quickly.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was slowly that Rudy made his way home one day for in his backpack there was a nastygram from school.  Such a note always required a signature and that would cost a spanking.  He knew his fate without any doubt.© YLeeCoyote

Rudy explained to his mother that he tried to avoid the argument but he couldn’t.  “One is not always in control.” he lamented.

“You must try harder.” his mother decreed as part of the brief lecture and Rudy fetched the hairbrush his mother favored shortly before bedtime.  She sat in the spanking chair and deftly opened his pants which quickly went south.  Rudy let himself be glided over her lap.  The hairbrush spoke volumes in a duet with his cries of pain.

Rudy retired to his room to nurse his flaming hot butt.  Then after he sacked out he jerked off more than he normally did because the stimulation of the spanking overflowed into several erogenous zones.

Karla had, as always, watched the entire show.  She would replay the entire “performance” (perhaps “demonstration” is more accurate) several times in the privacy of her bed cumming each time.  The best of those cums were when she imagined replacing her Mother as the spanker.  She doubted that would, alas, happen although it had been a longtime wish.

* * * * * * * * * *

This Friday was a great spring day and Rudy was with his buddies in the park playing ball after school.  It was great fun until he realized that he should have been home almost an hour earlier.  All he could do was rush home.

“Mom had an extra shift today.  Supper is almost ready so wash up, Rudy.” explained his kid sister.

Over the simple meal, Karla pointed out that Mom would get to his spanking in the afternoon as she was always super busy on Saturday morning with shopping and stuff.  It was then he regretted the promise that such things would not be hidden.

“That sucks!  I’ve got a party in the evening and it won’t be fun with a hot painful tail.” he groused.

“Well, if we had a spanking machine you could use it now and Mom would be satisfied.”

“Not funny, Karla.  Not funny at all.” he snapped.

“True.  But how about this – I’ll spank you tonight and take before and after pics to show Mom and then you can party with a happy butt tomorrow.”

Rudy immediate thought was «NO WAY!» but then he realized that it would work and agreed albeit reluctantly.

Karla opened and lowered her brother’s pants easily but not as deftly as their mother did.  She took the before pic and then got him over her lap.  It was even more exciting to be spanking her big brother than she had imagined.  Over and over she raised her hand and brought it down hard on her brother’s tail.  For the first time she saw her handprints form on the target and merge to a uniform red as she spanked.  It was a thrill that made her wet.

If her hand had not been hurting so much she would have continued but she stopped and took the after pic for their mom.  She could hardly believe her ears when Rudy thanked her for spanking him.  “Anytime Rudy, anytime.” she answered with a big smile, thrilled at the prospect.

There were two confused teens in that house that night.  Karla was more than delighted and had zero regrets about the pain in her hand.  Actually as she tended to her extra wet cunny that pain made everything extra erotic.  She fervently wished that the next time would come very soon.

Rudy was still conflicted about the whole event and wondered what changes would happen with his relationship with his sister.  As he always did after being spanked he jerked off several times although something was different this time.  His sister always saw him naked getting spanked so that really wasn’t it.  She had oft said that he was a naughty boy who should be spanked by her and this was the very exhilarating first time that she did that.

But now after his kid sister had taken down his pants and put him over her lap and spanked him it was no longer funny and he felt like the kid sibling.  Yet it was somehow extremely exciting.  What if she decided, just like Mom did, that he was to be spanked without his being part of the decision?  And why did he cum without moving his hand when he had that thought?

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a few days later that their mother told them this.  “From now on Karla has the authority to spank you Rudy when I’m not available.  I expect her to be reasonable and for you to cooperate, Rudy.  Understood?”

“Yes, Mother.” they both replied.  Of course Karla was ecstatic.  Rudy was surprised that he was not horrified but thought perhaps it was a good thing for he so did hated waiting for a spanking.

After Karla spanked her brother Rudy both teens felt that there was a change in their relationship although they would have been hard pressed to define it.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was just a week later that Karla called out Rudy for failing to do some chore or other.  The youth admitted his failure quickly and similarly accepted her decision to spank him.  He himself was surprised that he had immediately agreed.  “Rudy when I have decided that it is time to spank you, I want you to remove your sneakers without any further word from me.  Understand?”

“Yes, Karla.” he dutiful replied.

When she reached for his belt he quickly (perhaps reflexively) put his hands to stop her.  Karla immediately slapped his hands and ordered him to put them on his head.  “You know perfectly well, Rudy, that spankings are always on the bare bottom of the naughty little boy.” she said after lowering his pants and undies putting his junk into plain view.  Although she had been seeing it for years, this time she realized that it was not minimal like the actual little boys she had babysat.

“Now step out of your pants, boy.” she ordered and he did as she held them.  She liked that he was almost naked and very obedient.

It was the expected after that.  She flipped him across her lap and she gave him a few hand spanks to enjoy watching her handprints form on his bottom.  Then, having learnt from the first time, switched to her hairbrush like her mother used to complete the spanking.  After she confiscated his pants and undies she made him do his chores half naked.  “It’s OK for little boys don’t need to be modest and your hot botty needs to cool.” she added to emphasize his low status.

That strange feeling of being her kid brother recurred as he did as she directed.  Rudy could not decide how he felt about that.  Certainly the younger sibling should not be in charge and spanking the older one so he must be the younger one as his hot red bottom demanded.  When he recalled that he was the older one, the voices in his head yelled that he was wrong.

This happened every week Karla noticed so she decided that her big brother wanted her to be in charge and to spank him.  She did not worry about why for she greatly enjoyed the role.  She even started to be bossy and tell him to do stuff.  She was happy that he continued to be obedient.  She had no trouble whatsoever accepting her new role.

One day, not really by accident, it happened that Myra, Karla’s bestie, was there when the Rudy earned another spanking.  The boy objected to the visitor but was told “I’m not kicking out my best friend because you have been a naughty little boy.  You are still getting the spanking you earned and deserve.”

“I am familiar with naughty little boys both before and after they get the spankings they deserve.  Nothing to be shy about, young man.” expounded Myra.

Again Rudy was having conflicting thoughts about what was happening.  But the two young ladies did not wait for him to resolve anything.  As Karla reached for the waistband of his beltless shorts, Myra grabbed the bottom hem of his T-shirt.  The two then simultaneous pulled in opposite directions.

“Hands up!” commanded Myra as she raised his T-shirt and it popped off.  Karla did her usual and had his shorts and briefs at his ankles.  He was now trained to lift his feet when tapped and shorts and briefs were also quickly off.  His confusion escalated as he did not know if he was in a dream or a nightmare.  His hands covered his junk but he was immediately reminded that “Little boys need not be modest.”  What was absolutely clear to him was that the young ladies were definitely in charge.

That concept was reinforced with every spank that rapidly turned his botty into a raging hot inferno.  Although he had cried when Karla had spanked him, this spanking from both girls was longer and harder and before it was over he was bawling.

The girls were delighted for they had discussed the naughty boy and how to deal with him.  As Rudy stood there bawling, Myra grabbed his pee-pee and used her little hair clipper to remove his small bush before he even realized it.  Karla then  covered his pubis with a depilatory to finish the job properly.  After sufficient time had passed for the chemicals to do their job, they washed him off.

“Where are my pubes?” he demanded when he saw what they had done to him.

“Little boys, like you, Rudy, do NOT have man-hair.  Their little pee-pees are bald.” they replied together.  Rudy could not reply.

“It has become clear that you want to be and are a little boy and that I am in charge.  That hair was an affront so I removed it.  Also, you are to obey Myra just like me and she has the authority to spank you as well, little boy Rudy.” expounded Karla.

“And now it is bedtime, Rudy.  Come brush your teeth and make pee-pee before I tuck you in.” said Myra leading him to the bathroom.  He was too stunned to object.  Once in bed he tried to resolve what had happened.  Touching his hot bottom assured him that he had been soundly spanked.  Touching his hairless groin assured him that he was still a little boy.  Everything seemed right and proper for being just a naughty little boy who had been soundly spanked for his misdeeds.  He quickly fell into a sound sleep.

The young ladies talked for sometime about the events of the evening.  Myra assured her friend that they did the right thing helping Rudy to feel like a little boy until he was ready to grow up.

In the morning, Karla got a confirmation that assured she had done the right thing.  “I’m sorry I was so naughty Karla and Myra and you were right to spank me.  I promise to be a good boy.” said the little boy totally comfortable with being naked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 8, 2022

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