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The following story is fiction about domestic discipline.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Like Stepson, Like Father


It had turned into a difficult day.  We – my wife, my son and I – had been shopping in the crowded, understaffed Mall stores for several hours.  The clashes between Junior and his stepmother, my wife, were growing both in frequency and intensity just like those between the overworked sale assistants and the very demanding customers.  I suspect part of the reason was that she was a few years younger than I and thus in Junior’s eyes did not seem old enough to be his mother.  It would have been better if the boy had been with his friends but the shopping was for all of us so that could not be.

Besides being unhappy with Junior’s behavior, my dear wife was blaming me for not disciplining him properly for his fifteen years.  She even said that he needed a good hard spanking which was something she knew I had not ever given him.  Already today she had snarled at him several times to “Stop behaving like an eight-year-old or else!”  Junior found that embarrassing and was worried that anyone he knew would hear.

I knew what the ‘or else’ was because I had seen her this angry before we were married barely a year ago.  We were having dinner with her family including her sixteen-year-old younger brother who was acting up.  My father-in-law-to-be had been called to work unexpectedly and my mother-in-law-to-be could not control the boy.  My fiancée gently excused herself, got up and dragged her misbehaving, and now protesting, brother to his room by his ear in a very motherly manner.

It was quite evident what was happening as he pleaded with her not to spank him and then by the howls accompanying the whacks of a hairbrush on his bare bottom.  He returned to the table a few minutes after she did with red eyes, a sore butt and an apology.  It was all quite impressive to me.

Junior, to his great regret, had not taken his stepmother’s repeated warnings seriously but continued with his unacceptable behavior.  Even I was surprised when she declared loudly “That’s it, young man, you are getting a spanking – right now!” as she sank her talons into his ear.  I was considering stopping her but she gave me a look that clearly said to hold my tongue which I did.  I expected that she would take him some place private such as our car in the parking lot or one of the family lavatory rooms just a short distance away.  I was wrong.  She just headed for a bench right where we were in the middle of the arcade and sat down.  Junior, well attached to his ear, was forced to bend over and she pulled him over her lap.© YLeeCoyote

After a few spanks she realized her in haste mistake of not lowering his heavy jeans which reduced her spanking effectiveness.  Junior was in shock when she forced him up and thus incapable of preventing her from opening his belt and jeans and yanking them down.  His fancy boxer undies immediately joined his jeans about his ankles.  She did not waste any time resuming the spanking on his now fully exposed bare bottom which quickly turned pink and then red.

I had not realized how many kids were in the Mall but it now seemed like thousands with big grins were watching Junior’s bare tail turn red just like I was.  I was certain that his embarrassment would soar when he learnt of it.  It would be many times worse if any of his peers were in the admiring crowd.

I was surprised when she gave me an order.  “Hand me my hairbrush.  It’s in my purse.”  I quickly complied opening her purse and handing her the traditional woman’s implement.  It quickly proved to be most effective implement.  Junior’s butt quickly turned a rich crimson red as she used it with great effectiveness.  Junior had managed to keep quite quiet while she was spanking him with her hand but the hairbrush made him howl.  It also made him cry like the little boy he had been behaving as.  Her effectiveness showed for soon he was sobbing while laying limp across her lap.

Shortly afterwards she ordered him to get up and to pull up his jeans.  Junior complied as fast as he was able to so as not to scrape his very tender rear end.  “Boy, if you continue your bad behavior, I will resume the spanking.  Now, come along.”  We both followed her to the next stop on the schedule and I wondered if he realized he was lucky he was not doing bare butt corner time in the arcade.  Junior was exceptionally quiet for a long time after.  In fact, he was a very well behaved, red-bottom cherub for the rest of the day.  I would in due course see that the changes lasted a lot longer than just a day.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was later that evening that I learnt how effective her spanking talents were firsthand.  Earlier than his normal bedtime, she told Junior to go to bed.  He complied immediately without his usual backtalk but with just a simple “Yes, Mother.” as she had previously instructed him how he should address her.  A little later she said we should also go to bed.  I followed her to our bedroom.

It was after my shower when I was nude that she insisted that it was time to discuss my son’s unacceptable behavior.  I quickly found that being naked was a definite disadvantage when trying to discuss something with a dressed person.  She beat me down on every point regarding my negligence to properly discipline Junior which lead to the public spanking in the Mall.

The exact details are not important but suffice it to say she insisted that I should be spanked for my repeated failures.  Naturally, I objected but that not only failed but had the opposite effect as she dragged me over her lap just as she had with her brother and our son.  It was shocking and I had trouble articulating that all too obvious (to me) fact that I was far too old to be spanked.  My opinion was rapidly changed as she throughly spanked me.

Just like she had spanked Junior in the Mall, she reddened my rear end with many vigorously applied hard hand spanks.  I quickly started to object but she had pushed my hand to my nape and had locked my legs in place with one of hers immobilizing me.  I probably could have taken just a hand spanking but she quickly switched to her hairbrush which was far more painful.

To my ignominy I was quickly reduced to a tearful, well-spanked boy totally unable to resist my wife.  It was just like she had done to my son and her brother and I felt just like when my own mother had spanked me to tears when I was a little boy.  Shamefully, I had even been begging her to stop and promising to do as she directed.  Deep inside I knew that our relationship had changed in a permanent way which I did not want or like but was quite helpless to prevent.

* * * * * * * * * *

I could not think of anything but my painful ass as I lay – prone, of course – in my bed.  My ass still hurting from the walloping my all-too-young stepmother had inflicted on it this afternoon.  Even worse she did it right in the middle of the Mall after yanking down my jeans and boxers on my bare butt in the Mall in front of a mob of thousands.  The one bright spot I can think of is that I have not received any comments about it which would make me a laughing stock at school.

I can’t believe how hard she spanked nor how strong she is for I definitely was not cooperating.  And why didn’t Dad do anything to stop her?  None of this bodes well for the future in the least.

The aspirin I’ve taken did not relieve the pain significantly so I had to suffer until sleep came hoping the pain will be gone in the morning.

I’m not sure what to think about how breakfast went the next morning.  I quickly learnt that sitting on a hard chair was not comfortable and I was fidgeting.  The lecture wasn’t much of a surprise although I had already figured out that I had best be mindful of my stepmother.  What was the surprise was that Dad was fidgeting and listening just like I was.  I could not help but to think that he had his butt whacked just as mine had been.  It made me wonder about the howls I thought I heard as I was trying to get to sleep.  Perhaps they were not flashbacks of my own beating but live ones of Dad being walloped.  Maybe I did not imagine that he said “Yes, dear.” when I said “Yes, Mother.” after the lecture.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 2, 2022

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