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The following story is fiction about a young man who regresses back to being a boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I am recovering the previously unpublished stories that I wrote twenty-five years ago before the internet and even personal computers using a Wang which was an early office word processor.  Although I'm cleaning up technical things, I am leaving the story as it was then.  I am grouping these as "Classical Coyote".

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Little Boy Forever


My twenty-first birthday present was receiving my AA degree after a long hard struggle and I was ready (or so I thought) to go out into the wide, wide world and make my fortune.  I soon found out, however, that the world was not enthusiastically seeking me to save it from whatever by offering great rewards.  It seemed more like it hadn't any interest whatsoever in a ​5´½˝, 98 pound​ (​154 cm, 44 kg​), baby-faced, still wet-behind the-ears (who didn't know it) young man who looked like he was almost ready to join the boy scouts.  After a long search, I finally got a office job as a clerk (in reality – office boy) in a medium sized college town on the other side of the state with help from one of my stepfather's business connections.  I found a nearby place where I could board, for I realized that I wouldn't be able to afford a car and an apartment on the starting pittance I was to get; I would be barely able to afford a bike. That next weekend, I packed my stuff and put it into the trunk, tied my bike to the top of the car, and Father drove me over as he had promised.  Mr. Sterne, at whose house I was to board, was very much like Father and they got along famously.  The room and board fee was low as the Sternes, who missed their own sons (who had gone out into the world just a few years ago), were not doing it for the money.  I was embarrassed when Father wrote the check and gave it to Mr. Sterne (for I did not have the money and Father would not let me get a money order or cash in advance) for the first month.  Nor did I realize the true significance of Mr. Sterne's promise to Father as he drove away: "I'll look after the lad as if he was my very own."

The Sternes' house was a two-story affair.  They had the lower floor white Buck (the other boarder) and I each had a bedroom on the partially finished second floor and shared the upstairs bath.  Buck was a student at the local college and was still on vacation.  I would not meet him until school started again.  The first week was uneventful.  Mr. Sterne said that it would be more like family if I called them Uncle Chuck and Aunt Bee.  I agreed – what else with him ​6´11˝​ (​211 cm​) and built like a brick shithouse – and impotently hoped that they would call me nephew rather than boy.  It was the second Monday morning that things changed.  And it was triggered by my own fuckup!

The first that I knew of Monday (at least after sunrise) was Uncle Chuck yelling that it was late and for me to get up – pronto!  He had already pulled off the covers and had forcefully left his large hand print deeply impressed – twice – on my bare buns both as a way of getting my attention and encouraging my prompt compliance with his orders.  It was lunch time before my butt stopped reminding me that excesses on weekends that led to tardiness on Mondays were not a good thing.

That evening after work, just as I finished changing into a T-shirt and jeans in my room, Uncle Chuck walked in with a stern look on his face.  "BOY!" he said, "We need to talk!"  Well, not quite, for he TALKED while I LISTENED.  Anyway you know the stuff – responsibility, keep the room neat, etcetera.  Then he grabbed me, sat down on the bed, yanked my 501's open and pulled then down.  Before I could even react to this first shock he pulled my briefs down also, fully exposing my little cock and small balls, and flipped me over his lap as if I was his own little kid.  I was helpless as he held me securely in his strong grip with my little ass fully exposed.  I begged him not to spank me and insisted that he did not have the right but he ordered me to shut up.  He also told me that Father had not only given him permission but encouragement for this.  (So that was what they were talking about when I was unloading the car.)  As blow after blow rained down upon my bottom my yells soon became sobs and cries.  I could feel his very large and very hard mancock under my stomach through his jeans as my buns turned fiery red as a consequence of his parental-like assault.  Then, after a seeming eternity, he stopped and left me lying prone on the bed as Father had done many times before.  I was still lying there, sobbing and with my hot, glowing, cherry-red butt exposed to the world, when Aunt Bee sauntered in an hour later.

In response to my incoherent attempts at communicating a feeling of impropriety, indignity and humiliation, she calmly said: "No need to be embarrassed, lad.  I seen lots of little boys' pee-pees and behinds; they're all the same.  I have brought some cream that will help your little bottom."  With that she sat down on the bed and rubbed some of the soothing cream she brought most gently onto my battered ass which felt good and also reduced the pain.  After she had finished she told me to "go wash up – right now – and come on down to dinner."  She stood there waiting and watching impatiently until I did get up, thus forcing me to fully expose my boyish privates to her view.© YLeeCoyote

The next morning Aunt Bee woke me before my alarm went off.  As Uncle Chuck had on done on Monday, she just barged in and flipped back the covers.  This exposed my naked body for her inspection – a second time – before I was even awake enough to know it.  "Good morning, boy.  Time to get up.  Roll over so I can put some more cream on your behind or it will hurt all week."  Subsequent investigation showed that the neither the bedroom or bathroom doors had locks, so I was powerless to stop such intrusions in the future, nor did I have the money to consider moving.  The rest of the week was uneventful.  Uneventful, that is, until I got in late Friday night or more accurately Saturday morning after going out boozing with some of the guys from the office.

When I staggered out of the shower going to bed I discovered Uncle Chuck sitting there.  "You've been a bad boy again, laddie; an extremely naughty boy.  You made us worry again and you're even drunk!  You obviously haven't learned proper behavior yet."  With that he grabbed me and forced me over his lap.  I was already completely naked, so he didn't have to strip me, but could start spanking me immediately.  A few hard and heavy blows soon had my ass burning red and me sobbing even though I was drunk.  When he stood me up before him, I could see his large, hard mantool proudly sticking out of his pj's.  I was transfixed by this sight and could not have turned from it.  I starred at it through the tears in my eyes, with my head down.  "You may touch it, boy;" he said softly and suddenly, "see what a real mancock is like." This was the first time that someone wanted me in any sexually way.  As I stroked his wondrous, awesome tool, mesmerized and enthralled by it, he fully opened his pj's so that I was able to play with his large man balls also.  After a while he took a condom out of the pocket of his pj's.  "Put this on me, boy" he ordered.  And, with some fumbling, I did just as he instructed as if I was in a trance.  My heart was racing.  I was helpless.  I was thrilled.  I was excited – sexually – more than I had ever been before.

A tube of lubricant was somehow in his hand as he put me over his lap once again.  He squeezed some of it on my asshole between my hot, red cheeks and tenderly although aggressively penetrated my virgin asshole with his finger.  In time and after adding some more goo he was able to put in two fingers simultaneously.  Then three.  And even four!  After stretching my bunghole, he picked me up and positioned me over his cock.  I was totally in his power.  He slowly let me slip through his grip so that my own weight forced my body down onto his rampant cock.  I couldn't stop my descent.  He repeatedly raised me up and let me fall down again so that his tool made its way deeper and deeper into my red, hot, little boy ass.  All this time I was moaning with pleasure, truly loving all that he was doing.  Then he firmly proclaimed: "YOU'RE MY LITTLE SEX SLAVE, BOY – NOW AND FOREVER!"

I felt like his masterful cock had pressed a hidden re-program switch deep within me.  I was unable to resist acknowledging this now apparent, absolute truth he had spoken by echoing back: "YES, MASTER, NOW AND FOREVER, I'M YOUR LITTLE SEX SLAVE BOY."

He continued to fuck me for a while by lifting me up and letting me fall back down while continuously impaled on his cock.  My little boy cock was the hardest and largest it had ever been but to me it seemed still so very, very tiny compared to his great monster.  Suddenly, without any warning, something struck my prick, causing me to lose my erection.  My tiny, flaccid pee-pee now drooped down between my spread legs.  I looked up.  Aunt Bee was there.  Guessing that she had been there the whole time, I then blushed all over.  "Be absolutely still, SLAVE BOY" was Uncle Chuck's whispered command into my ear.  So bewitched was I, that I discovered I could not move a muscle, so that ! had to obey him absolutely.  Master said: "Time to clean him up, Bee."  She covered my pubes with shaving cream from the can she was carrying.  Using the same gentle touch that she had used putting the soothing cream on my ass, she massaged the shaving cream into my pubic hair.  Then with careful and precise strokes, she drew her razor across my pubes scraping both the cream and hair away.  At times she pulled and pushed my insignificant genitals one way or another to keep them from interfering with her task.  I was petrified with the fear that she would castrate me or cut off my little prick either intentionally or accidentally, while I was also simultaneously wondrously excited beyond words.  To my relative relief, however, she just methodically shaved all the hair I had there completely off.  Next Uncle Chuck lifted up my arms, one at a time, so she could also remove the hair I had in my armpits.  In a few minutes, I looked just like a twelve-year-old boy for I was hairless again!  All this with Uncle Chuck's throbbing mancock penetrating deeply into my ass.

"Feel how nice, smooth and clean you are now, boy!" directed Uncle Chuck.  As I ran my fingers over my hairless crotch, I thought: 'Yes.  So nice and smooth.  I'm a real boy again and not a pseudo man.  He started to fuck me again, this time more energetically and rapidly.  Now as I fell back down, repeatedly re-impaling myself on his mancock, he was thrusting his hips forward and upward to drive and re-drive it still deeper into my ass.  I felt his large heavy ball sac swing up and hit me several times.  Suddenly he stopped, held me still, stiffened and, with a roar, shot his load while deep in me.  He then lifted me off his cock and just held me while he stood up.  Aunt Bee drew back the bed covers and they tucked me in for the night just as if I was really their own little boy.

I laid there in the dark.  I felt warm, happy and loved.  My buns were still hot from the spanking.  Unlike last Monday, they didn't just hurt but also tingled pleasantly.  Now also, instead of having a little bit of hair on my pubes that just looked silly for its paltriness, I was all nice and smooth.  As I played with myself I no longer felt that I just had a mini-mancock but a regular boy cock.  Joyfully, I soon fell into a deep slumber – no longer a virgin.

I was awakened by Aunt Bee drawing the curtains in the morning.  She was bubbling over with good cheer and talking a blue streak (and not saying anything).  From the dresser she took out some clothes for me that I hadn't put there.  "Put these on quickly, boy.  Uncle Chuck is waiting for us for breakfast."  The T-shirt, briefs and socks all had cartoon characters and the short shorts an elastic back rather than belt loops and only one tiny pocket.  In short, a little boy's outfit.  Now, strangely, it seemed quite natural that she should watch me pee-pee and then get dressed just as my real mother did so long ago.  I was not feeling inadequate about having a tiny dick now, nor ashamed like the first time she saw me naked.  After I was dressed, Aunt Bee looked me over and said: "You look so cute, boy." Then she led me downstairs for breakfast.  At the bottom of the stairs, she made a detour into her bedroom, saying: "Come see yourself in the three-sided mirror."  She was right; I did look cute – Particularly in those very tight short shorts that showed off my cute boy buns and a little boy's basket.  Breakfast was just about the same as it had been except that I was served warm milk ("It's good for you and will relax you.") instead of coffee without being asked.

After breakfast I was feeling very, very tranquil and a bit drowsy as Uncle Chuck led me to his den.  Sifting down on the couch he sat me on his lap holding me close – securely, protectively, firmly and overpoweringly.  It felt good.  He asked me lots and lots of questions.  He was very persistent and domineering in his questioning.  Anytime I hesitated he would remind me that I was his slave boy and was required to answer or he would vary the question.  When he was done interrogating me, I realized that I had revealed absolutely everything about me.

I told him that my real parents were dead so that Father was really stepfather and I was a Cinderfella.

I told him of my secret desires of being loved and wanted the way I am.

I told him that I hadn't a best friend and never got to play sexually with the other boys.

I told him of many awful things that had happened in high school – things that I had never spoken of before to anyone.

I told him how the guys always laughed at my tiny dick in the showers after gym.  Once, strangely, I got invited to a jocks' party when I was a senior .  Apparently the jocks had told the girls about me for they said that they didn't believe that anyone could have such a small thing.  Perhaps just for a joke at my expense, the guys proved it to them by stripping me completely so that the girls could see for themselves.  I was kept a naked captive for a couple of hours while they all made fun of me – some even fondling me.  A couple of the girls even boasted that even their kid brothers (some who were only in junior high) were bigger.  Then someone sarcastically said that maybe it was hidden by my abundant hair.  "Let's check it out!" was said and quickly and enthusiastically seconded.  Then all of a sudden one of the guys had an electric razor and, while others held me, removed the little bit of hair I did have.  After that I was too ashamed to ever think of asking for a date or going to another party.

And, of course, I told him that I loved last night and that it was the first time ever for anything except solo jerk off.  He promised that I wouldn't have to worry about being laughed at for as tong as I was his little (sex) SLAVE BOY and that I would be kept hairless by Aunt Bee and himself.  I gave him a big, wet, little boy kiss on the check.  He crushed me in a bear hug and kissed me back.  It was like signing a contract.  I was his!

* * * * * * * * * *

Taking me into the kitchen: Uncle Chuck asked Aunt Bee: "Ready for the picnic to celebrate our new little boy?"

"I'll be ready in a jiffy."  And in less than an hour, we were off to a great spot they knew.  It was a bright, clear, hot, late summer's day.  After more than an hour's drive, the last part in a forest, Uncle Chuck pulled over and parked.  We got out and walked a narrow path for about ten minutes to a small, grassy clearing by a small pond in the forest.  It truly was a magnificent spot.  Uncle Chuck took some videos of Aunt Bee and me coming into the place.  She just sat under a tree on the picnic blanket all the time while Uncle Chuck played ball with me.  I soon got hot and wanted to stop so Uncle Chuck suggested that I just coot off in the pond.  I told him that I did not have a swimsuit and he said: "Out here you don't need one, boy.  Little, hairless boys like you can just go bare-assed."  He took videos of me as I stripped naked, going swimming and running about afterwards in the field.  I stayed that way all afternoon, happy and feeling good about my body for the first time in many years.  I didn't care when some girls snickered as they scrutinized me white they passed through the clearing with their family.  Right after lunch, I even took a nap steeping naked in the grass.  Afterward, when it was time to go home, Aunt Bee insisted that I pee-pee (while she watched, of course), so that I wouldn't have go during the car ride home, and then she also dressed me.

We did not go right home, for after only a short time Uncle Chuck turned off the highway into a mall, saying: "We need to get the boy a sailor suit."

"Thank you!, Thank you!" I squealed with joy; I had wanted one since I was eight, but after my real dad died, mom pathetically said that we couldn't afford it.  Subsequent to her marrying Father, he said that I was too old for such kid stuff.

When we had found the sailor suit Aunt Bee took me into the little children's fitting room, like the other boys' moms did, to try it on.  Some of the kids even got their underpants pulled down, mortifying them by exposing then to everyone the other boys, the giggling girls and lots of moms – particularly when they were standing on the bench so that they were elevated like they were on a stage.

After Uncle Chuck paid for it, I begged to wear it home, They said ok, so Aunt Bee took me back into the fitting room to change.  There she pulled my T-shirt and shorts off (as I expected) but then, suddenly and surprisingly, also stripped my briefs off so that I was humiliatingly naked.  While she got the sailor suit out of the bag, unfolded it and removed the tags, all very, very slowly, I had to stand and wait – bare-assed – until she put it on me.  At least two little girls stared at the whole show, tittering all the time, probably wondering why such a big boy as I was to them couldn't dress himself.  Aunt Bee was seemingly oblivious to them and told me to stop fidgeting.  When we came out, Uncle Chuck said the uniform showed off my cute little boy butt just the way lots of the real ones did and adjusted the white hat to the proper jaunty angle.  It was well worth the embarrassment as I really and truly loved that sailor suit.

The next day Uncle Chuck explained the rules.  I was their little boy, aged somewhere from seven to fourteen years young, and would be treated as such with two exceptions.  The first was that I go to work the same as if I went to school.  (I was still to pay room and board.)  The second was when I was their sex slave(boy). Treated meant that I was subject to their rules and discipline methods appropriate for a little boy which included (but were not limited to) a curfew, spanking and grounding as they saw fit.  He also noted that, of course, I was much too young to go out on dates.

There were to be three constant signs of my status.  First, I would always be kept hairless below the neck.  Second, the only underpants I would be allowed to wear were to be with kiddy cartoon characters.  (Although I would be permitted to select the characters.)  Finally, because boys, both big and little, get into trouble behind closed doors, I was never to close the room doors upstairs so that they could always easily check up on me.

He also gave me a new name, the same as Tarzan's son: Boy. That very afternoon Uncle Chuck started my sex education.  Since I could never have been exposed, I had to be free of HIV.  As both Aunt Bee and he were safe and thus uninfected, we could play without using condoms.

My first lesson was to learn to give him head.  Following his instructions, I was kneeling before him while he was sitting on the couch.  I was required to beg for it.  "Please, Sir, may I suck your great man cock."

"Open my fly and take it out, Boy" he commanded.  And, of course, I did.  Initially it was soft, but as I kissed and licked it as he directed, it grew hard and huge before my eyes, lips and tongue.  Just as I did that first time, I found it mesmerizing.  In my inexperienced haste, I regrettably scratched him with my teeth.  He quickly pulled my head back, lifted me up and yanked my shorts and briefs down with one pull.  He flipped me over his lap, and gave me a few hard swats while saying: "Don't ever let me feel those teeth again, Boy!" and returned me, chastised, to my knees again.  I opened my mouth wider and was able to take his man cock into my mouth and sucked it as he wanted.  As a novice, I could not take all of it at this time, but he understood and left that for another time.  After I sucked and tongued it for a while, he took hold of my head and fucked my face until he shot his load into my mouth.  He and his cum tasted real special.  As his obedient SLAVE BOY, I swallowed it exactly as he directed.  My first man juice!  And happily I would get lots, lots more.

Uncle Chuck's training me to be his sex slave was lots of fun and I no longer felt ashamed about my cock being too small for it did not matter any more at all.  Just the opposite, if anything, for now it seemed bigger then I required as a boy.  I quickly learned to look forward to easily taking his man cock fully into both my ass and mouth whenever he wished (which was often).

One Tuesday when I returned from 'school', I saw that the table was not set for dinner as usual.  Aunt Bee explained that it was Uncle Chuck's lodge meeting night.  We were to visit the wife of one of his lodge brothers for the evening, including dinner.  It sounded like it would be a most boring evening.  "Time's a-wasting, Boy," she said, "go upstairs and change quickly."  She always set out my boy's outfit for each evening and sometimes even helped me change.  Today it was a surprise – a cub scout uniform.  As I was going into the bathroom after hanging up my school clothes, Aunt Bee walked in.  She liked to watch me in the bathroom ("Just to be sure you do it right.").  "Just wash your hands and face and then pee-pee, boy.  I want to leave as soon as possible."  As an obedient boy should, I did as I was told and soon she had dressed me.  The uniform was snug like it usually is on the oldest cub scouts, nicely showing off their cute boy buns.  It was a twenty-minute drive to the friend's house.

When we got inside, I had a real surprise.  (Aunt Bee liked to tease me.)  There was a cub scout standing in the comer of the living room.  His pants were down about his ankles so as to display his hot, cherry red ass.  I was told that Tommy had misbehaved and still had a few minutes remaining of corner time.  I could see that he was now blushing because another cub – and a strange one at that – was witnessing his punishment.  A little later, a timer belt rang indicating his atonement time in the comer was up.  His mom called him over.  He stood in front of her humiliated, because his pants were still down about his ankles especially as there was company, as he was asked: "Have you !earned your lesson, Thomas?"

"Yes, mother, I have; I wouldn't be late again" he replied.

"OK, lad, you may pull up your pants."  Tommy and I were then introduced and we started on the path to friendship.  After dinner Tommy and I played in his room while the women gossiped.  He had a whole lot of neat stuff there – video games, trains, cars and other models.  He also had a double bunk bed and told me that it's lots of fun to sleep on the top.  While playing we even got into a fight and I wrestled for the first time in years.  He made me cry uncle two out of three times, even though I am a half-inch taller.  Just as Aunt Bee called me to go home, he said that maybe I could have a sleepover sometime.  Afterwards, I learned that Uncle Chuck's lodge nights were also for cub scout den meetings and sometimes other boys joined us.

"OK, lad, you may pull up your pants."  Tommy and I were then introduced and we started on the path to friendship.  After dinner Tommy and I played in his room while the women gossiped.  He had a whole lot of neat stuff there – video games, trains, cars and other models.  He also had a double bunk bed and told me that it's lots of fun to sleep on the top.  While playing we even got into a fight and I wrestled for the first time in years.  He made me cry uncle two out of three times, even though I am a half-inch taller.  Just as Aunt Bee called me to go home, he said that maybe I could have a sleepover sometime.  Afterwards, I learned that Uncle Chuck's lodge nights were also for cub scout den meetings and sometimes other boys joined us.

I got spanked several times: for not keeping my room neat and clean, for tardiness and even once for being fresh.  It was always done the same way.  Uncle Chuck would order me to go to my room, strip and wait to be called to the den.  After the lecture ("…this will hurt me more than you…") he would put me over his lap and spank me on my naked butt very hard, usually until I was really and truly crying.  When he decided that I had been adequately spanked, then I was required to stand in the corner of the living room for at least an hour.  I was prohibited from dressing until the morning so I was forced to stay naked until the next day.

Most humiliating, this happened twice on den nights when Tommy and his mom came over.  The first time I was standing naked in the corner, with even less on then Tommy had on when I first met him.  It was terrible!  I had to eat dinner naked with them.  Of course, Tommy understood how I felt and when we went upstairs to play offered to strip so that I wouldn't feet so bad, but I was afraid if Aunt Bee came up we would both get into ass-warming trouble.  (But he was not above taking advantage of my nakedness when we wrestled.)

The second time was a few months later when Tommy and I both got spanked simultaneously.  I was waiting – naked – for Uncle Chuck to call me down for a spanking when the three of them arrived.  Tommy had been naughty in the car and his father did not like to wait with chastisement.  By the time I got summoned to the den, Tommy was already bare-assed.  Soon both of us were across laps getting our asses pounded.  We were crying with hot, red tushies when we were sent to stand in separate comers.  Tommy's dad also made him strip so that we would both be the same – buck naked – for dinner.

At least once a week Aunt Bee gave me a bath, usually right after I got home from school and she will probably continue to do so.  As soon as I hung up my school clothes, she popped me into the tub and scrubbed me all over.  She was very thorough and used the wash cloth particularly hard behind my ears, on my boy's pee-pee and ass.  Whenever I got a hard-on, as boys sometimes do, she would suddenly hit it so that I would go soft again and she emphatically instructed me that this wasn't the time for that.  Sometimes I would desperately have to pee-pee but I wasn't allowed out of the tub for it would make a mess.  Her solution was to have me stand while she grasped my little pee-pee and I tinkled into a cup that she held.  When the cup was almost full, she tightly squeezed my pee-pee to stop the flow white she emptied it into the toilet.  She also shaved me very thoroughly and sensuously.  She put the shaving cream on my crotch (already well soaked) and with great care shaved off the little stubble that had grown there.  I just sat down to rinse.  Then she did my armpits in a similar way.  She checked, with a magnifying glass, that all the hair was gone and that I wasn't getting more in new places such as on my balls or asshole.  Once I stopped fearing that she would castrate me, I really enjoyed the feeling of the razor.  After letting the water out, she rinsed me off using the shower hose and then dried me.  She then also carefully put baby powder on my crotch and dressed me.  Habitually, she teased me about putting me in a diaper.  It wonder if she ever will and how nice it would be?]

* * * * * * * * * *

Buck returned just before Labor Day in time for the start of the school year.  A handsome twenty-five-year-old guy, although still a college senior because of a delayed start.  Since Buck's father traveled a lot he had given the Sternes broad parental authority.  Buck and I were told that we should think of each other as cousins or brothers.  By the next afternoon, Buck decided that he would give me the nickname: Kid.  It was my first nickname and I was thrilled.

On Buck's first night home, after I was supposed to be asleep, I heard Uncle Chuck go into Buck's room.  I could hear very little but I was too timid to get out of bed to get closer.  After a short time I heard Uncle Chuck's commanding voice ordering Buck to kneel on the bed and Buck's reply: "Yes, SIR."

Then "Ready?" immediately followed by a gasp from Buck.  Obviously, he was getting fucked.  Soon afterward I heard Uncle Chuck cum and Buck say: "Thank You, Sir; I realty missed your great fuck rod this summer."

The second night he was home, Buck got into my bed, awakening me.  I was surprised and fearful that we would be punished for being naughty.  Buck told me: "Don't worry, Kid, it's ok for us to play like this."  He hugged, caressed and even kissed me and told me that I was so very, very cute.  He had an average-sized cock that kissed his abdomen when it soared up hard from his thick bush.  I was quickly and easily seduced.  After he rolled a lubricated condom on his erect cock he inserted it fully into my boy butthole.  I accepted him easily for I had already been trained to take Uncle Chuck's monster fuck tool.  He stayed hard after coming and remained in me for a long time.  We even fell asleep with him hugging me and plugging my asshole.

Aunt Bee woke us up in her usual manner by pulling back the covers.  Along with her cheery good morning she said: "I'm glad that you boys are getting to know each other, but it's breakfast time."  Buck was a lusty and horny guy and, white staying in me, rolled me onto my stomach and then proceeded to fuck me vigorously – indifferent to Aunt Bee's presence – until he came explosively while still wearing the rubber.  Then we went to breakfast.  Later, we found out that Uncle Chuck had videotaped it also.

It was soon apparent that Buck was treated like a high-school, rather than a college, senior with early curfews and the like.  Aunt Bee frequently went into his room (just like into mine} and into the bathroom when he was naked.  He was also prohibited from closing the upstairs doors.

One morning I woke up sick.  I had a terrible cold or something.  Aunt Bee came up to see me and, after feeling my forehead to confirm that it was hot, told me to roll over so that she could take my temperature.  After uncovering me, she sat down on the bed and put some grease on the rectal thermometer.  Then, gently spreading my cheeks, she carefully stuck it into my asshole.  While keeping her hand on my buns, she explained that she had to hold me so that I wouldn't roll over and hurt myself .  When the required three minutes were up, she removed it and patted my little boy's bottom, proclaiming: "Ok, all done now, Boy."  Shortly afterwards, having seen that I really did have a fever, she brought me some aspirin and cold pills with some juice and told me that I would have to stay in bed all day.  By then she had already called my teacher to tell him that I was sick.  Then when I couldn't eat breakfast she inquired if I had had a BM.  I told her not for a couple of days and she cheerfully said: "We'll take care of that right away, Boy."

A short while later she returned with a LARGE, BULGING ENEMA BAG! I was scared and protested that this was unnecessary, but in vain.  She made me lie on my back with the pillow under my hips and lifted my legs so that my knees were to the side of my chest, completely and vulnerably exposing my bottom - particularly the target asshole.  She sensitively and meticulously inserted the nozzle into my butt hole and started the enema flowing.  Slowly and steadily the fluid flowed into me.  Soon I felt that I would burst, but she compelled me to take the whole enormous thing that she had prepared.  After she removed the nozzle I put my legs down and desperately wanted to run to the toilet, but she held me down firmly with her hand on my swollen tummy so that if I tried to get up the pressure would increase.  "It takes a few minutes to work properly, Boy."

"It's working!  It's really working, Aunt Bee!" I cried protestingly, but she still held me still.  At long last she led me to the bathroom and sat me down on the toilet.  I exploded like Mount St. Helens.  She cleaned me up and put me back to bed.  I felt empty.

One Thursday, Buck and I got home from our schools about the same time.  Aunt Bee handed him a opened letter and said that he had better wait in his room until Uncle Chuck came home.  As we went upstairs, he was reading the letter.  Suddenly he gave a cry: "Oh, NO! Probation!" Obviously, he was in big, with a capital-T, Trouble!

After Uncle Chuck went into Buck's room, I listened and watched without being seen.  Just as you would expect, he got a long lecture and gave lots of lame excuses that were rejected.  Eventually he was ordered to strip and "assume the position".  I got a terrific view of his white ass and tan line as he held his ankles.  Then Uncle Chuck removed his heavy leather garrison belt and said: "This should make an lasting impression on you" and swung the folded-over belt.  There was an resounding WHACK when it hit Buck's upturned butt, a shriek from him and then a wide, red strip appeared across his ass.  Uncle Chuck gave Buck blow after blow, until he had turned his entire behind into a glowing red hot mass.  During this process, Buck's yells became mixed with sobs and tears.  Over and over, the whoosh and then the whack of the belt were followed by Buck's yelps and cries.  By the way, I can't say if it had a lasting impression on Buck but I know it did have one on me; I can still hear those whooshes, whacks and cries in my dreams.  After Uncle Chuck put his belt back on, he ordered Buck to come with him.  I ducked back into my room (just momentarily) as they went through the hallway to the bathroom.  I saw that Buck was hard and had a very red bun.  "Stand in the tub, boy, with your hands behind your back" ordered Uncle Chuck as he took something out of his pocket.  I could hear it start to hum when, without another word, he turned it on.  Pressing it against Buck's stomach starting at his bellybutton, he moved it down to the base of Buck's cock which he was also pulling down and back.  As he repeated this, I could see that the beautiful, thick bush of hair was falling from Buck's pubes.  He was using a hair chipper.  Uncle Chuck clipped his pubes, chest and armpits until Buck was as hairless as a boy again.  "Go to your room until dinner and don't get dressed" was Uncle Chuck's departing order.  Dinner was very quiet with Buck naked and clipped.  All that was said was: "And don't forget that you're grounded until You are off probation."

On Saturday morning, Aunt Bee again went into Buck's room and put some of her soothing cream on Buck's still sore behind while he was in bed.  Then she told him to turn over and then rubbed a different cream into his crotch, chest and armpits where Uncle Chuck had clipped him.  "This will take care of that stubble, lad;" she firmly declared "wash it off in a half an hour."  After his shower, Buck found that the depilatory cream Aunt Bee used made him as smooth as a baby.  Not only was Buck grounded, but he was kept hairless until the end of the term.

Late that night, Buck came to my bed and said that he had to cuddle some.  He felt very strange with his full size man cock soaring up from his now baby-smooth, hairless pubis.  I think that I missed his full bush more than he did.  After playing a while, he put on the rubber which he had routinely brought and pressed his latex-sheathed cock against my butt hole.  As always, I accepted him easily.  He came quickly and with a final hug and kiss, he returned, satisfied, to his room after saying: "Thanks, Kid, you were great as usual."  I was joyful that he had wanted me once again.

One weekend Uncle Chuck and Aunt Bee went away and I got my first 'sleepover' with Tommy.  I was dropped off Saturday morning .  Tommy took me exploring his neighborhood which I had never seen.  As we both had been very good boys all week, we were allowed to eat lunch out and also to go to the kiddy cartoon matinee by ourselves.  We had to run home so as not to be late (and thus we both avoided being grounded) .  After dinner, Tommy's mom gave us our baths together much the same as Aunt Bee did.  After I watched Tommy pee-pee into a cup while his mom held him, I then had to pee-pee also.  His mom gripped me exactly the same way as Aunt Bee did including crushing my pee-pee to stop the stream when the cup was almost full.  She then put us to bed.

Tommy insisted that I have the top bunk as I was the guest.  After we talked a long time, Tommy climbed up and got into the top bunk with me, explaining that it's even more fun with two in the top.  He snuggled up to me and got his arm around me.  Then he grabbed my boy dick and started to play with it.  It was nice so I grabbed his and did the same.  We both got hard – two hairless little boys together.  "Wanna suck, Kid?" he asked.

"Sure." He turned around and pushed his prick into my face while he took mine into his mouth.  I reciprocated.  Soon we also started to lick each other's boy balls.  Suddenly, he shot his boy load onto my chest while I was licking his boy balls.  When that happened, he turned around and licked his own cum from my chest.  Then he went back to his bunk to sleep.

Yes, the upper bunk is lots of fun – even when Tommy is in the lower bunk.

* * * * * * * * * *

One February weekday, I found that Aunt Bee had set out my sailor suit for the evening.  This was unusual as it was generally restricted for special occasions, such as the Presidents' Day parade.  When I got downstairs I was welcomed by shouts of "SURPRISE!" and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  I was put over everyone's lap (with my pants up for a change) in turn for a communal birthday spanking starting with Tommy.  When Buck gave me his quota of two spanks he also whispered into my ear that: "I'll get you tonight, Kid!" After dinner as Aunt Bee brought out the birthday cake while everyone sang Happy Birthday.  I made a wish and actually blew out all the candles with just one blow.  I also received some real neat gifts.  It was the happiest day of my life.  It was FUN!  I can't tell you what I wished, for then it won't come true, but you should be able to guess.

Buck made a midnight visit just as he had promised at the party.  First he told me that he was going to attend graduate school here so that we would still be together for another year and a half.  This was followed, as always, by cuddling and kissing while he told me that he loved me.  Suddenly he held me face down with a full Nelson and, also gripping my legs with his so that I couldn't move, gave me a genuine birthday spanking.  Each real hard although loving smack was accompanied by "Happy Birthday.  Kid!" whispered into my ear.  I did not mind the pain as it made me very hot.  It was bliss when he finally rammed his anxious cock into me.  That was the perfectly climax to this most wonderful day.

I am a very lucky, happy and contented little boy with a good loving family and home.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 21, 1992 & June 26, 2015

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