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The following story is fiction about a youth who falls under the control of a young girl when she is just ten and he is fourteen.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Little Neighbor Girl – Part 1/2


Lynn was only just a ten-year-old fifth grader and I was the big next door neighbor – a young man who was fourteen and already in high school.  I'm sure you're wondering why the hell a dude of fourteen would get involved with a little lass like Lynn.  Thoughts such as: "He's robbing the cradle.", "He's a pedophile.", "He doesn't have any hair about his pee-pee so the older girls laugh at him." probably come to mind.  Well, none of those was true.  My cock was the proper size – almost six inches already – with a decent crop of hair.  I had dates with some of the girls in my classes and gotten some action.  OK, admittedly no home runs but a couple of solid base hits.  Lynn is business.  Oh, I guess I shouldn't have said it that way – she's definitely not a ho.  I meant my business – her parents hired me to babysit her.  Yes, all on the up and up.  And she was a young lady who could take care of herself – dress, personal hygiene and keep within the bounds that her parents set even back then.  She was the easiest kid I ever sat for and certainly the least trouble.  I could count on getting my homework done or watching a movie when I sat her.

Well, that was all true until last summer when Lynn changed the rules.  She decided that she wanted to do some, er, age inappropriate stuff and she wanted to do it with me.  She was not (still is not) a female that takes "No." for an answer.  In that regard she takes after her mother who bosses her stepfather around.  The poor man was very hen-pecked, obeying her like a little boy obeys his governess, especially when she was smacking her palm with a hairbrush.

I thought that Lynn was asleep or at least in her bed and I was watching a silly movie on the TV.  The movie stank except that it was full of lots and lots of delightful luscious eye candy since it was a beach movie.  It did not matter that they were at least five years older than me and would never have given me a second glance, I certainly could (and was) drooling over them.  I was even pointing at them (guess how).

That was the situation when Lynn came sashaying into the room.  "Hi, big boy.  Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" she said not really sounding a bit like Mae West.  I was unhappy, not because of the movie which did really show anything she couldn't see but because she could see that I was tenting my shorts.  Before I could tell her to go back to bed, she jumped on my lap, with her knees hitting the back of the couch.  That meant that her pussy was pressed up against my tented shorts as she was wearing just an extra large T-shirt as a nighty.  She wrapped her arms about my neck and hugged me tightly and even kissed me – even pressing her lips against mine.  I could also feel her tiny boobs-to-be through both our T-shirts.

I tried to get her off me, but she hung on like a leach.  It was even more difficult because she was grinding her crotch on mine.  That kept me at full mast.  Yea, she's only a kid, but I was boned up from the movie and she was sliding back and forth over my thing.  I was already half way to coming when she pounced on me and her rubbing quickly drove me over the edge so that I filled my shorts with a big load.  She was not an innocent kid at all because she understood what happened.© YLeeCoyote

"You're just as naughty as my step-daddy.  You cummed without permission!  You are a very naughty boy and need to be spanked – just like Mommy spanks Daddy."

It was hard to believe my ears.  What was this little girl saying?  And what the hell did she know?  I soon found out because she repeated that I must be spanked and threaten to tell her mommy that I had sex with her.  I was absolutely dumbfounded.

"Jay-boi," she said holding my face in her hands and looking right into my eyes, "you are a naughty boy and must be spanked."  My name is Jayson and I was never called Jay-boi.  She got up, got a wicked looking, wide wood-backed-hairbrush, from a drawer and sat down next to me on the couch.  "Now, get over my lap, naughty Jay-boi, or I'll tell Mommy."  I stood up and started to object and refuse but she was serious.  "I guess I'll have to tell Mommy and then you won't get paid either."

I was trapped in my shorts full of wet, sticky cum.  She reached out and pulled me close with and amazingly quickly unbuttoned my shorts and pulled the zipper down.  "NO!  You can't do that."

"Yes, I can.  Spankings must be on the bare, you very naughty boy."  She then stuck her hands into the waistband of my tightie-whities and yanked them and my shorts down to below my knees cum and all.  She gave me a tug and I fell over her lap with my torso on the couch.  I was being held in place by this little girl since she had immediately put one leg over mine.  She surely had practiced this for she did it with super ease.  I was feeling like a naughty little boy even before the first spank with the hairbrush.


I yelled.  Partly out of surprise at how hard she hit me and because I got hit by a piece of hard, heavy wood.  Over and over she whacked me with that vicious hairbrush and soon I was crying like a naughty little boy being spanked by his angry Mother.  Of course, I felt exactly like that.  I went to the corner most docilely when Lynn ordered me to.  Thoroughly spanked little boys are very obedient.

I wanted to try to figure out what had happened but the searing pain in my fiery hot butt kept my attention.  I just stood there, sobbing, most subdued.  I was fourteen and about to start high school [ninth grade] next month and this little elementary school fifth grader had taken me over her knees and made me bawl like a five-year-old spanked by his mommy.

In due time, Lynn summoned me and I went to her.  I was half naked for I had lost my shorts when I went into the corner.  I stood before her with my hands hiding my tackle.  "Put your hands on your head, Jay-boi.  I know what little boys have since I've changed many diapers."  I was slow to obey and she rapped my knuckles with the hairbrush.  That hurt and I obeyed quickly after that.  She stared at my stuff and said: "You're even smaller than my step-daddy, Jay-boi."  How does this little girl know what her step-dad has?  I did not have time to ponder the question when she grabbed my cock, pulled hard and then plowed into my pubes with a hair clipper.

"NO!  NO!" I yelled but it was too late.  Three quick passes with the clippers removed almost all of my pubes.  The pubes that I was so proud of growing in the last few months to be able to show off in the showers in high school to prove I was a man and not a boy.

"Be still, Jay-boi, so I can finish this without cutting you.  Mommy has me keep step-daddy nice and smooth so that he'll be a better boy."  I almost started crying again.  I so loved my pubes.  Lynn then took me into the bathroom and used a razor to make me absolutely smooth like I had been only a few months ago.  She refused to give me back my shorts until I vacuumed the mess she made by clipping my pubes.

After that, I returned to the couch and Lynn kissed me sweetly on the checks, told me to be a good boy and went to bed.  I was in a daze until her parents returned, paid me and I returned home.

Back home, I showered and went to bed.  I kept replaying everything that had happened over and over.  I tried to think that it was some horrid nightmare but my butt hurt something fierce and my pubes were gone.  The good news was that I had gotten off with a real live girl.  Eventually, I dropped off but in the morning the reality was all too real for my butt was still red and my pubes were definitely nonexistent.

* * * * * * * * * *

I decided that it would be better to decline further babysitting jobs with Lynn but a couple of days latter, I learnt that she had other ideas.  I was in my own backyard sunbathing in just my brief style swim suit and Lynn came to me.  I wanted to shoo her away but she insisted that I look at something.  She had a batch of pictures of me quite exposed in her house and even some of us kissing.  "Mommy will make trouble for a certain very naughty boy if she sees these." Lynn said very matter-of-factly with a great big evil grin.

I was on my back and she was on the house side of me so when she put her hot hand on the bulge in my tight swim suit I immediately got hard as a rock.  "You like me doing this, Jay-boi.  Don't you?"

"This is NOT right, Lynn." I said like a wimp even though my heart was racing because of her touch.  I hoped that my mom would not look this way even though she would not be able to what Lynn was doing.

She gave my nuts a squeeze.  "Step-daddy is always a good boy when Mommy or I do this.  I'm sure you'll be a good boy too, Jay-boi."

I reached to move her hand away but she snapped at me to put them behind my head or else.  "I like playing with your thingie, Jay-boi."  She continued to massage my stuff through the bathing suit.  "I see you like it, Jay-boi.  You are very hard and leaking."  That was true.  I was terrified that anyone should find us but it felt great and was ever so exciting.  It got better in every way when she slipped her hot little hand inside and pulled my shaft out and up.  Then she started to jerk me and in a few minutes I blasted my load straight up to the sky.  She used her hand to collect my jizz and made me lick it off her hand.  Then she tucked me back into my suit.  "Oh, Mommy's going out tomorrow night so she wants you to babysit me.  Come over at six."  She left.

I was trapped in a gilded cage.  What was happening was great but I was afraid it would be discovered.  I rolled over and humped the blanket making a mess in my swim suit.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was excited and yet fearful when I rang the bell.  Lynn answered and jumped up to hug and kiss me.  "My favorite sitter is here, Mommy." she shouted.  Her folks were ready to go and immediately disappeared.  In just a couple of minutes, she had me sitting on the couch and then jumped on my lap.  She was dressed this time so I had the protection of her pants and my jeans between her hairless twat and my shaven dick.  Unfortunately, I still got hard and she knew it.  She was, however, busy for the moment hugging and kissing me.  My efforts to stop her were useless and she soon had her hot hand stuck down my pants and gasping my hard rod.  Worse, she pulled off my shirt, undid my belt and jeans and pulled off my sneakers.  She made me stand and then I lost my jeans and briefs.  I was blushing all over, yet I was hard as a rock.

"It looks like your pee-pee wants to play with me." she laughed.  "But your hair is growing back and that not good.  Lie back and I'll take care of it."  I protested but, as usual with her, it was useless.  She had me under her control and I was helpless as a baby.  She rubbed some lotion on me where she had shaved me less than a week ago.  "This will do a better job than the razor.  It's what Mommy has me use on my step-daddy.  It will take about twenty minutes.  Just lie and I'll be right back."  She was back in a jiffy after washing the lotion off her hands.  Then she wrapped herself about my head and smothered me with kisses until a bell rang.  "That's the timer." she said and took me into the bathroom and washed the lotion off.  It was then I learnt that it was a hair remover and I would be hairless for a much longer time than if she had shaved me.

Back in the family room, she cuddled up with me and played with my tackle which was fun.  Regardless of everything else I loved her hot hands on my stuff.  Apparently she loved it also.  She then grilled me about everything since the last time checking if I had done anything wrong, naughty or skipped any of my chores.  When she caught me in a little lie, she said that was very naughty and I must not ever lie to her again.  She was squeezing my balls tightly to emphasize the point.  Once she caught me in that lie, I was afraid to lie any more and I was reporting everything – both good and bad – to her.  I couldn't believe how she was dominating me so totally that I told about stuff I never told to anyone before – not to my Mom, nor to my Dad nor even to my best friend.

Lynn said I must be spanked again because I was a naughty boy and she took the belt from my jeans.  I had to lie over the end of the couch and she used the belt on my butt.  She gave me twelve hard cuts and I do mean hard.  I was pleading for her to stop before the end but was afraid to get up.  My butt was bright red and very sensitive.  She was kind and had me lie over her lap and rubbed some lotion in while I promised to be her good little boy.

As I lay in this position, I realized that she had more control over me than my own Mother had.  This was terrifying yet extremely exciting.  Ever since I had gotten here and she kissed me, my cock had been as hard as a rock.

Lynn now wanted to have a different sort of fun now that she had put me through a training session in obedience and submission.  She had me stretch out on the floor and she got on top of me.  First she covered my face with kisses and then worked down on my chest although mostly on my nipples.  It certainly felt good (unlike the strap and the hairbrush).  When she was kissing and sucking my nipples, she had her crotch on top of mine and was rocking back forth.  This was stimulating for me as you can imagine but it was doing the same for her.  After a few minutes I realized I had a problem.  I was getting close to coming and last time I got spanked with that terrible hairbrush for not having permission.

"Please, Lynn, I'm close to cumming." I said.  I did not know if that was the right thing or not.  She stopped and smiled.  She stuck my T-shirt over my cock and resumed her play.

"Don't cum until I tell you to, boy."  She continued this exquisite torture/pleasure combination for some time.  I was sweating like I was in Death Valley when she allowed me to come.  It was a great joyous relief and I was exhausted.  "That's my good boy." she said kissing me some more.  She continued to sit on me as she watched some silly TV show.  Her hand was constantly playing with my cock.

It was a relief when she told me shower and dress when she went to bed.  I marveled at how perfectly smooth my crotch was while I still missed my pubes.  I had the TV on while I waited for her parents to return.  I could only think of how Lynn had used me like a toy and that I loved that she had.  When I went to pee, I felt my smooth pubis and was immediately reminded of my status.  It seemed quite normal since she had just played with me.  Then it dawned on me that I would have this feeling every time that I touched myself there which would be every time I peed and then some.  The terrible and wonderful feeling of being under Lynn's control and being her toy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things continued as you might expect with me being a slave to the little girl I was babysitting.  She also managed to get to play with me once or twice a week by coming over to my house – just next door when my folks were out.  Very gratuitously I got to see more of her body.  At first she put a blindfold on me before making me lick her pussy.  Sometimes she had me on my knees for an hour using my tongue often controlling my head with her hands.

Lynn also made sure to spank me at least once a week.  Sometimes she had real cause because I was naughty but other times she just gave me what she called maintenance spankings. These, she explained, were to make sure that I did not forget what would happened when I was naughty.  The maintenance spankings still hurt, turned my butt red and all the rest but were not as severe as the real punishment ones.

I won't get into all the details of our many interactions but I'm sorry I did not remember how Lynn could tell when I was lying.  One day when I was at her house after school I told I did feel so well and did not want to play.  She told me to lie down and dashed away.  In a couple of minutes she was back with a thermometer and insisted that she was going to check my temperature.  At first I was agreeable, and opened my mouth after she turned from shaking it down.  "Oh no, Jay-boi, Mommy says that it's only accurate at the other end.  Stand up and drop your pants and get over my lap."

Two minutes later I was in position and she was spreading my butt cheeks so she could put some petroleum jelly on my hole.  Before she put the thermometer in, she made sure it would go in by sticking her finger in first.  I had terribly mixed feelings.  It was terrible because she was invading me.  It was wonderful as she gently played about.  After a while she put the thermometer into my butt.  I had to lay on her lap for five minutes and not move about.  It was not fun but I did not know when I was well off.  After the five minutes were up, she saw that my temperature was normal.

She put the thermometer on the table and picked up the dreaded hairbrush.  "You don't have a temperature, Jay-boi, so I'm going to heat up your bottom with the hairbrush so that you do.  You need a reminder that you must not lie to me, Jay-boi."  Then she gave me a long, hard spanking.  Very soon I was howling as the hard brush repeatedly crashed down on my soft bottom.  Lynn had been very gentle when she probed my hole with her hot, little finger and even with the long thin thermometer but now she was far from gentle.  I had been naughty and naughty little boys, like me, get long hard spankings.  I begged for mercy but she continued with hard whacks to my poor bottom.

I don't want to bore you with all the encounters I had with Lynn but rest assured that she studied my body very, very carefully everywhere.  If it was possible to get inside any opening, she did so.  It goes without saying that she also watched the normal use each and every orifice.  I was her specimen, her lab animal to study all the time.  In short, she got to know my body better than I did and observed stuff I never could see.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was looking forward to Lynn's turning twelve, for then she was not going to require a babysitter any more.  As you can imagine, I expected that I would be free from her control.  It is surely obvious since I am writing this, that was not the case.  It turns out that she did tell her mother about how she was controlling me.  I can just imagine her saying: "Mom, I have Jason under my control just like you have Dad under control.  He's a much better behaved boy now."  It's like a nightmare which keeps haunting me.

I had good reason to assume that she said that or something similar for shortly after her twelfth birthday and the approach of my sixteenth, my folks had a talk with me.  Actually they lectured me and said since I stopped sitting Lynn my conduct had deteriorated.  It appears that our mothers had chatted and concluded that she was keeping me in-line.  I was put in her charge!

Since then she has had full authority over me.  She sets my rules, checks I do my school work and chores, keep to my curfew and even gives me my allowance.  When I do not meet her high standards, she punishes me.  Sometimes I am grounded but always I am spanked.  She loves getting me naked and over her lap so she can turn my butt flaming red with her heavy hairbrush.  She also likes me to bend over the end of the couch and then use my own heavy leather belt to strap my tail so it becomes a fiery inferno of pain.

I dream that when I finish high school that I will be free of her control.

End of Part 1. Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. May 2, 2010

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