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The following story is fiction about a youth who falls under the control of a young girl when she is just ten and he is fourteen.  In this part he finds a comrade in her step-dad.  The story contains scenes of spanking, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is Part 2 of the story and you should start with Part 1.

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Little Neighbor Girl – Part 2/2


I'm sure that you can imagine how terrible my life was.  I was of an age that I normally would be rebelling against my parents yet that was not what I was doing.  I had Lynn to contend with – she was almost four years younger than I yet she was in charge of me.  And she was stricter and more tenacious than any parent.  It was a rare week that I did not get spanked and there was never a fortnight that I did not.  I got four or five spankings a month from her no matter how hard I tried to please her.

Lynn intruded on my life in every way possible.  I could only have friends that she approved of and it was not possible to date.  It was not that it was prohibited but that I was ashamed in two ways.  Of course, Lynn would have meet any prospective date first which was not very practical and she kept me hairless.  To her I was just a little boy and that meant I was not allowed to have either pubic hair nor privacy and that I had to wear little boy briefs.  I considered it good when I could wear tighty-whities (rather than boxers like all the other guys) for there were even more childish cartoon briefs in my dresser drawer that I had to wear when Lynn said that I needed even more reminders that I was just a little boy.

In short, life was hell!

I talked to Father but he was strangely unsympathetic and Mother was more than happy with arrangement.  This had been going on for almost a year when I learnt how trapped I was.  Father had gotten work in another part of the state (we were all glad of this good paying job) which required him to be away a couple of months.  One weekend, both Lynn's mother and mine went to some woman's group meeting.  Of course, I remained home in Lynn's charge.  In fact, I was to sleep and eat at her house.

Well, on Saturday afternoon, Kenny, Lynn's step-dad, took me to the game.  It was a very exciting game and we had lots of fun.  He had a beer there and then, rather than going right home, we stopped in a tavern to talk about the game with other fans and he had another beer.  Things were made worse because one of the guys had spilt his beer on him so he stank of it.  We were more than three hours late getting home.  To say that Lynn was furious would be an understatement.  We both got yelled at for being late and Kenny additionally for driving after drinking.© YLeeCoyote

I had known that Lynn had a hand in controlling Kenny but I had not realized that she had power over him just like she had over me.  It got extremely evident immediately.  The first order of business was to strip so that Kenny's stinky clothes and other laundry could be started before we ate.  By now I had learnt to obey Lynn promptly to avoid extra spankings so I stripped right away.  She had seen and handled my body a lot and was I no longer shy, bashful nor modest with her.  Kenny was, of course, a male like I so he was not a problem.  Lynn had to push him to undress reminding him that "little boys have nothing to hide" and even threatening extra if he did not comply immediately.  He stripped down and I put our messy clothes into the washer along with some other stuff and got it going.

I was surprised at what Kenny was wearing.  It was like an athletic cup in shape but it was just a metal grill that was locked on.  Kenny's tackle was totally locked up!  I could also see, like Lynn had told me a long time ago, that he did not have pubes either.  I was surprised that Lynn had decided that she would make dinner to practice her culinary skills.  Unfortunately, the roast was dry and overcooked, the veggies mushy and tasteless.  She claimed it was very good when she ate two hours earlier when we should have also.  Dessert was to be red-hot boy butt whipped up fresh by Lynn for the two of us.

That was proceeded by a formal lecture from Lynn for being irresponsible and thus ruining the dinner she most kindly made which, she pointed out, had been quite good at the scheduled time.  Also, her step-father got an additional lecture for driving after drinking.  He certainly was not impaired but that did not matter.  Kenny and I spent more than an hour cleaning up everything as Lynn watched TV.

Kenny got his spanking first.  He had to kneel on the floor resting on a ottoman with his butt sticking up.  Before getting into position, Kenny had to fetch the tawse and give it to Lynn.  I examined it latter and it was a very heavy strap with a handle.  More than twice the weight of my belt and the end was split.  I concluded that it surely hurt something fierce from the loud SMACK it made when it landed on Kenny's bottom and his even louder yells.  I watched with horrified fascination how his naughty little boy bottom turned red and then deep crimson as the tawse did its job.  It seemed to take forever for Lynn to give her step-father twenty-five hard cuts and leave him bawling like a baby.  I was fearful that Lynn would use that terrible thing on my own ass

Lynn sent Kenny to the corner and ordered me to get into the same position he had been in.  "Please, be merciful." I begged but she just pointed with the tawse and, shacking, I got into position.  Then the tawse landed on my butt.  I saw stars and yelled but the WHACK was not as loud as when it struck Kenny.  Five more cuts left me crying and with a painful red butt but not nearly as extreme as what Kenny got.  I was required to move the clothes to the dryer before getting into another corner.

When our corner time was over, we were sent to shower and to bed.  I was to sleep with Kenny in what was the little boys' room for the weekend.

* * * * * * * * * *

Talking in bed with Kenny, I began to learn a lot more of his story.  He admitted, as I had noticed years before, that his wife was in control and, as I saw, had even delegated great authority to Lynn.  He told me a lot, probably much more than I needed to know, because he was pouring his heart out about his pain.  The evil cage was to prevent him from masturbating and, as a bonus for his wife, to even consider any other women for relief.  Only occasionally did she allow him even the pleasure of jerking off and even more rarely that of real sex although he was required to service her on demand frequently.  Kenny also begged me not to tell anyone about his lowly status.

As we talked, Kenny told me that his mother had worn the pants in the house and controlled his father and that he learnt early – while still in high school – that he liked the girls who were dominant like her.  Then later, that was what he sought out in a wife.  The big surprise came as Lynn grew up and helped her mother in ways that had he never expected.  In short, he did not have any authority over his little girl while she had the full backing of her mother to be in charge of him.

I could feel his pain for I shared a lot of it.  His must have been much more since he was an adult while I was only a little older than Lynn.  In a decade that age difference would not matter.  It was because I sneezed that I learnt a lot more.  I opened the bed stand drawer to get a tissue and discovered the strap-on – much to Kenny's horror.  He was forced to explain what it was and how his wife used it to relieve the pressure in his prostate.  I learnt a lot more about sex than in school.  Kenny had a love/hate relationship with the thing.  He hated that his wife used it to dominate him but loved that it relieved the pressures that built up because he was caged.  I will admit that all this discussion had made me very horny and Kenny was suffering because he couldn't get hard locked up.

At first I kidded him about using it he refused but he became less and less reluctant with time.  "I better put this away." I said tossing it back into the drawer.  I could tell that Kenny was unsure to be glad or otherwise.  After a few minutes, I got some of the lube from the drawer and spread it on my hard shaft.  "We don't need that artificial thing, Kenny.  I got a real one." I said.  He did not resist when I rolled him over and lubed up his bottom hole.  I played with his hole a bit and he did not object.  As I pumped happily in and out, Kenny was very responsive and we both came.  He made a big mess and I unexpectedly lost my virginity that night.  I liked it a lot and did it several times and Kenny said it made him feel better.

In the morning, I did it again and we both enjoyed it.  We did not tell Lynn fearing that she would punish us for some reason. Kenny said it did make him feel better.  We were restricted to the house for day because of our irresponsible behavior the day before.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 21, 2010

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