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My Little Sister is in Charge Now – Part 1/2


It was a warm day and I was the only one home.  I stripped, grabbed a towel and went skinny-dipping in our back yard pool.  I love the way it feels when my package is completely free in the water.  It was shortly after that Mom drove in and went into the house with a friend.  I figured I would give them a few minutes to make tea or coffee and go to the front room to gossip.  I could then grab my towel and get back upstairs without her seeing me.  But before I could do that my kid sister came out in her swim suit and joined me in the pool.  Now I was trapped because I didn't want her to see me naked.

After a while she got out, used my towel and then sat on it.  "You've been swimming a long time, Kevie.  You better get out before you turn into a prune."  She knows that I hate that she calls me Kevie rather than Kev or even by my full name, Kevin.

"In a little while.  Go ahead and shower first."  I said hoping she would so I could get the towel without her seeing me naked.  She laughed.  This would be a major mistake of my life.

"Afraid to get out 'cause I'll see your pee-pee?"  How did she know I did not have my suit on?  "I just saw your little thingy because you forgot your suit.  You better get out now or I'll call Mom, Kevie."  I was in trouble!  Mom had said she would spank me and ground me for a whole month if I went skinny-dipping.  And if Kari called, she would even get to watch Mom roast my tail because she would do it immediately.  Well there are worse things than letting your five-year younger sister get to see your body so I got out.  I tried to hide my stuff behind my hands but Kari insisted on being very helpful and drying me.  "I've seen it already, Kevie." she said.  Of course, she was extra thorough drying my stuff.  Still holding my towel, she started for the house, saying: "Let's go upstairs now.  Be quiet and I'll check that Mom is still chatting with Mrs. Marlin and won't see you."  I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that Kari was being very nice now that she had a good look-see-feel of my stuff.  I should have known better.

We got to the top of the stairs and I thought I was home free.  I thanked her but before I could head for my room she took my hand and led me to hers.  "Lie on the bed, Kevie, while I get something."  I protested but she said if I did not do what she wanted then she would call Mom.  I was naked, although out of the pool, but my suit was dry on the line.  My little sister of eleven apparently knew about blackmail and I was afraid of what would happen if Mom came up.  She seemed to sense my fear that Mom should find out.  I obeyed and covered my crotch with my hands.© YLeeCoyote

Only seconds later, Kari had gotten a batch of stuff she had stored in her closet.  "What's all that?" I asked.

She held up a diaper of some sort.  "This is your suit for the next ten minutes, Kevie.  Please lift up your legs and butt."  Well, I hoped she would keep to her ten minutes so I raised up and she slipped it under my ass.  Then she immediately picked up a bottle and squeezed some stuff onto her hands.  "Move your hands, Kevie.  I've seen your little thing already."  That hurt; the pool is cool and you know how that shrinks a guy.  Then she started to rub the stuff all over my bat and balls.  It was a wonderful feeling with her hot little hand covered in oil or whatever.  I responded as any horny teen youth would.  I even grew – getting a hard-on – even though she was my little sister.  Then she powdered me, sprinkling baby power over my crotch and even rubbing it over my butt.  My legs were already spread so as she pressed her hot hand under me, I raised up as it also felt nice so that she could reach more of my butt.

"I take back what I said about small." she said.  "You're as big as the books say you should be."  That was a relief.  She grabbed a ruler and measured.  "Just five inches, Kevie.  That just makes normal range.  Ted is bigger with almost six inches already."  (Ted is her twelve-year-old boyfriend and what the hell have they been doing?)  She played with me for a while but not enough to make me cum.  Then she finished putting the diaper on me.  I had to stand for her inspection.  She was happy with the result.  "You look like the perfect baby boy.  Just like I imagined." she said most happily.  I saw myself in the mirror and did not like what I saw at all.  It was horrid.  I was sixteen and in a diaper because my kid sister (standing beside me with a huge smile) wanted to see me in one.  It certainly did not help that I did not have any chest hair.

"OK." I said.  "May I take it off, please?"  She said not until the ten minutes are up and you WET it.  "No way!"

She laughed.  "Yes, way!  Or should I call Mom.  She'll love to see you in a diaper.  Come on, Kev, it will be fun."

I was still trapped and with her watching, I peed in the diaper.  It was difficult because I was still hard.  "Satisfied?"

She smiled and asked if I was having fun.  I did not answer and she told me to lie on the bed again for a diaper change.  "We can't have my baby brother in a wet diaper."  Once again, I followed her directions as I did want to get out of the wet diaper.  Once the diaper was opened she tended to my infantile needs by beginning to clean me up with baby wipes.  She seemed to know what she was doing and explained that she had done the neighbor's boy (a preschooler) a few times.  "But he was never as excited as you."  Of course, I responded to her soft, oily hands as she brought me close again.  This was my first hand job (my girlfriend refused to touch me there) and I did not want to tell her that even though it was absofuckenlutely wonderful.  I just lay back to enjoy it all and even closed my eyes.  Then there was a buzzing and something was vibrating and rubbing over my crotch.  The sensations were even better than from her hand and I thought it was a vibrator.  It was, however, Dad's barber clipper which he used when he was with us.  The little she-devil had clipped my pubes to just stubble.  I was horrified.  Hell, I could take the diaper off but it would take weeks to grow my pubes back.  When I made objections, she said "Babies in diapers don't have hair.  Now, I'm going to finish the job."  She held up the razor.

"Please, Kari.  You've done enough.  Please." I begged.  We both knew that she still could call Mom.

"It won't make any difference to anyone else but I want you smooth."  I fell back on the bed, feeling totally defeated.  "That's my good boy." she said with the confidence of a winner.  She proceeded to cover me with shaving cream and as she started, said: "Please be still.  I don't want to cut my baby.  I'm going to be very careful."  Actually, her touch was extremely gentle but she was also ruthlessly efficient.  When I checked later, I was absolutely smooth like I had been less than two years earlier.  She got rid of the wet diaper with my pubes and stuck a fresh one in its place.  She again started with the wonderful oil and this time made me explode.  (I wished my girlfriend would do that.)  Then she fastened the diaper.  Well, I have to admit that I was much more mellow after cumming and was not in a rush to leave.

She left me to shower and told me I might remove the diaper and go to my room.  I don't know why but I still felt horny and with the diaper on began to masturbate.  I did not even stick my hand inside but did it through the diaper and soon came again.  I took off the diaper and returned to my room.  When I heard Kari go back to her room, I went for my shower.  What she did was pretty good except for the shaving bit, I thought.  Maybe she isn't such a monster that kid sisters are said to be, I thought.  It certainly was worth wearing and even wetting a diaper for a few minutes to get jerked off by a girl (even if it she is my sister).

When I was back in my room, I dressed and checked my email.  Kari said that she had a lot of fun and was sure that I had also.  She hoped that we would be able to do this again.  She even had pictures.  They were not top quality for they were obviously from her webcam but they were adequate for keeping me inline – her line.  She promised not to tell if I would continue to play the game.

I knew I was trapped.  Kari was smart enough to have hidden copies of the pictures to hold over me.  I could not even confess to Mom now because not only would she punish me for skinny-dipping but for doing the stuff my little eleven-year-old sister forced me to.

I hoped that it was over but next Saturday morning at breakfast Mom spoke to us.  "I'm going to be out all day.  You are not to fight or wreak the house.  Don't swim alone but watch each other."

We both replied: "Yes, Mother."  She always told us that.

"Kev, what did I tell you would happen if you went skinny-dipping?"

I tried to avoid answering but Mom pressed me so I had to say: "You'll spank me and ground me."

"Good.  Don't forget.  Neither you nor your sister is a baby anymore."

"Mother, I don't mind if he skinny-dips.  I know what boys have.  A couple of my friends' brothers are pretty grown up even though they are years younger than Kev."  Mom was taken a back a bit and it seemed that Kari was being very nice.  "Mom, may I allow him to skinny-dip, please?  He really likes to and I don't mind at all."

"That's very nice of you, Kari." I said sweetly.  Mom always likes us to be nice to each other.

"OK as long as you BOTH agree about it."  We said the appropriate thanks.

After Mom left, Kari pounced.  "OK, Kevie, it is time to get you into your diaper and then later you may go skinny-dipping like you love."  When I hesitated, she reminded me: "It isn't too late to get spanked and grounded for last week's skinny-dipping.  I know what the rule was now.  Besides, you enjoyed last time even jerking off through the diaper."  Damn! She must have caught that on her webcam also.

A little later I was naked on her bed.  She was unhappy that 'her baby' had a five o'clock shadow and she went right to work to remove it.  Then she slipped a diaper under my butt and gave me another wonderful oil and powder treatment.  I probably should not have told her how wonderful it felt when she paused but I felt so great that I did let her know how well she was doing.  She said I should do my homework and after I wet the diaper we would go swimming.  A half hour later she came to check if I needed a dee-dee (her word) change.  This time she insisted that I wet while she watched and then told me to come to her room in fifteen minutes for a change.  It did feel strange sitting in a wet diaper, but it was not as bad as I feared and it was warm.  Of course, since I expected that I would get another oil treatment, I figured it would be worth it.

When I went to her room, "Please change my dee-dee." I asked as she had instructed me to.  I got on her bed and she removed the wet diaper and cleaned me up but did not oil me.  Instead, she told me that I had been a very naughty boy going skinny-dipping last week and that she was going to spank me now or…  Again I was trapped.  I had told her the rules this morning and she knew Mom would do it.  I figured that she could not do nearly the job Mom could.  She sat on the bed and I got across her lap.  Before she started spanking me, she said she would have spanked me last week if she had known that was the rule.  She lectured me some and gave me some spanks with her hand.  They really did not hurt but it was very humiliating just the same to be spanked by my little sister.  Then I saw stars and my butt was aflame.  Well, it was not really that bad but she had used something beside her hand.  Then the spanks came rapidly and I was unhappy about this and started to fidget.  She said to be still or I would get extra.  "Will you be a good boy, Kevie?" she asked.

I said: "Yes."  She immediately corrected me and then I said it her way: "Yes, Mommy, Kevie will be a good boy."  She stopped spanking me soon after.  I was really amazed at how hard she could spank and I almost had cried.  I had enough tears in my eyes that she could wipe them so that she knew that flip-flop was most effective.  It was then that I saw her best friend, Niki, wearing a huge grin in her swimsuit and holding a camera.  Although she was also just eleven, just like Kari, she also already had boobs.

"Hi, Baby Kevie." she said.  "Wouldn't it be nice if Aunty Niki diapered you?"  She gave the camera to Kari and picked up the diaper and oil.  She slipped the diaper under me and then proceeded to oil me.  She even oiled my crack and pressed her finger into my hole while oiling my hard shaft.  I fell back and enjoyed it all not even getting up after I shot.  They cleaned me up and finished diapering me.  "He's a lovely baby, Kari."

"And well behaved too." added Kari.  She started to take off her clothes right in front of me.  She usually was so modest and now she was going to let me see her body.  I saw that I was wrong for she was, like Niki wearing her bathing suit.  Her boobs filled out the top and she did have a prominent Venus mound.  We got some towels and went to the pool.  We sat by the pool for a while and Kari explained that from now on I was to call them Mommy and Aunt Niki.  Not only that but I was expected to be an obedient boy.  "Remember, that naughty little boys get their dee-dee's taken down and spanked on their bare bottoms."

A little later Aunt Niki asked if I wanted to go swimming.  I just said "yes" and was immediately chastised for not being polite.  After answering properly, I started to remove the diaper but again I was stopped and told that I had to ask every time.  I asked and Mommy removed the diaper and we all swam.  It was nice to be naked and they certainly had already seen all of me.  I tried not to think about anything but swimming right now.  In the back of my mind was the terrible thought that she was taking over and I did not want to think about that.

They swam in their bathing suits and said that it was fine that a hairless little boy (like me) was naked.  But even that way I could see that Niki was somewhat more developed than Kari.  I certainly felt like a baby with smooth, hairless pubes and my diaper waiting for me.  I was also having trouble understanding that two eleven year old girls were bossing me, a sixteen-year-old guy, around and that I was obeying them.  I did have a strange feeling about it which I did not have when Mom was doing the same thing.  I even wondered why it did not seem to be wrong.

This went on for several weeks.  Kari and Niki made me play their diapered, shaved and spanked baby at least once a week.  Apparently, they never told anyone because I never got teased about anything.  There were many times that they told me to do things and I did because Kari could always tell Mom about things complete with pictures to prove things.  That certainly would have been a disaster.  Even though I was embarrassed when I thought about things, there were those wonderful hand jobs that my girlfriend would not do.  I wondered how she would have reacted if she found out I did not have any pubes.

Things changed significantly the day I brought home a letter from school.  I had gotten into an argument with one of the teachers and the school felt that I should be punished.  Mom agreed fully.  Kari got a look at the letter as Mom was lecturing me and she agreed.  Mom would have spanked me that very evening but she an all-weekend conference to go to so she said it would have to wait until Monday evening.  "It not fair to Kevie to make him wait, Mother.  That's really torture."  I was most confused at that but Kari continued.  "I can spank him, Mother, so that you can go to your conference on time and not worry."  I nearly fainted and when Mom got over her shock, Kari explained that she had spanked me for some minor stuff when we alone rather than telling.  Mother did not approve of us tattling.  I had to admit that it was true for I knew that Kari had those damn pictures.  Mother gave her approval and I was like a fly on the lip of a pitcher plant starting to slide to my doom.

"Kevie, as soon as we finish dinner go wait in the corner of your room with your hands on your head." commanded my dear little sister.  Mother smiled.  I looked at my plate just whispering an affirmative.  "I'll do a good job, Mother.  I promise that Kevie will be very repentant."  My sister never says stuff she does not mean.  I knew she would follow through and my ass would be very sore.  Yet, this probably would be better than a spanking from Mom, especially when she was furious like this time.  At least grounding and other nasties had not been mentioned.

When I turned from the corner, she said that I would get my weekly shave first.  This time she also shaved my armpits.  The rest of me was hairless naturally.  When that was done, she sat on my bed and I got over her lap.  She tied my forearms together so that I could not resist for I was stronger than she was physically.  Once I was in position with her leg over mine, she repeated some of Mother's lecture and then started.  I yelled at the first cut which was far more painful than her hand spanks.  "Yes, this flip-flop is most effective!" she said and gave me another cut.  It seemed to continue forever and I was howling.  It was harder and longer than ever before and I knew I was very close to crying – something that she had never made me do.  Then she switched to something else and gave me a hard spank.  It was the worst spanking I ever had.  "That, naughty boy, is Grandma's hairbrush.  The same hairbrush that she used on Father.  The one that reduced him to a bawling baby."  It was even worse than when Mother had used it on me.  The explanation over, she continued with the spanking using that heavy, oak-backed hairbrush that Father had told us about before he died.  I now understood why for I was in great pain.  My ass was on fire from the flip-flop and this was like a blowtorch.  I could not resist and was soon sobbing and then crying.  Before my little sister stopped I was bawling like I was a tiny baby.  She had broken me and that could never be changed.  When she was done, she oiled and diapered me but did not make me cum, but just put me to bed.  I cried myself to sleep knowing that things were different now.

Things got even worse in the morning.  Mom and Kari came to see me while I was still in bed.  "My ass, er, behind hurts, Mother.  I am very sorry to have misbehaved in school and I've learnt my lesson and I'll never do it again."

"That's good, Kevin.  You look like you were crying."  I did not answer but just looked away.

"He was bawling, Mother.  Grandma's hairbrush was just as effective on Kevie as Father said it was on him."  I practically bit my tongue in two not responding to that.  The words I would have used certainly would have gotten me another spanking.

"Let me see how you look, Kev." said Mom as she ripped back the blanket.  She was surprised by the diaper.

"I put the diaper on him, Mother, to remind him that he's just a naughty little baby boy."

"That was an excellent idea, Kari."  Mom then proceeded to undo the diaper to see the condition of my butt.  She was delighted that my bottom was still red.  "You did a good job, Kari.  No wonder he cried for he's still red.  He's surely repentant."  Unfortunately, the diaper was WET!  SOAKING wet to be precise.  I had not taken a leak before I went to the corner and after the spanking I cried myself to sleep.  I was horrified at what I did.  Kari said that I had better shower and when I sat up, Mom saw my crotch and my pubes.  More precisely, she did NOT see my pubes which she had when she spanked me a few months before.  "Kevie, why have you shaved your pubes?" she demanded.

"Mother, I shaved them off so that I don't have to see them when he skinny-dips.  Little boys are allowed to skinny-dip and it's easier to clean him without them." answered Kari for me.

"That's very good, Kari.  You are correct on both counts." Mother said most approvingly.  Too approvingly I thought.

After I showered and dressed I went for breakfast.  Mom and Kari were talking.  Mom told Kari: "I knew how effective Grandma's hairbrush was because I had used it on your father before I used it on Kevie with results just like Grandma got, and now, you had gotten.  That hairbrush is serving three generations of women."  I hoped that did not mean that Mom considered my little sister a woman now.  Kari told her how obedient I was to her after she caught me skinny-dipping and then diapered and shaved me.

Mom asked me if everything that Kari had said was true and I had to admit that it was.  That was when I fell in the corrosive pond at the bottom of that pitcher plant with a loud splash.  "Kevin, you are like your Father and need a woman to watch you closely.  From now on, Kari is in charge of you – with the right to discipline you when SHE decides that you need it.  You are to obey her just like you obey me and your teachers.  Is that clear, young man?"

"Yes, Mother." I said knowing that it was hopeless.

"I'm so glad that Ted is not a wimp like Kevie.  We respect each other although I usually do what he suggests.  He's promised never to push me about anything if I'm not ready."  Oh, great, not only is my kid sister in charge of me but she doesn't respect me.

"Yes, good, Kari.  You show a lot of natural talent in the way you control your older brother.  Now that you demonstrated your natural dominant talent, you're ready for me to teach you more things."  Not only were things already bad but they were going to get worse.

"Thank you, Mother."  Then my full time boss turned to me.  "Kevie, since you wet last night you will have to wear diapers every night and, of course, continue to be shaved for hygienic reasons."  Mother went off to her conference leaving me in my sister's clutches.

"Yes, Mommy." I said knowing that I was totally trapped.

"After breakfast you are to write sincere apologies to your teacher and the school and then do your homework if you want to swim this hot afternoon."  Of course, I repeated my previous response.  Those letters were hard to do and Mom, even more than Kari, insisted that I keep working on them.

I did get to go swimming later.  Kari was in her swimsuit and I was naked when Aunty Niki came through the house.  I was already used to her seeing me naked but I did not expect Ted nor Colt, Niki's boyfriend, who accompanied her.  I was trapped and even if I ran into the house they would see me.

They all removed their shirts, shorts and sneakers to reveal their swimsuits.  Mommy told them how she was now in total control of the hairless baby.  In addition to calling her friend Aunty Niki, I was to call their boyfriends Uncle Ted and Uncle Colt and to be an obedient nephew or get spanked.  I took note of how their Speedos bulged and could tell that Mommy had told the truth that Ted was more developed with a bigger package.  Uncle Colt was even bigger.  Even though they were only twelve years old, they were both as tall and also had better muscular development than I.

My two young uncles were leaders and the girls followed their lead willingly but there was mutual respect as Mommy had said.  That was in sharp contrast to how Mommy totally dominated me.  She even explained that she had decided that I should be smooth so she shaved me.  They all agreed that was the right thing to do.

It was devastating to realize that I was just a hairless little boy in the charge of four preteens even though they promised not to tell anyone else.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2 (with sex)

© Copyright A.I.L., October 19, 2008

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