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The troublesome brat
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Locker Room Spankings


It was just a mini vacation for the family at minimal cost.  Dad’s job required him to travel to a resort town and he managed to work it into a holiday (as the Brits say).  By starting early Saturday morning the family all could enjoy the beach together for the weekend followed by a stay for three more days while Dad worked and Mon and the kids continued to have the beach to enjoy.© YLeeCoyote

All went well on the weekend.  There wasn’t a hint of trouble.  Everyone changed in the public locker rooms.  The kids found other kids on the beach to play with who were appropriate to their age and gender.

It was Monday morning when they got to the locker rooms to change that trouble started.  It had been decided that nine-year-old Donnie was too young to go into the Men’s Locker Room by himself but was to go into the Women’s Locker Room with his mom and sister.  That was totally unacceptable to Donnie and he vehemently refused in the strongest possible way.

After a while Mom decided that she had the solution and directed thirteen-year-old big sister Iris to take Donnie into the Men’s facility.  She did this with some trepidation.  Iris was glad that it was not crowded and quickly stripped her troublesome brother.  By the time she was pulling up his swimsuit she had been noticed.

Since it was a workday, it was mostly boys and youths changing.  “Sorry guys, but my kid brother refused to go into the lady’s room with mom and me.”  The observers had mixed reactions although the most common was total indifference.

The next most common reaction was “That a certain naughty, troublesome little brat has richly earned a spanking!”  Several others quickly signed onto that idea which prompted Donnie to turn to go or should we say flee for just hearing the word spanking had sent shivers up his back.  But he was too late as his way was blocked.

It was Hank who grabbed Donnie’s arm and quickly dragged him to a bench.  The little boy could not resist the much stronger young teen and was quickly pulled over the teen’s lap and leg-locked in place.  Before a spank could be delivered another kid yanked down Donnie’s swimsuit reminding all that “Spankings are always on the BARE TUSHIE!”

Hank immediately started spanking the helpless boy.  Iris could only watch.  She had mixed feelings.  Donnie had only one feeling – this really hurts!  He would have used naughty words had he known them but regardless he did not like being spanked even one tiny bit.  It did not take long before he was crying like an even younger boy from the relentless hard spanks.  Then he was admonished not to be troublesome again at the risk of getting another spanking and let up.

As Iris comforted her brother a naked young teen, approached and expounded a third point of view harking back to her early comments.  “Not all of us worry that girls see our bodies.  Being naked is totally natural.” declared Victor.

Although Iris was quite surprised albeit delighted in getting her first closeup full frontal view of a maturing male she was at a loss for words.  After a pause she remembered to say “Thank you.”

That immediately triggered a short and heated discussion.  It boiled down to a simple sounding but convoluted question «Was Victor a rude exhibitionist flaunting himself in front of an innocent young girl or merely an overly simplistic and enthusiastic nudist?»

They took a vote and the former idea carried with about sixty percent.  Victor’s insistence that he did not have a semi was rejected.

Victor realized that running would be useless unless he stayed away from the beach for weeks so he accepted the vote and the attached spanking penalty.  Another vote selected Sean to be the spanker who got a flip-flop.  Victor bent over the end of a bench and gripped it tightly.  Obviously, there was not any need to bare his butt.

Victor braced himself for the assault and took it stoically and bravely just as youth must in the high school locker room or face disgrace.  Of course his butt remained a glowing crimson which showed on the beach as his swimsuit covered little.

The group then insisted that he apologize for his rude behavior which he did although he had to cover his crotch with his hands.  Iris accepted the apology graciously.  Then she led her brother out to the beach.

As the trio setup on the beach, Mother learnt of the events inside the Men’s Locker Room.  Donnie was most unhappy when Mom not only did not want to prosecute the spanker but was delighted that he had spanked a very naughty and troublesome boy.

When they were getting ready to return to their hotel, Donnie did not object to going into the Women’s Locker Room for he hadn’t forgotten the morning’s spanking.  Iris, however, was a little disappointed that she would not get to see more male pulchritude than shows on the beach.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 31, 2023

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