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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of domination and submission including sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I have written this as a stream of consciousness like a continuous diary entry captured here in the present tense.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Log: Day 1179.77 Through 1180.43


Back again Diary Sir,

I'm feeling like the White Rabbit as i dash for the subway: "I shall be too late."  That thought kept shattering my peace of mind.  All day i was asking: "Why today; today of all days, had to be a such bitch of a day at the office?"  The double whammy of extra work and two people out – Ken in bed with double pneumonia and Steve imprisoned in a plane high over the continental divide six hours late out of LAX.  I should have left three hours ago to go home and get ready to meet Master for dinner and the concert.  I had to call him three times since lunch to adjust plans.  Master is not happy.  Master and i have to forgo dinner at the fancy restaurant and settle for a quick bite at a coffee shop.  Master is not happy with me and i know that my ass will pay the price later.  Meanwhile i'm trying my best to enjoy the concert and being out with Master.

Master takes me back to his house immediately.  I am not dressed appropriately to take to the bar.  A tie and rumpled suit does not make the right impression in a leather bar particularly when Master is in his full leather outfit.  I would shame him.  Yes, know that my ass will pay the price.  It does not matter that i had no control over the situation, my ass will pay the price.  I know for sure i'm in for it immediately when Master heads for the cellar rather than upstairs.  Master does not have to tell me to strip as we approach the dungeon.  I carefully remove everything and place it neatly on the shelf.  I had forgotten to do that once and Master gave me an extra ten strokes with his heavy belt instantly.  I can still feel them.

I pick up his beautiful leather collar from its niche, kiss it and place it about my neck.  I kneel in front of Master so that Master himself joins the two ends together.  As it snaps closed, a different lock also snaps inside my head; i move totally into slave space.  Master sits on the stool and i remove his street boots and place them in their assigned place.  Then i help Master into his play boots – the ones that are more like gloves for Master's feet than boots – made of fine soft leather.  The ones that i polish lovingly three times a week.  Master enters the dungeon and i crawl in after Master.

Master sits on the throne.  I crawl over and kiss Master's boots and lick them.  Master can feel my tongue through the fine leather.  Master places one booted foot on the back of my neck as i show my total submission by continuing to lick Master's boot.  It surely is a while but it only seem like seconds to me when Master stops me and starts the lecture and questioning.  Perhaps i should say "inquisition".  The questions come fast like a hail of spanks.  So does the verdict: "You have failed to properly prepare and to be on time.  You shall be punished."© YLeeCoyote

Master points to the padded horse.  I creep over to it and lay across it.  I can hear the water running as Master fills the bag.  I can imagine how the red rubber bag is bulging as Master fills it.  Unless it is polished chrome or wood everything in the dungeon save that bag is midnight black.  Master had tried a black bag but it was not right.  Looking back under the horse and between my own legs i can see Master approaching with the IV stand gleaming in the dim light and the clamped long tube dangling like an immense flaccid cock.  I know that very soon that "cock" will be hard and squirting up my exposed hole.  Master fastens the straps about my wrists and ankles so that i will not be tempted to move.  Master is so thoughtful.  Master caresses my rump and i can tell that Master has put on his fine kidskin gloves.  Now there is the gentlest of pressure as Master runs the nozzle up and down along my crack and across my hole.  Master presses the nozzle hard against my hole and i press back.  The nozzle enters as Master decrees.  Master opens the clamp and the soapy water immediately starts flowing into me.  I wonder how much water is in the bag not that it matters for Master always decides what is the right amount.  Master withdraws the nozzle.  The water continues to drain deeper into my gut.  I can not do anything about it.  I don't want to do anything about it for this is Master's decision.

Master rolls the IV stand to the side.  I hope that is a good sign.  It is definitely not a good sign that Master doesn't undo the straps.  I can see him at the wall.  Master is deciding which implement to use.  Master takes a tawse off of its hook and feels it.  It is the big nasty tawse.  Master is by my side again and i can feel the tongues of the leather tawse licking my butt in anticipation of what is it is about to do.  I relax at Masters's gentleness even thought i know that this is going to hurt very soon as my guts are churning from the water.  Master raises the weapon and brings it crashing down on my waiting buns.


I howl each and every time it kisses me.  Master does not care about the noise for the room is sound proofed.  I am near tears as Master undoes the straps and points to the drain hole in the corner.  I squat over it.  i'm appreciative the opportunity to empty my water distended bowels.  I release the water also making a stink.  Master just turns the exhaust fan on.  I return to the horse and Master returns with the full red bag and shoves the nozzle into me for a rinse.  The water runs in faster than before as i am empty.  Again, i squat to empty my gut as Master commands me.  It feels good to be empty particularly for i know that Master will fill me later with his own essence allowing his lowly one great pleasure at being so honored.

I get on the x-table.  Master had it made exactly my size.  It supports my back and its five extensions my five extensions in any direction that Master wishes so that Master can play with my body.  Again straps are fastened for Master is considerate does not want me to fall.  Master spreads my legs and feels my pubes.  They are rough for, naughtily, i did not shave them for three days having planed to do it this afternoon.  Master will do it now.  Master gets a towel soaked in hot water and wraps it about my package.  It is very hot and almost burns but i dare not complain.  It is my own fault for not shaving this morning.  Besides any complaint will earn me a dozen strokes and a ball gag.  I hate the ball gag.  I keep my month closed.  Master replaces the hot towel with shaving gel and rubs it in.  It feels so good as does all of Master caresses.  Master's grandfather was a barber and taught him how to use a real straight razor.  The razor and the strop were both Master's grandpa's i remember as Master strops the razor to a super sharp edge.  I would be petrified if anyone else was to use a straight razor by my little boy pee-pee and balls but i trust that Master will do me no harm.

Master makes the first pass over my pubes.  It feels so wonderful.  Master is so gentle as Master continues to remove every trace of hair from my navel to my butt hole.  It feels so strange when Master pulls the skin tight over my little orbs to remove the fuzz that grows there and then finally the hairs in my taint.  Master wipes me off with the hot towel and then dries me carefully.  As Master puts some baby power on me, Master jokes about being careful so that i don't develop diaper rash.  Master is so very considerate and careful.  I wonder what it would be like if Master did put me in diapers.  Master has said that might happen some day.  I guess that it will happen when Master decides that it is the right time.  That day is not today.

Master then adjusts the table.  My torso is tilted so that my head is lowered a bit and the head rest released.  Master stands above me and i lick Master's bulging basket.  I can feel his great cock throb as my tongue passes over his manhood.  Master opens his belt and fly.  Master's musk overwhelms me as his package is freed from it's confinement in Master's leather pants.  I start licking his great hard shaft and periodically Master rewards me with a taste of Master's delicious pre-cum.  Oh, Diary, Sir, it is so deliciously scrumptious.  Master plays with his shaft in my mouth for a long time, occasionally driving it all the way in.  With my head fully back Master's rod slips right past the back of my mouth and down my esophagus without needing to bend.  Master is doing everything himself as Master fucks my mouth.  It is wonderful as Master explodes in me.  The first shots are deep inside but for the latter ones Master pulls back so that they are in my mouth.  I savor them as long as i can.  Then Master realigns the table.

Master releases me from the table and returns to his throne.  As always, i crawl over and lick his boots again.  Master leans over and tousles my hair.  Then Master actually says that  I am a "Good Boy".  Oh, Diary, Sir, i feel so proud.

I undress Master, we come upstairs to shower and stuff before getting into bed.  I really love how Master holds me tight when we are alone together under the blanket.  I feel so safe and loved.  The best times are when his rod is rock hard and poking me so that i know what going to happen very soon.  This night it was really hard even thought Master had fed me his man cream just a short while ago.  I also almost reach behind me to play with Master's large rod but Master had not given me permission to that so i just waited – very happy to be in Master's powerful arms so very snug and loved.  If i was a kitten I’m sure that i would be purring loudly.

Fortunately, the wait was not long.  Master moves around a little bit so that Little Master is pressing at my back door.  Master's flexes his hips and his hard arrow slips right into me.  That makes me feel so good.  We stay coupled for a long time before Master flips me over and fucks me hard shooting deep into my gut.  Master rolls back on his side staying in me and we drift into dreamland.

It is light when i awake still being held in Master's strong arms with his shaft still sunk deep in my butt.  Master is caressing me and i am purring.  I would like to tell Master how much i love him but Master has forbidden me to speak unless spoken to so i remain quiet and just keep my hands on top of Master's hands.  I can feel Master's already hard shaft get larger and know what Master will soon do.  Master does not disappoint me and soon Master is humping me hard for the first fuck of the day.  As always Master blasts his cum deep into me.

Master remains in me and holds me tightly as Master fills me with his golden elixir.  Master takes his time doing this and even remains embedded in me for a while.  When Master directs, i go to the toilet and relieve myself i so happy that Master used me.  Although my body feels empty, my soul is overflowing.  I am happy.

I go to the kitchen and squeeze Master's first-thing-in-the-morning orange juice. I savor the wonderful aroma but dare not take even a slip for this is for Master.  Back in the bedroom Master has shifted so that Master is sitting up.  Master tells me to sit on his lap and takes the glass.  Master sniffs it and takes a swallow.  After Master takes the second mouthful Master leans over and kisses me.  It is more than a plain kiss for Master gives me some of the fresh juice.  I am his little cub as Master feeds and kisses me repeatedly.  Soon, too soon, the juice is finished.  Master lies down in the bed again and cuddles me tightly.  As always, i feel his hard shaft pressing me.

I am only partly aware of my surroundings when Master speaks: "Do you know what day this is, my little one?"

I am dumbfounded.  I have failed again.  "No, Master." i answer sure that i am disappointing Master.  Master sits up against the head board and pulls me over his lap.  Yes, i have displeased him for Master is going to spank me.  As Master rubs his big hand over my little bottom i can also feel Master's hard shaft pressing up into my middle.

Master starts to spank me.  Master is surprisingly gentle.  Master interweaves his words with the gentle spanks.  "We have been together forty moons, Little One."  Automatically, i have been counting – thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty.  Then Master give me a very hard SPANK; forty-one.

Without another word, Master lies down and cuddles me tightly once again.  Master is kissing my head.  Master is kissing my head.  I'm kissing, licking and sucking Master's tit.  Master loves me.

I am content beyond words.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 22, 2001

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