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In the Leave It to Beaver episode Long Distance Call (#194, 1962) The Beaver and two friends, Gilbert and Alan, are at Beaver's house.  Even in the eighth grade and (almost?) fourteen years old they are at a loss of what to do.  Gilbert makes a couple of silly prank local phone calls until Beaver stops him.  Then they decide that they can afford to call Don Drysdale at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles long distance.  The call is fun but long.  They call the operator and are shocked to learn that the charge is $9.35 plus tax – far beyond their budget of a couple of dollars.

They make a pact not to tell with the hope that they can get the money before confessing but Gilbert boasts to classmate Kenny, whose father is a newspaper reporter, and the whole town gets to know.  Gilbert and Alan's fathers send them over to Beaver's to be punished together.  Gilbert dutifully but fearfully tells Ward that his dad has authorized "You can do anything you want to me.".

Ward lectures them and then sentences them to five hours work each in the yard.  Actually that works out to about $0.60/hour which is pretty good when the minimum wage was under $0.40 an hour and gasoline was under $0.30 a US gallon at that time.

Now if Ward Jr. had the same approach to corporal punishment as Ward Sr. this is how I think it might have gone.  I pick up the story after Ward has heard the confessions and lectured the boys.

The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.  The copyright characters of LITB are used under the parody and fair use copyright rules and are not mine.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Long Distance Call Payback


"What do you think will happen now, boys?" asked Ward of the three chastised fourteen-year-old boys in his den.  It was obvious that they expected some very severe punishment.

"You're going to spank us, Mr. Cleaver." said Gilbert with the others nodding with grim faces.  Each was fearful of that.  Actually, it really was not the spanking that they feared as much as that the others would be watching such a spanking.  As awful as it is to have your pants and briefs taken down by your father and hauled over his lap for a bare ass spanking it was worse having your friends actually witness such a humiliating experience.  It was infinitely worse if they saw you cry like a little baby boy.

"No."  The three miscreants immediately sighed with relief.

"It will be the belt this time, boys."  The relief was short lived.

There were three groans for they each knew that the belt hurt a lot more than a spanking.  However, it at least it was not babyish like a spanking.  It would not be so bad that the others would be watching.  Then Ward confused them again.  "And you're going to do it."© YLeeCoyote

Three very puzzled boys looked at each other.  They had each been spanked many times and strapped a couple times but none of them had done it.

"Beaver you have you listened to your friends when you knew better so now you're going to get something from them that you will immediately know is not pleasant.  Hopefully, you will learn that not everything they tell you is good for you to do."

"Yes, Sir."

Gilbert and Alan practically cheered for they immediately thought that not only were they going to get off with merely a lecture but that they would actually punish The Beaver under his father's direction.

"Gilbert and Alan you will alternately strap Beaver with your belts.  You will hit hard enough so that he knows that he being strapped; understand."

"Yes, Sir." said Alan still somewhat puzzled but knowing that it was better to give than receive and removed his belt.

"I don't have a belt, Mr. Cleaver." declared Gilbert.

"Beaver, give Gilbert your belt, then drop your pants and lean over the desk."

"Yes, Sir."  This seem to be adding insult to injury.  Not only would he be strapped by his friends who were the cause of the trouble, one of them would be using his own belt.  Past experiences had taught The Beaver never to question his father at time like this.  Any indication of displeasure or resistance to punishment always resulted in something worse ensuing.

"Your briefs also, Theodore."  Beaver lowered his briefs and resumed the position.  There was a faint redness on his cheeks even now for he was blushing.  He would not have hesitated to go skinny dipping with his friends but this was different.  Gilbert and Alan each folded the belt he was holding and took positions on each side of their exposed friend.  "Gilbert you start and alternate with Alan."

"Yes, Sir."  Gilbert raised the belt and brought it down on Beaver's butt.  It was a very easy stroke and did not even make a mark.  Alan did the same thing.  Somehow it did not seem right to hurt their friend particularly when they were guilty of the same crime.

"Boys, I expect that you can hit significantly harder than that.  Do you want a demonstration?"

"No, Sir." they said in unison.  Gilbert raised his arm and brought the belt down on the target and Alan followed immediately.  The blows were harder but not sufficient to do the job.

"Much harder, boys."  This time they did it properly and there were two loud WHACKS as the belts found their target.  Immediately one could hear a muffled yelp from The Beaver and a couple of reddening stripes appeared on the target bottom.

"That's the way, boys.  Now let's have a dozen more like that."

Without any regard for the future the two were immediately into this sport.  Of course, Beaver saw it from a very different perspective and he gripped the desk tightly for he did not want to risk standing before he should.  As the two belts struck repeatedly, The Beaver's butt turned red, hot and painful.  He was not able to completely control his tears and was crying before they had finished.  As he forced himself to stop crying, Beaver knew that the last three minutes would remain a memory forever.

"Your turn Alan."

"Yes, Mr. Cleaver." Alan said surprised and a moment later with his pants about his ankles he replaced The Beaver leaning over the desk.  He wished that he had not hit The Beaver so hard.

"You know the drill, boys."  The Beaver and Gilbert took up their positions and started to strap their friend.  Beaver did not need to be encouraged to hit hard for his own bottom was telling him to get even.  Gilbert now realized that he would be next and eased up in the hope that Alan would be easier on him but Ward noticed.

"Don't hold back, Gilbert.  You know that you need to swing harder than that.  Now do that one over.

"Yes, Mr. Cleaver."  He redid the first stroke and Alan knew it through his whole being.  A deep red stripe appeared in response.  As he yelped, he resolved that he would get even.  The belts were swinging and within a couple of minutes they completed the prescribed thirteen strokes each.  Alan was also driven to tears.

Gilbert knew that he was next and that his friends had little to fear for they had already had gotten it – and from him.  There wasn't anyway out except to flee and then – eventually – he would have to face his father.  This was the better option.

Both Alan and The Beaver were anxious to start.  They both knew that it was really Gilbert who was to blame as he had started everything with the prank phone calls.  Gilbert slowly lowered his pants and briefs as the others watched anticipating what they were about to do.  Other thoughts of trouble that Gilbert had gotten him into flashed through Beaver's head.  This would be a good opportunity to get even.

Beaver gave the first stroke as hard as he could and Alan followed suit before Gilbert could get a sound out.  The two quickly applied the remaining dozen strokes each.  Gilbert was really crying at the end – more than the others had and his tail was much redder than those of the others.  Ward parked each of them in front of the bookcase with their pants down to do some corner time and left them alone.

The three of them were a bit confused.  The strapping had hurt but also all had some strange feeling in their groins.  And being on the given end was also very strange.  They were strangely quiet considering they had not been ordered not to talk.

After some twenty minutes, the red-butted trio heard a wolf whistle.  Wally had came into the room.  "What pretty rosy red cheeks, boys."  and then he chuckled.

"Not funny, Wally." said The Beaver.

"Not at all." echoed Alan.  The three started to turn around forgetting that then they would exhibit their fronts.

"STAY PUT, boys, Dad said you have another five minutes.  He's on the phone with your fathers and told me to tell three naughty boys that he'll be back soon.  I think that he wants to talk with you some more.  Now if I had spanked you last Saturday, you wouldn't be on parade now."  The three knew that Wally was right but certainly did not want to say so.  As always, the best thing to do while being punished was to be quiet.

Ward returned and Wally went upstairs.  He asked each of them if they had learnt their lesson and, of course, they all claimed to.  "Gilbert and Alan pull up your pants and go home; Theodore I want to talk with you."

"Yes, Mr. Cleaver." chorused the two as they pulled up their pants and dashed out the den and then the front door as fast as they could.  As a general rule, when a father was going to "have a talk" with a friend it was best to be elsewhere than in the same room.

As soon as they got outside Gilbert grabbed Alan saying: "Beaver going to get it; let's listen."  The two dashed round to the side of the house and into the bushes just outside the open den window.  Hiding there they could hear all that was happening to Beaver inside.

Beaver could not justify that he had been harder on Gilbert than Alan and confessed that he had not been fair.  Ward told The Beaver to get the chair.  Beaver knew that this meant that he was going to get spanked.  At least it was not in front of his friends he realized.  "You know why you're going to get this spanking, Theodore?"

Gilbert and Alan looked at each other and smiled.  Even though their butts were still red hot and painful, witnessing another boy getting a spanking is a rare and fun event even if it was just hearing it provided that you were not also getting it.

"Because I was not fair, Sir."  Beaver let his pants fall and pushed down his briefs.  He had noted that it did not feel as bad as when his father did it.  Then he got on his dad's lap without a word.  Even though he was getting spanked like a little boy he had decided to take it like a man.  He almost wished that he could just have been over the desk like he had before but he was afraid that would hurt too much.

Ward was aware of a subtitle change in his son.  There was a total acceptance of what was about to happen and that it was justified.  Ward raised his hand and brought it down on the still red bottom.


Gilbert and Alan were sure glad that they were not sharing what was Beaver was getting.  They heard their friend crying and could easily imagine how much he sounded like a baby.  Gilbert particularly felt better because Beaver had made him cry just a little earlier.

Beaver was surprised to find that he was crying almost immediately.  He knew that he usually did not cry until Dad had spanked him a lot more.  Another twenty spanks had him bawling like a baby which was when Ward stopped.  He continued to cry for sometime as he hugged his dad and was held by him.

"Thanks, Dad." he whispered when he composed himself.

"For spanking you, Beaver?"

"No; for not doing it in front of the guys."

Beaver pulled up his pants and went upstairs where Wally was doing his homework.  "Dad gave it to you again, Beaver."  Beaver just laid down on his bed without answering after he open his pants and pulled them down.  As you would expect he was prone with only his tightie-whities covering his bright crimson buns.

After a quick detour through the bathroom Wally sat down next to him.  He gently and carefully lowered his brother's briefs and placed a cold towel on the hot tail and rubbed his back.  "Thanks, Wally.  At least Gilbert and Alan did not see it happening and I had my turn with the belt with them."

"Sorry, Beaver, but I just saw them dashing across the lawn from under the den window as you were coming up the stairs.  They must have been listening under the window.  I hope that you did not cry – too much."  This news almost got Beaver crying again.  He wished that it was not true but realized that since it was it was better that he knew so that he could be ready for the teasing that was sure to come.

As Wally swapped the cold towel for the second time, Beaver told him that maybe it would have been better if he had spanked him last Saturday.

"I think you're right, Beaver.  You would have only had one spanking then and not owe Dad so much."

Beaver was still cooling his butt a little later when Gilbert and Alan were once again at the Cleavers' door.  This time they were expected and Ward called for Beaver and Wally.  Once they were in the den, Gilbert spoke first.  "Mr. Cleaver and Beaver, I apologize for listening under your window earlier."

Then Alan added (with some hesitation): "I'm sorry too, Sir.  Our dads feel that it would be right if Beaver saw us spanked like we heard him getting it."  Beaver could not quite believe his ears.  He was going to have the pleasure to both see and hear his friends get punished while knowing that he was safe.

Gilbert was first.  He stood fearfully but quietly in front of Ward who opened his pants and pulled them along with his briefs down below his knees.  Then he was pulled over the waiting lap.  Ward gripped the errant lad tightly by the waist and started to spank the still pink bottom quite hard.


Almost immediately Gilbert was crying and struggling to get away.  Ward stopped spanking a minute and shifted the lad so the he could hold him in place with his leg as well as his arm.  He then gave him another barrage.


By now Gilbert was howling like a banshee while bawling like a little baby.  Beaver had mixed emotions for he knew that this could happen to him but was very happy that it was not happening to him but to Gilbert.  Also, he knew that Gilbert could never talk of seeing him being spanked to a bawling baby without being reminded that is what he was also.

Ward stopped and released Gilbert who, still bawling loudly, immediately started doing the spanked boy dance.  The way Gilbert was jumping around made his immature cock bounce in a way that Beaver found very entertaining.

Alan had a little time to figure out how to behave to look better.  He moved to Ward's side, quickly dropped his pants and briefs and laid over Ward's lap before even being told to.  Ward proceeded to give him exactly the same spanking as he had given Gilbert.  However, Alan took it "like a man" as he did not struggle and only cried a little.  When the spanking was over he just pulled up his pants saying:  "I'm really sorry to have eavesdropped, Mr. Cleaver; Beaver."  He even offered his hand to Beaver who accepted it.

Meanwhile Gilbert was still crying and hopping around when June walked in.  "Is he OK?" she asked in her usual innocent manner.

"Sure mom.  He's just acting like a big baby and overreacting to being spanked.  Dad did not do it any harder than he did Alan just now nor harder than Beaver or me in the past.  He'll surely will get over."

As Gilbert blushed in shameful embarrassment Beaver and Alan pulled up his pants.  June, ever the overly motherly one, dashed away and returned with a wet cloth and wiped Gilbert's face and dried it.  "Maybe you should drive him home, Ward?"

"I'll take him home, Mr. Cleaver." volunteered Alan.  He knew that if that happened he would also be driven home and he would look like a baby who couldn't take his punishment like a man.  "May we go now, Mr. Cleaver."

"Yes, Alan, Gilbert and you may go.  Just be sure that you see him home."

"Yes, Sir."  Beaver and Alan led the crybaby to the door.  While leading Gilbert home Alan realized that Gilbert's claims of being constantly hit by his father must be greatly exaggerated.  Back in their own room Wally and Beaver come to the same conclusion.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 29, 2000

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