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This is my first totally heterosexual story of extreme family discipline with strong sexual overtones.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Lori Learns a Lesson


Lori was an attractive young woman of twenty-two.  Although she had just graduated from a good university with a very respectable 3.6 GPA and been admitted – with a scholarship – to a prestigious graduate school she was a somewhat immature lass.  She was attending a special summer program at the university and would be staying with her father's youngest brother who taught there and was already an assistant professor.  Her cousins, Kevin, seventeen, and Sally, sixteen, were both home for the summer.  She looked down on them as mere juveniles since they were still in high school.

The first week was very quiet but as Lori got to know her classmates she started to develop some bad habits.  She stayed out late both Saturday and Sunday night (carousing, it was later determined) and slept late on Monday missing her first class.  Luckily for her Uncle George was going to the campus and took her in time for her second class.  If she had to wait for the campus bus' next trip she would have missed that one also.  At supper that evening she got a lecture in front of her aunt and cousins from her uncle.  Dutifully, she promised that she would be more diligent and to resist evil temptations.

Lori's resolve was not up to the task.  Wednesday evening she again went out with her classmates.  Needless to say her uncle was disappointed and not pleased at all.  Things were so bad Thursday that she never made it to any of her classes.  Her coming home at sunrise both stoned and drunk give a clue as to what happened.

When Uncle George got home he called Lori to the family room.  Kevin and Sally knew what to expect (at least in general) having been in similar sort of situations themselves.  They made sure to be there to witness what would happen to their errant and haughty cousin.  Many times they each had gone through such "public" chastisement before each other and friends – both their own and the sibling's – and even Lori on a couple of her past visits.  Lori appeared dressed super tight clothes so that she seemed more naked than if she were.  She had on a tight T-shirt with a vulgar logo that exhibited her young pert breasts to full advantage.  Her jeans gave new meaning to skin tight; the center seam was completely buried in one crack or another.  Kevin's own jeans became much snugger when he saw his suggestively dressed most shapely cousin; his young mind gained a new understanding of the term 'spilt tail'.

Sensing what was afoot, Lori protested that she was an adult of twenty-two (twenty-three in just short nine months if you will) and certainly far too old to be treated like a little child.  "Very well," said her Uncle, "I'll put you on the morning plane and your father can deal with you himself.  I'm sure he will be very pleased after paying your non-refundable tuition for the summer."  Lori was trapped and changed from a protesting woman to a reluctant young lady with a willingness to accept the punishment she had earned from the in loco parentis.© YLeeCoyote

Uncle George shifted to the straight back chair that was in the room and called his niece over.  As he started to open her jeans, Lori protested that Kevin should leave the room.  After all it was bad enough that he would know she was going to be spanked but he did not have to see it nor her nakedness.  The siblings both giggled as their father explained that is the way things are done here and even reminded her that she had seen both her cousins get it in the past.  "Considering that you're wearing shrink-fit clothes, you won't expose very much more." noted her aunt with great disdain not missing a beat with her knitting.  Kevin piped in that she was lucky that none of their friends were here.  The button was undone; the zipper pulled down and then Uncle George, with some difficulty, pealed Lori's jeans down past her hips and below her knees.  Kevin had to work hard to suppress a wolf whistle which he knew would get him into trouble at the first totally unobstructed view he got of Lori's beautiful curvaceous butt.  She was pulled over her Uncle's lap and he started to spank her.

After just three spanks, she had lost her sandals and gained a couple of red hand prints on her smooth bottom.  After ten times that many, her cute girlish bottom was a flame-red, painfully hot one.  After some more she was bawling like little girl.  When Uncle George stopped and sent her to stand in the corner, she hobbled there with her jeans about her ankles not noticing how Sally was grinning and Kevin was leering at her.  She only had one thing on her mind for that fire in her derriere was blocking all other thoughts.

Uncle George then addressed his own two kids.  "Kevin, do you remember what happen when you complained that you were too old for a spanking and Sally, do you remember what happened when you wore that terrible T-shirt last year?"

"Most vividly." said Kevin wincing at the horrid memory of what had happened just a few months ago.

"Yes, father." said Sally also unhappy at the memory.  Lori, heard all this but did not know its import – yet.

"Get the instruments please" instructed their dad which they did with some glee knowing what would take place soon.  Sally returned first but Kevin made a detour to his room.  He knew he had to have a bit of relief so not to cum in his jeans.  A horny and very aroused teen, it only required a few strokes before he relieved the pressure (for the nonce) and as insurance slipped a condom on.  That way, if he came in his jeans, it would not show and embarrass him.  Although he was not sure what was going to happen, he was certain that it would continue to be very, er, interesting.

When they were both back, Lori was called to the center of the room.  Uncle George explained that the clothes she was wearing were a disgrace – fit only for a cheap slut – and that she would never wear them again.  He then indicated for Sally to begin.  Sally stepped forward with the large shears.  Lori was puzzled but not for long.  Sally slipped the shears under the front of the offensive T-shirt and started to cut.  After that she then did the same to both sleeves.  The rags that were the T-shirt fell to the floor.  Sally then proceeded to remove the undersized jeans in the same way.  Lori was soon left in her birthday suit.  She dared not to say anything.

Kevin was very excited now.  He had anticipated that Lori's clothes would be destroyed but he had expected that Dad would do it has he had done with Sally last year.  Immediately he hoped he would get to do to Lori what Dad had done to him last year.  "Kevin, tell Lori what happened to you last year when you said that you were too old for a spanking."

"Yes, dad.  Lori, last year Dad clipped my pubes and had Sally shave them three times to keep me looking and feeling like a little kid for more than a month.  It really taught me a lesson in humility.  It was this clipper that he used." he said grinning and hold up the instrument of justice (and torture).

Lori was horrified.  She turned to her aunt who had been watching the whole thing and pleaded for help.  But pardon was not forthcoming at all.  "Kevin," she said very calmly and deliberately as if asking him to take out the garbage, "I think you know what to do; please continue."

"Yes, Mother." Kevin dutifully replied just as if he had be asked to do some mundane chore.  Then he turned on the clipper, pressed them to his cousin's smooth abdomen and started sliding them down into her mound.  Lori was in shock.  Her ass was on fire and her younger male cousin with his gross erection quite obvious in his tenting jeans was clipping her pubic hair with the rest of the family watching.  She wished that she was dead but that did not happen.  It was too horribly real to be a nightmare.  Kevin was very diligent and soon he had done all he could from the front with Lori standing.

"Lori lie on the floor and spread your legs so that Kevin can finish." commanded her uncle.  Practically in shock, she complied and Kevin knelt between her spread legs to finish his task while enjoying a close up and full view of his cousin's privates.  From this vantage point Kevin could see that Lori's love button was pushing its way out of its protective hood.  Evidently he was not the only one who was aroused.  He could not resist the evil temptation; since neither parent could see exactly what he was doing, he pressed the already aroused nubbin with the chipper as if it were a vibrator.  The response he got was immediate; he would not forget this ever.  Then as he checked his craftsmanship with his hand, he was very glad that he had put on the condom before for he suddenly filled it.

After Kevin got up Aunt Vic spoke.  "Kev and Sally please take care of your chores before dinner.  Lori vacuum up your mess and throw out the rags.  Then come help me by setting the table."  The three cousins started to leave and Aunt Vic spoke again but this time sharply.  "Lori, the vacuum is in the other direction."

"I was going to get dressed Aunt Victoria." the naked girl explained.

"That not necessary, girl.  You have nothing to hide.  Do as you're told."  Lori did not dare to object and did as she was directed.  When she was waiting the table she realized that Kevin was not staring at her any more.  She did not know if she should be pleased that he was not being rude or offended that she was no longer interesting.  After dinner she was sent to her room to do her homework.

As she tried to do her work, she realized that things very going to be a different for the rest of the summer.  The list of rules that she found on her desk treated her as if she was a baby – a mere junior high school kid.

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