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The following story is a sequel to Lori Learns a Lesson which should be read first.  The saga continues to be a heterosexual fiction story of extreme family discipline.  In this continuation the sex is most definitely overt.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Lori's Second Lesson


Lori was not happy when she returned to her room after dinner.  First her ass was still burning hot.  She was not used to such treatment; the last time she was spanked she was still in primary school and even then it was on her panties rather than her bare ass.  Then there was the unspeakable humiliation of been stripped in front of the entire family and having her pussy shorn by her seventeen-year-old male cousin who enjoyed every blasted second of it not to mention having been kept naked through out dinner also.  It certainly did not help that Kevin noticed her arousal and even played with her clit surreptitiously using the horrid hair clipper as a vibrator so that she practically had an orgasm writhing on the floor like a nymphomaniac beast in front of the entire family.  Finally, there were the rules that she was now subjected to – rules appropriate for a retarded child.  The rules that also included monitoring by her two younger cousins to assure that she did her homework and the like.  That Lori was not happy at all is a gross understatement.

Three weeks later there were three identical envelopes in the mail from the college registrar with midterm grades.  Sally and Kevin were in special early admission programs that allowed them to earn real college credit while they were still in high school.  The college policy was to send mid-term reports to all such students regardless of grades in the manner of report cards.  They would have to be opened to determine the reports.  The mere existence of Lori's report did not bode well for her.  She was in a pre-graduate school program and those reports were sent only when a student was not doing well.  Since the reports were addressed to George they were, therefore, were unopened at dinner time.

Dinner was a little tense at the beginning when it was time to open the letters.  Lori was not pleased that Kevin's buddy, Killer, was there for she remembered Kevin's remark of three weeks ago that she was lucky that friends were not there on that awful night.  George picked a letter at random; it was Kevin's report.  He looked at, smiled, handed it to Kevin to read and pass to his mother.  She said simply: "This is very nice, son."  Sally's report was next and got a comparable response.

Uncle George took one quick look at Lori's report and immediately frowned.  "We will discuss this after dinner, young lady!" and handed Kevin her report who passed it on to his mother who then gave it to Lori.  She blanched when she saw it – two low C's and a D.  It was the worst report that she had ever gotten.  Kevin kicked Killer under the table as if to say 'I told you that tonight will be fun.'  Killer had decided that Lori was a most desirable piece of pulchritude at first sight and had relished Kevin's description of what had happened three weeks earlier.  Little did he know what pleasures awaited him this evening but there was a stirring in his jeans on general principles.

Judgement time had arrived and all were gathered in the family room.  Lori realized that what ever happened was going to be worse than last time because Killer was there.  As always Aunt Emma was knitting much in the manner of Madam DeFarge in Tale of Two Cities.  Kevin and Sally had often joked that their mother was thinking: "Was I up to knit-two, purl-one1 or was it knit-one, purl-two?" rather than paying attention to their chastisements.  As the judge, jury and executioner in the person of George started talking, all but Emma were surprised.  Kevin and Sally were first on the carpet for not doing their job in monitoring Lori to assure that she would not fall behind.  They were suppose to check that Lori did her homework and went to classes as specified in the RULES.  The school report had indicated that Lori had failed to do these things and this was not reported to her aunt or uncle by either Sally or Kevin as required.© YLeeCoyote

"Killer, please bring your chair into the middle of the room.  Will you please do the spanking this evening for my tennis elbow is bothering me."  Kevin's heart quickened for knew that spanking Sally and Kevin would be fun, but doing Lori would be a real thrill.

Sally made her way to Killer and stood there as he reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties.  Although she was not sure who would spank the hardest, this would certain be fun for she could enjoy the sexual feeling she experienced from spanking without any guilt as she would have experienced getting aroused by her father.  Killer guided her onto his lap, lifted her skirt up, rested his hand on her smooth cute bottom, reduced the blood flow out of his penis and turned to her father for directions.  "Moderately hard please, Killer, until I tell you to stop."

"Yes, Sir." acknowledged Killer.  The stiffening in his jeans as he raised his hand for the first spank was noticed by Sally and confirmed that he was also excited.  It crashed down on Sally's butt with a resounding SMACK! leaving a fine hand print.  It was also accompanied by a yelp from the anterior end of the spankee.  Soon Sally's bottom was a uniformly bright red, her pussy quite soggy and her face streaked with tears.  She was also quite aware of Killer's full woody as he held her tightly on his lap particularly as he rubbed her to conclude the spanking.  This was a real fun spanking.  (At least Killer thought so even though Sally did not totally subscribe to that opinion.)  The wisdom of wearing a skirt was most apparent when she stood up.  The skirt covered her even though her panties were off.  She did not realize that there was a wet spot on her skirt.

Kevin was not really anxious to get spanked by his buddy, but he realized that if he did, then Lori would certainly be also.  As Killer lowered his buddy's jeans and briefs, affording Lori and Sally a full view of his muscular buns, Emma whispered to George.  "Sally", said George, "please get the strap for Killer.  We wouldn't want him to hurt his hand on your brother's hard butt."  The strap was a short piece of razor strop that had been split into three tails at one end in the manner of a tawse.  "Go ahead please, Killer."

The sailor in killer realized that he was between the devil and the deep blue sea for he did not want to really hurt his buddy.  There was not any way he could pull his punches without Kevin's father realizing it.  He guided Kev across his lap and whispered: "Sorry, buddy, but this is gonna hurt." as he took a firm grip on the victim.  He raised his arm and brought the strap crashing down on the waiting and unprotected buttocks.  Kevin managed to suppress a yell but it obvious that it took a great effort.  Nevertheless, Killer could feel that Kevin's cock was hardening even as it was pressed between the thighs of one and the abdomen of the other youth.  The after ten such strikes, Kevin's butt was flaming red hot and very sensitive.  He had not yet cried out (like a wimpy baby) but he did not think he could hold out any longer.

Fortunately his father stated that it was enough.  Lori got to see her cousin's equipment in its rampant fullness as he stood up for the first time.  "You may pull up your pants, Kevin." said his father simply to Kevin's great relief.  Actually, he would have like to sit in an ice bath but this was better than being naked.

The preliminary events were over and now the major attraction was about to commence.  Lori was then subjected to a long lecture about her lack of responsibility and studiousness.  The first part of her punishment was being spanked.  She had chosen the wrong outfit for this evening when she changed after school (not that it would matter in a little while anyway).  She was in a short jumpsuit.  It would have to be removed as it could neither be turned up as could a skirt nor lowered as pants.  Killer happily unbuttoned her outfit and slipped it off her shoulders so that it fell to the floor leaving her in just a bra and panties.  Killer paused to take in the view of the lovely maiden he was about to spank.  When he was seated he was able to gaze directly at her short haired beaver as he lowered her panties to her ankles.  He wished that he could have removed the bra also.  Lori almost burst into tears from just the embarrassment.

In one way it was a comfort to Lori to be on Killer's lap for it hid her nakedness for the nonce.  Her felling of shame was increased by being able to feel that Killer's member was hard.  As Killer prepared to grip her tightly he managed to grasp the strap of her bra and pull on it.  This disengaged the hooks and eyes.  Then holding her firmly he began to spank her as he had with Sally just a short while ago.  He hadn't intended to hit any harder than he had Sally, but he realized that he was doing so and that it felt right.  As her cute little and most spankable butt turned crimson red and felt as if it was on fire, Lori was yelling, crying and promising to do as she should.  Killer continued, however, to pound her butt until her uncle said: "Enough."

When she got up the disengaged bra fell leaving her wearing naught but a glowing red shine on her derriere.  Through her tear filled eyes, Lori could see the bulge that Killer's cock made in his jeans that she had felt when she had been across his lap being soundly spanked like a she was still a little child.  Even worse than that, there were two wet spots on his jeans – one he had made and one she had made.  Shamed and humiliated were not adequate to describe how she felt.

She could barely hear her uncle as he continued the lecture about how she must do her work and otherwise shape up.  Because of her extremely juvenile behavior her uncle also decreed that she was prohibited from having hair where only mature women do.  Sally was dispatched to get the shaving stuff.  It was then that Lori realized that she was naked having lost her bra somehow along the line.  Lori already had her armpits smooth and Sally was given the task of shaving where her brother had clipped three weeks earlier.

Lori was required to lie on the floor with her legs spread so the Sally could do her assigned task.  Sally was having a ball.  She was now taking a major role in getting back at her snobby cousin while still being innocent of any juvenile code breaking.  Sally carefully wet down Lori's pubic mound and lips and then most delicately covered it all with shaving cream.  When she massaged that in, she made sure to stimulate her cousin's already anxious love button just as her brother had a few weeks before.  She did not have the desire to plumb the hidden recesses of her cousin's sex but to be sure that it was total smooth as per her father's orders.  This was one time that Sally was being the very best girl for Daddy happily.  She did as far as she could and then directed Lori to raise her legs so that she could get the lowest part with the razor.  Both Kevin and Killer graciously assisted in holding Lori's legs up and far apart.  It was merely accidental that they both got a ringside view of the hopelessly embarrassed girl knelling beside her while assisting Sally.

When Sally declared Lori all clean and smooth, both her brother and Killer gave a long and careful feel to make sure.  They agreed but Lori nearly died.  She felt like she was her little kitten that she had taken to the vet to get neutered; totally helpless and at the mercy of others.  Then her uncle explained that since this was the second time she has gotten into such a situation, that the rules would be much stricter.  Kevin and Sally would now check that did her assignments daily and that she shave smooth twice a week.  Failure on the first point or of curfew would be deal with severely and failure on the latter with a immediate shave.  Uncle finished up with the suggestion that Lori probably has homework to do.  The four all left and headed for their rooms.

Sally tried to comfort Lori, but she would have none of it.  She dashed to her room and locked the door.  The very confused young lady sort solace in her solitude.  First, a shower to try cleanse herself of the defilement her body has been subjected to.  Second, a long soak in the tub using her favorite bubble bath and scents.  Finally, she got into bed with her most loved teddy bear who, despite missing an eye and an ear, understood her the best.  The heat in her bottom somehow caused her love button to demand attention.  When she tended to its needs she was surprised to find how sensitive and smooth she was down there down.  She could not resist these feelings as erotic thoughts flooded her mind and caused her to furiously massage her cunt until she came several times.

Sally, Kevin and Killer went to Kev's room.  There they reveled in the fun that they had with Lori and all confessed to being very horny.  Both Sally and Kevin agreed that it was worth the spanking they had gotten from Killer just to be able to enjoy the infliction of the punishments upon the stuck-up cousin.  Killer admitted to having enjoyed to whole time immensely while and even mussed about there being a future in being a professional spanker.

But there was one question they were collectively dancing about: how each would get off.  Killer carefully showed the wet spots on his jeans from Lori, Kevin and himself and pointed out the ones on Sally's skirt and Kevin's jeans.  They each had fantasies about how to do it.  Those fantasies were limited to the two immediately available people.

Killer was dreaming about two of the three red asses he had just spanked.  How nice it would be if they were kneeling on the bed side by side so that he could slide his great and rampant man-sword into each – switching back and forth as he wished.  After all they were naughty children that he had just spanked and thus no better than slaves (his docile sex slaves, of course).  Three tight hot holes facing him and two more on the other side ready to satisfy his every whim – repeatedly until he was fully satiated.

Kevin thoughts were quite different except for having two compliant sex slaves.  He had dreamt about Lori for a long time but she had locked herself in her room for now.  Who could know how the shaved pussy inspection might turn out but for now a different solution for his lust must be found.  Killer should be down there behind him – on his knees – using his tongue to pay homage to the butt he had blasphemed with the strap.  Carefully licking the hot red ass to cool it with the saliva of repentance.  And although never touched by the strap even to seek forgiveness at the central rosebud.  Meanwhile Sally would be worshiping his steel hard cock that was sticking straight out from his great bush.

Sally was seeing two handsome virile studs who had but one object – to please her, their great mistress.  Slowly they give her a full body massage using their tireless tongues repeatedly caressing every part of her body; plumbing each depression and cavity as best as possible.  Finally, slowly and ardently filling the hidden depths that was reason for a male's existence – not stopping until she and Cytherea were truly satisfied.

But dreams are not reality and the three horny teens let their dreams drift away as they striped off the clothes that were far to confining and hot.  Soon they were romping together on Kevin's bed making out as horny teens do the world over.  More and more Sally found herself helpless as the two young studs played with her.  Killer's tongue felt so wonderful as it explored very part of her hot juicy cunt while she was supine on the bed and Kevin was straddling her with his hard shaft teasing her lips.  She could not resist the love-sicle* and engulfed it once again.  Kevin gently alternated fucking her month with allowing her to suck it.  It was a game they both enjoyed for some time.

Killer had opened the condom package that Kevin had flipped to him and was rolling on the thin love-glove.  He then shifted position and pushed his cloaked wand into her hot and wet hole.  She bucked in pleasure as the two love shafts thrust in and out.  Eventually they stopped when all were exhausted.

They were never in any danger of being discovered by their parents.  As soon as the kids had left, Uncle George and Aunt Emma went through miraculous metamorphoses.  The tennis elbow was discarded along with the knitting.  George flipped Emma over his lap, raised her skirt, pulled down her knickers and began to spank her.  "Emma, that was definitely evil of you to suggest the strap for Kevin.  Of course, he deserved it and will be a better boy for awhile."

Emma said nothing as the spanking began to raise her passions.  She, of course, was whining; it was when she yelled "I'll do it" that George knew she was ready to give him another wonderful blow job.  The kids would be shocked if they knew that their parent liked sex and kinky sex at that.

The End

* Love-sicle is a play on "Popsicle" which is a trademark used for a colored, flavored ice confection with a stick for a handle; it's sort of like a lollipop.  Return to story

© Copyright A.I.L., March 7, 1999

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