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Losing My Status


It was a complicated transition for me.  I had been with my father and step-mom for a family affair and was returning to my mother and step-dad and stepbrother.  It was made complex as they were at a resort hotel for several more days rather than at home.  There were lots of things to do at the resort so I thought that it would be good place to go for a few days to have fun.

I expected to find a couple of guys my age, fifteen, to play with but there weren't any.  My stepbrother, Dax who is only twelve had found a couple of guys to be friends with – Pete, thirteen, and Roy, eleven.  There were some older dudes but they just sneered at me when I approached.  Not only was I a 'baby' to them at fifteen but I was physically short and my voice had not yet broken which emphasized the issue.  They made their point very definitively when they picked me up and illustrated how a dirt fill compactor works.  I got the message and ran off.  My choices were limited to be alone or with Dax and his pals.

When Mom suggested the latter and my step-dad seconded the idea, Dax agreed and then asked permission for us to go hiking in a couple of days.  A few days earlier he and his pals had to have one of the older dudes as an escort but I was old enough to fulfill that role.  I think my step-dad was trapped but he agreed.  It sounded too good to be true and it was but not, however, for any of the obvious reasons.

The next day I did some exploring and played about the main area eventually ending up in the pool to join my brother and his friends.  As I said, I'm small for my age but Dax and his pals were not so we were all about the same size and that was nice.  The older teens were far bigger and I would not have been able to keep up with them.

It was in the showers after swimming that the trouble started.  I was surprised that the three of them were well into puberty and showed it with hair in several places, more developed muscles and genitalia then I had even though I was much older.  I, alas, was still a bald little kid and those three were already transforming into men.© YLeeCoyote

"How old did you say your stepbrother was, Dax?" asked Pete looking at my bald crotch.

"Oh, he's just ten." replied Dax quickly.

The conversation quickly turned to other things.  On the way back to our cabin, I asked Dax why he lied to his friends.  "To save you embarrassment, Lonny.  If they knew you were almost sixteen, they would have laughed at your bald little peepee."

I was surprised at his thoughtfulness and thanked him for it.

The next day we went hiking.  Pete and Roy did not question that we got permission without having one of the older teens as an escort probably thinking that they had done it before rather than I was almost sixteen.  Out on the trail I was a show off and I did stupid things that were dangerous.  When we were near a cliff edge, I went very close and Dax yelled at me to be careful and to back off.  Of course, I ignored him.  I ignored him even when he was making sense.

Dax noted: "Mom will never forgive me if you don't return unbroken."  He even added that Dad would toast my worthless tail if he was here.

The others agreed.  Worse than that, Pete said: "Dax, you should spank him yourself rather than tell your dad."

Roy, laughing, agreed adding: "A good big brother helps raising the younger ones."

Then they grabbed me.  I struggled but could not get out of their grip as they as were as big as I and stronger.  Dax sat on a rock and they held me in front of him.

"You have been a very naughty little boy, Lonny.  For that you are going to be spanked." and then he opened my shorts and yanked them and my tw's down. "GET OVER YOUR BROTHER'S LAP, Lonny." snarled Pete.  "If we have to hold you in place, we shall spank you also."

I knew that they could so I submitted.  They released me and I got over Dax's lap.  He got a good grip on my waist.  He gave me a couple of gentle spanks and I relaxed.  That was most premature on my part as then he started spanking hard.  They were not as hard as Dad's spanks but I sure felt them as he delivered them most generously.  Over and over they come and the pain was building up.

I yelled.  I pleaded.  I begged.  And eventually he stopped.  I was crying like a baby.  Pete and Roy congratulated Dax on giving me a proper good hard spanking.  I was very careful the rest of the day.  My red-hot butt was a constant reminder that the others would not tolerate any antics.

It was a struggle not to fidget at dinner so I would not have to explain to Mom and step-dad why I had a hot red butt.  Later, alone in our room, Dax told me how much he enjoyed spanking me and was looking forward to doing it again.  He just laughed when I told him it was just a one time event.  A few months later I knew what his smile meant.

The following day we went exploring the area outside the resort's fence which was a bit swampy before it turned into woods.  I somehow got the idea that hiding in a tree would be fun and puzzle my brother and his friends.  Not only did it accomplish the latter but, unfortunately, it made then angry.  Perhaps furious is a better descriptor.

However, it was fun watching them run about like chickens with their heads chopped off.  Eventually they spotted me and they quickly surrounded the tree.  I was still up it when Dax started to lecture me.  Roy added: "You should spank your little immature brother, Dax, for playing such inappropriate games."  Both Dax and Pete concurred.

Dax quickly lost patience with me.  "Lonny you got ten minutes to get down and cut a switch to be used to punish you.  Every minute after that you get one more cut."

His buddies quickly congratulated him.

I told him no way but it was immediately clear that they meant it all as he just keep doing a count down.  By five, I was climbing down and found a switch by twelve.  I insisted that it was just a joke but they were not buying it at all.  Dax agreed that the discussion time would not count – provided that I immediately dropped my shorts and tw's and assumed the position for my well-deserved punishment.

A minute later, very nervous, I was bent over with my bare butt sticking up.  I could hear them chuckling to match the big grins they all had.  Dax stated that I was due eight cuts and should count out loud.  He started.  As soon as the fresh thing landed, I yelled and jumped.  As I rubbed, I was grateful that I had not taken longer and justified even more cuts.  I managed a weak "One." and resumed the position.

I did not have to wait very long before the innocent looking bit of vegetation lashed my butt a second time.  Again I yelled and jumped.  I managed to mumble the count while rubbing my sore tail.

The rest of the painful eight cuts were just the same.  My tail was soon on fire.  They told me any more antics and I would be banned from playing with them.  Even Dax agreed with that.  I made promises.  The rest of the day was quiet but my bottom was sore even the next day.

* * * * * * * * * *

I constantly thought about having spanked Lonny, my older stepbrother, twice while we were at the resort hotel.  It was absolutely the most fantastic thing I ever did.  I was looking forward to doing it again and again.  In my more honest moments I considered that there had been the three of us, rather than just myself, who made Lonny submit.

Although I got an emotional lift from looking at the vids and pix that Pete and Roy so thoughtfully provided.  I did not have any doubt that they would make Lonny crumble once he knew they existed and especially that others would see them.  I certainly could only guess that the teasing and taunting of the late bloomers in the ninth grade would be more than I saw in the sixth grade especially by the more developed guys.

I was watching out for something I could use to make Lonny submit to another spanking from me.  It had to be something that did not require a school note for the 'rents would have see and sign that.  Most chores wouldn't work either as he could just do them even if he was late.

One afternoon I got lucky doing my own chores.  As I did the laundry, I realized that Lonny's stuff was not in the basket.  It would have been most improper for me to go into his room and find his dirty stuff including his gym outfits.  Later I made sure that he saw me bring back the clean stuff and my commenting that I was glad it was done.  It was then that he realized how his stuff was strewn about his room and that included both of his gym outfits.  "Dax, you didn't do my stuff." he bitched.

"I did everything in the basket, brother." I said, "I'm not allowed in your room especially to search for stuff."  I paused.  "You can do it yourself if you need something." I added helpfully.

"But I don't know how and I'll get a detention in gym." he whined.

"And that will get you a spanking from Dad." I finished setting the trap.

He started to plead (or should I say beg?) that I help him by doing his laundry.  "If I do that you will not only not get a detention but also avoid an earned spanking from Dad.  That would not be right – escaping punishment." I insisted.

I let him stuffer some more and then told him: "I'll do it but only after I give you the spanking you deserve and ask for."  He made lots of noise but I told him I'll be doing my homework in my room.

A short time later he came knocking.  He had collected his laundry and asked me both to deal with it and for the spanking.  I agreed quickly and I was well prepared.  I sat on my bed and lowered his jeans and tw's as I did at the resort only this time without any support.  I pulled the bald little boy over my lap and locked him in place with one of my legs.  It was great looking down at his bare butt that was my target.

I started with my hand and gave him a few moderate spanks.  I could see my hand prints merging together and it was a wonderful sight.  Then I let him feel my secrete weapon – a flip-flop.  He howled when he felt it and I was glad that I was holding one of his wrists up near his neck so he could not get up.  I whacked away hard determined that he would remember this spanking a long time.

I must have given him a good twenty whacks for he was really howling to my great delight.  I even scolded him some about being an irresponsible, little boy in need of lots of supervision.  He was practically crying but I decided to leave that for another time and stopped.  I parked him in the corner and left to do the wash.  He was quite contrite when I let him go back to his room a few minutes later.

While the washer did its thing, I enjoyed the video I made of the spanking.  I was certain that it would be helpful in my discussions with him in the future.  I wondered how long it would be before I was the brother-in-charge.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dax has spanked me three times and I was not happy about that in the least.  It certainly was not right that he should do such a thing since I am three years older than he is.  A couple of years ago, I was always in charge and he did what I told him to but since then he started to change.  I saw it happening to my friends and classmates as they were smitten by puberty.

The first couple of times it happened at the resort and he had help from two others after lying about my age to them.  I thought that it was good initially since it prevented them from laughing at my late development but looking back I think that it backfired.  Then just a couple of weeks ago he practically blackmailed me because I need my gym outfit washed.  Well, it came down to a trade off of getting a detention at school plus a spanking from Dad or just a spanking from him.  That wasn't so bad and Dad certainly would have spanked harder but I had to ask him for it which was terribly humiliating.

The catastrophic change for me came one night.  The folks had left us alone even though they were not going to return until after midnight without a sitter for the first time.  They made us promise all sort of things and we did.  Dax was particularly happy to do that expecting that by the time he was thirteen sitters would be something of the past.  Because he had always needed one, I did not get to that delightful state until a few months ago.

Well, after dinner I wanted to go hang with my friends for a while.  This upset Dax greatly.  After reminding me that we promised to stay in without company he asked: "What would happen if the folks called to check up on us and you were out?"

I really didn't know what to answer but he did.  "They would get another babysitter for us.  I certainly don't want that!  Do you?"  He paused.  "Your friends would laugh their heads off."

By now he was blocking the way out.  "I'm not letting you go out, Lonny." he growled.  I insisted that he stand aside and let me go.

"You don't have the balls to even to try resist me, Lonny.  You're just a little hairless boy.  Now get back up to your room and get to your homework." he commanded along with the insult.

When I didn't go, he got physical and there was not any doubt that he was stronger than I and just as big.  What could I do?  I went to my room.  I thought that was the end of it.

I was wrong.

I was terribly wrong.

A half-hour later he caught me playing a video game rather than doing homework.  "Is your homework done?" he asked.  I lied and said it was but he checked things.

"That lie has earned you a spanking, boy." he snapped.  I pleaded with him but it did not do me any good.

"OK.  You say you are not a little boy to be spanked OTK?  Fine.  Let's see how you take a strapping from my belt for that is the proper way for youth of fifteen, er, almost sixteen." he said.  "Now get those jeans down and lean on your bed with your worthless butt up."

The belt was definitely scary but I was trapped.  I quickly decided that I was going to show him that I was a MAN and not a boy.  I dropped my jeans and bent over leaning on the bed all macho like.

I watched him pull his belt off and fold it.  He figured out where to stand and started.

He raised up his arm and swung.  The belt connected with my bare butt.  I screamed.  I jumped and grabbed my butt to try to put out the fire.

"Sissy!  Sissy baby boy!" he hissed.

I made a silly excuse that I was not prepared.  Dax giggled.

When we were in position again, he told me to say 'when'.  I did and he swung that damn belt again.  My reaction was the same as the first time.  He laughed and swung it a third time.

I begged him to stop and he agreed – but only if I got over his lap.  Spank after spank quickly rained down on my bottom and soon I was crying.  I would have gotten up again except he had put a leg over mine and kept my wrist pushed up to my neck.  I'm ashamed to say it, but I was bawling like a baby.

When I stopped crying, Dax told me to get to bed and I did.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 14, 2018

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