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The following story is fiction about parental discipline and has scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the second of the Michael Mannix stories which maybe read in any order.  The first one is Breaking Curfew.

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The Growing Pains of Michael Mannix
The Lost School Cap


You, Michael Mannix, have been sitting on your bed for a seeming eternity although it only has been twenty-eight minutes since you were banished.  Your mother was most displeased that your trousers and blazer were muddy and that you also lost your cap.  You tried to explain that it was not your fault that you were attacked on the way home from school by a gang from the project but she would not listen.

Your mother made you take off everything right there in the kitchen even though your little sister and her friend were watching everything.  She even made you take off your underpants although they were not muddy.  She said that they also needed to be washed and pointed at the yellow spots.  You blushed at that and it set your sister and her friend to giggling.  So that now, after your bath, you are naked, sitting on your bed, awaiting your father's return from work worrying about being spanked rather than doing your homework.

You know that as soon as he gets home your mother will tell him what a terrible boy you are.  How disrespectful and careless you are.  How you should be punished.  How you should be SPANKED!  Spanked long and hard.  You know that your father will be tired and want to rest before hearing how terrible you are but your mother won't let him.  Maybe if he had some time to rest, to relax with a cup of tea or a beer and watch the sports highlight before he came up to your room it would be better.

You hear your sister and her friend in her room.  They would be in the hall but your mother has prohibited them doing that so they have her bedroom door open.  Your door is also open because you are not allowed to close it when awaiting punishment.  They are laughing and talking about you.  How you are going to get spanked on your bare bottom.  How they saw you naked in the kitchen.  How your pee-pee is so tiny.  How her friend's brother's penis is so much bigger and is surrounded by hair.  They don't care that he is fourteen and you are only ten and a half.  They are looking forward to your spanking.  They are wishing that Father will leave the door open so that they can watch.  You know that they will certainly listen to each and every spank even if the door is closed.

You look at the clock again.  It has hardly moved since the last time you looked.  You are glad that it is still because then your father will not be back and you won't get that spanking.  Yet, you are suffering just waiting.  You are afraid to wish that the clock moves faster and afraid to wish that it moves slower.© YLeeCoyote

You need to pee, again.  You went when you showered but you need to go again.  You get up from the bed and peek into the hall.  You don't see your sister and her friend and hope that they not watching the hall as you make a dash for the bathroom.  You quickly close the door and raise the lid and seat.  You try to pee but nothing comes out for a long time.  Eventually, you make a little pee into the bowl.  You did not make enough to even fill one of those little bathroom cups.  You close the lid, flush and wash your hands.

You know that your sister and her friend will be watching when you open the door.  You hate it when they spy on you especially when you are naked.  Your friend, Spike, said that you should ignore them.  You should let them gawk because they are jealous of your bat and balls.  You open the door and mustering all your will power just walk back to your room with your penis swinging, just like you have seen the big guys in the swimming pool locker room doing.  You keep your eyes straight ahead until you make the turn into your room.

You are surprised that you feel better for doing that.  Spike was right.  You try to think of what you should say to your father.  You know one thing for sure.  You must not make excuses.  Your father has said that "A man does not make excuses." many times  You look at the clock again.  Your father will not be home for another three quarters of an hour.  You go to your computer and hope that you can write an explanation that is not an excuse.

You make several false starts and then you get the idea.  You start to key it in.

This afternoon at 3:45 two students from the Duane Academy (names withheld because they are minors) were attacked by six youths from the low income housing project while going through Reed City Park.  Although out numbered, they put up a good fight.  Fortunately Park Ranger Gurdack was on patrol and when he drove up, the hoodlums took flight across the field and into the woods.  Ranger Gurdack was about to pursue them after checking that the two victims were not injured although somewhat messed up from the altercation.  He had to respond to a 10-86 call elsewhere that required immediate attention, so he rushed the two lads into his vehicle and dropped them near the main entrance.

You print it out and you hope that your father will read your story rather than just taking you over his lap and spanking you.  You know your sister and her friend are hoping for that to happen.

You hear the front door open and close quietly.  Your father never lets it slam.  Before he can even put his case down, your mother is at him.  You have no trouble hearing her since she is shouting.  You, according to her, are a terrible boy who has committed terrible crimes.  She makes it sound that you are so bad that you should be flogged and sent to the reformatory for life.  By comparison to you the Artful Dodger is a little angel.

You hear the heavy, but quiet steps of your father as he comes up the stairs and into your room.  You are diligently polishing your shoes when he enters the room.  "Matthew, your mother has expressed her displeasure about your conduct this afternoon.  She wants me to spank you for causing her extra work and for losing your cap."

You are pleased that your father is calm.  It is a good sign that he will listen to you.  You put the polishing stuff back in the box and make sure that your father sees your shined shoes as you place them under the bed, ready for school in the morning.  "Good evening, Father.  I hope that you had a good day at the office."  You stand tall and straight like your father has taught you to do ignoring the little detail that you are naked.  You continue.  "There was a problem coming home from school and I got muddy and lost my cap.  May I wash the polish off while you read my report?"  You have carefully not said 'excuse', 'explanation' or even 'account'.  You know your father wants to hear an objective report with just the facts.

Your father agrees and you go to wash while he has the chance to read your account.  Your sister and her friend are watching from the doorway to her room as you walk down the hall.  You remember how much easier it was when you ignored them before.  You wash your hands, making sure that you don't make a mess as your father is likely to use the bathroom very soon.  As you return, your sister mouths the words: "You're going to get spanked."  Both girls are grinning in anticipation of your spanking.  You continue quickly as you don't want to keep your father waiting.

"Your mother is not very happy with you, son." says your father.  "She says that I should spank you for messing your school clothes, losing your cap and causing her extra work."

You plead your case.  "I couldn't help getting muddy, Father.  We were attacked and couldn't have run away, as we were surrounded.  Fortunately Ranger Gurdack scared them off before we were hurt.  He ordered us to go home when he had responded to an emergency.  I'm sorry I lost my cap.  I should have looked for it more diligently before coming home."  You pause to consider.  It will take four weeks allowance to pay for the replacement.  Four long weeks without movies, candy nor video games.  You decide to take a chance.  "I guess that I should be spanked for that, Father."  A spanking hurts but it is over in a short time rather than a month.  Last time you broke something and were spanked, you remember that you did not have to pay cash because you were spanked.

You see that your Father is nodding so you take one more chance based on Spike's advice.  You whisper into your father's ear so that your sister and her friend can't hear.  "Sis has been itching to see me spanked.  May I call her to watch.  Maybe then she won't want to so much in the future."  Your father gives a chuckle and nods.  You go to the door of your room and open it.  "You may watch from here." you say to the girls.  They take the bait and in just a second are at your doorway.

When you turn you see that your father is sitting in the desk chair.  You don't wait for him to say anything but as a brave young man, responsible enough to accept his punishment without question, just walk over and get over your father's lap.  "I'm ready, Father."  You are hoping that your father has recognized that none of this was your fault and that you are being ever so grown up taking responsibility.  Your father grips your waist and pats your bottom.  You know that the spanking is about to start for this is your father's ritual.  Your father does not keep you waiting more than a few seconds.  SPANK!  Father's hand has delivered the first hard spank.  It hurts just as you knew that it would and as it should.  Spankings are supposed to hurt.  You grunt a little wanting not to cry or yell – at least for a while.

The first spank delivered, there is now a wild flurry following.  You lose track of how many spanks although there is one thing you know for sure: each and everyone hurts.  You know that you will have a hot, red, sore butt in a few seconds.  You are not wrong and you are reduced to tears before the halfway point.  You know that all will be forgiven in a few minutes.  You will still go to the ball game on Saturday with your father.

Then the spanking is over.  Your father lifts you up and hugs you.  You hug him back.  You feel clean and good once again.  You hope that your father is proud of you.  After a few minutes he tells you to get dressed for dinner and leaves you.  You know that is a good sign because other times you had to stay naked until bedtime.  Your father leaves and you go to the bathroom to clean up.  Your sister and her friend are behind the closed door of her bedroom.  Back in your room you dress and wait for dinner time.

After dinner you allowed to watch a half hour of TV before going back to your room to do homework.  You are surprised that your little sister is sent to her room and told that she will be getting a spanking because she was so interested in seeing you getting spanked.  "We don't want you to think that you being deprived of anything or that we are playing favorites." explains your father.  You practically choke on your drink.  Your sister protests but your mother is unyielding.  After the program you return to your room to do your homework and hear your mother come up to spank your little sister.  You decide that staying at your desk and just listening is the wisest thing to do.  It is not long before you hear your mother hand spanking your little sister's tiny soft bottom.  Each spank is followed by a yell and soon she is bawling.  You smile at the justice.  You hear your mother leave.

A couple of minutes later you go into the bathroom and take a small towel and get it wet with cold water.  Then you go into your sister's bedroom.  She is lying on her bed crying with her little behind glowing bright red.  You cannot help but to smile as you gently lay the cold towel on her hot tail.  Your sister is surprised and turns.  She does not know what to say when she sees that it is you being kind.  "I thought this would help, little sister." you say kindly even though you are very glad that she got her due.  She is so surprised that she does not yell at you for seeing her naked bottom.  You tell her she'll be OK and gently rub her back.  Her sobs are diminished by the time Mother returns to make sure she is in bed in time.  You are commended on your kindness.  You take the opportunity to again apologize to your mother for the extra work and remind her that you are growing up and are almost eleven years old.

You return to your own room and get ready for bed.  You put off the light even before your lights out time and think about the day.  You weigh the good and bad.  You decide that you have grown up some today.  One thing you learnt for sure is that if you ignore your little sister then she will be less of an annoyance.  You resolve to keep Spike's advice in your mind and not care even one tiny bit if your little sister sees your penis or you getting spanked.  There is one very important thing you are not sure about, however  Does your father think that you are more grown up than you were yesterday?  Did you live up to his strict, high standards?  If he does, then the spanking was more than worth it.

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