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The Mail Boy Is My Master


I'm in bed now, exhausted after an unexpected weekend adventure.  I need to get sleep for I have to be at my desk in the morning.  I got a business to run with fifty people – all dependent on my making the right decisions to stay in the black yet I did not make any decisions since I left the office on Friday.  I did not even drive my car out of the parking lot because Louis, er, Master Louis I should say, appropriated my keys earlier in the day.  A couple of my other employees saw but they did not know what was going on. They assumed that Louis was being my chauffeur for I sat in the back seat like an in control, high status, decisive alpha male.  They surely would have thought otherwise if they had known that I was wearing pink panties with lace trim under my expensive suit.  The panties were appropriate because I was as hairless as a little boy and just as impotent with my pee-pee locked in a hard plastic device (imported from hell) which prevented me from even getting hard.  Hell, I could not even touch it when I sat to pee.

Master Louis is just about my most junior employee.  He started a few months ago when he was high school senior before he graduated.  He is the office boy/gofer assigned to the mail room.  He is the sort of young stud who the ladies, young and old both, all follow with big eyes thinking about his hard muscles, his large potent cock and his bubble butt hidden imperfectly in his tight slacks as he moves about the office.  To be truthful, a lot of guys in the office and even the shop look also.  The reality was very different, however.  Once he closed the car door I was forbidden to say a word.  Just as he ordered so I would not forget, I had put a strip of transparent packing tape over my mouth.  Not only did I not know where I was going, but I could not even see the road because I was wearing wraparound sunglasses with the lenses taped over.  The ear buds stuffed in my ears let me hear only the recording he had made reminding me that I was his obedient slave.  I keep hearing my own voice saying that I am his and begging for his cock and to be punished.  All he has told me was that I would be serving him and his girlfriend and another couple at a cabin in the woods.

I was totally in his power for he had proof of me doing stuff that I should not have been doing.  Well, not doing in the office, where he could discover what I did on my desk computer.  I didn't know much about those things and I did not have any idea of all the trails that I was leaving (and I still don't).  All I know is how to surf a bit, do some email and a document or two.  Louis grew up with them and knows how they work.  My IT guy says he is very good and has him assist with the other clueless ones.

It has been a couple of months since this all started.  I had some free time at my desk and I was poking about a story site.  Yes, of course, an erotic one and I got hooked on one simple story.  It wasn't even about adults but kids.  The poor babysitter – a fourteen-year-old boy – who is a bit timid gets trapped by his charges.  They are a boy and his girl cousin who are both eleven but more developed than he is.  They got him to wet his bed (the old hand-in-a-bowl-of-water trick) and got pictures doing it.  With those and the collection of naughty pics in his computer, they blackmail him.  The babysitter is trapped forever as the boy's 'slave'.  Anyway, that story made me hard as a steel rod and I kept it (along with a few others) in my computer for quick reference.

Then, one faithful day, I went to read that story and a new, strange and most ominous window popped up.© YLeeCoyote


Workdays 0700 to 1600

Further information after 1615

After few seconds the box disappeared and I saw my normal desktop.  I was running over with emotions.  I was fearful and scared yet my cock was like a steel rod.  I stuffed some napkins into my pants to prevent making an embarrassing wet spot.  I couldn't imagine who had done this yet my heart was pounding.  I was afraid to call the IT guy so I decided to sweat it out until the office was closed.  I tried to go to some of my favorite sites and the forbidden message popped up each attempt.

At the specified time, I tried again and got a different box requesting a password.  I don't know what to do, but then I got a "new email" thingie.  The email tells me: «Your password is: IMustObey» which I entered into the box.  I then got a full page explaining that I will now experience what I been wishing for.  I was very puzzled yet excited and fascinated.  I checked that the office was empty and then with my office door closed, jerked off and shot a load like I haven't since I was half my age without even reading any of my favorite stories or visiting my favorite sites.  The next day, I was allowed access to both my saved stories and sites but only after office hours.  I also got an order to be in my office at 1615 the following day.

I was waiting nervously at the appointed time but nothing happened until 1630 when there was a knock on my office door.  I grunted and it was opened.  Filling the doorway was Louis.  He is a big guy, ​six foot ten​ (​208 cm​), and the lighting makes him seem extra large.  He is neatly dressed in a tailored white dress shirt, black slacks with a heavy belt and dress shoes.  His clothes fit him very well and they show off his manly physique with big muscles.  I get the sense that his manhood is proportionate from the way his pants fit in his crotch.  He speaks before I can ask him what he wants.  "You've been expecting me."  I was dumbfounded for I was certainly not expecting him.  He did not wait for me to say anything but entered the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

"You have been most indiscrete.  I know what you have been doing with your office computer and I know what you need!"  I made some ineffectual noise and he quickly put me down with the threat of telling the owner about what I had been doing.  "You are a very naughty boy and need to be severely punished."  I was speechless as I watched him sit in the side chair.  "Come here, young man, for your SPANKING."  He paused.  "It will be worse for you if I have to get you."  He patted his lap like my father did when I was a little boy.

I was petrified.  I was scared that he would tell about my naughty activities.  I was scared to do what he said.  I was scared not to do what he said.  I sat frozen until he barked:  "NOW!  Don't keep me waiting any longer, Boy."

I got up and went to him with my heart racing.  Even though he was sitting, he still seemed big for I am only ​five foot eight​ (​173 cm​).  Without another word, he just reached for my belt and opened it.  Then he immediately opened my pants which fell to the floor.  It was clear that I was hard for I was tenting my briefs.  He yanked my briefs down, just like my father had when I was a boy, and pulled me over his lap.  My hard cock was pushed back (to be aligned with the front of my thighs) as I fell onto his lap which hurt and he got a good grip on my waist.  I could tell that he was as strong as he looked.


The first spank was hard and right on target.  It hurt like the blazes and I yelped completely forgetting that my cock was hurting.  Then a torrent of spanks came which turned my butt into a fiery, inferno of pain.  I was practically crying when he stopped.  He pushed me to my knees on the floor and stood up.  He opened his pants and his huge cock sprang up from a big thick bush.  It was the largest cock I had seen in my entire life – far bigger than my barely ​five and half inch​ (​fourteen cm​) one.  He sat down again as I stared, transfixed, at his great shaft.  He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me down on it.  "Suck it, boy.  Suck a real man's cock, little boy."

And suck I did for the first time in my life just as in many of the stories I had read.  He keep good control of me with his hands and after a bit stood so that he could get deeper down my throat.  I was completely helpless and totally controlled.  After he pumped his essence directly down my gullet into my stomach, he withdrew.  He wiped his cock on a large napkin that he had brought and closed up his trousers.  He left without another word.

It took me a while before I recovered.  I then discovered that I had also come for there was a puddle of my own cum on the floor in front of me.  I used the same napkin to wipe myself that he had used.  I saw it was 1730 and I pulled up my pants so that the cleaning staff would not catch me.  I took the cum soaked napkin away so that the cleaner would not find it.

I sat in my car for a while to compose myself before I drove home.  I skipped dinner and tried to work out what was happening.

The next morning at work, Louis was his usual polite and respectful office boy without giving any indication of what transpired in my office the evening before.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of days later and I was about to go out to lunch when Louis came into my office.  "Lunch time, boy.  Get over here and down on your knees."


"You heard me boy.  Get over here and you better hurry to get your lunch before the others return."  He was rubbing his crotch as he spoke.

I obeyed.  He had what the army calls command presence and I could not resist his orders.  A few seconds later, I was on my knees before him and opening his pants.  As I opened them, I smelt his musk and it was overwhelming.  I was immediately reminded of two evenings ago when I first submitted to him.  He was wearing some sexy briefs and as I was mesmerized by his scent, he lowered them so that his huge shaft jumped out at me.  I knew what it could do and I then I realized that I wanted its sweet nectar.  This was a great hunger which I was previously unaware I had.  I licked the hard yet velvet soft fount so that I tasted his pre-cum and I sucked on the head some.

I wanted to make this last but he had other ideas and he took hold of my head.  Now he had total physical, as well as emotional, control and pulled me back and forth as I sucked.  It was difficult not to choke and to breathe but that did not seem to concern him for they were my problems not his.  Soon he blasted his load into my mouth and I savored it as it slid down my throat.

"I hope you enjoyed your low-cal, high protein lunch."  I remained on my knees as he redressed and left.  Fortunately, he closed the door behind him so that I could compose myself.  I then went to the Men's Room to clean up the mess in my briefs hoping that I did not have a wet spot on my pants. I did not get much done that afternoon since I kept thinking about Louis and his great hard cock.  I did not understand this since I hadn't done anything with a guy since college some thirty years ago and that was only jerking off together.  On the other hand, there was something entirely new to me.  In what had happened, Louis was totally commanding and I felt that I must obey him implicitly.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was late Saturday morning that I got his email "Be home, showered, shaved and cleaned out by 2200 tonight."  It was signed "Master Louis".  I did not know what prompted such an order, but I was compelled to obey.  I could only wait and see what was to develop.  Of course, I was terribly nervous.  I didn't go out at all that evening and showered early.  It was only because of my reading of those hot stories that I knew what cleaned out meant.  It also told me that I would be servicing Master in a new way.  I even cleaned up the house, changed my sheets and towels.  Again, I was scared and excited.  I was also puzzled by the time.

Louis did not show up until almost midnight.  He was pleased that I had followed his orders and that my place was in good order where it mattered.  It did slip out during the time he was there that his girlfriend had gone on the rag early and I was the substitute.  He was also dressed differently.  The rugby shirt was tight and showed off his upper body just as well as his tight jeans surely made the rest of the world green with envy about his hot ass and bulge.  He led me into my own bedroom and pulled my clothes off without a word until he ordered me to wait in the corner for my spanking.

I heard him in the bathroom and also wandering about my house apparently checking it out.  He also checked out my computer for when he came back to the bedroom, I was told that he saw that I was even naughtier at home that in the office just as he suspected and therefore, I was to be spanked.  He sat on my bed and pulled me over his lap.  With one of his legs over mine and with a wrist held behind my back, I could not move.  He started to spank me with his hand and in a few minutes I was begging him to stop.  Of course, he did not listen to me but picked up my slipper and began using that.  It was even worse and soon I was crying like a little boy.

This time I was very anxious to suck his big, hard cock and eagerly went down on it as soon as he allowed me do.  The pre-cum was intoxicating but he did not cum.  Instead he stopped me and threw me on my bed.  Seconds later my legs were up over his broad shoulders and he was rubbing something on my hole.  As his fingers entered me, I knew were he was going to.  I was scared and anxious and yet very excited.  I had the strangest feeling that his being in such total control was the right thing.  He must have been very careful with me for he was able to open me up so he could slide his big cock into me without my screaming.  He had just taken my cherry and I was glad of it as he proceeded to fuck me hard.  I was transfixed watching him take me.  Then he exploded into me, filling me with his hot load.  It must have been large because there were several blasts.

He did not soften or pull out.  He just stared at me and pulled up so I was lying on his thighs.  Apparently I had also cum for he wiped up my cum from my belly and made me lick it from his fingers.  He laughed at how little I had shot from such a tiny pee-pee.  "You're just my little fuck boy toy!" he said with a great big smile.  "The girls probably can't even find your teeny-tiny boy's dicky."

We stay still for a few minutes then Louis started to ask some questions.

"Who fucks, boy?" he asked.

That was easy to answer.  "Men fuck."

"Do men get fucked, boy?"

"No, sir."

"Do boys have man-fur?"

"No, sir"

Just like he had put some lube on the nightstand that I had not noticed, he also had something else and he picked it up.  "This will rid you of that improper man-fur, BOY."  He got my tackle in a tight grip and turned on the device and brought it into my little bush.  It hurt and after a few seconds I could see that my pubes were being plucked right out.

"No, please don't." I whined.  He laughed and continued.  He let go of my stuff and continued until he had yanked every single one of my pubic hairs out by it roots.  Then he did the same to my armpits, leaving me as hairless as a ten-year-old boy.

"You look much better this way, boy.  Only men with real cocks are entitled to have hair; not little boys like you with teeny-tiny pee-pee's."

He resumed fucking me until he blasted a second load into me.  After he withdrew, he turned me onto my stomach and told me to be still.  Naturally, I obeyed him.  He went to the bathroom to clean up, then returned to the bedroom and got dressed.  He then put a butt plug up my hole.  "This is to remain in you until noon tomorrow because when I breed you, you stay bred.  Understand, boy?"  I promised to obey and he left.  "You stay bred, boy, so all my sperms can get into you.  He left only after demanding the spare key to my home.

* * * * * * * * * *

Louis was amazing in the office.  He never acted any differently than would be expected from an office boy.  Except, that is, when he got me alone either at lunch time or after hours.  It was less than two weeks after the first time that he had me well trained, as he put it, to have  "His special hot, low-cal, hi-protein man-milk for little boys." for lunch.  He would slip into my private office once the staff was gone, take out his cock and I would be on my knees like a baby at his mother's teat.  Such was his power that I actually craved it, like an addict does.

Sometimes he would decide that I required a spanking.  The reason was sometimes real like when I exceeded the surfing limits he set and sometime faux because he just wanted to spank me.  He was able to do this because he installed some program on my home PC that let him monitor everything I did.

One day I was late for work and I got a special notice to stay after work.  At 1630 he walked into my office and lectured me about being tardy just like a schoolboy hears in the VP's office.  For that I was to receive six cuts from his belt on my bare ass.  I was required to clear my desk and, after dropping my pants, bend over it.  He stuck my handkerchief in my mouth to keep me from making too much noise.  That big heavy belt really hurt.  I would have screamed if he hadn't also taped my mouth closed.  Six times he swung it at my ass and at the end I was sobbing in pain.  Then he bred me again with great vigor because he was most aroused.  To make sure I that I did not waste his seed (by letting it leak out) he taped up my hole.  Fortunately, I did not need to have a BM until the next morning when I was allowed to remove the tape.

It took less than a month before I knew that I was Master Louis' little boy toy.  Strangely, I delighted in that being the case.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 18, 2010

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