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The following story is fiction about high school boys getting spanked and sex.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, paddling and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Maintaining Eligibility


The coach was not a happy camper.  Ron Renfrow could see this as he stood watching as the coach read the reports from his teachers about his work.  "Renfrow unless you shape up your midterm reports are NOT going to meet the eligibility standards and YOU WILL BE OFF THE TEAM!"

"Yes, coach." he replied annoyed that Martin Sussman was in the office and listening to all this.  All this private personal stuff.  Why the hell didn't the coach send Four-eyes away?  Of course, a good jock never questions what the coach does when he is around.

"Renfrow your preliminary grades are far too low and have earned you a paddling."  The jock's face got paler.  "Drop 'em and assume the position."

"Coach, but Four…, er, Sussman is here…."

"So what.  He knows what you got.  He's got the same.  All the guys have the same as you have seen in the showers.  Now you got thirty seconds to get into position or you get extras."© YLeeCoyote

The word extras made Renfrow drop his shorts and bend over immediately.  The coach walked around his desk with the brutal paddle in his hand.  The heavy oak paddle – a hand wide and a cubit long with a mess of holes to increase its efficiency.  He quickly found the right spot and swung Mr. Persuader.  WHACK!  The sound reverberated in the small room.

Sussman had been sitting quietly, as the coach had requested, watching intensely.  He was wide-eyed (all four of them) at the show.  This was the first time he had seen the paddle in action.  The first time seeing the red marks form on a guy's butt from a pop.  The first time his cock was rock hard because of the paddle and the marks it made on a hot muscular butt in living 3D-color on display right in front of him.

All this happened in the five seconds before the paddle landed on Renfrow's presented tail a second time.  By third pop, Sussman had to reach into his jeans and make some adjustments.  He was seriously worried about creaming in his pants by the time the coach swung the sixth time leaving a bright red ass on display for his enjoyment.

The coach returned to his desk chair and put the paddle back in its home.  "OK, stand up."  Renfrow stood and wished he could stick his roasted butt into a pail of ice water or at least rub it and pull up his shorts.  But that was against the protocol so he just kept his hands as his side.  "Sussman here has agreed to tutor you three times a week.  You are to completely cooperate with him and get your grades up.  Understand?"

"Yes, coach."

"OK, Renfrow, pull up your shorts and come with me.  Your first session is now." said Sussman commandingly.

Ron Renfrow was afraid not to obey as the coach was right there so he pulled up his shorts and followed Four-eyes out of the office, through the locker room and to an empty classroom.  His ass was on fire and how did this nerd have the balls (he would have thought 'audacity' if he had known the word) to boss him about.  He'll have put a stop to this right away.

But before Renfrow could speak, Sussman pointed to a chair at the table and said: "Sit." and sat on the adjacent chair.

"I'll rather stand."

"I said SIT!" snapped Four-eyes with the tone of a drill sergeant.  "I don't care if your ass hurts.  We need to talk."  Renfrow could not believe the authoritative tone that came from the nerd but he could not resist it and gingerly sat on his still smoking ass.  "This is not a done deal, Renfrow.  I agreed to tutor you IF AND ONLY IF you want to improve your grades and are willing work hard to do so.  You have to make the commitment and keep to it.  If not I'll take you back to the coach and his paddle."  He paused to let it sink in.  "What do you say?"

"Do I have choice?"

"Of course.  You can fail and get kicked off the team and not get your letter and not graduate.  No difference to me.  Maybe it is to the coach or your team mates or your olds but not me.  Whatever you want."

"I want to pass and stay on the team and get my letter and graduate."

"OK, now let's see where you are, develop a game plan and get you where you should be."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of weeks later and Ron had gotten some quizzes returned.  The results were not satisfactory.  "We discussed what would happen for shitty grades like this."  Ron agreed.  "Then give me your belt and get into position." said Martin for the first time.

"Here?  Now?" asked Ron.

"Of course here and now unless you want to wait until the first bell when we have an audience."  Renfrow got into position and Martin started the onerous task of strapping the big jock.  He immediately realized that this was a lot more fun than just watching someone get whacked.  He relished each stripe as it formed and merged with the others.  By the fourth cut, he had to reach into his pants to make some adjustments.

Martin practically messed his pants by the time he reached a dozen cuts and stopped.  Ron's tail was bright red and hurt as much as when the coach paddled him.  As he pulled up his pants he had more respect for the four-eyed nerd.  He now knew that Sussman really meant that he would use CP and that he did it terribly effectively.  Although his butt hurt he paid careful attention to the private lesson.

When he showered with the team later in the day, he blamed his obviously red butt on his father.  To tell his buddies that a four-eyed nerd had done it was far too embarrassing.

* * * * * * * * * *

They quickly settled into a routine.  Ron found that Martin could really explain stuff to him and he was improving in his classes.  What did not seem to change was that Martin was spanking Ron once or twice a week for not achieving the (high) standards set for him.  Nevertheless, Ron definitely wanted to continue the tutoring for it was nice to get decent grades which assured his all-important eligibility and kept an entire legion of adults from lecturing and yelling at him.

After one session when Ron had a gym class, Martin decided that he would use the paddle.  They went to the coach and Ron (as directed) asked: "Coach, may we borrow your office and paddle for a few minutes, please."  Obviously, it was not necessary to explain why.  The coach agreed and left them alone.

Ron got the paddle and presenting it to Martin said: "Martin, please paddle my stupid ass."

"Of course.  Get into position." replied Ron almost redundantly and he dropped his jeans and undies and bent over just as Martin had seen him doing the first time they met.  He found the place to stand and swung the paddle.  It was a new experience for him but Ron could still tell it was not nearly as hard as a pop from the coach.  After three whacks, Martin felt things sounded right and if he had asked Ron that would have been confirmed.  Not as hard as the coach's pops when he was angry but for simple failures.

Martin send Ron off to his next class and he changed for his own gym class.  He had trouble fitting into his jock strap because the paddled red butt affected him just as it had the first time he saw it.  He was glad that he had used the paddle but decided that he did not like it.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was an early morning Saturday session and Ron, unfortunately, was unprepared.  He had failed to do the exercises that Martin had assigned.  For the first time, he was hesitant about dropping his pants and he explained.  "If you spank me, it will affect how I play this afternoon.  That's not good for the school.  Can we please delay it?" he asked.

Martin considered the request and thought that it was reasonable so he agreed and they got on with the lesson.  He noticed that Ron was more attentive perhaps in appreciation.  Before he left, he encouraged Ron to come to the game and watch him play.

After they game was over, Ron excused himself from going with the team to celebrate saying that he had lots of homework.  Pressed, he explained: "I have to study to get good grades to maintain eligibility, guys."  That was something they all understood most clearly.

As the pair headed home, Ron noted that his tutor was wearing a school jacket and mentioned it.  "It's cool enough that I needed it to watch you trounce those Puppies while sitting in the stands."

"But it's your brother's since it has a Letter."

Martin laughed.  "No.  It's mine.  I got the Letter for being on the Math team last year.  Neat, isn't it?"  Ron was at a loss for words but he was now even more anxious to achieve his own Letter because Four-eyes had gotten one for representing their school.  Actually, it was just another point that increased Ron's respect and admiration for Martin.

Once they were in Martin's room, he gave the order: "Strip, Ron."  The jock obeyed and soon was naked with a hard on.  He quickly explained that winning made him horny.  Martin had decided an a more basic spanking for this time.  He sat on his own bed and pulled the jock over his lap.  He started with a few hand spanks and then moved on to the hairbrush which was effectively a small, hardwood paddle.  It was a most effective implement for Ron's butt quickly turned bright red.

The jock had quickly discovered that being spanked OTK made him feel very boyish.  There were two side effects.  It harder to hold back the tears and even his erection subsided although he remained horny.  The nerd, on the other hand, found this old fashioned punishment method more exciting [especially sexually] than any of the previous ones he had employed.  Immediately after getting the red-tailed jock off his lap he stood up and dropped his own jeans for they were now painfully tight.

Ron was immediately surprised at what he saw for the nerd was very well equipped.  "Spanking makes me horny just like winning makes you horny, Ron." He grabbed one of the jock's hands and wrapped it about his own hot, hard rod and then he proceeded to forcefully press down on the jock's shoulders forcing him to his knees.

"It is OK to examine it closely, Ronny, it is quite beautiful.  I saw how you were looking at it." he said authoritatively.  The befuddled jock, already used to obeying the nerd, could not resist especially since unlike in the showers such activity was not condemned.  Ron seemed to be in a trance and as his jaw dropped Martin took the opportunity to slide his rod into the opening.  Since his hands now held the kneeling boy's head, there could not be any backing off to separate.  If Ron had been asked, he would not have indicated any desire to be in this position yet he did not exhibit any desire to avoid it once it happened.

As one would expect, Martin extremely happy with the position and sat down again making sure that his hard shaft remained in Ron.  Quite encouraged by the lack of protest from the jock, Martin gently encouraged him to suck and otherwise pleasure him.  He thought it was good that Ron had regained his erection indicating that he was also happy with what he was doing.

Martin was so pleased with how things were going that he forgot he was not going to push too far but Ron's hot mouth forced the issue for it was so fantastic.  He even surprised himself with a terrific orgasm which did not stop Ron's sucking.  After a few minutes, he returned the favor by going down on the surprised jock.

Ron was one very confused jock after that for he thought he was absolutely straight yet he had exchanged blow jobs with Martin.  He could understand that getting one is great but not giving one – yet it had been.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next tutoring session was before the first bell in an otherwise  empty classroom.  Not totally unexpected Ron did not met the high expectations that Martin had set for him.  "You earned another spanking, Ron.  Give me your belt and assume the position."

"But someone might come in." whined the jock.

"Then you best not delay anymore since that increases the chance that it will happen."  Actually Martin had worried about that and locked the door to prevent it but had not told Ron.  Nervously, Ron did as he was ordered and Martin gave him ten cuts with the belt.  Each one eliciting a grunt of pain from Ron and turning his ass bright red.  Ron quickly pulled up his pants as soon as he was permitted to do so.  It would be a while before he would have explain the redness to his buddies in the shower.

Ron, of course, noticed the tenting in the nerd's pants and surprised himself for he wondered about sucking the tasty cream out again.  He was quite conflicted because that was terribly gay and he was absolutely straight or so he thought.  He tried to make that point to Martin by saying that he was straight and it was a strange lapse let those things happen the last time.  He tried to make it sound like he was sure but failed.

"Nonsense, Ron, we are all bi and you did it willingly.  You probably would like to do it again but we don't have the time now.  Time for home room and remember to do your assignment or I'll roast your butt again."  They both left and Martin was careful not to let Ron see that he unlocked the door.  Separately they both made a stop in a lavatory to deal with their demanding cocks before the class.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ron did not know why he did something very strange after a session with Martin.  They had finish and Martin had just told him that he had done well and then commented that he did not look happy.  "That's because I didn't do my chores at home, Sir." he blurted out before he could stop himself.

Martin thought for a few second and said: "Give me your belt, drop 'em and bend over Renfrow."  The jock complied immediately and Marten did not waste any time applying the strap for ten hard cuts once again turning the jock's butt bright red.

When he was told to get up, he pulled up his pants saying: "Thank you, Sir."

Just as quickly, Martin dropped pants his letting his hard shaft spring free.  "Take care of this, boy." he ordered and the jock immediately dropped to his knees and quickly relieved the pressure.  "Good boy." said the nerd as he pulled up his pants and left.

Ron promised himself that he would do his chores.  More significantly he thought about how he viewed Martin and their relationship.  He realized that he had changed in more ways than improving his grades for he yearned for Martin's company and direction.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 7, 2017

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