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Making a New Friend


It was the first month after my family moved and I was working hard at making friends so I was thrilled when Nick invited me, rather than one of his friends, for the day.  He did have ulterior motives for we were project partners in science class and the primary object was to visit the Science Museum in the city where there was a lecture on the very topic we had to write about.  I jumped, of course, at the idea.  I talked to my parents and they quickly endorsed the plans.

We made the necessary reservations to guarantee our seats and also one for Trent.  He was Nick’s kid brother and he wanted to see some stuff at the museum.  Actually I learnt later he always wanted to go to the museum but was not allowed to travel alone yet.  Nick said he would have preferred not to take him but his parents insisted.

The big day came and my parents dropped me at the railroad station where I meet Nick and Trent.  The trip to the museum was easy and I was surprised that Trent actually knew how to negotiate the subway better than Nick and effectively lead the way.  I naturally followed Nick’s led and if he was OK with Trent leading the way I did not have reason to complain.

We started with the hall of interest for Nick and me and Trent was not any trouble at all.  We ate in the park and then returned to do a hall of Trent’s choosing before the lecture.  We had some time for exploring the park before heading back to the train station.  Trent became more and more insistent actually yelling at both of us like he was in charge.  It made me realize that he had been low key bossy all day but apparently Nick was OK with that.  Unfortunately Nick and I did not heed Trent’s admonitions and we missed our scheduled train.

Bummer!  But it was not the end of the world.  We made the necessary phone calls home and were sternly told not to miss the next train.  We got back to town very late because that train not only was a lumbering local but was delayed.  Additionally as both sets of parents had commitments (and thus not available for chauffeuring duty) and the local buses had quit for the day I was invited to stay over with Nick since I could not get home a couple of miles outside of town.

It was later that I learnt I had only seen the tip of the iceberg with how Trent dominated his older big brother.  I was with Nick in his bedroom when Trent came in and started to act like he was in charge.  The words sounded strangely like those my own father used when I messed up except he did not have a bass voice being not quite twelve-years-old which was two years younger than Nick and I.

I expected that Nick would slap him down (metaphorically not literally) to put him into his place but that did not happen as Nick just accepted it.  The lecture was directed at me also and I only managed to say “Trent, you’re out of line….” before Nick stopped me.

“He’s right, Oscar.  We messed up like he said a lot today especially missing the train.”

Trent had paused his lecture for this exchange and resumed it with “That’s absolutely correct Oscar.  Just keep your mouth shut now unlike earlier today.”  He then continued enumerating our faults including ignoring repeated warnings.  He was extremely good at this scolding and I felt worse than when Dad did it.  I could see how Nick was also drooping.  If he had been Dad saying all that I knew that the next thing that would happen would be that my jeans and undies would fly south and Dad’s heavy leather belt would be painting my sorry ass red.  Red from the bright fireballs it would embed in my tail.

Trent got to the end of his lecture and he asked if everything he said was accurate and Nick concurred.  He turned to me and I had to agree also.  Then he asked if we wanted to explain anything and again I followed Nick’s lead in saying “No, Sir.”  I had a bad feeling about this as that was a strange sort of reply.  It was confirmed when Trent commanded: “Strip and get into position.”

To my further surprise Nick immediately started to strip and told me to do the same or things would get worse.  I followed his lead and soon both of us were starkers.  Trent stood there with a heavy strap, which he had somehow conjured up, in his hand.  I was directed to stand to the side and Nick leaned on the bed with his butt up and out.

Without even a second of delay, Trent got into his position, raised the strap and started to use it on his big brother proffered rear end with gusto.  I watched horrified as Nick’s butt showed freshly painted red stripes which soon merged into a rich red coat covering his entire bottom.  I could tell Nick was hurting as he desperately kept himself from howling.  I lost count after a dozen but there were quite a few more.  After Trent said “That’s it.” Nick got up.

“Thank you, sir, for giving me the strapping I earned today by my poor conduct and judgement.”

I could see the tears in Nick’s eyes as he approached me.  “Get into position, Oscar, just like Nick was.” said Trent in a voice that expected to be obeyed without question.  Fearfully I did as ordered and bent over.

I gave a howl to wake the dead when the strap landed right across the middle of my ass.  I continued to howl for each hard cut not understanding how Nick had managed not to.  When I got the fifth hard cut I jumped up and tried to rub out the fire in my tail.

“Oscar back into position and be warned that jumping up will lead to extras.” snapped Trent and he added “Nick you best hold your buddy’s wrists to keep him in position.”

I got into position again and lay on the bed and Trent got a death grip on my wrists.  “Be brave.  You’re half way there.” he whispered.

Trent said “Don’t move, Oscar.” and seconds later another fire was set in my sore butt.  I was thankful that Nick was holding me.  I continued to howl as I got the rest of the cuts.  Nick prompted me to thank his brother for destroying my rear end, er, for disciplining me as I deserved.  We were then ordered to sack out after brushing our teeth and peeing.  Actually that seemed like a good idea.

It was when sharing his bed that Nick explained what was going on.  A couple years before Trent had caught him fucking up and blackmailed him into the subservient position in order to avoid parental wrath and strap at that time.  The blackmail threat faded with time.  Surprisingly he found that he didn’t get strapped as much when Trent was in charge so that became the status quo when they were alone.  Their parents eventually caught on but it is never mentioned as the results are good.

Nick and I had finished in the bathroom and we returned his bedroom.  We were both naked allowing our hot tails to cool.  “No need to wear anything until morning when the folks are back.” he said as he closed the door.  Then he started to dig for something hidden in his dresser and suddenly announced “Got it!” holding up a tube.  “This will help a lot.  Rub it on your butt, Oscar.” and he put some in both my hands as well as his own and started to rub it on his flaming butt.

It was very slippery gel and I did so just as he was doing.  Amazingly, it did as he said.  But I had another problem – a rampant one and immediately started to use the gel to jerk off even giving Nick a helping hand as he had the same hard problem.  It did not take long – only a few seconds – and he yelled “NO!  DON’T DO THAT!” but it was too late.  I now knew why for I realized my shaft was going numb.  (Later Nick explained that it does not wash off.)

It was then that I discovered that Nick knew a whole lot of cuss words than I knew existed.  Evidently he was quite loud for Trent bust in the room.  He apparently realized what was happening and did his best not to laugh as he yelled at his big brother.  “We agreed that using that pain killer gel was prohibited, Nick.  Get up on the bed on all fours, now!” he barked obviously very angry.

Nick obeyed and Trent started to swing his belt once again but this time striking his brother’s thighs until they were bright red and as painful as his butt had been before he used the forbidden gel.

I was, of course, harder than ever without a way to gain release.  Trent noticed and putting down his belt said “It would be inhospitable not to help you Oscar.  Get on the bed like Nick and I’ll solve your problem.”  He then took a tube out of the night stand and started to cover his own rampant cock.  Obviously, this was proper lube.

I wasn’t sure what to do but he seemed to demand obedience and so I complied.  Trent slapped some of the lube goop – from the second tube – on my hole and gently made his way in.  He was absolutely right for in just a couple of minutes we both had relief.  I thanked him.

I was surprised when he slipped on a love glove.  “Why would he use a condom with his brother?” I wondered.  He picked up the first tube and spread some gel on the glove and I started to understand.  It became crystal clear when he put a blob of the pain killer goo on his brother’s hole.© YLeeCoyote

That got an immediate response.  “Please don’t, Trent.  Not that way, please.  I promise I’ll never do it again.” Nick begged.  But that did stop Trent who proceeded to have his way with his brother who could NOT properly feel it although Trent soon had his second release.

“Good night.  Sleep well guys.” he said as he left.

I promised Nick that I would help him in the morning if he was up to it.

I’m also happy to report that my new friend and I got the top grade on our project.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 21, 2021

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