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Man of Authority – Parts 1 & 2


Part 1: Cousin Greg

Sixteen-year-old Walter was just chillin'.  It was Saturday afternoon and he was, for a change, caught up on both his homework and chores.  It was a great afternoon just to sprawl on the lawn getting an early start on his tan for the summer and anticipating what the night would bring when his phone rang.

"Walter," said his Aunt Beth, "I'm so glad that you're home.  I have to go out.  Can you watch Greggie?  I'll be back by six."

"Sure, Aunt Beth. Six is perfect for that's when I was going downtown with the guys."  He did not add it would be nice to have a few extra bucks in his wallet.  "Greggie is fun to baby sit."

"I'll see you at two then."© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

At two sharp Walter was ringing his aunt's doorbell.  She opened the door and quickly dashed away.  Instantly ten-year-old Greg jumped him.  The boy was delighted to see him for he knew that it meant it would be a fun afternoon with his older cousin and he would not have to share him.  "I want to go to the WOODS, Walt." he declared.  He was not allowed to go alone and mothers are useless for stuff like that.  (He did not have a father.)  He knew that Walt was into guy stuff and did not mind getting dirty.

"But no 'hide and seek', 'k?" said Walt wisely.  Chasing after a ten-year-old in the woods was not fun (for him).

"'K; I promise." Like all ten-year-olds promising is easy.  The real test would come later.

It was only a ten minute walk to the woods and they were soon there.  There is much fun to be had in the woods – lots and lots of things provided by nature to explore.  Greg played 'Indian boy hunting'.  The object of the game was to 'shoot' – with the camera – the prey and come home with a full 'bag' to provide for a 'feast' thus proving to the elders that he was a brave not a just a boy.  They did this for more than an hour and bagged several things.  Walt wanted to sit a while with their snack but Greg ate fast and started to run about.  He refused to come when called.

It took Walt more than a half hour to catch him.  Greg wanted to show him the new captures but Walt was angry.  "You promised no 'hide and seek'.  Gregory, you have been naughty.  We're going home – now!"  Saying that he grabbed the boy's hand tightly and started back.

Greg realized that he had overplayed his hand and tried to make up with his most favorite cousin.  All he got for his effort were reminders of how bad he had been and that he should be punished.  Greg knew all too well exactly what that meant.  His mother would take his pants and underpants down, pull him over her lap and play the 'drums' with her hairbrush on his butt.  It would hurt, he would cry and he would be very embarrassed.

"Walter, do you have to tell my mom?"  The pleading was evident in his voice.  "She'll just spank me.  I'm really sorry."

"You'll be even sorrier later, young man.  You know that you deserve a spanking."

They continued in silence the rest of the way home.  When they got home, Greg was ordered to his room to wait.  It was then that he made the proposal.  "Will you spank me and not tell my mom, Walt? … Please."

Walt was surprised.  "Is that what you really want, Greg?"

"It's my best option." he answered quietly.

A few minutes later they were in Greg's room.  Walter sat on the bed and Greg stood in front of him.  "I'm really sorry I was naughty in the woods.  I'm ready for my … spanking."

Walter reached for the boy's belt and opened it.  Then he undid his jeans and along with his super hero briefs lowered them to below the boy's knees.  The boy let himself be eased into position.  Both of them were excited by this new situation.  Walter because he felt so adult because he was about to give his first spanking.  There was not any need to lecture since the lad knew why he was being spanked.  Greg, first, because he had some control about his punishment although he would not have been able to explain that and, second, because it was his cousin rather than his mom doing the spanking.

Walter raised his hand and brought it down hard on Greg's pert little boy-butt.  The contact made a large SPANK.  Greg grunted in response.  Walter admired his hand print.  This was the first time he was doing the spanking.  It was a lot nicer than getting one.  He raised his hand and struck the target repeatedly.  The hard spanks soon had Greg's bottom hot and red and the lad was sobbing.

Walter did not think a very long spanking was necessary for he believed that the lad had already learnt his lesson.  He stopped, stood the lad up and was rewarded with a big hug which he reciprocated.  After a while, he pulled up the lad's pants.  "Let's both shower and watch a film before your mom gets home."  Greg went first and put on clean clothes.  Walt had his turn and then dressed in the cool clothes he had brought for the night.  They went to the family room.  Greg picked a film and then snuggled up close to his cousin on the couch.  There was not any resentment for being spanked.

It was only when the movie was over that Walt realized that it was already half past six.  His aunt was late and had not called.  Walt called his buds to tell them that he was going to be late and would catch up with them later.  Greg was hungry.  "OK, let's raid the frig." Walt said, agreeing.  The options were few because of both limited supplies and limited skills.  They had scrambled eggs with toast, milk and bananas.  It prevented starvation.

After another movie, at nine, Walt sent Greg to 'brush, drain and change' for bed.  Greg obeyed perfectly.  Walt called his buds to tell that he was not coming.

Walt waited, fuming more and more, wondering about his missing and tardy aunt.

Part 2: Aunt Beth

It was half past nine when his Aunt Beth finally came home.  She was nonchalant about being late, stating,  "I couldn't call because I forgot my cell."  She took out her wallet and paid Walt.  He reported that Greg was fed and bedded.  The misconduct in the woods and the spanking were not mentioned as he had classified them as 'men's business'.

Walter stared at her for a while before speaking.  "Grandpa was right."

She looked puzzled.  "What?"

"At the party last year when he SPANKED you in front of the entire family for being childish and disrupting the party. … You did not keep your word about when you were returning. … You did not call so Greg and I wouldn't worry. … You did not provide a proper dinner for Greg.  … You did not care about my plans for tonight. … In short, you were very childish today. … Grandpa should have pulled your panties down and made you stand in the corner just like we all did as kids." he growled still feeling very adult after having spanked Greg.

Beth was in shock.  Although she knew all the kids had seen her dad, their grandpa, spanking her, it had never been discussed (to her knowledge) between the generations.  As she stared at her nephew, she felt that he appeared different than in the past – definitely not like kid.  Although in just two years he would be half her own age, he was but fifteen now, although he just didn't seem to act like a kid at the moment.  Sure he was dressed like a mid-teen but, dressed to go out, he looked sharp and ready to conquer the world like Alexander.  Contrariwise, she felt terribly juvenile for she had just heard him tick off a long list of her deficiencies for the day.  She was at a loss for words.

Walt, however, still had a few more things to say.  "I'm certain that Grandpa will SPANK you when I tell him of your disgraceful conduct."  Beth quivered at the words for she knew that he was correct.  And why did he emphasize "spank"?  Did he want to rub her nose in the shameful fact that she was still spanked like a mere child?

Nevertheless, she could not stop herself from behaving like a kid for she opened her month before her brain was fully engaged.  "Please…please…please don't tell Pa, Walter.  It won't happen again.  I promise.  Please." she begged.

«This runs in the family!  She sounds just like little Greggie did – begging me not to do what's right.  I'll bet she'll take a spanking from me – if I push her.» thought Walt.

"You acted like a little girl so you should be punished like a little girl." he said in his lowest register and with as much authority as he could muster.  He was sure that she trembled at his words, which was thrilling.  He was gaining control – power – over an adult.

"Yes, sir." she whispered.

Walt recognized that was said in the respectful tone she used with Grandpa.  He now knew he had her for sure so he went for the prize.

"You have earned a spanking, Beth Mae Brown."  She stared at the floor in response to the authoritative use of her full name like her father did. "You can have it here and now from me … or … later from your daddy."  He hoped that his voice held steady.  He knew that she was rattled.

She took a minute before responding weekly.  "Now, sir."

Walt's heart jumped with joy.  He led her over to the couch.  He sat down and undid the button and zipper of her skirt which then fell to the floor.  She gasped.  This was not the time to hesitate.  He grabbed her panties and yanked them down past her knees.  He got a good look at her thick bush. «This end looks like an adult; too bad that the other end does not act like one.» Quickly, he pulled her over his lap before she could object to what was happening.  He admired her broad bottom in the classical female shape.  It was so different from those he saw in the locker room.  He caressed the smooth round globes and realized that he was rock hard inside his own pants.

Then he gave her the first SPANK.  His right hand landed squarely on her right cheek and then he repeated it on the left cheek.  She howled at the SPANKS.  She kicked and lost her shoes.  He saw his hand prints develop in pink on her creamy white ass cheeks.  He continued, raining down spank after hard spank on her sexy ass.  As the hand prints blurred, she reached back to protect her bottom so he grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm up along her back so it was out of the way.

The spanking was only half way but she was in distress already. «Good!» he thought, «spanking are supposed to hurt!»  As he spanked – turning her ass redder and redder – she began to sob.  With each SPANK she kicked, exposing her hairy cunt and her backdoor to him.  These were the first adult female parts he had ever seen since he was born when he was not interested.  A few more spanks and she was bawling like a baby.

"Mom was a very bad girl, Walt." said Greg surprising both of them.

"How long have you been watching, Greg?"

"Since you started, Walt.  Mommy has been A VERY BAD GIRL."  Greg stepped closer and gave her a few spanks saying: "A very bad girl."  He immediately realized that there was a problem.  Mommy did not react to his spanks as she did to Walt's and it hurt his hand.  The light came on like in a cartoon – that's why she used the hairbrush.  Greg quickly got it from the cabinet and tried it out.  He was most pleased that Mommy reacted with a strong kick and a howl as he let her know how well he learnt from her spanking him.

Beth was horrified.  Not only was her nephew spanking her bare bottom but her own young son had joined in.  She wanted to yell that he should leave immediately but she could not because she was bawling like a baby.  Even the spanks from Greg were hurting.

He gave her about a dozen before Walt stopped him: "That's enough.  Go back to bed now."  Obediently, perhaps because Walt was in a spanking mode, he went immediately.  Naturally, he hid behind the railing on the stairs and watched.

"It's time for some corner time, young lady." he said as he helped her up and then led her to the corner.  "Stay here until I call you, Beth Mae, and keep your hands on your head."  Her red-hot tail cooling seemed to fill the room with its glow.  Beth used the corner time properly; she thought about her misbehavior and that she deserved this spanking.  After she came to terms with that, other things reared up their ugly heads.  First, of course, that it was her young nephew who had taken her to task.  He acted like he was the mature parent and she the bad infantile child.  Even her own father had stopped spanking her on the bare when she became a teen but Walter just bared her without a word.  Yet, it did not seem wrong.  Second was Greg's participation.  True he had watched her father spank her but it was not on the bare and from a distance.  Today was very different.  He was right there and even gave her a few hand spanks and a mess more with the hairbrush which hurt.  She knew what he would tell her if she complained – something about the sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  Maybe it would be a good object lesson but would he do it on his own?  She shuddered at the thought.

Meanwhile, Walt went to deal with Greg.  Of course, he heard the lad dash up the stairs and run to his room.  He took his time so that Greg would have time to get into bed.  He did not want to have to spank the boy a second time in one day since his hand hurt from spanking his aunt.  "Well, what do you have to say, Greg?"

"Mommy was very bad today and she deserved to be spanked just like Grandpa spanked her last year and you spanked me today."

"That's true but you're not to tell anyone about this.  You don't want your friends to laugh at your mom, do you?"  Greg shook his head.  "Nor to know that you even gave her a few spanks."  Greg nodded.  "That was naughty of you."

"Are you going to spank me again, Walt?"

"You know that I should but I won't if you go to sleep like you should."

"Thank you, Walt."  he paused and continued with "Mommy's bottom was really red-hot."

"Just like yours was earlier today, Greg.  It's best that you don't forget that."

Walt left the boy and returned to where his aunt was waiting in the corner.  He admired the red glow he had put into her bottom for a few minutes before calling her out of the corner.  "Go wash your face, Beth."  He did not bother with the honorific 'aunt' since he was now in charge.  When she returned, he lectured her a bit and then headed home.

On the way he was thinking about how he was more of a man now then he was a few hours ago and that there was a pressing item in his jeans that needed a lot of attention.  If he had only known how wet Beth's sex was, his life would have changed even more.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., February 1, 2007

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