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This story is fiction and deals with the spanking of boy and a woman by a youth.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Man of Authority – Parts 3 & 4


Part 3: Cousin Greg Changes Things

There were both gradual and immediate changes for all three after that fateful day that Walt spanked both Greg, his young cousin, and Aunt Beth, Greg's mother.

As you would expect, Walt was immediately elated at his appropriating and exercise of power.  Since that momentous day he felt much more adult and mature.  It made him think more profoundly about his father's frequent admonitions about growing up.

Beth was terribly confused and glad that she did not have to face her son as he was in bed.  She did not sleep well that night; not so much because of the pain in her bottom but the conflict in her head.  Various memories of spankings she had received as a youngster had been awakened and could not be denied.  The worst idea that she recalled was that spankings were for kids, yet she truly deserved the one she had gotten from her young nephew so that she must be a kid.  Her mental turmoil conflict was even greater because her ten-year-old son had participated in the spanking.  She was relieved that he had not brought up the subject.

Greg was feeling good about the day in stark contrast to his usual reaction to having been spanked.  There had been something very different about the way Walt had treated him.  His big cousin had expected something better than he had delivered; something that he was well able to deliver.  He felt good about taking responsibility for his transgression (and the resulting spanking) and was certain that he had redeemed himself.  Then, it was great how Walt had spanked his mom for her errant behavior on her bare tushie.  Greg knew how adults normally got away with stuff that kids were punished for and it was constantly "do as I say not as I do".  That he assisted in the spanking of his mother had made it extra meaningful.  Like that of Walter, his maturity level was also raised.© YLeeCoyote

It was only ten days later that Greg pushed them into the next phase.  He got into some mischief in school and was rewarded with a note that required signing by his mother.  By the time he got home he had made a decision and called his cousin.  "Walt," he explained, "I got a note from school today and I know that mom won't sign it until I get spanked.  Will you spank me?  Please?"  Walt agreed and told him to get his homework done early and that he would be over about an hour before his bedtime.  Walt understood Greg's concerns for he knew, from his own experience, that it was more embarrassing when his mom rather than his dad spanked him.

Greg held the note until Walt showed up an hour before his bedtime.  Beth was surprised by her son's request and also learned that he had already been spanked by her nephew the same day that he had spanked her. Her immediate reaction was negative.  Walt became the perfect mediator when he said: "Greg, go get ready for bed and a spanking while I discuss this with your mother."  Beth needed some time to fully absorb all that she heard from Walt.  He explained that Greg was growing up and understood that he occasionally needed to be punished but resented the embarrassment that happened when she stripped him which was definitely counterproductive.  Reluctantly, she agreed that Greg was growing up and that he needed a man's guidance and firm hand.

The issued settled, Walt went to Greg's room and sat next to him on the bed.  He told him that he would be giving him his spankings from then on and that they would be as hard as the offence called for.  Greg realized that Walt's spanking would be harder but at least they would be from a male rather than a female.  As he said a few days before 'it was his best option'.  Walt discussed the reason for the note and Greg concurred that the school was correct and that he had done wrong.  Walt told Greg to stand and removed his pj's bottoms before pulling him over his lap.  Greg cooperated since he had asked for it to be this way.  Walt gripped him firmly and then began to spank the bare behind that was the target.  It was a thorough spanking.  For five minutes (an eternity to Greg) Walter rained down hard spank after hard spank until Greg's bottom was a bright red and he was sobbing.  It hurt Walter that he made his little cousin cry but it was necessary to do so and he knew that Greg accepted it.  A few minutes later he tucked the boy into his bed to contemplate and sleep.

Back downstairs, he made sure that Aunt Beth signed the note for school and tucked it into Greg's bag.  She remembered her manners and thanked him for doing the job.

Over the next few months, Greg required spanking a few times.  He always cooperated with Walt although he was unhappy with the results.

Part 4: Aunt Beth is Changed

Since she had been a little girl, spankings had changed the way Beth behaved.  Unfortunately, the changes did not last as long as they should have and only repeated spanking seemed to make lasting changes.  Beth did not realize that this although her parents did.  Walt was somewhat surprised that his aunt did not speak about his spanking her and assumed that she accepted his authority to do so just as he accepted his parents right to spank him.  Fortunately, that had been in the past for he had not been spanked in more than two years.

It was about three weeks after he had first spanked Beth that Greg spoke to him about his mother.  "Walt, after you spanked her, she was a better mom – the frig was kept stocked and she was on time.  But in the last week she slipped back to her sloppy habits.  I didn't have clean underwear one day and she forgot to shop twice in the last week."  He paused while Walt looked concerned and then added: "She needs another spankin'."  Walt promised his cousin he would talk to his mom.

Walt was, naturally, true to his word.  After Greg was asleep, he talked to his aunt in a very serious ways about her shortcomings and that even her own son had complained.  It was not a surprise when she promised that she would be more attentive to her responsibilities.  Unfortunately, it was clear that her attitude was wrong and that she was actually being flippant about it.  "Aunt Beth, you are not being serious about this.  I think that the only way to really get your attention is to spank you again."

"Oh, no!" she said recoiling.  But it was clear that she really did not mean it any more than her earlier promises.

Since they were sitting next to each other on the couch, Walt just grabbed her and yanked her over his lap.  She flopped about like a fish out of water and he was able to get her into the proper position.  He held her still for a while until it was clear to her that he was in control and that struggling was not going to get her free.  Then he calmly pulled her skirt up and held it above her waist with his left arm.  He gave her a hard SPANK on her panties before yanking them down to her knees with his right hand.

Walt proceeded to spank her hard and fast on her bare butt.  He quickly turned her tail bright red and continued until it was a deep red.  It was not long before she was sobbing like a kid.  He wondered if she had noticed that he was rock hard inside his jeans.  He also wondered if he was hard because he was spanking her or because he was seeing her pussy as she kicked or perhaps because of both.  When he decided that the spanking was sufficient, he stopped.

After Beth stopped crying she promised to tend to her responsibilities more diligently.  This time she seem sincere to Walt.  Greg managed to observe the spanking from the steps without being noticed.  He hoped that she would do as she promised.  Walt headed home and she went to bed.

Walt was not surprised that there was a wet spot in his jeans where his hard cock had been for he knew that he had been leaking pre-come.  It was the second spot – on the outside of his thigh that puzzled him.  He sniffed it in hopes to identify it but that did not help until he realized that his cock stiffened when he did so.  He put two and two together and concluded that it was Beth's cunt juices.  That was also exciting and he quickly jerked off more.  He carefully filed the fact that Beth had apparently been sexually excited by being spanked and decided that he needed to investigate this matter further.

Although over the next few months, Greg needed to be spanked less and that 'less' was getting down to only about once a month, the same could not be said for his mother.  Walt found his aunt over his lap more frequently – even exceeding twice a month as time went on.

Walt decided that the best way to check out his hypothesis was to perform an experiment as he had been taught in science class.  The next time he was spanking Beth he intentionally did not pull her over his lap into the proper position.  That gave him the excuse to slip his hand between her legs, grab her crotch and lift her into position.  With his fingers against her hairy slit, he could immediately discern how wet she was.  He expected some protest and he was prepared with the excuse that he had to get her into position but she did not say anything.  He was quite pleased that he had 'copped a feel' for free.  He then proceeded with the spanking as usual.  Well, not quite as usual for he kept a more than usual eye open for signs of moisture on his aunt's sex rather than just noticing how her cheeks turned red.  Then, at the end, he shifted his legs a bit so that she started to slip off.  Of course, that was dangerous so he had to grab her once again with his hand covering her cunt.  He noticed that it was much wetter than the first time.  Walt also checked to see if there was a wet spot on his pants where her crotch had rested; there was.  He would make this check every time he spanked her.  He no longer had any uncertainty that she was sexually excited from the spankings.

End of Part 4.  Go to Part 5

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