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This story is fiction and deals with the spanking of boy and a woman by a youth.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Man of Authority – Parts 5 & 6


Part 5: Grandpa puts his hand in

Walt had been spanking his aunt and cousin for several months when Grandpa visited.  (He came around several times a year for holidays, birthdays and the like.)  Walt was delighted when Grandpa invited him out for dinner – after all he was his oldest grandson.  He was a bit surprised when Grandpa brought up the subject of spanking.  Grandpa explained that Greggie had told him that "I don't get spanked by Mother anymore because cousin Walt does it now."

"Yes, Grandpa, Greg did not want to get spanked by his mother – a female – and asked Aunt Beth to have me do the job.  She agreed and I guess that it's good since he does not need to be spanked as much as before."

Grandpa smiled and Walter relaxed as things seemed fine.  Then Grandpa asked: "Are you also spanking Beth?"

"Yes sir.  It seems to help her tend to her responsibilities."  Walt responded simply beginning to worry again.  "How do you know?"© YLeeCoyote

"Greggie told me about the first time you spanked him before you spoke to his mother."  Grandpa paused here before the getting to the point. "And who gave you permission to spank my little girl?"

Now it was Walt's turn to pause.  He was glad that he did not have a mouthful of food.  "Well, Grandpa, the first time it just sort of happed.  Aunt Beth had been very negligent the very same day that I spanked Greg (at his request).  I was telling her about her myriad of failings that day.  She was flippant and before we realized it, it just happened.  She didn't complain afterwards and then sort of encouraged me to."  Walt saw that Grandpa was not looking very serious and took that as a good sign.  "I think that she tends to her responsibilities better now."

"Greg agrees with you and from what I've seen, so do I."  Grandpa paused to have some more of his coffee.

"Then you approve, Grandpa."  Walt made sure that it did not sound like a question.  He thought that he saw a bit of a smile.

"I do but…"  Walt started to worry again.  "…you never asked permission."

"Do I have your permission to spank your little girl, Grandpa?" the youth asked very seriously.

"Only after I deal with your failing to ask first, Walter."

"Yes, sir."  Walt waited a bit and then realized that Grandpa was leaving it to him to make the next move.  "Sir, I suppose that you ought to spank me."

Grandpa nodded.  "Yes, lad, and how should I spank you?"

Obviously, this was a loaded question so Walt thought about it for a few minutes.  "Grandpa, I think I'm too old to go over your knee like a little boy so just bent over something so that you can use your belt like you did with Father when he was my age.  Since we don't have a woodshed I guess in the garage where it is private."

"That sounds good.  I'll pay the check and take you home.  You may drop in after school tomorrow.  Beth will still be at work so we'll have the necessary privacy."  The next afternoon, Walt went to Beth's house where Grandpa was staying.  They finished up their discussion and then Grandpa surprised Walt by calling Greg.

"I thought that it was going to be private, Grandpa." said a surprised Walt.

"Not quite, your cousin is entitled to watch just like your father's siblings and cousins got to watch.  You may explain to Greg what this is all about."

Walter wished that he did not have to do this but if he didn't, then Grandpa would.  An explanation by Grandpa would be more embarrassing for it would make him feel more childlike.  "Greg, Grandpa has, correctly, determined that I exceeded my authority by spanking your mother.  For this he is going to strap me like he did Father, your Uncle, when he was my age.  He thinks it would be good for you see this as it could happen to you when you get older."

"Get into position, Walter."  The lad moved to the end of the couch as Grandpa removed his belt.  Walt would have liked just to bend over but he paused and dropped his pants and underpants as his father has been required to do.  Once in position, he said: "Ready, Grandpa."

The first cut hurt more than he expected and he yelled in pain although, with difficulty, managed to remain in position.  He was better prepared for the next and only grunted.  He did not want to appear to be a wimp in front of his young cousin.  Grandpa gave him another six, turning his butt painfully red.  It hurt a lot more than when his father had last spanked him when he was a boy of eleven.

"OK, you may get up, Walter."  Walter stood up, carefully pulled up his pants and waited for Grandpa to speak.  "Walt and you also, Gregory, remember that you have bounds that you must live within."

The cousins answered: "Yes, Grandpa."

Part 6: Beth submits even more

Walt thought a great deal about getting Beth to be more responsible particularly after discussions with Grandpa who had explained that Beth had needed close supervision as a teen and young adult before she had gotten married.  Apparently her husband, Greg's dad, had kept close rein on her but, alas, he was gone.  Walt knew that he could not check up on her daily like her husband had so he had to come up with something else.  Walt had also noticed that some of the kids at school had a similar problem – as their bodies became more adult, they avoided the responsibilities of adulthood while rejecting the control and authority of their parents.

Walt was prepared the next time that Beth needed a spanking.  He treated her as a little girl in every way.  First, he lectured her sternly as she stood before him for a long time.  Her fidgeting told him that she was reacting to his words.  Then he stripped her completely; he did not even allow her to undress herself to emphasize her immature behavior.  As he removed each item, he named it as in: "Naughty little girls don't wear a bra when they get spanked."  This was not the first time she had gotten spanked while naked but it was the first time that the nudity was emphasized so much.  Towards the end she tried to remove some items herself but Walt just slapped her hand and ordered her to stand still.  Walt had reduced her to a very ashamed little girl with tears dripping down her red cheeks even before he turned her over his lap.

As he had always done, Walt started the spanking with his hand.  He hit hard and enjoyed seeing the effects starting with his hand prints in pink until Beth's entire bottom turned red.  She was crying softly by this time.  Walt wished that he could have gotten a proper paddle but he was too young to get into the shops that sold such items so he had resorted to a British idea – a slipper.  Actually, he got a flip-flop which was just perfect as it was easy to hold and the composite it was made of was somewhat like heavy leather and rubber both.  Beth responded very well (from the spanker's point of view) to each and every WHACK he delivered.  From her reaction, he realized that the stories of six-of-the-best made sense so he stopped there for she was already bawling by that time.

Walt stretched Beth out on the big recliner and knelt between her splayed legs.  He was looking directly at her thick bush.  He turned on the hair trimmer he had brought and proceeded to clear cut her cunt.  Because she was bawling so hard, she did not immediately realized what he was doing.  When the realization came, her feeble protests were quite useless.  To Walt she no longer looked like a fully grown woman but like a pre-adolescent girl.  It would be a while before he would learn if she felt and, more importantly, behaved like a girl and responded to punishment as she should.  Of course, as a secondary item, Walt could actually see how wet Beth was from the spanking and he was affected by the copious pheromones she was emitting most prolifically.  He guided her to her bed and tucked her in.

In the morning she awoke with a vivid memory of a harsh spanking for her ass still hurt.  Since she usually slept in a nightgown she realized that Walt must have put her to bed as she was naked.  It was only when she was in the bathroom and saw herself in the mirror that she recalled that she had been shorn and now looked like a little girl rather than a woman.  Her painful ass made her remember that the spanking had been harsh.  She recalled that she had cried uncontrollably and that once she had gotten to bawling, everything was very hazy but, yes, there had been some time in the recliner when Walt took her pubes.

It was when she went for the pain killer in the medicine cabinet that she found the note from Walt.  It was simple, direct and unequivocal: "Beth, you are to shave your cunt twice a week until further notice.  Walter" With her ass still hurting, she did not dare to disobey so she took the razor and shaving foam into the shower.  It was awkward and she hoped that she would not get enough practice to be proficient at it.  She was pleasantly surprised at how sensitive and nice her bald sex felt when she got dressed.

End of Part 6.  Go to Part 7

© Copyright A.I.L., February 26, 2007

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