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This story is fiction and deals with the spanking of boy and a woman by a youth. Also sex between the youth and the woman.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Man of Authority – Parts 7 & 8


Part 7: Walter's Birthday

Time, as always, marched on dragging the world and our hero along with it.  Then came Walter's special day when he turned seventeen and was considered adult enough by the state to make adult decisions.  As would be expected this event was celebrated in several ways.  First, he had a birthday party with his friends on Saturday evening.  It was a typical teen party that was too loud and is not of interest to us.  Second, he had a family birthday party on Sunday.  This was much quieter and he circumspectly insisted that he was too old for a birthday spanking.  Greg told him that he disagreed and insisted that they would have to discuss the issue.

It was after school on Monday that they got together privately.  Greg argued hotly that not only should Walt get a birthday spanking but that he should do it.  "After all, you spanked me many times and even for my birthday.  I never told about Grandpa's strapping."  Then he mentioned the most effective argument – that they were spanking buddies.  Walt gave in to his younger cousin for he remembered how it was when he was younger.

Greg sat in the middle of the couch.  Walt lowered his jeans and even pushed even his boxers down before laying over Greg's lap with most of his weight supported by the couch.  Greg was very playful and gave his older cousin's butt a nice rub and gripped him about the waist.  "You know why you're getting his spanking, young man?" he asked with mock seriousness.  Walt mumbled so Greg answered his own question.  "Because you are having a birthday, young man."  They both giggled a little before Greg started.

Greg give the first spank.  It was not as loud as then Walt spanked him nor did it hurt in the same way.  Greg was disappointed that he did not see his hand print in pink.  He repeated the spank but on the other check with similar results.  He also noted that Walt's butt was hard (not soft) muscle and that his own hand felt the spank.  "Walt, you got a real hard ass, so I'm going to use the hairbrush."  He pulled the brush from his pocket and gave Walt the third spank.  This was much more satisfactory as it provoked a response from Walt and did not hurt his hand.© YLeeCoyote

Walter did not try to get away but shared his younger cousin's delight.  Greg alternated checks never hitting very hard for this was not a punishment spanking.  For the special, one to grow on, he hit hard.  "That's it – eighteen and happy birthday."

Walt hugged his little cousin and thanked him for he had made the experience fun.

It was later that Greg really thought about how nice it was having his bare-assed, older cousin over his knees for a spanking; even just a playful birthday spanking.  He compared how he felt with the much more usual arrangement where he was bare-ass over Walt's lap.  For a birthday spanking is was fun both ways but Greg did not like getting punishment spankings.  He did his best to avoid them but willing accepted them when required especially from Walt.  He had a proper red-hot tail after Walt spanked him but none of the resentment because of meanest or hypocrisy or embarrassing nakedness.  He quickly slipped into a dream where he was the adult and Walt the naughty boy getting a real hard spanking while naked of his lap.  Greg had several versions of this dream but in all of them he was the spanker and Walt the spankee.

Part 8: Walter's Birthday – Reprise

After the birthday spanking, the cousins expected that Beth would return home as scheduled.  She did not and did not even answer her cell phone.  Walt ordered some food as the frig was – again – understocked.  Eventually Beth returned home and reported that she did not respond because her phone need charging.  She did not have any explanation for not calling and ignoring her duties once again.  Walt realized that the pattern was the same – it was almost two weeks since her last spanking.

After Greg went to bed, Walt started to deal with Beth and the issues.  There was a standard procedure which he followed – treating her as an irresponsible little girl as his granddad had advised.  He lectured her sternly and then stripped her for her spanking.  Being especially exasperated, since Greg had complained about his mother earlier, he was particularly harsh both with the lecture and the spanking.  After stripping his errant aunt, he pulled her over his lap.  As he did this, he saw that her panties were very wet with her cunt juices even before he had started the spanking.  He noted that she was hairless as he required her to be.  Perhaps even more important, he was also very randy.  Although he would not have said so, it had been exciting being spanked by his young cousin.  Of course, there was always the power rush when he was disciplining Beth but her pheromones were particularly powerful and concentrated today.  (Need it be mentioned that the normal state for seventeen-year-old males is horny.)

Walt was mad and he spanked Beth extra hard.  First he used his hand until her ass was bright red.  She was hurting and Walt knew that he was being effective but he had done this before and the results did not last.  He picked up the hairbrush that Greg had left on the couch; the hairbrush that Beth had used on Greg in the past and began to use it.  It was most effective.  Darker red blotches resulted from the hard, unyielding impacts.  Beth was bawling like a baby.  Walt was pleased and hoped that this time he had gotten through to her.

Because Beth was writhing a lot while Walt was concentrating on walloping her, she started to slip off his lap.  He was fast enough to drop the brush and grab her.  He pulled her back into position by grabbing her pussy.  It was dripping.  He resumed spanking her.  As his hand dried, he received an extra dose of her most potent I'm ready to be fucked signals.  He stopped spanking her and let her down on the floor where she continued to weep while laying on her back.  Her pheromones and the sight of both her erect nipples and flushed, shaven cunt drove him over the line.  This was something he had thought about but never dared to do.  Today was different!

Walt was in an animalistic frenzy.  He ripped open his own jeans and along with his boxers pushed them down.  His rampant shaft was steel-hard.  He dropped to the floor kneeling between her legs and quickly covered her hot, naked inviting body with his.  He thrust into her soaking and anxious sex-hole.  In less than a minute, he exploded in her.

Even with her ass ablaze she responded to his cock and all as it greatly stimulated her erogenous zones.  He remained rock hard and continued to vigorously fuck her until he was spent.  They both climaxed several times.  This was a fuck that they both would remember forever.  He carried her to her bed and tucked her in.

Beth also fell into her dreams.  She had been most faithful to Greg's father and since her marriage to him (even though he was gone) had not been with another man.  However, in her dreams she was different.  Until Walt had turned her over his lap and spanked her soundly, she always though of only her late husband who frequently spanked especially before sex.  After Walt had started to spank her, her dreams changed so that Walt displaced her husband as the potent stud who not only took but ravished her.

Walt returned home, his mind racing hoping to get some sleep before school in the morning.  It had been a very satisfactory seventeenth birthday.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 28, 2007

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