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Man Gets Boy


Hunt and Capture

The first time I saw him I was on my way to work.  He made my heart jump with joy.  He looked absolutely angelic.  I guessed that he was twelve, maybe only eleven if he was tall for his age, and I figured that he was heading for school.  He was carrying, rather than wearing, his backpack so I could see how his cute little butt fit so beautifully in his jeans.  He had lots of hair but it was nicely cut into a masculine style – none of those girly styles that moms so often think make their boys 'cute'.  I thought it was strange that he was alone but who can say what parents think these days.  I knew that he would star in my dreams for a long time.  He was gorgeous but totally off limits.  Fortunately, dreaming is legal.

The second time I saw him was in the park just a few days later.  I was sitting by the pond, sort reading but mostly watching the people, especially the almost teen lads.  He walked by and sat on the next bench to read a comic book.  My people watching was now focused on this little angel.  He was ever so cute with his feet swinging because they did not reach the ground.  It was a good thing that I was wearing my baggy pants or I would have attracted unwanted attention.  I, again, wondered that he was alone – not even a friend much less an adult guardian with him.

I saw him several more times about the neighborhood.  He was always alone.  I went to a local restaurant for dinner on that fateful day and everything changed.  While I was still contemplating the specials, he was being seated at the next table and the server was asking if he wanted his usual before dinner drink, politely addressing him as: "Mr. Melson".  I looked at him again.  He certainly looked like an angel not yet twelve years old but he had to be an adult for the restaurant to serve him alcohol.  I quickly ordered a drink also and, as soon as the waiter left, spoke to him.  I addressed him by name, and made small talk about seeing him in the neighborhood and asked if he would like some dinner company.  I got a million-dollar smile and I changed tables.

We had a pleasant dinner and he told me (after I asked) that he was often taken for a kid.  Most of the time it was annoying but sometimes he liked to fool people.  I confessed that he had fooled me for I thought that he really was a little boy whose parents gave him too much freedom.  By the end of dinner we were becoming friends and I suggested going some place as man and boy to have fun without worrying about silly stuff and enjoy confusing strangers.  "Uncle Will, that would be super." he beamed.  He said that he had the perfect outfit to wear and was sure that we would have a ball.  I was certain of it.  My fantasies could play out in perfect safety.© YLeeCoyote

A Blissful Day of Transformation

I was absolutely delighted when I saw him waiting by the subway entrance for me.  He was in a sailor suit with short pants and was as cute as could be.  As I approached, he ran to me, jumped up and hugged me, crying: "Good morning, Uncle Will, I'm really looking forward to going to the amusement park."  We paid our fares and I held his hand while we watched for the train.  "I want to go over the bridge, Unc, not through the tunnel." he demanded.  I wasn't really sure about it but he insisted that's what his 'daddy' does.  A stranger helped us figure out the proper train.  I'm sure he knew which one but he was playing a boy perfectly.  This was so fantastic and the day was just starting.

It was not long before he started to act up and I threatened to spank him if he did not behave properly.  Of course, he continued to be bratty and I had an excuse to follow through on my threat.  I got a good grip on his wrist and led him to a quiet area.  "We are going to have a talk, young man."  Once there we were pretty much alone and I lectured him some more.  He pleaded with me not to spank him but I insisted that he had fair warning and pulled him over my lap.  I wished that I could have pulled his shorts and briefs down but that would have been too risky in a public area.  I just spanked him on his delightfully tight seat of his sailor suit shorts ten times on each little cheek.  He even managed to cry although I was sure I had not hit him very hard.  I stood him up between my legs and comforted him while he just pretended to cry on my shoulder and promised to be a good boy.  It was so very exciting to hold him this way.  He noticed my arousal for he gave it a squeeze.  As I was ever so close, it was good he took his hand away quickly or I would have messed my pants.

We were both having a great time but it got late for a boy so we got some fast food and headed home.  He fussed a lot on the ride home but when we got to his apartment, he invited me in.  It was a lot more than I expected for it was a penthouse, albeit small, and very private.  He was a good host for he got me a drink and a glass of milk for himself to stay in character.  "Little boys who are cranky like you need a spanking and then to bed." I said.  He complained that he really did not need another spanking.  He managed to put it off a while but I insisted on it happening.  We agreed we would shower separately first.

When I finished, he was waiting in his drop seat jammies. "Please, Uncle Will, don't spank me.  I'm really sorry that I was cranky."  I sat on the bed and took him over my bare lap (I was just in my boxers) and opened the drop seat.  His bottom was even cuter than I imagined possible.  I spanked him slowly with great care to make him uniformly red and maybe even really cry.  I was really hard by the end of the spanking.  We got into bed and I cuddled him until he was purring.  He had slipped his hand into my boxers and was making me purr also.  It was not long before I just lay back and just let my little angel play with my big hard man toy.  He was experienced, using both his hands and his mouth.  I remember that I was about to come when I fell asleep.

I got a big surprise when I awoke.  My little angelic boy had me tied to his bed spread eagle.  There was a heavy leather band about each of my wrists and ankles holding me to the bed.  He was cuddled up next to me looking as beautiful as ever complete with a sleeping smile.  I did not know what to think: should I be petrified or delighted?  What was he planning to do?  I had more of a headache than one drink would have given me so he must have spiked my drink to knock me out.  All I could do was look at him to savor his boy-beauty and try not to think of horrors.

When he woke, he smiled and kissed me.  "Uncle, you were very naughty yesterday and I'm going to spank you.  You know that's what happens to naughty boys of all ages.  Don't worry, I'm not going to injure you, Uncle."  He snuggled up close and caressed my chest with his little hand and worked down to my cock which managed to rise to the occasion.  "Well, this part of you ain't scared."  That was terribly true and it really felt so wonderful as he caressed it.  "You're quite a big little boy but all this hair is most ugly, extremely disgusting and terribly out of place.  It will have to go; proper, good little boys don't have hair except on their heads."  He slipped down and took my cock into his mouth.  I nearly swooned for it felt so good.  He stopped all too soon.  "I'll do it more after the hair is gone.  Promise." he grinned.  He took a clipper from the nightstand drawer and turned it on.  It could have just as easily been a knife.  I struggled and he laughed.  "Steel is stronger than you are by far.  Just relax and enjoy, Willy-boi.  Oh, my place is sound proofed so there isn't any point in yelling."  Since he didn't gag me, I assumed he must have been telling the truth.

Of course, he was right.  He had this all planned and I was sure I wasn't the first.  He started with my left armpit and then the right. He ran the clipper down my chest repeatedly and gently encircled my nipples.  It was only after that he went on to my treasure trail and down to my crotch.  The thick, long hair of my bush did not resist the clipper any better than had the sparse growth of my chest.  He was extra careful as he worked on my sack and my shaft was rock hard thorough out it all of this.  I didn't know why but this was very exciting and even my heart was racing.  He put the clippers away and vacuumed up the litter of my hair.  That made it seem so definitive that I did not have hair since there were not any traces left.

He was still wearing his drop bottom pj's but now he took them off while I watched.  I was amazed.  Although he was very short, he had a nice body and a man-sized cock.  It was hard and sprouting from a thick bush.  He straddled my chest and I was able (required!) to study it close up.  It looked even bigger on him because of his small build.  It was ever so manly rising from a thick forest of hair.  There was not any question what he expected me to do as he let his shaft rest on my lips.  I knew he could just reach back and get me by the balls so I gave him a lick and tasted his precum.  Then I sucked and licked him as he controlled how deep he went into me.  He was big enough that he could choke me but when he came he filled my mouth.  Slowly, it all slid down my throat.  This was a complete reversal of what I had been thinking yesterday that he was going to suck me and drink my cum.

Apparently, he was not satisfied with just clipping me for he now placed a hot wet towel on my pubis and after a few minutes replaced it with shaving cream.  He was a perfectionist and took a long time to get me absolutely smooth.  He also kept me hard and leaking the entire time.  I hated it happening while at the same time I absolutely loved how phenomenal it felt.  After he dried me off, he went down on me.  Oh, it was absolutely fantastic.  I exploded with more vigor than I had in months.

He asked me if I needed to pee and I figured that he would let me up to do it and I could over power him.  I was wrong.  He slipped an external catheter on my cock and stuck the tube into a pot and told me to go.  It was somewhat embarrassing but my bladder was full and he said he would not remove the thing until I went.  Gradually, I was able to relieve myself and he said: "That's my good little boy."  I was really feeling good even though he was in total control.  Things had not gone as expected but it was great sex and lots of other fun since yesterday.

He said it was clear that I was enjoying this as I was hard all the time.  Well, that was true.  He started to push some buttons on a device he got out of his drawer.  The steel cables attached to my legs pulled my feet together and he lifted my balls to be above them.  Then a second set of cables started to pull my legs up into the air.  In a few minutes I was looking straight up at my toes. "You spanked me yesterday twice and that hurt.  But it was you who was really the naughty boy so you are going to get spanked."  He showed me a small leather paddle.  "This, young man, will teach you a lesson you really need." I was restrained in a diapering position like a baby with my tushie fully exposed and he then proceeded to spank me while I was helpless.  He swung that paddle hard.  It really hurt as he surely wanted it to.  I could not keep quiet as he spanked me hard.  I was helpless and that made it hurt even more.  My butt was a raging inferno before he stopped leaving me a thoroughly well spanked and crying boy.

He pressed some buttons again and my feet were pulled apart so that my legs formed a large vee as my feet were pulled to the sides.  He slipped a condom on and then lubricated my totally exposed hole most generously, even getting four fingers in.  He could have gotten his whole small hand in but fortunately he withdrew his fingers and replaced it with his ramrod.  He fucked wonderfully.  He went slow and he went fast.  He went shallow and he went deep.  I was totally in his control and was loving it.  I had to watch his face with its angelic smile.  My cock was more than rock hard.  I shot another load just from the stimulation inside from his hard mancock and eventually he also exploded.  He remained hard and continued to fuck me more.  I was exhausted by the time he stopped.  He cleaned my butt and lowered me back to the flat, spread-eagle position.

He cuddled up next to me.  He was caressing me and I was warm both inside and out.  He had caught me and had his way with me and, in all honestly, it was fantastic and I absolutely loved it.  The middle-aged me had planned to ravish a boy but he had completely turned the tables.  Now I was the boy and he the all-powerful man.  He, the man with lots of man-fur and I, the smooth, hairless boy.  The boy who had been spanked.  The boy who had cried like a baby.  The boy who had been fucked.  The boy who had obeyed.  He took hold of my cock and it hardened.  When he asked if I wanted to play again my cock answered for me by becoming rock hard.

He freed me from the restraining cables.  "You're my hairless boy, now, Willy."  He spoke the truth.  "You will obey me at all times."

"Yes, Daddy." I acknowledged.  I knew, somehow, that I had been changed although I certainly could not articulate it.

Transformation Continued

I was extremely satisfied with the result of my day and night with Willy-boi.  Like many other men that lusted after preteen lads it was because he really wished that he, himself, was just such a boy in the clutches of a strong and dominant man.  He was a classical text book case and quickly reverted back to a boy as soon as I pushed him that way with those hypno-tapes.  Of course, he required a few more treatments to make assure that his unlawful desires were permanently changed to lawful ones.

On Wednesday, I showed up at his apartment for his second treatment.  He was delighted to see me and I knew that I was going to enjoy my efforts to benefit society.  The transformation that I started on the weekend was taking nicely for when I called him 'Boy' he properly responded with: "So happy to see you, Daddy."  One look at his hovel, I knew that I still had a lot to do.  I berated him for his messiness and admonished him for it was a disgrace.  Reluctantly, he conceded that I was right.  (That reluctance was another thing that needed attention.)  He did promise to work on it, but I told him that he was going to get spanked to help him remember his promise.

I stripped him as I lectured him about the importance of being neat and clean.  When he was naked as a jaybird, I made sure to remind him of his boyish appearance since he was hairless.  It is important to keep the Boy's attitude correct.  I sat on his bed and pulled him over my lap.  Unlike Sunday morning when he could have been thinking of me as a boy, now he knew that he was only a boy and that I was definitely the in-charge man.  I picked up his slipper and used that to spank his naughty boy-bottom until it was completely red and went far beyond so that he would know, even in his heart of hearts, that he was well-spanked.  He was even pleading for mercy.  It is definitely good when the boy does that.

I was very horny and wanted to enjoy one of the perks of the job.  I got him up and kneeling while I opened my dress slacks and lowered my boxers.  My shaft was pointing straight out from its hairy base.  Immediately, he was licking his lips and lusting for my man meat.  I allowed him to pleasure me like an obedient boy loves to do for a man.  Of course, I kept a good control of his head to maximize my pleasure and constantly remind my boy of his submissive place.  He was thrilled when he received my generous portion of man-cream, fresh and hot from the source.  He greedily swallowed it fast to be sure that he got it all.

I then told him to get dressed, get his credit and transit cards for we were going shopping for some clothes he needed to be a proper boy.  I had checked things out in advance and knew which store would have what my adult boy required.  When the clerk asked him if he wanted some help, I answered: "We are here to get some things for my boy.  He needs shirts, shorts, briefs and a cap."  The clerk knew that I was in charge and immediately led us to the underwear section first.  We selected some basic briefs – tightie-whities – for everyday use.  I was especially delighted that they had gotten in some Spiderman briefs – for big boys, the clerk explained to my delight.  We got four different stripped shirts.  They were plain and just a bit heavier material than regular T-shirts.  Then we selected a nice little beanie cap and finally the shorts.  They had just the perfect kind in stock.  Plain front, just side pockets, elastic waist (no fly) and just three inch inseams.  We got four different colors: navy, gray, brown and green.

After he paid, I had him change into a striped shirt, Spiderman briefs and the green short-shorts.  It was an all open [no cubicles] changing/fitting room and Willy-boi was upset that there were a couple of Mommies there supervising their boys.  One was even at the next bench and both our boys were completely naked as they changed.  "It's OK, Willy, for Mommies see little boys like you naked all the time." explained the salesman.  The salesman and I chatted as he changed but he noticed how my boy had a nice red bottom.  "I see that you had to spank your boy.  I hope he learnt his lesson."  Willy-boi turned red all over.  We both thought that he definitely looked like an oversized kid.  "Your boy looks smart.  Right proper, indeed, Sir.  I'm glad that we had exactly the things you required." exclaimed the salesman.  Normally, it is not good to compliment boys directly but this was good for this transformation.

"Remember your manners, Willy-boi." I told him.

"Thank you, Mr. Salesman." he said.  I was pleased with him and let him know.

Back home, I confiscated my boy's boxers and told him that it was tightie-whities from now on.  I gave him a vial of pills and a CD.  I instructed him to take one pill each night an hour before bed and to play a special CD all night which would help him to sleep.  The pill was a mild hypnotic and the CD had some subliminal orders to help with his transformation into the fully obedient, submissive boy that he had been wishing that he was for many years.  It would not change him but just suppress some of his inhibitions so he could fulfill his destiny.

Three months later and Willy-boi was fully transformed.  He no longer noticed pre-teens on the street.  His apartment was always picture perfect.  He decided that he doesn't like the stubble from shaving so he is using a depilatory to keep himself really smooth.  His supervisor has said that he is better in the office being more punctual and attentive to his work.  He even wishes that he could dress in his boys' outfits all the time.

He plays well in the adult-boys group I introduced him to.  All the boys call it "The Club".  It was there that he met Kent.  Kent, twenty-four, is the younger cousin of another boy, Jimmy, in the play group that he is good friends with.  They were attracted to each other.  He quickly learnt to call Kent, Daddy, and I became Uncle Leon.

Things are very different now

Uncle Leon has made a huge difference in my life.  He turned me away from the dangerous path I was on that would have led me to disaster which I had feared for many years and encouraged me to be my true self as an adult-boy.  I had no idea that there were so many of us around until he took me to the group.  It was really fun playing with the other guys without worrying what anyone would say or think.  I'm always on my best behavior at The Club because naughty boys there get their pants and tighties-whities taken down and everyone – the other boys, daddies and mommies – can watch them get spanked and do corner time.

I've heard about the summer camp we can go to and I'm really looking forward to that.  Daddy explained that I don't have to worry about running wild because the counselors spank naughty boys before they can get too wild.  He explained that the boys are even encouraged to run around naked whenever the weather permits and that we never, ever have to use swim suits.  That sounds like ever so much fun.

One of the best things was that I met Daddy.  He had brought his cousin, Timmy, who is my age (late thirties) to the play group.  Daddy and I liked each other a lot right off.  He's just out of college and is such a forceful man who likes a boy like me who is well behaved.  He's taken me to many places and he told me that I should always wear my short-shorts.  He really cares about me for he makes sure that I keep my apartment nice, makes sure that I don't have any nasty hair and cuddles me all night (after he does what a man should with his boy).  I'm very careful about being good because he is very, very strict and spanks very, very hard.

I was reminded of how hard he spanks just last week.  Instead of doing my chores one night, I watched a movie marathon on the TV.  He came over the next night.  As soon as I opened the door, I realized I was in deep doo-doo.  I might have gotten away with things if I had been doing the skipped chores but I was watching a game on the TV.  He soon set me back on the right path.  He turned off the TV and gave me a well-deserved lecture right after he stripped me.  I hate being stripped because I'm a big boy who knows how to dress and undress myself but he said naughty boys are not as big as they think they are.  Then he put me over his lap.  He sat on a regular kitchen chair because he is bigger than I and can keep me over his lap.  It's not nice to have to dangle at each end but that what happens to naughty boys like me who require a spanking.  Then he gave me a very hard spanking.

He said because I was so irresponsible – repeatedly so it was going to be an extra hard spanking.  He used MY SPANKING PADDLE which he gave me – it is for use when I am an especially naughty boy.  It even has my name on it and hangs on my bedroom wall as a constant reminder and where my friends can see it also.  Of course, I had to fetch it before my spanking and hand it to him and then ASK, nicely and politely, to be spanked long and hard for being a very naughty boy.  Daddy never refuses such a request.  The paddle is very effective.  It hurts and reddens my naughty boy bottom without bothering his hand.  He told me he can spank me for hours if that should be necessary.  What a horrid thought!  Each time that paddle hit my bum, it seared me like it was a red-hot piece of steel.  I always cry after I get four on either side of my bottom but it is rare that I get less than ten spanks on each side.  This time I got fifteen spanks on each side.  I cried for an hour.  I hurt for days afterward and promised myself never to skip my chores again.  Daddy kindly allowed me to go down on him and get all of his delicious man-cream even though I was such a very naughty boy.  I thanked him for that as well as for the spanking which I truly earned.

Red Cheeked Sailors at the Zoo

Daddy has gotten me a terrific sailor suit.  I love wearing it especially when Daddy takes me some place or to any parties that The Club has.  I don't mind that several other boys have sailor suits like mine.  Sometimes that is even fun in itself.  Daddy has taken his cousin, Jimmy, and me to the zoo and to the amusement park while we were wearing our sailor suits.  People always notice us and Daddy likes that it is easy for him to keep track of us in the crowds.  Last time Jimmy and I were too wild and kept pushing other people.  Daddy grabbed each of us by the wrist and dragged us back to the car.  We were all in the back seat.  We both got a stern lecture and I practically cried even before Daddy opened my sailor shorts and lowered them to my knees along with my Spiderman tightie-whities.  Jimmy, on Daddy's other side, got the same treatment and I saw that he was wearing Batman undies.  I was turned over Daddy's lap and spanked hard while Jimmy watched.  Then with tears in my eyes, it was Jimmy's turn.  He got exactly the same treatment – twenty hard hand spanks on his bare bottom – just like I had gotten.  His eyes were just as wet as mine.  Daddy can spank equally well with either his left or right hand.

Jimmy and I remained on our knees looking at each other with Daddy's lap between us for a few minutes before we were allowed to promise to be good boys and then to pull up our shorts.  Since we had membership cards we got right back into the zoo even though there was a ticket line.  As we went through the gate, we heard some giggling and when we looked to see what, two fourteen-year-old boys, er, young men spoke.  "Are you going to be good little sailor boys now that you've been spanked on your bare botties?" they asked with great big, knowing smiles.

We turned away but Daddy made us answer after telling us that they had watched us get spanked.  "Yes, we are going to be good little boys and not push and shove other people." we said and then we asked them: "Do you get spanked?"

"Sure, but not like you little hairless boys over daddy's lap.  We just bend over and get strapped like young men now that we got pubes."  Jimmy and I felt so little and it got worse.  "We bet that we could spank you to tears, little boys."  Then they turned to Daddy.  "We are available as babysitters, Sir, for your little boys.  We even have practiced spanking because when our fathers are busy and we have been bad, they tell us to spank each other which we do properly as a point of honor."  We were horrified when Daddy took their contact information.  Even if we were perfect little angels, they would surely find reason to spank us.  Daddy noted that they are obviously grown up because they were not with an adult.

I occasionally see Uncle Leon around and always thank him for getting me back on a good course.  He smiles and gives me a gentle spank.  I like that.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., November 17, 2008

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