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The following story is fiction about spanking in domestic discipline.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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The Man Next Door


My family is pretty much normal with one exception.  Even in these modern times my parents still believe that spanking is the proper way to discipline a boy when he misbehaves.  They don't care about these newfangled theories that say it harms the psyche more than the boy's butt.  I'm only sixteen so I really don't know but I don't think my psyche has been harmed.  I live with my parents and kid brother, Terry, who is three years younger than I.  I'm pretty much past getting spanked (perhaps that shows it works) although Terry still requires spanking.

Since he became a teen and entered puberty a problem has developed.  Dad's job requires him to be away from home a lot.  When Terry was younger Mother would roast his tail, as she had my tail, when needed but that lead to problems as he matured.  The folks enlisted a neighbor to take care of the spankings but he moved away.  There was not anyone else to ask to help and that meant that Terry had to wait until our father returned.  This was unfair and even stressful in addition to making him have a sore tail on the weekend when he was having fun with his friends.

One evening he was lamenting this and I joked by saying "If you want a spanking now, I can give you one."  Initially we both laughed a lot but then we came to the conclusion that it might be a solution to avoiding that painful wait.  We talked it over and then suggested it to the folk who agreed.  Now I spank my kid brother.  He actually comes to me and says "Please spank me, Clint."  He definitely does not like to be spanked nor does he want a spanking but it is better to get it over with than waiting for Dad's return.  Of course, I love to hear that for my own selfish reasons.  I check what the offence was and that determines the severity of the spanking.

Just a couple of days ago, I had to do it.  He had back talked to Mom over some poor grades and earned a bottom warming.

We worked out that this was slipper job so he fetched it for me.  Then I dropped his jeans and undies and he lowered himself over my lap.  I gripped his waist and gave him a dozen warm up spanks with my hand to get a lovely pink glow in his cheeks.  The slipper had a much different effect because it had a much greater impact.  His butt soon turned deep red and I could see it swelling as I whacked away with the slipper.  I wonder if he notices that I get really hard when I do this?© YLeeCoyote

This time I stopped just short of his crying and sent him into the corner.  I took one picture with his phone so he can show Mother the result.  He then deletes it before anyone else can see it.  Afterwards, he thanks me.  The arrangement seems to be working out.

* * * * * * * * * *

The neighbor who had spanked us had been renting the next door studio apartment which was now occupied by a couple, Willie and Rosemarie Linden, who are in their late twenties.  The room that my brother and I share has a common wall with the couple's unit.  The builder was economical to a fault and the party wall is paper thin as it is said.  Thus I can hear everything loud that happens in their unit.  I've warned my brother that this works both ways so he better keep quiet when he gets spanked so they don't learn of it.

It didn't take long before I learnt a lot about my neighbor's relationship because they are very loud.  There are two most salient points.  First, she is in charge.  She gives orders and he obeys with a "Yes, Ma'am" every time.  Second, she spanks him.  She spanks him like he was a little boy.

I heard Rosemarie spanking Willie with her hand, a brush, a paddle and/or a strap several times a week.  It is utterly fascinating – to listen to.  When I see the couple in the elevator I politely let them go out first so I can imagine what his tail looks like as I watch it as I walk down the hall after the pair.  I will confess that I have thoughts about what it would be like to spank him myself as I jerk off in bed.  I have even exploded when I heard him getting it at the same time.  That is really out of this world.

I can also report that Terry shares my interest in this area although he hasn't talked about wanting to spank Willie.  Terry doesn't want Mother to know about any of this as it might lead her reconsider the current spanking arrangement.  He does not want to be spanked by either Mom nor Mrs. Linden.  Actually, he does not want to be spanked by any female.

I also have thoughts about this.  I concur with the latter point although I wonder what would happen if I met a girl who was like Rosemarie.  I have much stronger feeling about Willie for I really I want to spank him.  I want to spank him just like I spank Terry.  It is very hard to imagine how that might happen.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Spanking Gods favored me today.  I am most grateful.  I was doing the laundry for Terry and myself.  When the washing machines finished, I saw that the dryers – although they also had finished at least twenty minutes before my washers had – not been emptied.  I said a few choice words, which the folks fortunately could not hear, and resisted the temptation to throw everything behind the washers but just dropped it on the table so I could continue.

I had just gotten the driers started when Willie came in.  He immediately just began to gather up his stuff without any apology for inconveniencing me nor expressing any appreciation for my effort.  "You have been rude and inconsiderate, boy."  That's what Rosemarie calls him when she scolds him.  "You are supposed to apologize for inconveniencing someone and to thank them for what they do for you." I said sharply and obviously angrily.  He was beginning to turn red.  "I'll bet that your wife would roast your tail if she knew how badly you have behaved."

I hadn't though that anyone could blush so hard.  He stammered a bit and then said "I'm terribly sorry, Sir.  You are completely right.  But please don't tell her."  He couldn't keep his head up nor his hands away from his frequently spanked behind.  "Please, I beg of you." he added with some fear in his voice.

"I have a good mind to spank you myself for your terrible misbehavior." I said enjoying the appellation not normally used for me.  It was very spontaneous and inappropriate remark but my fantasies got mixed into the real world.  Before I could say anymore, however, Willie spoke.

"Yes, Sir.  I understand.  That is what Rosemarie would say – you should teach me to mind my manners."

"Good, you are showing some sign of repentance.  Drop your shorts and bend over the table." I said starting to remove my heavy leather belt.  He looked very worried.

"Perhaps in my apartment, Sir, would be better.  It is private." he croaked and added "Please, Sir."

"Very well.  Pick up your stuff and we'll go there."

Once we were in his apartment, I saw that there was a padded saw horse that was surely used for this.  "Strip and get into position, boy." I said as I pointed to the horse.  He did not hesitate and was in position in a blink of an eye.  I now understood better why she called him boy for he did not have a bush about his small dick.

I folded my belt and found the right place to stand.  The first cut was fantastically satisfying.  As I watched the wide red stripe form, I had to adjust my junk as my semi got totally hard.  I continued with my belt for twenty cuts which seemed like what I heard Rosemarie give him a couple of times.  By then his naughty little boy booty was flaming red.  I knew I would jerk off and relive this exquisite moment for a long time with that image before me.

After he got up and turned around I could see that he was staring at my crotch.  Since I was so turned on it was bulging to the max.  As I finished sliding my belt into my jeans, I saw him licking his lips.  In my reading, I had learnt that always indicated desire, so I went for it and opened my jeans rather than closing my belt.  "Take care of this, boy." I commanded as I pushed down my boxers.

He quickly dropped to his knees and took my rampant tool first into his hands and then into his hot mouth.  I guess he must have been experienced as he made me feel fantastic as he even took it all into his mouth and throat.  I exploded within a couple of minutes.  That did not faze him at all as he continued pleasuring me and we went for a second round.  Delightfully, it was just as satisfying.

I got my pants up and went back to my dull, mundane chores after this wonderful experience.  I was hoping for many reruns.

It was two days later that I meet the Linden's in the elevator.  Rosemarie thanked me for correcting her good-for-nothing husband (as he blushed) and told me that I should not hesitate should the boy need more correction.  That was quite a pleasant surprise.

"You're most welcome, Ma'am.  It will be my pleasure to be of assistance anytime."  I truly meant that.  I was glad that I did not have to explain how I knew that was the right thing to have done.  Neither did I did ask how she knew what had happened.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 28, 2019

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