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The following story is fiction about a young man who submits to two other men.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I am recovering the previously unpublished stories that I wrote more than a quarter century ago before the internet spread its tentacles everywhere and before personal computers became common place using an early office word processor – The Wang.  Although I'm cleaning up technical things, I am leaving the stories as they were then.  I am grouping these stories as "Classical Coyote".

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

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Meetings with Shawn


The first I saw of Shawn was a white check with a pink hand print.  It was a beautiful sight!  We were in the BB&M (Bad Boys and Men) club and he was being bare-assed spanked – publicly – by my friend Tom.  The soft pink was rapidly giving way to a deep cherry red that contrasted beautifully with the edges of his pure white buns as Tom gave him a through spanking in the club.  The rhythmic slaps were music to my (and many other) ears.  This soon turned into a more beautiful and complex song as Shawn started to sob lightly.  Tom stopped spanking Shawn when the upturned ass was sufficiently red so that he felt that the chastisement was sufficiently thorough.  Then lifting him up he ordered him to stand in the corner.  Shawn, with his teary face, docilely turned as directed and as doing so also bent over to pull up his briefs and shorts – all he was wearing – affording me a lovely view of his pink sphincter inside of a double ring formed of white check edges and red buns.  "No, boy!  Leave them down." commanded Tom.  Shawn did as he was told, of course, and within seconds was standing in the corner with his hot, red butt exposed to one and all.  As he was shirtless, his shorts and briefs draped about his ankles just emphasized his embarrassing state.

Tom had told me about Shawn a few days earlier.  (You will hear of his first meeting when I finish my story.)  Now I could see for myself that he was an attractive, slim, blue-eyed blond, ​five foot ten inches tall and one fifty pounds​ (​178 cm tall and sixty-eight kg​).  With a boyish face, longish hair and a smooth shaved body he looked years younger than his actual age of twenty-four-years.  Shawn liked to be naked and he claimed that he "just felt more naked with a smooth hairless body and crotch".  To others it emphasized his boyishness.  I could see how his cock was oozing pre-cum from the excitement of the public spanking when he was sent to the corner.  Just the idea of my keeping him shaved smooth made my own cock call for attention in my now tenting jeans.

That spanking was the second of Shawn's punishments for that evening.  Shawn had been a very naughty boy and, as he still lived with his parents while going to junior college, his father had grounded him.  (That had been the first punishment.)  He had broken grounding to come to the club as he just knew that he needed a spanking to absolve himself of guilt for his misdeeds.  It was to Shawn's dismay that his father had long since stopped spanking him as he was now "too old for such childish punishment".

I pointed out to Tom that Shawn needed still another session "over the knee" for – although with most laudable motives – he had deliberately disobeyed his father's orders and had gone out.  Tom agreed to let me administer this evening third punishment and called Shawn over (still with his shorts down about his ankles).  Although he liked being naked, being introduced with his shorts down, a red ass and a tear-stained face was still quite humiliating.  Feeling how smooth his pubis was I noted (out loud, of course) that he was a big boy and that soon he would have some man-hair.  He blushed from the top of his head past his hairless pubis down to his ankles at being proclaimed a kid so directly and coarsely in public.  Tom told him that he was to be punished for breaking grounding and that I would do it.  He was surprised but, as always, compliant and obedient to Tom's orders.

As I removed my wide leather garrison belt, I directed Shawn to assume the position.  He looked ever so good with his boy butt up in the air, his dense fine hair hanging to the floor from his lowered head and his hands tightly clasping his ankles.  His rampant cock was – like a loaded gun – pointing right between his eyes.  By now his buns were a dull red from the spanking Tom had administered earlier.  I folded the belt and carefully placed a stripe right across the middle of his ass.  Almost instantly it showed as a bright red strip as Shawn cried out.  I laid on another six making his bottom look like a pair of stop lights!  Each WHACK was accompanied by a cry from our naughty boy and half way through he was crying.  Just as I swung the belt for the seventh time, Shawn had an explosive organism.  He blasted his load right into his own face.  I gave him a final light stroke with the belt (just for good measure).© YLeeCoyote

I sat down on the couch and pulled him onto my lap.  No, not to spank him (this time) but sitting with his glowing butt hanging loose so that I could caress it.  As I held him, he cried on my shoulder.  After a few minutes of comforting and sobbing, he stopped crying and promised to be a good boy – a very good boy.  I wiped his face clean – both of tears and cum.  I loved feeling his smooth, burning hot bottom while comforting him.

Now, as I promised before, I will let you hear Tom's own first person description of his first meeting with Shawn at his home several weeks before.

* * * * * * * * * *

The clock was just striking seven.  The doorbell rang.  "Shawn is right on time." I [remember this is Tom speaking] thought and my semi-hard cock got harder in anticipation.  I had not met Shawn nor even spoken with him.  Because young Shawn had realized that he needed discipline that his parents wouldn't or couldn't provide any longer a mutual friend had arranged this first meeting.  Only the basic scene had been defined: Shawn's widowed mother had turned to her older brother (me) to discipline her son.

I opened the door and got my first look at Shawn.  He was a bright eyed and bushy-tailed (that would soon change) youth.  As directed he was wearing a baseball cap, a T-shirt with the local high school logo, shorts and sneakers.  With his clean-shaven face and high school outfit he looked just like a teenager. "Hi, Uncle Thomas, Mother said you had something for me." were his first words.  This was as arranged but the rest was as if it was real.  "Yes, I certainly do Shawn.  Come in boy." I replied as cheerfully as if I had a birthday present for him and led him to the family room. We sat down on the old single bed that functioned as a couch and I said: "Your mother has told me that you have been a very naughty boy lately.  All sorts of mischief and slacking off at school.  Is that true, lad?"

Staring at the floor while looking very contrite he replied in a very soft little boy voice: "Yes, Sir.  I'm afraid so, Uncle."

"Well if you act like you're a twelve-year-old kid I guess that you will have to be treated as one."  (I'll spare you any mention of the lecture that I berated Shawn with that evening.)  "And now it's time to make an impression on your other end.  Kick off your sneakers and stand up here, boy."  As he stood barefoot by my knee, I reached over and opened his shorts letting them fall to the floor.

Then as I reached for his briefs, he said: "Please, Uncle Thomas, not on my bare ass like a baby."

"OK, if that's what you want", I replied very sweetly "but in that case, go get the paddle from the wall that I use on MEN."  He looked at the big fraternity paddle made of thick wood hanging on the wall and froze staring at it.  Again I reached for his briefs and pulled them down to join his shorts about his ankles.  As you would expect, he no longer voiced (or had) any objections.

I took this moment to admire his young cock: it was three-quarter hard and rising out of a small blond bush of pubic hair.  As I looked, his anticipation of the first bare ass spanking from me made it grow even harder.  I pulled him over my knees and got my first close-up look at his beautiful untanned firm naked butt.  I raised my arm and brought it down hard on the right cheek making a bright red hand print.  Shawn gasped a little and it was obvious that he was tying to act like a man rather than a baby boy by not crying.  I gave him a sound spanking until his buns were a bright red.  After a few minutes, he did break and started to cry just like a baby.  That was the sound that I wanted to hear and I eased up.  After a few more minutes I stopped and sent him to stand in the corner.  His briefs and shorts had come off when he kicked as I was spanking him so that he could walk normally now showing off his hot red ass.  It was made all the more beautiful by its red glow.

While Shawn contemplated the price of his misdeeds, I watched his red-hot buns pulsate with every heartbeat.  After a while I told him to get a couple of sodas from the refrigerator and join me on the couch.  As we sat, I wiped his face dry of the tears and told him that since he insisted on behaving as a boy he ought look like one also.  He looked puzzled as I told him to remove his T-shirt and lie down on the couch.  I started by raising one of his hands to the corner of the couch and tying it firmly to the frame with the ropes I had previously prepared.  In just a couple of minutes he was spread eagle with all four limbs tied securely.

I got my small barber's clipper and sat down by his side.  "Little boys don't have hair down here."  I said as I pulled his pubic hair, "So we will have to remove it, lad."  I turned on the clippers.

Shawn gave a small animal-like squeal and pleaded: "Please don't, Uncle, PLEAS-S-SE."

"Quiet, lad.", I commanded and proceeded to carefully remove all the hair I could from his crotch and then from his armpits.  No, I didn't forget his chest but there wasn't any need.  I wiped his crotch with a wet rag and then covered it with shaving cream.  As I rubbed it in Shawn's cock got very hard and I had to stop lest in his aroused state he would cum now.  Then with a sharp new razor I scrapped the remnants of hair that the clipper had left.  I almost came in my own pants as I wiped him clean and then dried him.  His crotch now was baby smooth!

As I returned the wet stuff to the lavatory I decided that this was too good an opportunity to miss.  I picked up a condom and the tube of lube.  I untied Shawn's legs.  After dropping my own pants and slipping the condom on my rampant cock, I got between Shawn's legs and raised them to expose his pink fuck hole between his still red ass checks.  I rubbed some lube on and moved forward so that my rapier-like cock was poised on the puckered spot.  I pressed forward and my boy gave way allowing me to penetrate with the full length of my man-shaft.  I joyfully plowed his butt until I shot my load deep within his ass.  All this time he was moaning and dripping pre-com.  Right after I came, he basted his young load right up to his chin with a great shout.  I withdrew my latex sheathed-cock from his ass, discarded the full rubber and dried myself.  Then I untied my boy's arms, let him dry himself off and told him to get dressed.

"Have you learned a lesson? Do you think that you can and will be a good boy now? Or do you want to get to know that (pointing to the paddle)?" I asked.

"Yes; Yes; Oh NO! Sir", he replied.

"I hope so, boy, or you will pay the consequences."

* * * * * * * * * *

Well, I hoped that you liked Tom's story as much as I did.  But I have a short sequel to add to my own story.  Just two days after we met I found a note from Shawn under my door.  He had written to thank me for the good old-fashioned discipline he had received at my hand (or rather belt), claimed that it had done him a world of good and that, of course, he was being a very good boy.

There was also a postscript: "Sir,  if  when I'm a naughty boy again can I see you for  guidance?  Please, SIR."  With grammar like that, I'm sure that it will be real soon that….

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. 1990

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